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Okay.... so I made this topic because certain discussions started getting out of hand tongue.gif . I know it's nothing new and has probably been discussed a lot anyway.. but well... So it is to discuss all possible pairings in anime and manga serieses, canon, fanon, own and all types tongue.gif ... why you hate/love/like/dislike certain couples or what your attitude towards pairing/shipping is tongue.gif
So anything goes... and no need to be that open minded tongue.gif
Oh and I guess I'll start with just listing certain couples I support(but not all, or this will get too long...)
RoyxRiza (of course.. obviously made for each other)
HughesxGracia (like above)
JonouchixMai(gaah.. why don't they see it)
P. SetoxKisara(so sweet)
Isis xKaiba*evil laughter*
One Piece
ZoroxTashigi(but this series has a lot of other potentials laugh.gif )
Yami no Matsuei
Tsuzuki/Hisoka(I saw that they belong together before I even knew their names..)
ASK threesome tongue.gif
Eerie Queerie(or Ghost)
HasunumaxMitsuo(yes...that way, Mitsuo)
Kyou Kara Maou!
WolframxYuuri or Wolfram/Yuuri
Magic Knight Rayearth
Rurouni Kenshin
Inu Yasha
Sesshoumaruxolder Rin
Mobile Police Patlabor
Banana Fish
Dragon Drive
Kidaichi Shonen no Jikenbo
Ranma 1/2
Wolf's Rain

Hmm... that's it for now biggrin.gif Mostly couples I back with 100% but there are more*crazy laughter*...
EDIT: can't believe I forgot some important ones... still there are so many...
EDIT2: I did that finally tongue.gif but like usual, only for the couples I support with 100%.
For some reason I'm really against boy-boy/girl-girl pairing. I don't like RoyxEd or LantisxEagle etc. I prefer to think of them as really good friends and just that. rolleyes.gif

And when the age difference is so big, I don't like it either. For example, in Card Captor Sakura, the teacher is in a relationship with one of his students, who is 10-yrs-old. Dizzam. No matter how "mature" that student is, she is still 10-yrs-old and his student. Find someone your age, teacher. I feel the same with SesshoumaruxRin. In fact, it never occurred to be that they may be a couple until I came here and read posts about them being a couple. ph34r.gif
RoyxRiza BigFan
oh goodie @W@

Can these go for related anime videog games? @O@..
Gulity Gear series-> MILLIA X KY KISKE 4 EVER>W<

Gundam series-> Char X Harman (ke ke ke, he hit her at 14 years old >O<)

FMA i no need to say rolleyes.gif
Hm...My list is going to be very long, so I'll just list a few. Also, I'm not going to explain why I support them, because most of the time, I can't explain why I support a couple in words. I just do! tongue.gif



Shaman King:


Gundam SEED:



Digimon Adventures:

Um...I know I'm forgetting a few important ones, but I'm tired...
I totally agree with Gashole up there. For the age difference one that got me was Auron and Rikku from FFX. He is 20 years older and dead. Come on people! and that Student Teacher thing distubs me too. Maybe it is becuase I live in American where that is major scandals right now.

But anywas.. couples I like:

RoyxHawkeye (like you couldn't tell right? laugh.gif

"Cute couple I like"
Omakase Shimasu
I'm the first shonen-ai supporter. Whoopie. tongue.gif

- Roy x Ed
- Al x Winry
- Al x Ed
- Sig x Izumi
- Hohenheim x Trisha
- Hughes x Gracia
- Mason x Rose
- Winry x Paninnya
- Russell x Ed
- Kimblee x Archer

Final Fantasy VIII: (oops, a game...)
- Seifer x Squall
- Irvine x Selphie
- Cid x Edea

- Dee x Ryo
- Rose x Dee

- Bejiita x Gokuu
- Yamucha x Gokuu
- Torankusu x Goten
- Touma x Baadakku

- Kaiba x Yami
- Jounoichi x Yugi

Yami no Matsuei:
- Tatsumi x Tsuzuki
- Muraki X Tsuzuki X3
- Hakushaku x Tsuzuki
- Hisoka x Tsuzuki (the mangaka's sketch of older!Hisoka is all to blame)

Gundam Wing:
- 2 x 1
- 3 x 4
- 13 x 6
- Dorothy x Relena
- 5 x S

Ai no Kusabi:
- Iason x Riki
- Katze/Darryll
- Luke x Norris

Weiss Kreuz:
- Yoji x Aya/Ran
- Yuri x Aya/Ran
- Obayashi x Aya/Ran
- Schuldig x Aya/Ran
- Crawford x Aya/Ran

- Goh x Kei

Petshop of Horrors:
- Leon x D

- Ma-kun x Taki (x Ken-chan X3)
- K x Sakanou
- Touma x ....Yuki's sister.... >__>

Kyou Kara Maou:
- Gwendel x Gunther
- Conrad x Yuuri

Dynasty Warriors:
- Sun Ce x Zhou Yu
- Zhang He x Zhou Yu
- Zhao Yun x Jiang Wei (...Jiang Wei? o.o I don't know if this really is the guy I'm referring to...)

And the list goes on and on and on~ biggrin.gif

People are going to kill me for this, but I thought Mr. Tarada and that girl from Cardcaptor Sakura were cute together. Or at least... I would have found it cute to see if they hadn't censored it. >__> They canceled the entire show because they couldn't cover up "certain" relationships. *cough*Mr. Tarada/girl & Touya/Yuki*cough-cough*

So... I kinda support any pairing. As long as I like the characters. Although I prefer a shonen-ai pairing above any other. biggrin.gif
- Roy x Ed ?? ., lol gay couple , lolz
Kase: Nice list biggrin.gif Don't really know what to say....
But hey... as you can see, I'm also a shonen-ai/yaoi supporter and like just a lot of different couples in general. The shonen-ai genre really opened my mind. biggrin.gif
Most of those kind of couples that I support actually happen to be from that genre too... but there are certain exceptions tongue.gif *Looks at SasukeXNaruto*
Well... in my previous list are actually just the ones I totally support... there are like a million others... *sighs* especially in the shonen-ai department tongue.gif
mostly in those cases it's actually a really deep friendship that I kind of start imagining as something more*hits evil head*.
If I had to say which I like more.. het or shonen- ai that would be kind of hard.... Well in all shonen-ai cases I've always liked the pairing(not that I know many but well...) het cases however... I've sometimes just really hated them/not liked at all/couldn't care less.. oh and I'm talking of canon couples now tongue.gif
So well, I guess it would be shonen ai, but het follows close behind... On the yuri/shojo-ai part I can't really say much since I don't know much on those... I guess I would find it okay, but wouldn't be too fanatic about it tongue.gif

I also don't like real great age differences. It depends though... for example I really like JonouchiXMai although they have quite a big age difference, but it's something that isn't that noticeable. I haven't seen Cardcaptor Sakura so I can't say much about that... but I really don't like the fact of a 10-year-old with a teacher... that's not legal, right? So long as the younger one is around 16 I guess it's okay with me. Oh.. and in MKR I 'm pretty much against the Lantis&Hikaru couple too... I just see Hikaru as a little kid and Lantis as so much older... one of the reasons I see him with Eagle... I actually think that their freindship is something really deep, perhaps a little exaggerated , but it's just friendship*sighs* I wanted it to be soo much more...

Oh and Kase: You put Tsuzuki as the uke???? Even with Hisoka??? What's "the older" Hisoka by the way? (try not to spoil me too much though tongue.gif
In Yami no Matsuei I also kind of like the MurakiXTsuzuki pairing... mainly because I feel so sorry for poor Muraki tongue.gif ... definitely TsuzukiXHisoka 4ever though!

Oh and I forgot Rurouni Kenshin!
Don't really care so much for Kenshin & Kaoru.... but I really like Sanosuke &Megumi(100%)! And in the anime also SanosukeXSayo.. although not as much as the previous
Then there is Sanosuke/Kenshin of course... *evil grin*
Oh! And in InuYasha: MirokuXSango! I don't really care for the rest in that series... oh except maybe Miroku/Inu Yasha ...
I can't see Rin's and Sesshoumaru's relationship more than a father-daughter kind of type tongue.gif

Wow.. this turned out to be a long post... must shut up already tongue.gif
Omakase Shimasu
@Cloud: How dare you laug at my couples! tongue.gif *protects pairings from prying eyes*

@Kihaku: biggrin.gif I love your messages, I see no reason to cut them short! Love long messages that take my time to read so that I can truly focus on its contents. :3 Aherm, on-topic:

The older!Hisoka sketch was actually just that. A sketch the mangaka drew of a tall Hisoka who looked remarkably like Tatsumi and Muraki (broad-shouldered, same hairstyle). O.o He was as tall as them anyway. She said that if Hisoka were able to grow up that's what he would look like (and that he would top Tsuzuki! XD) So you see the mangaka also totally supports uke!Tsuzuki~ X3 I love that woman. Maybe I'll be able to find that sketch for you -- once I've cleaned up my comp. ^^;;

About that Mr. Tarada/girl thing: (sheesh, I can't even remember her name tongue.gif) I liked the fact she was in love with her teacher, that was really sweet. But I wouldn't support the actual pairing. I mean a guy of what? 30? With a 9 year old? It's sweet, but still... biggrin.gif (And don't say it's basically the same with Ed and Roy. I know the difference between a 16 year old and a 9 year old thank you tongue.gif)

Oh! I forgot a few fandoms too...

