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Full Version: Ed X Who? Who Should Ed Be Paired With?
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I thought it'd be a neat idea to having pairing poll focused on one person. so, to start it off, Edward Elric! of course, since he's the main character and all. If anyone wants to make polls for the other characters, feel free to do so!

Sankyuu! laugh.gif
i'm assuming you're the edxroyxed one vote, so i'll be the first to vote for edxwinryxed. wink.gif and i'm so anti-edxroy (and elricest).
Winry woot.

Ed with anyone else would just make him outta character... *hides*
Amen to that, Sycia.
I really think Ed and Winry's relationship is purely sibling-like. Isn't there one episode where
Spoiler: (Click here to Display)
Hah! So you made the poll, hakai-kun!
I have a feeling though that Ed paired with Winry is going to be popular though... but whatever. I never really cared for the EdxWinry pairing, but I don't have anything against him with anyone possible, I guess. Still, now if I were to pick a favourite it would be RoyXEd or RussellXEd. And since Roy belongs to Riza it was easy to decide EdXRussellXEd... of course in my opinion Russell XEd tongue.gif I too see the Ed and Winry relationship sibling-like... but now with Russell they could be much more tongue.gif Anyway I see the chemistry there between them, probably I'm alone with this one, but at least I voted according to my honest opinion biggrin.gif .
RoyxRiza BigFan
this best SAIKYO quote i heard from fma fanfiction is..."NO ONE!!! he is totally in love with his alchemy only!!! >W<"
EdxWinryxEd got my vote! biggrin.gif If there is any female he cares about most, *besides his mother* Winry's at the top of his list... And maybe me wub.gif lol jk
I don't know... I picked EdXWinry but I honestly think he should be with someone else. I think they're too much like siblings for one thing. But I can't think of anyone in FMA suitable enough to be Ed's partner... Some genius female alchemist out there who's a bit mysterious... (A good fanfic idea...) wink.gif But after I finish my novel of a fanfic of course.
QUOTE(telepika @ Nov 25 2004, 12:20 PM)
But I can't think of anyone in FMA suitable enough to be Ed's partner... Some genius female alchemist out there who's a bit mysterious... (A good fanfic idea...) wink.gif After I fininsh my novel of a fanfic of course.

please no mary sues x.x

I voted for EdxWinry... they are cute in the manga :3
Omakase Shimasu
Waaa~ Hakai-kun~ you're cruel~ I can't decide! T_T I'd like to vote RoyxEd, but RussellxEd is dominating my thoughts at the moment... Drat, I want "double voting option"! X3

EdxWinryxEd... @_@ I get the feeling it's going to be RoyxRiza all over again. tongue.gif

Oooh, I didn't see the EdxEnvyxEd or AlxEdxAl... T__T Triple drat. Or is that quatdruple? @_@
Why a sudden RussellxEd fan???? I mean, I know you liked it, but above RoyxEd????
Anyway, I'll make your decision easier: vote for EdxRussellxEd!!!!!
There are more RoyXEd fans anyway....
Really, Winry should have been left out. Yeah, it goes against my "idea of fairness", but the result will be so obvious tongue.gif
Omakase Shimasu
*bows head in shame* Yeees~ I mean, Russell completely threw me off guard in the last ep you see him in. The way he shouted, "Promise you'll return!" (or something to that effect biggrin.gif;; Can't remember all that well) at Ed right before the latter descended those creepy stairs to confront Dante... T_T It tore at my heart.

And Roy completely blew his chances with Ed, the way he was flirting with Riza... rolleyes.gif tongue.gif Anyway, I'm still RoyxEd, but RussellxEd has aquired its own special place in my heart. ^.^

(I'm with ya, Winry should've been left out biggrin.gif;;)
Oh, I don't remember that even! That's just sooo....(It's been such a long time). I started to get the RussellxEd fixation anyway.
And you're right. Roy with Riza, Ed with Russell(although that wasn'texactly what you said. tongue.gif )
I see that you still haven't voted.
Look into my eyes "RussellxEd, RussellxEd.."
Sorry EdxWinry fans, but you're winning anyway tongue.gif
Omakase Shimasu
You don't remember?! tongue.gif Shame on you~ But I do and it threw me for a loop. I saw the potential between them the first time they met each other. laugh.gif The way Ed waspointing at him and saying "sit" over and over again like he was a dog or something. X3 Nice mental image btw...

