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Gravitation (グラビテーション Gurabitēshon?) aired in Japan from October 4, 2000 to January 10, 2001, on WOWOW satellite channel. The anime goes to roughly volume 7 of the manga. Directed by Bob Shirohata.
(Source - Wiki)[/size]

Plot Summary: Shuichi Shindou wants to make a famous band. He works on his band, hoping to get a chance in the public eye, with nothing on his mind but his musical ambitions. One night as Shuichi writes song lyrics, his paper blows away, and a stranger picks it up. The man is Yuki, a famous romance novelist who tells Shuichi that his writing skills are grade school level. From that moment on, Shuichi is determined to find Yuki and have him explain his rudeness... he just doesn't realize that he's experienced love at first sight. When Shuichi finally finds Yuki, it's a journey of obstacles, frightening experiences and haunting pasts trying to keep them apart. But, it's just the gravitation of fate and love that always pulls these lovers back together everytime.

Genres: comedy, drama, romance
Themes: music, shounen-ai, yaoi
Episodes: 13
Age Rating: Older Teen
[size="1"](Source - ANN)


I don't think this topic has been brought up yet.

hehe I'm a major fan of gravi. I luv it to pieces.
I liked the manga better than the anime.
Anyone in this forum that is obsess with Gravitation?

Yuki/shuichi is my fav. paring. biggrin.gif
anime lover girl
me too!!
Oh, I just love Gravitation too! *happy dance* But you should already know that since you've visited the shonen-ai thread, right?
Ah, been discussing it there(urm and in other places too)... quite a bit, so I really don't want to repeat myself too much anyway. tongue.gif
Now, now, now... Let's see, it took me some time to get down to watch it, but after the first episode I was completely addicted to it.... and suddenly became a shonen-ai fan... well not so suddenly, but that's what it seemed like anyway. tongue.gif
At the moment it's my favourite shonen-ai anime and one of my favourite animes(and mangas)!
I like the manga more too. The story and characters are deeper and you get to know more about them. It's quite a lot freakier though and seems like it's getting even freakier tongue.gif . I've read up to nine volumes and it's hard to tell if it can get any friekier at all:P But I'm waiting to be surprised *images of a giant flying robot panda still fresh in the mind*
I think the art keeps on getting more appealing to me, I really didn't fancy it at first. The only negative thing in that would be that the characters(especially Shuichi) look so much more different.. that you can hardly tell that they're the same character, plus he seems to be getting younger and more feminine looking all the time tongue.gif
Oh, I like the OVA series too, although it doesn't really have such a great story(in my opinuon).. So it would be 1.manga 2.anime 3.OVA

I too love the YukiXShuichi pairing (even though I don't fancy Yuki that much, they're cute together, so....) Still, I'm beginning to favour the TatsuhaXRyuichi pairing more. Pity that there weren't as many hints for that as in the manga tongue.gif
And I also like the ASK threesome as I like to call it Ta-chan/Ma-chan/Ken-chan tongue.gif
Yay for them!
Fav characters are my idol, the adorable, cute Ryuichi of course; superseme, supercool, Tatsuha; caring and Loyal, Hiro; the crazy maniac K ; the nervous wreck Sakano, the underappreciated talent, Ta-chan; strange and good-natured Yoshiki and the passionate hot head, Rage biggrin.gif
I basically like all the characters in the anime(and manga), besides Yuki and Tohma, but I don't really hate them or anything....they just have some annoying sides.
Hmm.. favourite songs would be Glaring Dream(ah, so beatiful) and Sleepless Beauty(sung by the Ryuichi, the genius)

And I went overboard again... *sniff* I love the series though..
Oh, and sasuki-chan, remember to visit the shonen-ai thread and pairings thread frequently too! We await your opinions biggrin.gif