Rrouni Kenshin:
- Sanosuke x Kenshin
- Sanosuke x Megumi
- Saito x Kenshin
- Yahiko x .....dammit, I forgot the kid's name... tht little Lord with his German uncle with a Dutch flag on his ship. tongue.gif

Fushigi Yuugi:
- Nakago x Hotohori
- Suboshi x Amiboshi (yes, the twins tongue.gif)
- Friend of Brother x Brother of Miaka (^ ^;; I dunno FY that well, okay?)

Sorcerous Stabber Orphen:
- Hartia x Orphen
- Majik x Orphen

I also wanted to put down Mein Liebe but I forgot all character names. ^ ^;; Oops.
Kokoro no Hana
Kase.....Al x Ed? O.O
You'd really find that sketch for me? *shiny eyes*.
I don't tend to write long messages, because probably I'm in such a hurry or I figure that most people wouldn't bother to read everything if they're long. So things have to be kept compact tongue.gif .
But sometimes I have a lot to say....And on this topic I love to read long messages too biggrin.gif Actually those posts are compact. tongue.gif

Oooh... the mangaka actually said herself that Hisoka would be able to top Tsuzuki???? And I thought that she wasn't giving their relationship as much depth as I had hoped tongue.gif but I've only read the first volume and seen half of the anime(yes... still waiting for downloads and the second volume to appear in the store)
so I wouldn't know that well... Judging though by everything, Tsuzuki is an obvious uke tongue.gif except when it comes to Hisoka, who can never grow older*sigh* so... but maybe Tsuzuki/Hisoka might work though...

Yeah... RoyxEd is completely different but that doesn't start from the time they first met when Ed was 11 or so... tongue.gif ???Like I said/wrote before... so long as the younger one is around 16... but then again I don't see anything wrong with a thirteen-year old and a sixteen-year-old. Or like in Sailor Moon 17 and 14.. I just don't like Mamoru&Usagi ,but then... I don't seem to like any pairs in that series biggrin.gif (I haven't seen it all though, so I don't know of its potential).

Hah.. still forgot stuff from Rurouni Kenshin Although I'm not totally supporting them, but I like them anyway
YahikoXYutaro (right?)
Sanosuke/Saito (can't seem to decide which way... you tend to see Sanosuke as the seme though*thinks SanosukeXKenshin* but in this case it's so hard...
Fushigi Yuugi
Miaka's brother is Kensuke... but his friend... was it Tatsuha? (Or then I'm thinking too much about Gravitation) yeah.. I like that tongue.gif
The canon would be TamahomeXMiaka, I liked that at first, but then it got kind of boring, although I'm not against it... there are just so many guys in that series and so few girls that it almost forces to put them together tongue.gif
Tasuki/Tamahome(aah....can't decide. Anyway this is more favourable than TamahomeXMiaka tongue.gif )
ChichiriXTasuki(or then the other way... it's so hard with so many strong male characters)
(Those three pairings would be what I'd support, if anything...)
AmiboshiXMiaka(I'm weird)
NagakoXanyone.... tongue.gif Half kidding actually. I just see him on anyone... he's one mean guy tongue.gif
RoyxRiza BigFan
QUOTE(Kasumi @ Nov 20 2004, 04:40 AM)


laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif yeah MIRKOU X SANGO 4 EVER!!!!! laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

Gundam Seed
Yzak X Fllay wub.gif
Dearka X Milly wub.gif

Gundam Seed destiny
Shin X Stella wub.gif

Rurouni Kenshin:

Inu Yasha:
Inu YashaxThe girl that tied him to the tree, forgot her name.
Omakase Shimasu
QUOTE(Kokoro no Hana @ Nov 20 2004, 04:35 PM)
Kase.....Al x Ed? O.O

Yeppers. Al x Ed. biggrin.gif To quote someone I know really well... like to act like I know at least:

biggrin.gif I would be one of those few actually. The love between the Elric brothers is so strong (it's one of the key factors of the series) and them acting upon that love like "normal" lovers would... not caring about what others think, only knowing nothing would get in the way when it comes to their love for each other... smile.gif That would be beautiful in my eyes.

@Kihaku: Of course! How could I deny you that goodie when I see you're really interested in the fandom? smile.gif Just give me some time and I'll be able to dig it it up from underneath all that junk soon! wink.gif

Oh, you're actually buying the manga? I envy you! biggrin.gif I like mangas better than scanlations because then I can read it anywhere I like. I don't think the English manga will have this particular sketch in it though, seeing they only care for the actual story. rolleyes.gif The most fun about these mangas is always the mangakas notes along the sidelines. Just to show they're also normal human beings with a life of their own. Not to mention they'll sometimes talk about certain character like Tatsumi: did you know he wasn't even supposed to be a main character in the original draft? But since Tatsumi was her favorite character (she really likes guys in suits apparently tongue.gif) he got himself quite an important role. biggrin.gif I really don't mind she did. X3 Hehehehe~

About the TsuzukixHisoka: I know a lot of people see these two together, but I just can't see Tsuzuki topping anyone. biggrin.gif;; So in my opinion if these two do get it on, Hisoka is still topping his partner, no matter the height and age. I've seen the evidence in the series, so... X3 I'll stick to my ultimate uke!Tsuzuki.

Doesn't mean I don't respect anyone's preference for the opposite of course. biggrin.gif

Oh that bit about RoyxEd not working out because of their ages wasn't aimed at you. I know you don't mind, silly. tongue.gif biggrin.gif

Yutaro! Of course~ ^ ^ Thanks for the info. I knew it was something like Yahiko, but I just couldn't remember. Geez and I just saw the eps of him a while back. -__- And Kenshin i another uke!person to me. biggrin.gif He's the uber-uke which I think every anime has. It's alays gonna be SanosukexKenshin with me, although when Saito gets involved... Then it'd be SaitoxSanosuke, since Saito's the uber-seme of this anime. tongue.gif

laugh.gif The only reason I put FY in there was because of Hotohori. *__* The stud. And yes, Nakago is this anime's uber-seme. wink.gif Tatsuha... I think you're right. I remember him having a familiar name, Tatsuha from Gravitation adds up. smile.gif

You've effected me with you long replies! tongue.gif
Yay for long replies! Now, nobody get intimidated by them, I still want everyone to reply to this topic biggrin.gif

That AlXEd speech sounds really familiar biggrin.gif *gets sentimental again*... ooh I love it biggrin.gif .

No need to hurry with the sketch, since I'm used to waiting biggrin.gif *glares at the Finnish store*
Yeah.. I just love the Yami no Matsuei manga! I knew I had to get it after seeing the anime(um...first ep)... although I could just order the first 11 in German I rather chose to torture myself by waiting for the English to show up slowly...(such a masocist) and I guess I figured that it would be less painful to wait for the next volumes then... if the 12th ever appears*sigh*. I hardly like reading scanlations at all(FMA is an exceptions).. as if I don't have enough of the computer tongue.gif So you can't buy the manga anywhere?
I don't know much about Tatsumi yet(thanks for the info biggrin.gif ), but I kind of like him already.. seems like a seme kind of character... although not as much as Muraki tongue.gif
Now you would know more about YnM than me, so I can understand the fact of Hisoka topping Tsuzuki(more evidence yet to be seen).. I haven't probably seen enough of his character, but Tsuzuki seems to become more and more uke as the story progresses tongue.gif
Hmm.... what's with the if . Tsuzuki and Hisoka will become a couple! *punches fist in the air* I trust my intuition. I knew it as soon as I saw them! biggrin.gif

I know the RoyXEd age difference wasn't aimed at me tongue.gif Or I assumed so anyway. I just wondered that if you considered it okay only after Ed was a little older tongue.gif

on Rurouni Kenshin :
Kenshin is an uke, but then there is his Battousai part...
and yeah Saito probably would rule over Sano... waah.. I'd like to see him top Saito! Saito is just sooo arrogant and I know that Sano would want to see him beneath him. But thanks for clarifying anyway!

The girl that tied Inu Yasha to a tree was Kikyo, the person who Inu Yasha used? to love... that's why I'm kind of neutral about Inu Yasha & Kikyo/Kagome, because I find the whole thing confusing... that's why MirokuXSango rules there!
Omakase Shimasu
Ooooh, hopefully I'm not scaring anyone away with my shonen-ai talk. biggrin.gif;; Maybe I should write about het-pairings a bit too.

