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Full Version: My drawing of Ed!
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Yup, we had to draw something in art class, so i picked Ed.

I'm Putting this on a scratch board tommorow, so i will post a pic of it.

Forsaken Love
Awesome very nice happy.gif We do have a thread specifically for drawings, have a look around for it =)
@ Forsaken Love Since this thread is in the FMA fan art section its okay here smile.gif

Looks great! Can't wait to see the scratch board! biggrin.gif

A Pierrot's Aria
That's a brilliant picture --you did a great job with it! biggrin.gif I wish I was allowed to draw anime/manga when I was doing art at school. laugh.gif

@ MissMurder
Basically, some schools and colleges don't recognise anime/manga as a form of art. Which is completely ridiculous! I remember asking in my college illustration class if I could draw using manga-style, and the answer was a flat out "no". sleep.gif
Why wouldn't they allow you to draw anime/manga in art for school? For my art class freshman year we had required things like drawing a branch with leaves or drawing a pile of jeans or a stack of pots- boring stuff, but it was a little known fact that the teacher would give you credit for turning in any random decent artwork you happened to draw. This is the only reason my brother passed that class sleep.gif

Nice Ed though by the way biggrin.gif I drew one on some english assignment last week, but it was in pen so mistakes have to stay and his head was slightly out of proportion... I like how you got the folds in the clothes as well. Nice detail. His hand is a little rough though. Hands and eyes are two very important things I tend to mess up tongue.gif
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