EDIT: Shaman Girl posted before me! Noo! But hey, I suppose you have something more to say, right???? Not that I'm expecting a reply like mine, but well....
anime lover girl
hahahaha!!!!I replyed befor you hahahahaha!!!
Now, now, now, Shaman Girl, on topic, on topic. *shakes finger* You did read my very long post, didn't you?????? Oh, please???
Now, I want to hear/read your opinion why you like Gravi, what you prefer from anime/manga/OVAfavourite pairings/characters/songs and all that. biggrin.gif
And of course: You're a shonen-ai fan aren't you? tongue.gif
anime lover girl
Yeah!but I've only read 1 chapter but I like it
Oh, only one chapter then? That doesn't really give such a good picture...But you will obviously love it then! I myself, didn't care so much for the first chapter... and look at me now tongue.gif . You should really see the anime series too! That's what I watched first actually and the manga is an absolute must! Then there is that age rating thing in the English manga... but I don't think you're too young or anything to read it tongue.gif
That's just my opinion though, nobody sue me!
The manga is much more "freaky". It gets even more weird near the ending. And might I add that the ending is very sweet. (I'll leave it at that, don't want any spoilers)
I luv Tatsuha! He is an obsessed fan (like me)!!! biggrin.gif
Errr.....that me in the above post! I forgot to sign in tongue.gif
Oh sasuki! You've read all of the manga! I'm so jealous!
But I don't have long until I get all 12 into my collection! Wait. Actually, it is quite a long time. I have to wait until the end of March *cries*. Even more weird, eh... well, that's Gravitation then, just what I expected! And I'm happy that there is a happy ending(I figured). Oh, now you got me all excited, but thanks for not spoiling anything. I really appreciate it! And no... I'm not going to check for spoilers anywhere!
Ah, you love Tatsuha too biggrin.gif Yay for obsessive fans!
@Kihaku: MARCH!!! That is a really long time!! sad.gif
I want to read the doujinshi that Maki Murakami wrote after the series!
hehe especially the TatsuhaxRyuuchi one! tongue.gif
You're a fan of TatsuhaxRyuichi! Oh really! smile.gif *gets all happy*
Um.. you mean the Remixs, right? I think I have the first two. YukixShuichi and TatsuhaxRyuichi on my comp. I can send them to you if you want???

yeah, up to march is a long wait, but soon I'll get vol.10(I think) and this isn't nearly as bad compared to the one with Yami no Matsuei, which I hope gets ALL the volumes published..
Not a fan of shonen-ai, but I've got nothing against it in any case.

The anime was touching, and funny~ : ) One of my first animes. But it failed to create a yaoi-fan outta me ^_^;
hagane no hitsuji
First anime I ever watched with subs. (:

Will always be one of my favs.
Omakase Shimasu
Kihaku made me reply. tongue.gif j/k, I'm doing this because I want to, scout's honor. ^^v

Anyway~ I'm not a huge fan of i, but since I've got a few couples I'm quite interested in in here... I tolerate it. tongue.gif My favorite pairings are Ma-kunxTaki(xKen-chan -- he always gets left out! T.T) and KxSakano. I've got the entire manga scanlated, fansubbed OAVs and all eps (except 13) also fansubbed. I've seen the anime series once and the OAV a couple of times (even though Sakano looks... bad biggrin.gif;; and Taki was nowhere in sight... I still had Tatsuha, Mr. K, Sakano and Yuki to keep me sane tongue.gif).

Hmmm, what else... well, I'm pretty surprised to see Sycia here. ^.^
Kaseshi-chan: ^_^ Since Gravitation was one of the first anime I ever watched (and it being the first yaoi one ever), I was feeling uncomfortable watching it at first. But then I started imaginging Shuuichi to be a girl... ^_^;;;;;;; The rest is history~
Omakase Shimasu
laugh.gif Imagining him to be a girl isn't that difficult, seeing he likes to crossdress. tongue.gif

So, you still don't like any shonen-ai pairing from this anime?
Oh, Sycia you found Gravitation touching! *hugs Sycia* I thought so too, and I started liking shonen-ai quite a lot after that.... guess it wasn't the same in your case, but I'm glad that you could enjoy it even though you're not a fan of shonen-ai. I think there are some guys who like it too..*tries to remember* Must be the music tongue.gif Nah, it's a real fun series with crazy humour(although the manga beats it) so quite many would enjoy it if they have nothing against shonen-ai.

Kase:Yay! you came here! But you didn't have as much to say as in the shonen-ai, thread tongue.gif Ah, have to resist the urge of getting the scanlated manga... I just have to wait and read it as a book tongue.gif What happened to your ep 13???
And WHY does Ken-chan get left out? It's ASK! ASK sticks together through thick and thin! *fist in the air*
Hmm... yeah, I didn't fancy the style of the OVA's either... so dark and wierd.. I think. Wasn't the OVA done before the actual series, by the way?