Aaaw, you make the author of that piece blush, believe me. biggrin.gif

You're trully a masochist, refusing to get the German version like that. Although I understand. biggrin.gif Seeing an anime in a anguage other than English, Dutch or Japanese would be a "turn-off" for me too. Yes, even Dutch. I kinda like certain anime in Dutch for some inane reason. tongue.gif Sue me. Hehe, I'm trying tnot to spoil too much regarding Yami no Matsuei, but you're basically the only person I can talk to about this anime/manga. smile.gif I haven't met anyone "directly" who liked the series yet, so... My apologies about the if there. tongue.gif

Hmmm, I've never seen Inu Ysha although I have AMVs of the series. biggrin.gif Looks really fun, so I think I'll make an efort to purchase at least one DVD to see if it's really as much fun as it looks. I've already targeted a certain priest as my favorite. rolleyes.gif I know, I'm bad. You aren't supposed to choose favorites like that, but oh well... X3 Inu Yasha/Kagome seems like a nice pairing. Although Inu Yasha/Miroku doesn't look too shabby either.

biggrin.gif;; Behold my awesome try at a het-pairing convo...
Or then it's my talk that scares people away... I can get so into something at times tongue.gif ... And I am a really crazy shipper tongue.gif ... I just like to see people/characters belong together. Then.. I have certain opinions of certain characters that are just final(however I'm a submissive person soo...). I'm right anyway(as if) so there's no need to worry about spoiling me tongue.gif . I tend to spoil myself usually a 100x more anyway(I so try not to) wink.gif

Oh you haven't met anyone, who likes YnM? Besides me? How weird! How can that be! Well, I'm still very new to it too.. but I know something biggrin.gif (and will know more)
Noo... the biggest reason for me not to buy the German version was because of the "possible" long wait for vol 12 (please let it be published) and I like reading manga in English(also because I can't understand Japanese) because I just like it and want hmm... others to read it too biggrin.gif (the few manga "fans" I know don't understand German). I like German and Swedish almost as much as English( and they're so much cheaper too biggrin.gif ), but I don't like to read in Finnish, the language I know best.. weird. Although it doesn't matter since there are like nearly no(well a few) manga serieses in Finnish and all available in other languages anyway. The original versions rule over all of course! So the version closest to the original is the most enjoyable biggrin.gif

To topic: you haven't seen Inu Yasha , but you're already pairing Miroku with Inu Yasha laugh.gif I'd recommend the manga though(don't know the anime too well)
But I admire your attempt to try and find a het pairing tongue.gif

on DBZ since I seemed to be on a roll on another topic rolleyes.gif
Of course I support the VegetaXBulma pairing, because they're just these "belong together" couples...I love their relationship, which might not seem to be very "full of love" on the surface, but truly is deep down *sighs*. It was so clearly shown by certain actions biggrin.gif . I liked Bulma with Yamcha too, they had such a long relationship together....
As for hmm... VegetaXGoku(and of course that way tongue.gif ) I was kind of freaked out by it at first because of um.. certain dream I had, but I can totally see its potential *evil grin*.. and it's hinted just too many times(half kidding)but Vegeta belongs to Bulma.. so...
YamchaXGoku has also certain points.. they have a great relationship and have been friends since childhood(or somewhat) and Goku&Chichi seemed a bit of an "arranged marriage anyway"... so YXG comes next as favourite in DBZ
I wanted to see TenshinhanXRanchi(Lunch) together, but she dissapeared somewhere soo... I guess it's TienXChaouzu then..

Oooh... gosh have to stop... Have too much to say. biggrin.gif
Omakase Shimasu
Hehe, I'm like that too -- about the pairings, I mean. I love being a matchmaker, fitting characters with other characters not caring for the consequences. I hate to leave out anyone if I can help it. happy.gif

Yeah, my sister isn't into Yami no Matuei because she doesn't like Tsuzuki. T_T Isn't that awful? tongue.gif She's a Muraki, Tatsumi person. She prefers hot semes whereas I prefer hot ukes. %D Oh well I actually managed to get her to see the subs and now she's pretty okay with it. Still doesn't like Tsuzuki and wouldn't think about reading the manga because the further you get the more feminine the mangaka draws the characters. laugh.gif She absolutely hates Tatsumi's feminine-manga-form. ^.^ Cyute but very frustrating because we never seem to discuss this without bickering over each other's characters.

Oooh, the Inu Yasha manga~ I don't suppose it's still un-licensed? biggrin.gif;; Is the anime even licensed? blink.gif I wouldn't know... biggrin.gif;; Yesh, I'm pretty proud of the fact I like Kagome. I usually dislike characters like her. She reminds me of Miaka. biggrin.gif;; A Mary-Sue, lost in the world of magic, bishounen and... demons? And alter-egoes? ...I don't have a clue what the anime's about actually.

Aaaah, DBZ -- my first anime ever. smile.gif Which incidentally dragged me into the world of shonen-ai/yaoi at the tender age of 12/13. *__* Those were the days--- oh crap. >.< How could I forget Bardock and Touma? Have to make some edits now. They're the couple that really got me into it, according to my sister. rolleyes.gif Although we both know it was her and her VegetaxGoku fic. It's an on-going debate between us which doesn't show any signs of stopping anytime soon.

Other than those... I kinda like Goku/Chichi. I loathed it at first. biggrin.gif;; I couldn't stand Chichi because she was so bossy and could kick ass. Stupid reasons, but yeah... laugh.gif I liked the fact Chichi and Gokuu couldn't stand each other manga-wise I mean, they didn't even talk once during the first 10 volumes! But, she managed to grow on me overtime, just like Relena and Rinoa from GW and FFVIII. Unfortunately... it's Bulma I don't like in Chichi's place. -__-;; I don't really know why, something abou her character... Maybe because she's bossy and doesn't know how to kick-ass like Chichi. X3 I'm weird, let's leave it at that.

Oh, Lunch with her split-personality! Hot. *__* It's too bad she suddenly disappeared. Tenshinhan and her would've made a great couple. Uh... Tien and Chouzu? laugh.gif What a... twist. From Lunch to a midget. tongue.gif They're sweet together and so many hints too. wink.gif

Yesh, YamuchaxGokuu would be my favorite right now too. Next to ToumaxBaadakku-- Bardock I mean, of course. wink.gif

Now, if you would excuse me I've got something to edit!
Yeah! I just want everyone to find that special someone biggrin.gif . Although with shonen-ai pairings I tend to go over all kinds of possibilities tongue.gif a little too eagerly.
What kind of annoys me for example In Fushigi Yuugi is the fact that there's Miaka (and Yui) and so many bishonen guys... So who are they going to be paired with it???? unsure.gif The worst thing is of course that they fall for the only girl around... now how is that going to end happily?
In Ranma 1/2 there are also Ranma and Akane, and everyone falling for them... and basically the only relationship with chances to be "complete" is the main one... And the rest have no one?
Speaking of Ranma 1/2.... RanmaXAkane is okay, but RyogaXAkari is the best! And of course Ryoga/Ranma... (now that was even hinted tongue.gif )
Then there is Digimon, a series with so few girl characters...
I used to be very against all shonen-ai pairings in this series(mostly because it was the first time I encountered something like that), I liked to pair certain characters like Taichi &Sora and Koushirou&Mimi... I still like the latter one, but since the previous kind of got "destroyed" in 02... I started loathing a certain pairing... Well... now I'm pretty torn between a few tongue.gif in that series.

How can someone not like Tsuzuki? *shrieks*.... I think he's actually my favourite character in that series. (Haven't decided yet).
I usually like the semes more(probably because no favourite character of mine can be bottom tongue.gif )... but there are exceptions, like always tongue.gif
In YnM the only seme I properly know uptill now is Muraki.. and he's kind of evil... so I must not like him tongue.gif (but do anyway)
I like the fact that the manga will be showing the men more feminine in the future volumes laugh.gif .

Ooh... your sister is fellow shonen-ai fan? Is she a fanatic too? tongue.gif
And you've been a fan such a long time...I guess I was introduced to shonen-ai(not counting Digimon pairings) when I first read the first volume of FAKE and was surprised that I actually liked it! But I suppose I became a fan slowly slowly after seeing Gravitation*happy sigh* that always rose my spirits somehow biggrin.gif

Hmm... Goku/Chichi is fine with me(although there is still YamchaxGoku)... without them there wouldn't be Gohan and Goten. biggrin.gif And oh.. I forgot to mention that without Vegeta and Bulma there wouldn't be Trunks(and Bra, but whatever) and then there wouldn't be that fav. pairing of yours biggrin.gif
I actually had always strong feeling about Trunks being gay tongue.gif ... 1. because everyone seem to think that he was no matter what 2. because I kind of had a crush on him tongue.gif 3. I can't stand my brother always calling him that. He just wants a reason to hate him... 4. I wanted Trunks to get married and have talented children to continue the legacy
Still TrunksXGoten is kind of cute... backs up the VegetaXGoku pairing and with certain "fusion" technics giving all kinds of ideas tongue.gif
Touma? Who's that? And you didn't forget that did you? I remember seeing it (but I can see into the future)
Tien and Chaouzu was hinted too often tongue.gif They always stuck together and never had hmm.. "anyone else" in their lives if you don't count Lunch, who must have left because she was the third wheel.

