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Full Version: What type of auto mail would you have?
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Just wondering what you would prefer, see how imaginative you guys are biggrin.gif

Well, I would have some combat automail for a left arm, extending to my shoulder, will retractable claws, a blade that would come from the elbow, like Lan Fans. Then I would get a hand replacement, just extending to the wrist, with my trade mark transmutation circle on it. Finally, a left and right leg replacement, just to the knee, and i would just have a power replacement, making them 30 percent faster and stronger,so could run fast as hell and deliver some deadly kicks. Btw, all carbon fiber for lightness and durability.
Nature Path Alchemist
I would have automail fingers which have fingernails that slide out in layers to form claws with sharp edges that are thin and durable. in addition i would have automail implants on my spine which allow mobility to continue to flow to my legs if i was crippled like havoc was, but then could allow me to alter signals using switches so my muscles can work harder than normal and allow me to run and perform much stronger acts with all parts of my body, by altering the signals to allow them to be stimulated by a more concentrated flow of adrenaline. in additio an automail eye which allows me to use it like a scouter to scan other people and analyze their physical weaknesses and gain a combat advantage.
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