Oh, and my brother wouldn't believe that Shuichi was a boy... he started feeling sick when I told him so. Whatever he's told though, he'll never see him as a guy(not that he watches Gravi, he totally loathes it even though he hasn't seen a single ep) Shuichi will remain a girl. tongue.gif I actually though Fujisaki was a girl... got kind of a shock there, but got over it then.. tongue.gif
ooo!! I love both the manga and the anime ^^*is a Ryuuichi fan*...oh yea is there anyway I can join this forum?
Oh a Ryuichi fan! That is so great! He's my absolute fave! (but Tatsuha is close second)... Um you can join the forum by registering. You see at least on the main page login and register, so you just click that. Sorry that I can't explain better...
Omakase Shimasu
laugh.gif Sorry, but I never feel comfortabe repeating myself to the letter. I'd do it hear though, just for you. ^.^ Maybe there will be other ASK fans turning up in the future too. *__* It would be my dream come true.

Hmm, I don't know if the OAV got finished before the series. blink.gif It did? I only know the producer/director was the same guy who directed Excel Saga and that's why you see Mr. Nobunaga in the OAV. laugh.gif The guy with the afro who introduced Touma at the Blue Bay (?) Festival. I love him. Hahaha~

And I don't understand why so many people disliked the OAV. I didn't... and I'm not even a real fan. They said the jokes weren't "all that". I enjoyed myself immensely, especially with Yuki's performance with Tatsuha's voodoo doll. laugh.gif Yuki's so hilarious - the way he comments in those dry tones of his.

biggrin.gif I'm sleep-deprived, I shouldn't talk.

And I don't think you could've explained better, Kihaku. That's really all there is to it if you wanna register. I was kinda waiting for you to, since I've seen your name popping up quite a few times already, Lime-chan. smile.gif
Kihaku: : ) I'm quite open about homosexuality, just that I'm not crazy about it. After all the anime was sweet and funny~
Kase: repeating yourself? Huh? Oh, but anyways... I'm a person who repeats herself all the time, mostly because most people have already forgotten what I've said anyway tongue.gif
Yup, go ASK! But my favourite band from the three in the series is Nittle Grasper tongue.gif Sorry. I just adore Ryuichi!
What? Some guy is from Excel saga? haven't seen that though..(Excel saga I mean) I think I saw somewhere that the OVA was released before the series... wierd, since it seems more of sequel to me.
I really like the OVA too. Ah the voodoo doll part laugh.gif Ah, how I wish that Tatsuha had been successful with that tongue.gif
It's just that I didn't like the art as much as in the TV series.
It actually seems to be more like from the earlier mangas???? And the series seems like the art from the later ones.. still I kind of prefer Shuichi as a little more "masculine" but I love the later art more tongue.gif

Sycia: Oh, that's good biggrin.gif Yay for open mindness! Crazy about it? What... we're crazy about it? Hides giant blinking banner that says "It's okay to be Gay!"
Hmm...I think the OVA was done before the eps.
I really like how the OVA brings out Tatsuha's obsessiveness! laugh.gif
Gravitation was my first dip into the pool that was shonen-ai. It kinda creeped me out to begin with, don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-gay, it was just something different at the time ya know? Anyways, my fave characters have gotta be Ryu and Tatsu (I'm lazy, I don wanna type the rest of their names sleep.gif) Especially Ryu, he's friggin hilarious! "Sparkly sparkly Shuichi!!" blahaha laugh.gif
Hmm... I wonder why they decided to make a series after the OVA? And the Ova didn't really have much ti do with the priginal manga...
Yeah, teenagers can get so obsessive tongue.gif *pats Tatsuha on the head*

EmoSushi: And since they're your favourite characters, you like to pair them with each other, right? Right? *pleading eyes*. That's how it's with me anyway..
See the logic: Yuki and Tatsuha are almost like twins and the same goes with Shuichi and Ryuichi tongue.gif Oh, so cute...
Although I love the "logic" of the show too... Yuki and Tatsuha are 6-7 years apart and Shuichi and Ryuichi 12 years... Twins... tongue.gif
Oh, and yeah I understand you about feeling a bit wierd about confronting something like that when you're not familiar with it. With me.. I almost became anti-gay (like a long time ago with all the Digimon yaoi stuff)... but I'm happy I didn't!
*takes out banner*
Omakase Shimasu
Hmm, the OAV seems more like a summary of the entire plot to me (without ASK dammit! tongue.gif) which leaves out certain parts... But it wouldn't be so strange to see an OAV airing before the actual series. Maybe the OAV got the manga famous and so they decided to add a series. biggrin.gif

Excel Saga is one of the most random anime I've ever seen. biggrin.gif If you're in for random, chaoticness and a good laugh Excel Saga's the anime for you. Or Puni Puni Poemi OR FLCL, I guess. Haven't seen those two yet, but...

