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Full Version: FMA and Arakawa-sensei won New Artist Prize for the 15th Annual Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize!
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ETA: May 2, 2011
Hiromu Arakawa and Fullmetal Alchemist won New Artist Prize!! (source: Asahi Shinbun, AnimeNewsNetwork)


Fullmetal Alchemist is one among 8 nominees for the Osamu Tezuka Cultural Prize!

More info on
Thank you, Kasumisty for the news! biggrin.gif

That's awesome!

This year's 8 nominees, including Arakawa with FMA, are listed on ANN page as posted by Kasumisty above, and the winners will be announced in the middle of April. ^^

Past Award Winners: (listed on the Award's Official JP Page and from Wiki which I can't seem to make a link at the moment... ) smile.gif
* Grand Prize: Fujiko Fujio for Doraemon
* Award for Excellence: Moto Hagio for Zankoku na kami ga shihai suru (A cruel God rules in heaven)
* Special Award: Toshio Naiki for the foundation and management of Modern Manga Library

* Grand Prize: Jiro Taniguchi and Natsuo Sekikawa for the trilogy Bocchan No Jidai (Times of "Botchan")
* Award for Excellence: Yūji Aoki for Naniwa Kin'yūdō (The way of the Ōsaka loan shark)
* Special Award: Shotaro Ishinomori for the long years of contribution to manga

* Grand Prize: Naoki Urasawa for Monster
* Award for Excellence: Akira Sasō for Shindō (The prodigy)
* Special Award: Fusanosuke Natsume for the excellence criticism of manga

* Grand Prize: Daijiro Morohoshi for Saiyū Yōenden (The Monkey King and other Chinese Legends)
* Award for Excellence: Minetarō Mochizuki for Dragon Head
* Special Award: Frederik L. Schodt for the distinguished service to introduce Japanese manga round the world

* Grand Prize: Reiko Okano for Onmyōji (The Master of Shade and Light)
* Award for Excellence: Kotobuki Shiriagari for Yajikita in deep
* Special Award: Akira Maruyuma for the valuable service to support comic artists at Tokiwa house

* Grand Prize: Takehiko Inoue for Vagabond
* Award for Excellence: Kentarō Miura for Berserk

2003: (Three new categories were added in lieu of "Award of Excellence" award)
* Grand Prize: Fumiko Takano for The Yellow Book: A friend Named Jacques Thibault
* Creative Award: Yumi Hotta and Takeshi Obata for Hikaru no Go
* Short story Award: Hisaichi Ishii for Gendai shisō no sōnanshātachi (Victims of modern ideas)
* Special Award: Shigeru Mizuki for the creative pictures and the long years of activities

* Grand Prize: Kyōko Okazaki for Helter Skelter
* Creative Award: Takashi Morimoto for Naniwadora ihon (Variant edition of the Naniwa wastrel)
* Short story Award: Risu Akizuki for OL shinkaron (OL Evolution) and other works
* Special Award: Tarō Minamoto for the pioneer works of historical manga and contribution to manga culture

* Grand Prize: Naoki Urasawa for Pluto
* Creative Award: Fumiyo Kōno for Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms
* Short story Award: Rieko Saibara for Jōkyō monogatari (A tale of going to the capital) and Mainichi Kasan (Everyday mom)
* Special Award: Kawasaki City Museum for the collection of manga works from Edo period to the present day, and its exhibitions

* Grand Prize: Hideo Azuma for Disappearance Diary
* Creative Award: Asa Higuchi for Ōkiku Furikabutte (Big Windup!)
* Short story Award: Risa Itō for One Woman, Two Cats, Oi Piitan!! (Hey Pitan!), Onna no mado (A Woman's Window) and other works[32]
* Special Award: Kousei Ono for the long years of the introduction of comics from abroad to Japan as a commentator for manga

* Grand Prize: Ryoko Yamagishi for Maihime Τερψιχόρα (The Dancing Girl; Terpsichore)
* Creative Award: Nobuhisa Nozoe, Kazuhisa Iwata and Kyojin Ōnishi for Shinsei Kigeki (La Divina Commedia)
* Short story Award: Hiromi Morishita for Ōsaka Hamlet