Aherm. I liked it, but then I didn't think Russell and Fletcher would make a comeback, but they just had to prove me wrong. tongue.gif They did and it broke my heart to see Russell that panicked over Ed leaving him. T__T And then to think Ed didn't even make it back....

So now I'm torn between RoyxEd (my first official pairing I totally supported) and RussellxEd (my new fixation!).

Ooooh, hypnosis. @_@ "RussellxEd.... RussellxEd.... RussellxEd....."

ARGH! OK, I'll do it!! But first you have to tell me how many votes RoyxEd got. tongue.gif
hagane no hitsuji
QUOTE(Gashole @ Nov 24 2004, 08:14 AM)
I really think Ed and Winry's relationship is purely sibling-like. Isn't there one episode where
Spoiler: (Click here to Display)
Winry and Hughes are talking and they say something about Winry having 2 brothers?


also, EdxAl? *shudder* sad.gif

EdxRoy is good enough for me.
Kase: With me, I was probably so stuck on RoyxRiza that i wouldn't see anything else. The possibilities started creeping into my mind much later after I saw the series. but when I rewatch it, I will be sure to keep a closer eye on things tongue.gif
Poor Russell, must be devestated with Ed gone... *cries*. can't take this now...
Ah, EdxRussellxEd is tied with EdxRoyxEd... two votes each. Ed &Winry don't have to be mentioned... running ahead already.
I guess hagane no hitsuji voted Ed with Roy, right? but I'm still wondering who paired him with Havoc...
Nah, Al with Ed isn't that bad as it sounds at first.. stiil you don't have to like it tongue.gif

Yes, I'm kidding. I don't think I can ever see those two together, in that way.
Omakase Shimasu
@Kihaku: Aaaw, let's hope Russell and Ed will find each other again in the movie together! T__T Sorry I almost made you have a breakdown.
Someone paired him with Havoc?? blink.gif I didn't see that...

@Quistis: So you voted for EdxWinry? What happened to your RussellxEd, Quistis?? tongue.gif

Totally un-related: I'm gonna LAUGH when I see someone voting for EdxHawkeyexEd. No offense or anything, but that would be ironic. laugh.gif
Certain Ed fans would probably love to see Ed stealing Riza from Roy... as if that could happen! tongue.gif
but yeah.. I also kind of have high hopes for the movie. Who did you vote for Kase????? Did you vote... did you??? I'm wondering who that other EdxRussellxEd is...
Hah, Ed with Psiren. Hey, that could have been an option tongue.gif
Omakase Shimasu
Well, I promised didn't I? wink.gif Russell was the one who eventually broke me. T_T That sad, sad last expression of his.... That and he threatened me to not stop bugging me about certain ideas that Ed isn't all too happy about. (read=RussellxEd ficcies) Muse!Russell's insatiable and the true Lust I tell ya. tongue.gif
Exactly! Now I even feel like reading those kind of fics... well one day I might!
I appreciate your vote biggrin.gif ... now if Quistis had been on that side too biggrin.gif
Omakase Shimasu
Well, I didn't think Quistis would vote for RussellxEd. She's still pro-het afterall. It would've been nice to see her go for the shonen-ai pairing once though. biggrin.gif But that would be something like me going for the het pairing even when there's tons of shonen-ai pairings ripe for the taking. tongue.gif
Yeah, but still.... Usually I go for het too...nah, what I am I talking about. Well most of the pairings I support totally are het, but shonen-ai gives more options tongue.gif
Omakase Shimasu
They really are more interesting I must say. laugh.gif

Now it's a surprise nobody has voted for EnvyxEd yet. Even AlxEd has gotten one vote! And RozexEd. And HavocxEd. tongue.gif Please, whoever voted for the last pairing, please come out and say something~? Pretty please? The curiosity is killing me~
*blushing* ... LOL

I'm not the one who voted HavocxEd XD But I saw some japanese fanart site with this fandom. I'm curious too O_o XD

I think u already know what paring I chose XDDD
Omakase Shimasu
Oooh, wait, wait don't say! I know... you were the one who liked AlxEd, weren't you? biggrin.gif
People and their shonen-ai... The only shonen-ai pairing I support is HieixKurama!!!! EdxRoy... *shrugs* OMG, Kase's going to kill me! Hide!! ph34r.gif

