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Full Version: k-on! stuff: talk about k-on
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There aren't that many forums on k-on! so might as well start one here. Anyway, talk about k-on!: favorite characters, pairing, the manga, rant about the show, the upcoming movie, ect, as long as it's your opinion about it.

Ok, let's see...
fav character: Tainaka Ritsu! always the hyper one, which is why she is awesome
fav pairing: mitsu(mioxritsu) I think it's because they have the deepest bond out of everybody
fav crack pairing: tainakano lol word play *shot*

rants: THE MOVIE NEEDS TO HURRY UP AND COME OUT O.O as well as the new ova that comes out with it(if I remember correctly, there will be another ova coming out just a bit before the movie. Or I'm full of crap) What I want in the ova or movie? The chapter where the girls thought Ritsu had a boyfriend because that chapter was hilarious. I would like to see the "men are animals" scream from Mio- I think it would be funny. And possibly University life for the core 4 and club president activity from our favorite kitty.
*cough* We do have K-on fans on ourboard. "K-on" discussion thread. smile.gif

It's in our Let's discuss your fav anime series here! sub-forum.

Closing this one as a duplicate. Everyone, please continue your K-on discussions on K-on discussion thread. biggrin.gif

This thread will be merged to K-on discussion thread later.
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