Oh and.. Inu Yasha, both anime and manga are licensed... but nothing prevents you from downloading it(well the anime anyway)....I guess.. or then buying the manga/DVD
Omakase Shimasu
Ah yes, Fushigi Yuugi: but certain shonen-ai pairings are hinted at. For example, Hotohori and Nuriko, Nuriko and Tamahome, Nakago and Tomo (or at least, Tomo pining after Nakago), Amiboshi and Suboshi (although... they did share a kiss, but it wasn't about passionate love or anything ^.^ Fans like to pretend though) and... that's it. I think. biggrin.gif;; Fushigi Yuugi is a shoujo afterall, so there are vound to be shonen-ai pairings, yuri-pairings and the ultimate het pairing. (Tamahome and Miaka, of course >__>)

RyogaxAkari? blink.gif I don't know anyone named Akari... RyogaxRanma was hinted at?? blink.gif Or did you mean Ranma turning ino a girl and seducing him or something? tongue.gif

Heh, my sister says it's easy not to like Tsuzuki, but she has yet to give me reasons. Oh wait, she liked him at the beginning because he had the potential to be a cool asshole. But then he was a girl. "That sucked." tongue.gif Tatsumi's the same, but I don't see her bashing him. rolleyes.gif Oh she says that's because he was faceless in the beginning and ugly later on. He didn't act as a girl either unlike Tsuzuki. Apparently. rolleyes.gif

OK, enough about this~

Yep, she's been a shonen-ai fan as long as me. So~ she was 10/11 when she got first introduced to the wonders of yaoi. biggrin.gif And she was still the one who started it all with her fic. *nods*

laugh.gif Most people get introduced to shonen-ai via FAKE. I don't regret I didn't. Dragonball Z was a wonderful start to both anime and yaoi. X3 Not that I don't love FAKE -- Dee's just such a stud. *___*

Touma's Bardock's buddy (the one with the bandage around his arm) from the Bardock Special. *__* He has blue armor and spikey hair -- well, of course he has spikey hair. laugh.gif But anyway, he survived that blast from Dodoria and Bardock took his bandage from him... ooh, that doesn't sound too good. ^ ^;; But anyway, they're my #2 couple next to VegetaxGoku and TrunksxGoten would be #3 because I didn't know they existed until I looked up info from the Internet. biggrin.gif
Between Kase and Kihaku's posts I can see at least 100 smilies. huh.gif

I actually don't mind HikaruxLantis cause Hikaru looks pretty old for her age (in spite of the supposed fact that she's short). I like FuuxFerio better though. wink.gif

Huh, should've known Kase would go crazy with her shounen-ai pairings. ph34r.gif
Pairings, eh? I'm not so sure myself. But here my list:

Fullmetal Alchemist:
Roy x Riza (the obvious)
Alphonse x Winry (I know, I know . . . )
Hughes x Gracia (I love them)
Izumi x Sigu
Hohenheim x Trisha (they were such a loving couple)
Edward x Russell (what I might like IF I were a yaoi fan)

NOTE: Ed can never be with Roy because he's Riza's! Mwahahahaha!

Inuyasha: (oh-so-canon)
Inuyasha x Kagome
Miroku x Sango
Sesshoumaru x (older) Rin

Minoru x Yuzuki

Seifer x Quistis
Squall x Rinoa
Irvine x Selphie
Zell x (library girl)

Zidane x Dagger/Garnet (Til Alexandros XVII)

Spiral ~Suiri no Kizuna~:
Ayumu x Madoka

Ichigo x Rukia
I haven't seen/ read all of Fushigi Yuugi yet, so I wouldn't know about Tomo.. Um Amiboshi&Suboshi part(what??)...*looks forward to reading next volumes*
Yeah.. with shoujo, there is probably always shonen-ai/ yaoi couples at least hinted. Maybe not so much yuri though...Well I wouldn't know tongue.gif
Hmmm in FY Nuriko after both Hotohori and Tamahome(but mostly Hotohori )... hah, but you can't forget Tasuki/Chichiri/which way, which way) tongue.gif There's obviously something there... They even have their own duet character song in the anime biggrin.gif

Akari appears only in the manga of Ranma 1/2. I actually haven't even read that far, but I know that she is a pig fan, who falls for him. Hopefully Ryoga falls for her too...(don't know yet) I really can't see him with Akane. It's more of a crazy obsession there. And yeah Ryoga/Ranma or RyogaXRanma whatever tongue.gif was hinted also in other ways as just Ranma pretending to be Ryoga's girlfriend to get him away from Akane. There was the part with Ryoga using some kind of fishpole to make Akane fall in love with him, but it hit Ranma, so it went that way then laugh.gif .

Kase, you're lucky to have a sister so into things like that biggrin.gif. Although I think it's weird that she was so young.. I didn't expect little kids to be so open minded about shonen-ai. And I was introduced to anime/manga when I was 16... wish it had been earlier.. I guess I'm still a novice then...
DBZ the ultimate shonen series.. a start to shonen-ai tongue.gif (although DB does have a few gays in it). I guess that would be a kind of neutral way to get introduced. With me I suppose it has to be pushed in my face in the form of the "actual story" biggrin.gif ... that makes me see that it's cute/beautiful and not weird at all... and then I go all fanatic(after some time though)...
Tsuzuki is such a cutie *blushes*... Not only cool assholes are hot biggrin.gif It's so sweet when there is the soft side(goes for cool assholes too) Your sister is making me like him even more with that "bashing"... tell her that biggrin.gif I bet she'll be happy laugh.gif

Can't remember that film too well... but I figured that Touma was one of Bardok's buddies. Hmm... It's obvious were the TrunksXGoten comes from rolleyes.gif Like father, like son and the fusion.... people's minds biggrin.gif

I actually think that Hikaru looked really young for her age(didn't Fuu and Umi think she was 12.. or something?)
But in MKR it wasn't the physical age, but the mental that mattered... I suppose Hikaru was supposed to be mature???
I guess someone could argue about the fact that Clef looked like a little boy...but I just don't see him that way. ClefXPresea forever!
Oh... I don't know how I could have forgotten FerioXFuu! yes! They belong together biggrin.gif And AscottXUmi too!(Although i see her with Clef too, but noo..he belongs to Presea biggrin.gif ) What I liked also about MKR was that everyone seemed to have someone... I guess...Such a sweet, romantic story..*sighs*
Gashole: yeah... you're right.. thera are actually over 100 smiles biggrin.gif but you like smiles too, right tongue.gif And I don't know if Kase is the only one going crazy here... I'm pretty much crazy about everything tongue.gif . Plus I do a lot of provoking biggrin.gif

Oh yes, I like the fact of SesshoumaruXolder Rin.. Don't know why I didn't think of that!
And of course Ed can't be with Roy(RoyXRiza rules!) but there are possibilities..Now I actually think that the RussellXEd pairing starts to seem quite appealing...waah..weird me tongue.gif
RoyxRiza BigFan
Armstrong x Izumi's husband >W< bwahahahahaha QWQ


Akagi X Uozumi, Gori and Boss Saru...BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !W!
Omakase Shimasu
@Gashole: I wonder why you would think that. rolleyes.gif Hey, someone had to get the ball rolling around here. tongue.gif (And smilies "rawk")

@Quistis: Edward x Russell. tongue.gif Poor Russ, he wouldn't be too happy to hear that. X3 Ed would be on Cloud Nine though.

@Kihaku: laugh.gif I've read/seen next to nothing about FY, but I love to do research with both the web and fanfiction. But Tomo clearly has the hots for Nakago. rolleyes.gif But everyone knows he's already taken. (Nakago/Hotohori~ XD) Too bad I've only been able to find 3 fanfics about them together. sad.gif Nobody likes them as a pairing. >__> But I don't like FY enough to make my own fanfics about them either, so I'm kinda stuck here. tongue.gif

Oh, if you really look between the lines like a true fan of these things I guess you could see the hints between Tasuki and Chichiri. biggrin.gif Although I like Tasuki with his blue-haired friend better for some reason. Hmmm, makes me wonder if there are hints between Mitsukake (?) and Chiriko. X3 They're the only ones left out now!

Aaaah, I've only seen a few eps of the Ranma series, a few OAVs and three Movies. biggrin.gif;; Still a lot, but no manga. Too bad I don't really like Ranma enough to search for more info or fanfiction. I had a moment where I was obsessed about it: my pairings were... RyogaxRanma, KunoxMoose... oh, that's it. biggrin.gif;; Fun, fun~

Yes~ I'm very grateful we didn't turn our backs to the yaoi community because of our ages-- or is it because how young we were back then we didn't? blink.gif Oh well... I'm just glad we didn't. biggrin.gif So much fun, beautiful manga/anime and stories we would've missed out on if we were anti-yaoi.

