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Full Version: Help me with my school project! Introducing FMA manga to the class
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I'm going on a comic school, and at the moment every week we have "The week's comic"
Which means we have to show your fav comic to your class, and my fav comic is FullMetal Alchemist (duh)

Here's my question, which parts of FMA should I show. So they can understand the history of FMA?
This will help me a lot, so please help. ;A;
Shouldn't be more then 20 - 30 pages.
I think the Elrics' backstory from chapters 20 on (meeting with Izumi) would be a good example.
A Pierrot's Aria
I guess some chapters in volume 15 would be a good to show if you're looking for history; it's a mixture of context and character back story, because it's the one about what happened in the Ishvalan war. smile.gif (It's one of my most favourite volumes!)

If you're introducing the manga to other people, I'd probably suggest some pages from the first volume, since that's when Ed and Al's basic situation is revealed.
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