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Full Version: which FMA character wears this ring?
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Fire kid jimmy
I recently bought a ring off ebay and I want to know who wears this ring



This is the FMA alchemist fansite and no one knows who wears this ring??????????

<Merged your two posts! Please avoid double posting! happy.gif -Pierrot>
A Pierrot's Aria
Welcome to the board, Fire Kid Jimmy. Please don't make "bump posts" or double post, please. happy.gif

As mentioned on your first post by a member of staff, this thread will be merged with the cosplay thread.

But to quickly answer your question, no character wears a ring like kind of just looks like a ring that's designed to look like automail. So perhaps it could also go in the Merchandise thead.

So I'll close this thread for the time being, and it will be merged with one of the aforementioned threads shortly. smile.gif
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