X3 I'll be sure to tell her. And I have to agree -- whenever a person's very against someone I usually see it as my job to protect that certain someone (unless I don't like them either tongue.gif) and in the process have that character grow on me. rolleyes.gif Bad habit to be having, but it's the truth. cool.gif "I run, I hide, but I never lie!" If you know how to finish this sentence you win a cyber cookie. XD


@RXR Big Fan: laugh.gif Now there's some true innuendo. X3 No to mention it'd be a true challenge (bet no one would dare take it tongue.gif)

OH~ I completely forgot my Wish pairing~ Kokuyo x Hisui~ XDDD Kokuyo though tough, cool, handsome, dark and tall cracked me up with his "we made pasionate love together". rolleyes.gif This just begs for a ficcie, if you ask me.
RXR BigFan: yeah.. of course laugh.gif the only person to match Armstrong... pity that he already has Izumi tongue.gif
Oh! I didn't notice that Quistis had written Ed X Russell.. my weird mind just switched them over straight away tongue.gif I suppose you just see what you want to see then. biggrin.gif
Urm..Ed would be on Cloud Nine???

You could have fooled me with your Fushigi Yuugi knowledge. Ah like that then...So you like fanfiction more than the actual thing then? I love Fushigi Yuugi! One of the first mangas I read and still one of my favourites biggrin.gif . Maybe I'll watch the series too someday biggrin.gif If I can. Oh yeah, Tasuki and Kouji! But then.. that's more of a strong friendship(as if that ever was in the way of a pairing tongue.gif )
urm... looking between the lines tongue.gif. To me it's "seeing the obvious" tongue.gif . I'm not really that big a fan of Tasuki/Chichiri. I still like him with Tamahome better.. but then there is Miaka...
Mitsukake had that woman he loved*sigh* and seems too committed to her and well Chiriko is still a kid tongue.gif
Oh... how come people don't like Nagako/Hotohori(Now that would be NagakoXHotohori tongue.gif )? Now there's the evil leader of the "enemy" and the good, righteous emperor of the good guys.. "womanly" long haired blond bishie and "womanly" long and dark haired bishie.... Such a contrast! Maybe that's why? But don't those great contrasts spark the imagination?

Kind of reminds me of D.N.Angel
Ah, should have remembered that(although this is part of the D.N.Angel topic)
of course KradXDark
DaisukeXRiku(or DarkXRiku)
HiwatariXDaisuke(I'd like it rather this way, but I can live with DaisukeXRiku, since that's what this is motsly about anyway... sigh) those would be my favourites biggrin.gif
And I know it's kind of freaky, but
KradXHiwatari.... not a great fan of those, because I'm not sure if it's about the same person or not...
but definitely not DarkXRisa(or DaisukeXRisa) Sorry Risa tongue.gif
urm and then there's that contrast thing in Yami no Matsuei too.. dark guy vs light guy... funny that in all the situations the blond/white haired is the evil one tongue.gif

yeah... I wouldn't want to be anti-yaoi either (wait..I used to be..or?).. Even those against that genre could try reading/watching stuff like that. I mean, not everyone can like it, but most have their eyes opened after they come in touch with a beautiful story biggrin.gif (I know from experience)
I'm also always defending everyone, even if I don't like them myself. People are always going "you don't have to defend everyone". Yeah I know I don't have to, I just want to. biggrin.gif .. but I guess in Tsuzuki's case it was something like the more he is bashed the more I like him... wait, same thing with Trunks tongue.gif

"I run, I hide, but I never lie" sounds good on its own. That's what I could say too..
It's so luke me biggrin.gif !
Reminds me of One Piece, although Usopp would go "I run, I hide and always lie" tongue.gif
I've heard a bit of Wish, but don't know anything about it...It's supposed to be short..maybe I should check it out then biggrin.gif
(that line has me interested)
Omakase Shimasu
D'uh? It isn't Cloud Nine? It's Cloud Seven then? blink.gif In any case, he'd be ecstatic to be on top after all Russell's teasing about his height and age! tongue.gif

Well, fanfiction's usually a big thing when I look for a new fandom. If I'm not satisfied with the fanworks, I tend to like the anime/manga less. >__> Need to do something about that... it's really bothersome. So, when I couldn't find good fanfiction about Fushigi Yuugi and my favorite character (Hotohori~) doesn't really have a favorible role... I can't even spell his name right sometimes. It's always Hothori or Hoorohori or something. rolleyes.gif But I love him nonetheless~

His character's so sad though. sad.gif Living an isolated life, being manipulated by his mother to ascend the throne at such a tender age. Thinking he's in love with Miaka because of a legend. And getting dumped because Miaka's in love with another guy. >__> And once he's given up all hope of getting together with Miaka he turns to Nuriko who he knew loved him, but then Nuriko suddenly decides he's going to be straight and triesto get it on with Miaka instead. rolleyes.gif Alas he did get a lovely wife and son, but then he gets killed!! Argh! mad.gif *huff-huff-huff*

Ah well. That's what you get for being the main male character's competition in a shoujo-series. tongue.gif

Well, I think the main reason the NakagoxHotohori pairing doesn't work out is because they (most fans) like to pair Hotohori with Nuriko and Nakago is just evil. tongue.gif He either gets it on with Sai (?) or Tomo or Tamahome or Yui or every other guy/girl in the anime/manga except Hotohori. rolleyes.gif

Ah~ D.N. Angel~ Practically the same reason I didn't like it. tongue.gif I always choose the wrong characters to like in shoujo-series.Mostly becauseI don't like cutesy stuff and shoujo-series seem to be filled to the brim with that stuff. WISH I tlerate because it's only 4 volumes. tongue.gif

In any case, if I had to choose couples: DarkxKrad and SatoshixDaisuke. (Because my favorites are always uke unless I say otherwise!) tongue.gif Hehe, DarkxDaisuke and KradxSatoshi seem to be fan-favorites. I don't really like those though. biggrin.gif;;

Light vs Dark (shonen-ai/het whatever) has become a cliche, I must say. tongue.gif Guess it's pretty intrigueing to see Light conquering the Dark. *__* Muraki and Tsuzuki, Kowaru and Shinji. But then you've got Dark conquering the Light: Seishiro x Subaru from X. But it's mostly Light x Dark. tongue.gif

"I run, I hide, but I never [tell a] lie! Duo Maxwell!" laugh.gif Gundam Wing. wink.gif

Well, if you're a fan of CLAMP's work (Cardcaptor Sakura, X, Rayearth, CLAMP's School Detective(?), Subaru Reservoir(?) :blink) you would probabylike WISH too. All cutesy and CLAMP-is with Angels and Devils and Humans. biggrin.gif It's all about the love between these species, really. Summary from the manga:

One moonlit night, Shuichiro saved an angel stuck in a tree. The angel granted him a wish to repay his generosity.
Shuichiro said, "I need no wish, I can get what I want on my own."
But they'd both soon learn that some wishes can't be fulfilled alone."
DarkWater Alchemist
GHehe... I'm kinda like 'I support everything except any pairing with any char I really hate.' However, I don't really hate any char, I think, so, I just support everything ^^

I never thought about EdxRussel though, but I can already see it happen.
Yay for shounen-ai laugh.gif (Does that result in AlxFletcher too? blink.gif )

Kase: I don't know that saying... that's why I was wondering what it meant tongue.gif
but yeah... Ed would be in seventh heaven! (like the only saiying I know tongue.gif ) that! I actually don't tend to read fanfiction so much, because I usually find the anime/manga satisfying enough. If not, I know how to see "the obvious" things tongue.gif Although with DBZ it kind of "lacked" certain events. For example what happened during those three years when Bulma and Vegeta became a couple... so I love reading those. I pretty much had a certain image in my head and found the fanfic quite close to that biggrin.gif
Yeah, it's kind of annoying when the favourite character has to go through so much pain and then gets killed in the end(I was kind of shocked when I first found out who died in the end of Fushigi Yuugi ... drat, do I always have to spoil myself by accident?)
I kind of liked Hotohori with Miaka... she did feel drawn to him at the start... now that would have been better and then Tasuki could have been with Tamahome tongue.gif
Hmm... in the manga Hotohori didn't turn to maybe that was just the fanfic you read? Yay! I like Hotohori too! But Tasuki is still my favourite character biggrin.gif
Hmm... Nagako seems interested(in his own way) of almost every character in the series, that's why I kind of see him with everyone (spooky guy). I think Soi had a thing for him... Tomo(thinks hard).. I think I remember him, he too? Well those would be the most logical ones. Between Tamahome and Nagako I see only pure hate, but I wouldn't know yet...