* Grand Prize: Masayuki Ishikawa for Moyashimon (Moyashimon: Tales of Agriculture)
* Creative Award: Toranosuke Shimada for Träumerei
* Short story Award: Yumiko Ōshima for GūGū Datte Neko De Aru (Cher Gou-Gou...mon petit chat, mon petit ami.)
* Special Award: International Institute for Children's Literature, Osaka Prefecture (English Official site)

* Grand Prize: Fumi Yoshinaga for Ōoku: The Inner Chambers
* Grand Prize: Yoshihiro Tatsumi for Gekiga Hyōryū (A Drifting Life)
* Short story Award: Hikaru Nakamura for Saint Oniisan (Saint Young Men)
* New Artist Prize : Suehiro Maruo for Panorama-tō Kitan (Anecdote of the Panorama Island)

* Grand Prize: Yoshihiro Yamada for Hyouge-mono
* Short story Award: Mari Yamazaki for THERMAE ROMAE
* New Artist Prize : Haruko Ichikawa for Mushi to Uta
* Special Award: Yoshihiro Yonezawa to wide achievements of the collection and the commentary activity of basic material of the cartoon research.
A Pierrot's Aria
Awesome news. tongue.gif I know who I'd vote for. Heheh!

Even if FMA doesn't come out on top, it sure must be a great thing to be nominated in the first place! Way to go Arakawa-sensei and FMA! biggrin.gif
I feel some really great series have been nominated and won this award over the years. I hope FMA wins but it is definitely a great honor to even be nominated I think. smile.gif

The Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize winners were announced:

FMA and Arakawa won the New Artist Prize!

It's not the Grand Prize, but it's still great that FMA was nominated and won an award. Congrats, Hiromu Arakawa, you deserved it! biggrin.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
Congratulations, Arakawa-sensei and FMA! You're right, Michiyo-, it may not be the grand prize, but it still is fantastic that she and her amazing manga were nominated in the first place! biggrin.gif
Thank you Michiyo-! happy.gif

Congratulations, Arakawa-sensei and FMA for winning the New Artist Prize!
Considering the nature of the Award, Arakawa-sensei and FMA being recognized by winning the New Artist Prize is awesome!
Usually, (maybe later, probably in the award ceremony) they also tell us the reason for the selection for New Artist Prize. I'm looking forward to finding out. biggrin.gif
The Award ceremony is on May 27, 2011. I wonder if we'd get to see the picture of Award ceremony with Arakawa-sensei. ^^
<Double post with justice. This post will be merged later>

QUOTE (Tombow @ May 2 2011, 10:01 AM) *
The Award ceremony is on May 27, 2011. I wonder if we'd get to see the picture of Award ceremony with Arakawa-sensei. ^^

ETA: Nop. Arakawa-sensei is not attending, and instead Romi Park-san will attend for Arakawa-sensei.

(Reported on Amber1003's DA Journal ..thank you for the news, amber1003, and confirmed on Asahi Newspaper JP site news.)
Romi Park attended the Award ceremony today, here's a Japanese article about it:
Thank you Michiyo-! biggrin.gif

Congratulations, Arakawa-sensei!! biggrin.gif Aaaand, make it DOUBLE, because....

The article at the link for posted by Michiyo- above says...
The reason Arakawa-sensei couldn't attend is..... she is getting ready for the birth of second child!!! \o/
(Didn't say second child, but I assume this is her second child birth.. ^^)
A Pierrot's Aria
Thank you for bringing us the news Michiyo-! And Thank you Tombow for translating the reason as to why Arakawa couldn't attend! hug.gif

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaw!!! wub.gif

Fullmetal Alchemist just won manga section of 2011 Japanese SF "Seiun" Award! biggrin.gif (Announced on July 10, 2011 in Japan)

"Seiun" Awards are given each year to Japanese/foreign short/long novel, art, comic, movie, non-fiction, etc. that have relevance to Sci-fi, and chosen by members of Japanese Sci-fi fan association, and the award has a long history and it's very much part of Japanese Sci-fi culture (2011 is 47th year for this award.) Past winners of "Seiun" manga prize include "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind", etc. smile.gif

Award will be given out at the ceremony on Sept. 3 at the 50th annual Japanese Sci-fi convention ("Donbura Con-L" in Shizuoka, Japan.)
I am just happy FMA/Arakawa are getting the recognition they deserve. smile.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
That's brilliant!! Congrats to Arakawa-sensei and FMA --thoroughly deserved!

Thank you for this info, Tombow! hug.gif
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