Btw, Kase, do you have a bad side? Does something ever get you mad? I don't know. You seem like one of those really nice people who never get mad.
Kase: so true, shonen-ai is more interesting. Not the basic "oh so obvious". Although I like that too. But then again, it's my obvious

Aileon:yay for you! It's great to see any other pairing except Winry&Ed tongue.gif get votes...
Now there's still Ed with Envy or Riza.. and other? Would have thought that other would get more votes, since many seem to think of Ed and Winry as siblings and don't like shonen-ai...

telepika: but who did you vote then for??? What... people and their shonen-ai tongue.gif Wish there was more of those. Then this poll would get exciting... See the options?
Yeah, Kase does seem to be one of those people, who doesn't get mad, but the again it's easier not to get mad online tongue.gif Don't take this in the wrong way... In my opinion anyway, Kase is probably one of the nicest people there are biggrin.gif
Spoiler: (Click here to Display)
Ed'll be alone for the end of his days... tongue.gif
dry.gif I voted for EdxWinry because she's the only person I could see him with in the anime. (I posted this before didn't I???). But ideally, I would prefer that a new character with also a tragic past to be Ed's partner. Shonen-ai pairings are interesting but... Sometimes it isn't right (In my opinion). No offense to homosexuals out there. If a character seems gay (Like Kurama) then that charcter should have a same-sex partner, but some charcters like Ed... Ed just seems very straight to me and it would be against his character to be with another guy.

*Hides from Kase and Kihaku* Me sorry sad.gif
Oh, so sorry telepika! I was thinking aloud again! Of course I remembered that post! *hits herself on the head with staff*
Hmmm... I kind of agree with you tongue.gif Still wish that Ed could be paired with Russell, because they're just so cute together and I have my proof tongue.gif . I used to favor first those same sex pairings which actually were canon in anime/manga... now it's kind of different. Probably it's friendship seen deeper at times... but I don't know. Gay people, don't always have to seem gay... and Ed is young, he may realise it much later tongue.gif but I respect your opinion *hunts for telepika*
I am not here... I am invisible. cool.gif
Omakase Shimasu
@telepika: Don't worry, I won't get mad over someone else's preferences. biggrin.gif That would be very hypo of me, because I wouldn't want to be yelled at because of my preferences either! wink.gif Kihaku said it best: gay people don't neccessarily act "gay" all the time.

And to answer your question... X3 Try me out, sit back and enjoy~ laugh.gif Just kidding. I could get mad, (like any other sane person tongue.gif) but I don't know what my limit is. biggrin.gif Thanks for the compliment. You're nice too! happy.gif (too many smilies in one post, I know, I know~)

@Kihaku: Yes, RussellxEd! Go, go, go! (And RoyxEd! Go, go, go!) X3 We know they can do it~! And thanks~ happy.gif (I could say the same to you, btw wink.gif) I don't really see myself as the nicest person on Earth though. I can be quite feisty and evil~ Buwahahahaha~
QUOTE(Goha @ Nov 26 2004, 03:53 AM)
Ed'll be alone for the end of his days... tongue.gif

Come on... Be optimistic. biggrin.gif He'll get busy with someone (and that someone will most likely be Winry! tongue.gif ) one of these days laugh.gif . *lol*
Who isn't nasty and evil at times? tongue.gif telepika, where are you? You don't have to hide from us?!
Yeah, with me too I could never get angry with someone's opinion. Wait, did I say never? Oh, I just meant that I respect everyone's opinion so long as it's reasonable. I would argue that my own is the right one and things like that, but don't take me that seriously when I go all crazy *glances at sparking staff* Urm anyway, I don't either think that Ed will be alone forthe end of his days... I mean he has friends and family...well kind of. The person he'll most likely end up with is Russell(evil fangirl inside me speaking now tongue.gif ) Go RussellxEd! Wait... how come Ed with Rose is so popular? That pair even passed Roy&Ed and Russell&Ed.....
Omakase Shimasu
How's that possible?? O.O As much as I'd like to protect Roze from all those bad-mouthing her I don't wanna see her in a relationship with my [uh... Russ & Roy's] bishie! T.T Talk about betrayal of the first degree. tongue.gif I still like her, but somebody's got to do something about this!!