What do you mean, you chose the wrong chracters to like in D.N.Angel ?
I mean, nothing bad happens to them, right? Or do you mean the pairings? tongue.gif So you belong to the majority in that case...I still favor KradXDark... Krad just wouldn't have it that way.. but then again, neither would Dark. tongue.gif
Those weird DarkXDaisuke, KradXHiwatari are mighty popular??? I don't know about those... I mean if they're the same person or's kind of complicated with alter egos. Same thing in Yu-gi-oh! except maybe then it's about different characters in the same body? Wait. It's like that in D.N.Angel too... but I'm pretty sure Dark says "I am you" to Daisuke and the other way round, unless they mean it in a kind of different way tongue.gif ? Still, that's kind of weird. Now... if they weren't in the same body I might have a different approach. tongue.gif

Hah, and the other cliche (like in Yu-gi-oh! and D.N.Angel too)... dark and light... Yes, it's the Light conquering the Dark, but isn't light "good" and dark "evil"... It seems the other way round to me in anime/manga serieses tongue.gif
Who are Kowaru & Shinji, by the way?
Oh...that sentence... like that it's better. Nah, I like it both ways. tongue.gif I never watched Gundam Wing, so wouldn't know. I haven't read anything else from Clamp beside MKR(and a bit of X)... but I'm a fan of cutesy stuff and angels and all that biggrin.gif So I'd probably like it biggrin.gif I love that bit from it!

DarkWater Alchemist: Yay! I like your attitude!
I can't believe I haven't thought about FletcherXAl... although I don't know which way it is...(in theory that way of course tongue.gif ). They would be so cute together! And they are around the same age too
Spoiler: (Click here to Display)

No need to worry about short posts! (I'd like to be brief too) So long as you posted your opinion here biggrin.gif
Omakase Shimasu
@DarkWater Alchemist: your post's more than refreshing. (So tiny! tongue.gif) ^.^ Welcome to the club!

@Kihaku: That part about Hotohori turning to Nuriko happens in the anime... I thought. I certainly didn't read about it. blink.gif Guess it's an anime-only event then. biggrin.gif

And Tomo is the tall guy who always wears white and black make-up (or is that a mask?). He looks a lot like Hotohori once you see him without the facial mask. X3 The mangaka seems to like drawing Hotohori people, seeing there are a lot of them in Fushigi Yuugi.

Sorry to say, but I don't like Miaka, so Miaka with Hotohori? >.< No way~ tongue.gif NakagoxHotohori-fans where are you?? *sigh* This is what I mean by chosing the wrong characters to like: either the character is way too underappreciated (Krad - his role's basically kill Krad, molest Satoshi, evil bad guy that has no character) or the fans are totally against them (Taki - he raped Shuuichi, kill him!!) OR they pair them up with somebody I don't want them to be paired up with (Hotohori - Nuriko, Tasuki, Tamahome -- Nakago? No way). >__> Maybe I'm just picky...

And the DarkxDaisuke and KradxSatoshi should be able to work out since Dark and Krad are able to leave the boys' bodies at a certain point in time. (I thought somewhere at the end) blink.gif At least that's what I've been told. But yeah, they're fan favorites next to SatoshixDaisuke & DarkxKrad/KradxDark. biggrin.gif Yeah, I belong to the majority. Like I said, my fave's are always uke unless I say otherwise. tongue.gif

Kowaru and Shinji are the canon shonen-ai cuple from Evangelion. biggrin.gif Kowaru's an angel or something and Shinji's the main character. My sister's smitten about them, but I don't like Eva enough to support them with her. rolleyes.gif And again it's the Angel (white hair, red eyes) conquering the Human (dark hair, dark eyes). laugh.gif You can't escape destiny, Shinji.

You haven't seen Gundam Wing?? blink.gif Get outta here! Serious? biggrin.gif You're the first person I've met who hasn't at least seen one episode. Unless you have seen one episode, but didn't like the show afterwards. tongue.gif Gundam Wing was basically my first introduction into the whole boy's loving boys next to DBZ. wink.gif Shonen series will never escape shonen-ai fans if they keep showing main characters in the form of pretty boys interacting the way they do. The GW fandom's run-over by shonen-ai fanatics where fanfiction is concerned -- it's gone so far the het fics need a warning telling readers they're gonna read about hetero pairings instead of shonen-ai ones. laugh.gif Immensily funny for some reason.

I'd go for AlxFletcher. biggrin.gif Al seems more dominant compared to Fletcher in most ways. Oh, poor Ed. laugh.gif Gets upped by his little brother once again. RussellxEd, AlxFletcher. tongue.gif
OK, Kase and Kihaku, you guys are getting out of hand with the smilies. IPB Image
O__O Holy cow. Attack of the smileys..
Omakase Shimasu
"Out of hand"? You guys seen nothing yet! tongue.gif

Sorry~ I'll try and control my urges. It's just so blank without them. And emotionless.
Yes indeed, the attack of the smilies... but let's say that there are so many of them, because the posts are so long(so that's not out of hand?)...and everytime I have too many of them I get notified about that tongue.gif(so no need to worry, there's actually a limit for them) and then I have to subtract. But smiles make the post look so positive biggrin.gif

Um, anyway...
I don't remember that Hotohori turning to Nuriko part..but well, I haven't seen the anime, so it could be there. I'm not sure though.
Oh yes Tomo! I knew that he had a weird face! I remembered him from watching part of the OVAs...
I don't really fancy Miaka either... but then again, I really want everyone to be happy biggrin.gif . Like for example in Scrapped Princess I wanted Leo and Pacifica to be together even though I loathed Pacifica*shoots airblasts at Pacifica*... although not as much as Pan, the chrachter I hate the most from DBGT *shoots lightning bolts at Pan*... Oh, but anyways...Leo is my favourite character and I just wanted him to be happy.. sounds silly. Even if it was with someone I detest. Although in FY Hotohori will become happy with someone else, so that's it then.
So you're a NagakoXHotohori fan then... good luck with finding others of your kind biggrin.gif Hotohori gets paired wit Tasuki???? Now i suppose it's possible, but still...
And really, I don't see the point of NakagoXTamahome, unless you want to be a radical or something...

Oh... Krad's role in D.N.Angel isn't all that bad. I mean the anime didn't give him much credit, but in the manga his character, even though is loathed by Dark, is more of a mysterious and interesting type, whose motives aren't very clear. At least that's how I see him.. well the anime made Hiwatari's father evil... which kind of annyoed me, but then again I haven't seen much of him at all in the manga, so who knows how that will trun out. Still, I don't think that even the anime made Krad seem like "the most hated chracter" or anything... don't know, or maybe it's just me tongue.gif
About the leaving body thing... I suppose Krad and Dark can, but not in "this dimension" but I have it hard to se them as different people. Now, I know they are so... then I would go with the KradXSatoshi DarkXDaisuke pairing...
In Yu-gi-oh! I know there were quite a few times when Yugi and Atem were seperately... and they are different people from different ages for a fact (I think) so I suppose I like AtemxYugi (aka Yami YugiXYugi) since YugiXAnzu doesn't work because she is interested in Atem biggrin.gif
Well, still feeling a bit weird about them, but I guess I know a bit more.

Oh! there's a CANON shonen-ai couple in Evangelion? Wow! I've only read a bit of the manga, but I don't remember Kowaru... I thought Shinji would develop something with that one girl...(don't remember her name). Lucky me that Evangelion will be shown here on TV next year biggrin.gif
No, really I haven't ever seen Gundam Wing. I don't really like meccha stuff(yeah I didn't like Evangelion and Silent Möbius was even a bigger turn off) although I like Patlabor and Fullmetal Panic!... I always wondered why Gundam Wing seemed to be so popular at So now I know why... I friend(who I don't know too well) of mine has the manga and I think episodes of the anime. Maybe I should check it out when I see her again...

Didn't think it would be Al XFletcher... I always go with logic, but then again Al would have to win at this too tongue.gif
Omakase Shimasu
Scrapped Princess. Another one of BONES' master-pieces! My favorite character was/is Fulle (the guy with 1 or 2 episodes going for him rolleyes.gif He deserved a far bigger part than that! tongue.gif) and next to him I had Leo. *__* But I really don't know Scrapped Princess. biggrin.gif;; Only seen a few music videos and looked up a bit about it on the Net. And seeing Fulle didn't have such a glamurous role as I had imagined... T_T Poor thing...

Aherm. I think I like Pan to a certain extent. As long as she doesn't get paird up with Trunks. rolleyes.gif Can't really stand that pairing. But maybe I'm biased since I adore TrunksxGoten? X3

Oh, luckily I have my sister who's all for the NakagoxHotohori pairing. biggrin.gif She shares my views about FY, one of the few anime/manga/games we see eye to eye with. And the NakagoxTamahome pairings is only NCS. I think. >.< I don't like that pairing, all I know is there are way too many fics about them. tongue.gif

And again I'm with the Japanese majority when it comes to YGO: Kaiba x Yami & Joe x Yugi. ^.^ Dark and Dark with Light and Light. Beautiful picture if I do say so myself. Atemu's supposed to be the 3000 year old soul from an ancient pharaoh, isn't he? He and Kaiba really have a long history together. X3 Enough innuendo for me. And Joe always there to protect Yugi after Yugi protected him... *__* Sweet!