Back top topic: ..... uh... whu...? blink.gif Um.... so many (Tatsuha/)Ryuichi fans. biggrin.gif;;

(Better than Shuichi, I guess... *ducks just in case* ph34r.gif)
Oh, yes! Why wasn't ASK included in the OVA? Well.. I don't know if it was a summary (sure there was the part about Shuichi meeting Yuki) It had otherwise its own plot... But yes. I suppose because of the popularity, they decided to make the series(just guessing). Although they could have waited a little.. till the manga was finished for example.

Oh yes, many TatsuhaxRyuichi fans! *evil laughter'. Or it just seems like it, becuaue I have the names Tatsuha & Ryuichi in nearly all my posts!
Yes, and it's better than Shuichi. Wait. Did you mean better than Tatsuha x Shuichi or Yuki x Shuichi?

*keeps Excel Saga in mind*
Omakase Shimasu
I meant better than YukixShuichi. ph34r.gif Tatsuha and Shuichi...?

Uh, off-topic here: I'll have a better reply for both this thread and the Anime/Manga Pairings tomorrow. -.- I have to get up early and it's already past 2 AM now, so...
I don't think the OVA have anything to do with the anime.

Tatsuha and Shuichi? Now there's a thought.
But I rather stick with Yuki and Shuichi.
Um, me neither. They're like two seperate things. First I thought that the OVA was a sequel, but not anymore.
Tatsuha with Shuichi is funny/interesting... in the sense how I see it tongue.gif (like in the manga)
But of course there are my fav pairings in the way of that tongue.gif
I'm a Gravitation fan,and so is my brother*YES MY BROTHER* wink.gif , lol a 10 year old who likes shounen ai weird huh? tongue.gif
Yeah! Lime-chan! You got yourself registered!
Huh, your brother is a Gravitation fan? Really! That's great!
So he's 10 and likes shonen-ai? Oh, that's so young... but well I think it's great anyway biggrin.gif Has he seen the whole series? Who are his fav characters????
QUOTE(Kihaku @ Dec 2 2004, 08:10 AM)
biggrin.gif Has he seen the whole series? Who are his fav characters????

so far he has seen 5 episodes and his favorite character is Shuuichi,he even told me he wants to go as him for halloween next year laugh.gif
That's so cute! biggrin.gif I'd love to see that! But crazes might change...
QUOTE(lime_chan_the_wannabe_alchemist @ Dec 2 2004, 09:02 AM)
QUOTE(Kihaku @ Dec 2 2004, 08:10 AM)
biggrin.gif Has he seen the whole series? Who are his fav characters????

so far he has seen 5 episodes and his favorite character is Shuuichi,he even told me he wants to go as him for halloween next year laugh.gif

aww....that sounds so cute!
anime lover girl
Very CUTE!~i got a link to somthing you guy will like: :which gravitation character are you? for the girls!~(tee-he)
nice, quiz^^
Thanks, Shamangirl! biggrin.gif
Okay... character I'm most like: Sakano (although I got K too... scary ph34r.gif me and my multiple personalities)
most suitable guy: Hiro biggrin.gif
That guy is too underrated! He's definitely one of the sweetest guys ever! *goes into very recently acquired Hiro-fangirl mode*
That was a fun quiz, thanx for sharing anime lover girl! smile.gif

Shuichi is my type of guy! laugh.gif
And I'm most like Seguchi Tohma blink.gif Now that is new.
i am the syuichi type too^^
anime lover girl
glad you like it!`
my ideal guy is Hiro too.(Yay!)(tee-he)
But.. who are you most like??????
sasuki: Now.. I'm going to be scared of you.... tongue.gif
anime lover girl
scared of Sasuki why?
lol Because I am "innocent" like Seguchi Tohma. biggrin.gif

Honestly, I never really thought of myself like Tohma.....
So don't be scared Kihaku. *hugs*
I won't be scared... tongue.gif if I'm K, well I wouldn't be easily intimidated by anything, and if I'm Sakano... I absolutely adore you!
It's funny how certain tests reveal secrets about ourselves ph34r.gif With me I usually know already who I'm going to get tongue.gif
anime lover girl
YOU DO???!!! gravitation E-cards
yeah... I can figure out which character I'm most like... that's not too hard tongue.gif Sometimes I just know who I'm like tongue.gif Sometimes I'm not that sure... sometimes there isn't really an option..

lI love those cards! You can send those by email, right? I just thought of some people...
I especially love the one "show your pride" . Oh that's cute! And it reminds me of a book I read sometime ago...
anime lover girl
so you'll send me one,please!I really don't know who I like,yet
Of course I will! biggrin.gif When I remember and if I don't mess it up.....
You don't know who you like? You mean character or card?
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