Go Russ!! Go Roy!! Take what yours and have no mercy with competition!! >.< Chant, Kiahku CHANT! tongue.gif
l0l. I haven't been here for awhile and we're already on page 3. XD

Anyway, I thought about leaving Winry out. But I'm sure someone'd complain about unfairness and all. XD maybe I shoulda left her out. seeing as she's getting the most votes dry.gif
EdxRose is beating EdxRussell and EdxRoy!!!! That's wrong! At least EdxRus and EdxRoy would be interesting!! I'm sorry Kase but I do not like Rose!

I'm tired of hiding Kihaku! I challenge you to a lightning staff vs. imaginary katana duel. At least I can go down with my honor!!!!
Ed x WINRY!!!!!!!! Ed x Winry is cute~!!!!!! laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
Omakase Shimasu
@Hakai: Well, you could've just let Winry out and placed her with the [other] option. ^^ But then, I guess most would vote for [other]. Ah, it's a lose-lose situation.

@telepika: No problem, I knew you didn't really like her. wink.gif It's your own preference, right? I can live with that. biggrin.gif But yeah, Rus and Roy should've had more votes! >.<

Another vote for WinryxEd. biggrin.gif;; I have the feeling this i going to be repeat of the 2nd Hottest FMA Character poll. rolleyes.gif That Havoc.
Personally I think that Ed's and Roze's possible romantic relationship was more hinted than Ed's and Winry's... ah the sibling thing tongue.gif
Still, I could imagine Ed&Winry beating everyone, but Ed&Roze? No. Definitely not.
I have neutral feelings towards that charcter, so I don't mind her having a bit of happiness(where did that come from blink.gif ) but she musnt' steal possible votes from Ed&Rus and Ed&Roy! No, no, no!
*starts chanting* Go Ed&Rus, Go Ed&Roy! (Why didn't I think of that before?)
Ah, telepika is partly on our side. You know, I also said that certain shonen-ai relationships would be interesting before I became a fan! tongue.gif
*catches sight of telepika* What do you want to fight about? I'm confused...
Sure I could duel a bit, but why??? *twirls lightning staff* Although I wonder about those bystanders....
Yeah, this is all Havoc's fault. tongue.gif
Omakase Shimasu
ph34r.gif Yes, watch the bystanders! tongue.gif

I feel the same about Roze... She's a nice girl and all, but she's nothing compared to Roy or Rus! laugh.gif You didn't think of what? blink.gif Russ? (X3 Couldn't help myself when I starte thinking about Roy and Russ fihting over Ed)
I meant that I didn't think of the chanting before! It's my speciality after all tongue.gif
Roy and Russ fighting over Ed, eh? Now that's an image! That shrimp sure has all the luck! Oh and I bet Riza would have something to say too tongue.gif
I was debating wether to click Edxwinry or edxroy??
Sigh took me forever to decide, so in the end i picked Edxwinry.

One of my fav. non-shounen-ai couples.... laugh.gif
Oh my...someone voted for EdXAl? that's gay AND insestual...interesting...ah well, I picked EdXWinry of course. But if I were into shonen-ai pairings for this show I would have picked EdXRoy. There are certain shows in which I just can't support guy on guy pairings because I just don't want to see them that way (no, not a homophobe just picky).
Omakase Shimasu
@Kihaku: Who're you calling a shrimp, huh?!?! tongue.gif Ed takes a fence there. Hmmm, interesting thought that... X3 Hawkeye getting jealous... very interesting... Oh, right - CHANT CHANT CHANT -- ph34r.gif It isn't working~

@sasuki: you're one to blame for the results so far~ tongue.gif j/k Drat... Now I'm curious: what exactly was it that made you chose WinryxEd instead of RoyxEd? ^.^

@EmoSushi: familiar trait. I'm a picky person as well. I'm trying to get off that annoying habbit, though. biggrin.gif;; It's greatly affecting my pairings this way...
QUOTE(Hex-Sama @ Nov 27 2004, 10:36 AM)
QUOTE(Goha @ Nov 26 2004, 03:53 AM)
Ed'll be alone for the end of his days... tongue.gif

Come on... Be optimistic. biggrin.gif He'll get busy with someone (and that someone will most likely be Winry! tongue.gif ) one of these days laugh.gif . *lol*

Hey, I am! tongue.gif
But I'm gonna leave this to manga author, like I always do. smile.gif
Kase: It seems to be attracting EdxWinry fans... No, not that way!

sasuki: you knew that Ed&Winry was leading... but you still... I know that EdxWinry is your favourite pairing but still...

EmoSushi: Same with me, but I can be converted. FMA was one of the cases tongue.gif
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