Well, Shinji doesn't actually go for Kowaru, I think... The innuendo's just blatantly obvious, I don't even think it's innuendo anymore. blink.gif It goes beyond that. I don't know Evangelion either. I haven't heard of a lot, to be honest. laugh.gif;; You mean Rei by the way? White/Blue hair and red eyes? (same as Kowaru actually) Or the red-head?

Gundam Wing's worth checking out, I can guarantee it! wink.gif But the manga... I don't know which manga your friend has, but none of them really follow the storyline of the anime. One of the manga is pre-anime, the other one is pro- and yet another pro-. So if you're really interested in everything I reccommend reading the pre-anime manga, watch the series and read the other manga as well. (if I got it right about the manga at least ^^;;)
I actually didn't like Scrapped Princess that much.. I loved the start, but then it started getting a bit weird... Oh I really don't know. I just wish more would have been explained and that there had been more than just ChrisXWiniya(I still love that though... that should have been pictured deeper). I liked Fulle too! He was certainly a little underappreciated, but he did have a significant part. Perhaps as the only person, to whom Pacifica showed certain feelings? Don't know. I hoped throughout the series that she wouldn't end up with Shannon, though... ah who knows why..
And with BONES there's also Wolf's Rain ... something a bit questionable too (do they always make serieses like that?)
HubbxCher and KibaxCheza(although kind of freaky) would be my favourites there... oh and also TsumexToboe
See, how I keep on jumping from anime to anime tongue.gif

Pan... I don't know why I loath her. So sorry. I definitely don't like the PanXTrunks pairing.. I wish they had invented a girl for him too, like they did for Goten in DBGT . That's no fair... there goes your GotenXTrunks tongue.gif Although GT isn't the original one, so I could just ignore Pan, and you can ignore Goten's girlfriend tongue.gif
Pan seemed to be(don't really know) interested in Trunks, but whatever, he wouldn't see her that way anyway (just as a little kidlike she is) so there... don't know why that is so popular.
Oh... your sister saves you again! I feel so envious.... tongue.gif

Ah, should have figured that those in Yu-gi-oh! would be the majority.. although I would have thought AtemXYugi to be a favourite too... They seem to have a bond that is even stronger than friendship, which is what Jounouchi and Yugi have. I really loved the part with the sinking under water with anchors drama. That would be a definite sign of JouXYugi. I think their friendship is so cute! Oh, then there is the KaibaXJou pairing... I thought it was kind of hilarious...I don't really like it that much. Rather JouXKaiba (I just like to see him uke..sorry tongue.gif ) Darkness and Darkness and Light and Light? So that way? hmmm not darkness and light...??? *thinks all possibilities, but is too tired now*
So many possibilities.... but with Darkness and Darkness... it has to be YamiXKaiba (sorry again Kaiba). Anyhow from my first post I totally back up JounouchiXMai and KaibaXIsis... no change that, I'd rather seeIsisXKaiba tongue.gif ... but it's probably not that likely...

Oh, I keep on going on and on. Yes, I meant Rei from Evangelion and I suppose I could check with me friend whenever that maybe about Gundam Wing... hah.. I bet I'd go all fangirl there too tongue.gif pre-anime manga... yes. What's pro?
Did you notice that we actually had less smilies in the previous posts btw?
Omakase Shimasu
laugh.gif From what I know, BONES likes to be all mysterious with their endings and stuff. And maybe a little bit rushed too. Aaaw, I've never been able to find much info about Wolf's Rain. Doesn't seem to be really popular for some reason... My pairings would be Tsume (that's the guy/wolf with the leather-fetish right?) with Kiba and the two youngsters together. Sorry, but the potential between them is just to great for me to ignore! X3 Any shonen series has this effect on me. I didn't like the flower-girl much. >__> Too girly for me, I think. Myabe after some time (if I've seen the series by that time! tongue.gif) I'll begin to like her and pair her up with another female. tongue.gif

Oh, don't apologize for not liking Pan! I didn't like her either and still don't really. -__- She can be cute sometimes, but then... not. And... bah, she's to confusing. I mainly liked her for her relationship with Gokuu. Granddaughter loving her Grandfather to bits. It also gave me this nice feeling to know that little girl was Gokuu's granddaughter and all. ^.^ But that's really it.

And AtemuxYugi's way to popular for it's own good. rolleyes.gif I don't really like that pairing. It's sweet, but as you know I prefer my favorite bottom. X3 KaibaxYami and JouxYugi~ Kaiba bottom? O.o Now that's something he would really appreciate! tongue.gif laugh.gif A~ah, I see! It's the strong guy playing the part of uke syndrom, isn't it? ^.~ Like with Dee~ Yeah, I told you I have that too, but not when my favorite's someone like Yami. Overall, I keep to the height rule, unless it doesn't work for me. X3 Yami and Yugi lack a good height to be considered a seme with anybody imo. Same as Ed! XD

Pro.... oh wait... Pre is before and then you've got something that isn't pro which is after the manga/anime. biggrin.gif;; I got confused... I don't know if I meant pro or not...

Yes, I noticed the lack of smilies! Gashole and Ailuro are having a strong influence on us, don't they? tongue.gif

Wow, my reply is so short! blink.gif
Ah, no worries about short replies. Maybe others won't get so intimidated then and will reply to this topic too???? Gah, I have my high hopes. This actually slipped to the second page! Must be popular... be popular... but I basically see only two constant repliers tongue.gif

Um anyway...I'm actually surprised how popolar Wolf's Rain is. It isn't something that straikes me as a popular series. It's good, but isn't one of my favourites. yeah... I could consider Kiba with Tsume (TsumexKiba of course tongue.gif ) but I still think that TsumexToboe just goes better... with the moments. Weird me...
but well, pairings in this series(besides maybe the HubbxCher) don't quite top my list anyway...

Aha! So AtemxYugi is popular then! I thought so! The dark and light thing... wouldn't that also go with BakuraxRyou and YamiMarikxMarik? I don't see much in the latter though.. but BakuraxRyou(aka YamiBakuraxBakura) is cute in my opinion!
Actually after my 100%(JonouchixMai IsisxKaiba tongue.gif ) backups my next favourites are AtemxYugi and BakuraxRyou. I'm almost pretty sure that both "darkness" parts don't really care that much for anyone else. *nodds head*
I also like YamiBakuraxMarik/YamiMarik... some conncetion there.
Wow! That is one series that has a real lot of couples hinted tongue.gif I actually drew a kind of"relationship picture" with all those and it seemed so that was with every kind of relationship actually, but I still couldn't fit certain minor characters...
Ah Atem is your favourite then??? Well that explains that. And with me, it's the favourites as seme, besides in this situation with Ryou and little Yugi and Kaiba... oh wait. Actually this situation turns everyhting over. Only YamiYugi governs over everyone tongue.gif It's pretty logical in my opinion. It goes with the card game. Atem is the uber seme of the anime. He tops all. Of course Yugi is considered in that category too, but well.. now it's not about that tongue.gif
Okay, now logically Kaiba tops Jonouchi and Isis too... but. This might be actually one of the only situations that my favourite dominant character must be seen bottom. It's kind of a love/hate thing with him actually. I hate his attitude, but love him anyway. I want to see him beaten, ruled over and topped.... muahahaa*evil laughter*.
You go for it Isis! tongue.gif
But otherwise, it's the card game rule. Yup, that's how it goes.
height is no barrier:P . Like in the story, the card game sets the rules foreverything (besides the fact tha Kaiba must be topped byeveryone ) And in my dreams I always beat Kaiba at the card game. Fair and square, either way. *evil laugher*
Anyone beats him actually there... hmm where are my Yu-gi-oh!-dreams now?
You might have influenced me with your "strong guy plays role of uke" thing... I remember that I actually used to back KaibaxIsis...
Ah, I went all "Yu-gi-oh! relationship obsession mode" now
Do not get intimidated. tongue.gif

Aha, pro is after. Got it, I guess tongue.gif
Omakase Shimasu
Hehe, yeah we're pretty intimidating with out posts I see. biggrin.gif;; Hopefully there will be others who take on the challenge of holding a conversation with us, or at least discuss.

Wow~ an entire post dedicated to Yu-Gi-Oh! with a bit of Wolf's Rain squeezed in for good measure. O.O And it's practically all about Kaiba being topped. X3 My, my, my, my, my, my... YGO must have had made quite the impact on you!

You know? You made me speechless. biggrin.gif I honestly don't know how to reply. I guess I've said it all in earlier posts. Wowowow~wait! You did the unthinkable and made me speechless! ph34r.gif
So I made you speechless... is that an achievement? I think it is... tongue.gif
Anyway, I'll make this short, since then maybe people will post?
Wah? Nobody have anything to add or comment on my Yu-gi-oh! post?
I made such an effort tongue.gif . Yes, that series had a great effect on me, not only relationship-wise. I actually started thinking about those much later...
After FMA and Digimon holding the lead it comes second as fav. anime...
What? My Yu-gi-oh! post is mainly about Kaiba being topped? *checks*
I'm just evil in that way! yeah, and guess which of thecharacters in Yu-gi-oh! has had the biggest effect on me???? (both Yugis and Ryou are still my fav. before him)
*wishes for Kaiba plushie*
Maybe I actually should write a fic. tongue.gif Actually I wish I could draw... that would be better.... I've head those pathetic attempts, but well..
I'll rest it for now and hope that more people will reply. After that I will pounce on some new anime/manga. Hmm... I really love Yu-gi-oh!
DarkWater Alchemist
YuGiOh was my first manga, (I'm not so fond of the anime - I know the TCG rules, and that makes me twitch at every duel move dry.gif ) and that brought me into shounen-ai, to be honest. I became a member of a few msn fangroups - with LOTS of pics, and started reading some doujinshi's. My favourite character is Bakura/ YamiBakura, so my fav couples would be... BakuraxYamiB, YamiB/Marik, YamixYuugi (iz cute) , KaibaxJou. Saving fanarts was a hobby once rolleyes.gif The yugioh fan empire is huge... I wrote 2,5 fanfics. They're crap, I'm serious *throws fanfics in a blazing fire*

Now... where's the FMA-yaoi fandom? tongue.gif

*short again*
Omakase Shimasu
@Kihaku: you should write fanfics if you have the inspiration! It's always best to just write if you feel so inclined! DarkWater Alchemist knows what I'm talking about I'm sure. biggrin.gif

Oh damn. I know I'm going to get in trouble if I open my big mouth now, so I'll refrain. tongue.gif

The FMA yaoi fandom got buried under heaps of polls when nobody deigned to reply. rolleyes.gif I could find it for you, but I hope it'll stay alive this time around. tongue.gif
DarkWater Alchemist
If you feel like writing, just start! Fanfics are quite easy to write, but I always want to write them in English, which I can't, so... I always get stuck somewhere and I need a dictionary all the time.

Inspiration is good, I wrote my short stories in one night. One of them even won a 1st prize - local, I didn't win the national part, I got beaten by a naive story about meddling in Bush's brain. I mean, okay, very positive stuff 'everything's gonna be OK', but you know, it ISN'T ! ... Right, I should get over that biggrin.gif

There are loads of couple threads/polls, that's a fact rolleyes.gif
cuttest couple! , Conan + Ran!@!!!!
My fav. apiring is Kohaku x Rin wink.gif ,I haven't really heard anyone mention them
Cute pics of them:

awww they are so cute together.please don't kill me Sesshoumaru X Older Rin fans*hides in fear*
QUOTE(Lime-chan @ Nov 25 2004, 05:47 PM)
My fav. apiring is Kohaku x Rin  wink.gif ,I haven't really heard anyone mention them
   Cute pics of them:

awww they are so cute together.please don't kill me Sesshoumaru X Older Rin fans*hides in fear*

sorry about my typo" I meant to say pairing"
Oooh... replies to the thread! *gets all happy*
Ah, so with DarkWater Alchemist it was Yu-gi-oh! that provided the introduction to yaoi, with Kase it was DBZ... yet again a real shonen-series that turns shonen-ai biggrin.gif Oh I like that!
I'm not sure if I mentioned this earlier, but with me it was Digimon tongue.gif the first got me introduced to pairings and couplings and kinds of stuff like that, but at that time I was pretty much against it (like I stated before, FAKE and Gravitation in that order made me accept it and then like it).
I wondered how people could just form couples from guys(or girls) and kept on persisting that "they're just friends". With Digimon, I really have to admit now when I watch it, that it's incredibly hinted tongue.gif. I always thought it was wierd that even guys who didn't really fancy shonen-ai or yaoi pairs admitted that Digimon has obvious pair hints. And I went all "They have a really deep friendship. I mean REALLY deep, but they're friends" Still...I did get a kind of vibe once when I watched Digimon.. did they have to make it seem as if the charcters were gay?
Um... but anyway.. that was then and I suppose I also didn't fancy it that much, because the children were so young, but I consider Digimon to be one of the major guides to shonen-ai. That's what it was for me tongue.gif or it would have been if I had been younger.

Oh, but enough about that.... back to Yu-gi-oh! (I know you're all thinking, "not again") I'm surprised how little of the relationships get actually "offical"(it's soooo fullof them, like a soap opera or something tongue.gif )... little dissapointed too...but I'm having hopes for the manga. biggrin.gif I've heard also from someone else that it's better than the anime... I've only read up to vol 6 (waiting, waiting still...) Hmm... Darkwater Alchemist... your couples seem to be mostly slash... but why Bakura x YamiBakura? Are you also one of those fav. characters must be seen as ukes -type?
And no, no, no no for JouxKaiba... definitely Kaiba bottom! But you know I think that anyway tongue.gif I know the "card rule" wouldn't apply here though..
Oh, congrats for being such a good writer!!!! Wait, what counrty are you from?
I actually prfer writing in English too, but I know almost as much English(well.. maybe) as Finnish, so it doesn't matter... Actually I've never written anything volunatarily in Finnish. Can't help it, that English just comes naturally for me when I write... but I'm really not good, I lack fancy vocabulary.

Kase:FMA yaoi fandom??? You could dig it up, but isn't it like the same as the poll?
Not that I have anything against more things like that tongue.gif

Cloud: I still would favour ShinichixRan... the age thing tongue.gif

Lime-chan: Who's Kohaku??? Can't remember him?
Nobody's gonna kill you, but I still go for Seshoumaruxolder Rin tongue.gif

Drat, this became long again. Don't be intimidated!!!!
QUOTE(Kihaku @ Nov 26 2004, 09:07 AM)
Oooh... replies to the thread! *gets all happy*
Ah, so with DarkWater Alchemist it was Yu-gi-oh! that provided the introduction to yaoi, with Kase it was DBZ... yet again a real shonen-series that turns shonen-ai biggrin.gif  Oh I like that!
I'm not sure if I mentioned this earlier, but with me it was Digimon tongue.gif  the first got me introduced to pairings and couplings and kinds of stuff like that, but at that time I was pretty much against it (like I stated before, FAKE and Gravitation in that order made me accept it and then like it).
I wondered how people could just form couples from guys(or girls) and kept on persisting that "they're just friends". With Digimon, I really have to admit now when I watch it, that it's incredibly hinted tongue.gif. I always thought it was wierd that even guys who didn't really fancy shonen-ai or yaoi pairs admitted that Digimon has obvious pair hints. And I went all "They have a really  deep friendship. I mean REALLY  deep, but they're friends" Still...I did get a kind of vibe once when I watched Digimon.. did they have to make it seem as if the charcters were gay?
Um... but anyway.. that was then and I suppose I also didn't fancy it that much, because the children were so young, but I consider Digimon to be one of the major guides to shonen-ai. That's what it was for me tongue.gif  or it would have been if I had been younger.

Oh, but enough about that.... back to Yu-gi-oh! (I know you're all thinking, "not again") I'm surprised how little of the relationships get actually "offical"(it's soooo fullof them, like a soap opera or something tongue.gif )... little dissapointed too...but I'm having hopes for the manga. biggrin.gif  I've heard also from someone else that it's better than the anime... I've only read up to vol 6 (waiting, waiting still...) Hmm... Darkwater Alchemist... your couples seem to be mostly slash... but why Bakura x YamiBakura? Are you also one of those fav. characters must be seen as ukes -type?
And no, no, no no for JouxKaiba... definitely Kaiba bottom! But you know I think that anyway tongue.gif I know the "card rule" wouldn't apply here though..
Oh, congrats for being such a good writer!!!! Wait, what counrty are you from?
I actually prfer writing in English too, but I know almost as much English(well.. maybe) as Finnish, so it doesn't matter... Actually I've never written anything volunatarily in Finnish. Can't help it, that English just comes naturally for me when I write... but I'm really not good, I lack fancy vocabulary.

Kase:FMA yaoi fandom??? You could dig it up, but isn't it like the same as the poll?
Not that I have anything against more things like that tongue.gif

Cloud: I still would favour ShinichixRan... the age thing tongue.gif

Lime-chan: Who's Kohaku??? Can't remember him?
Nobody's gonna kill you, but I still go for Seshoumaruxolder Rin tongue.gif

Drat, this became long again. Don't be intimidated!!!!

Kohaku is Sango's brother ^^
-Zhou Yu-
I seen milk-chan last night and it was very confusing, is it an anime? Its extremely hard to tell.
lime-chan: You had to quote my entire post for that? Oh, yes, oh yes! I completely forgot Kohaku! How could I! Well, I remember him now. Thanks! Still think though that even he would go better together with "older" " Rin(not that much older though..)... got my ages thing going on...

Zhou-Yu: I wouldn't know... but I don't think it matters, right?
You can pair whoever you want tongue.gif (at least if it's close to anime and all...)
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