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^ Yeah, occasionally.

<I'm not really a gamer, so if I start a game and get stuck somewhere I won't pick it up again for quite a while, or ever.

V Favorite TV show as a kid?
A Pierrot's Aria
I'm not really a gamer, so if I start a game and get stuck somewhere I won't pick it up again for quite a while, or ever.

Exactly the same here. laugh.gif

^The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. laugh.gif

<Has back ache...!

v Is listening to something?
^ People chatting in the CSE lab.

< Just had lunch with friends. smile.gif

v Shared a meal with friends (family counts, if you so desire) today?
^Yes, I just did actually. biggrin.gif I ate with the cast from the musical during our break.

<Is feeling a knot forming in her right leg. sleep.gif Not good.

V Was very accident prone as a kid?
^Well i fell down the stairs a couple of times and fell out of bed and landed flat on my face so maybe XD

< Really hoping my neigbourhs like this song i'm playing biggrin.gif

v Anyone been to a gig recently? (I went to see periphery and met them after :DDD best night of my life)
^ Nope. Free time does not exist this quarter.

< Head is spinning. So many "if" statements!

v Head is spinning from schoolwork?
^ Yes and I felt kinda dizzy =_=

<I'm doing my essay for Feb. 10's contest in our school.

v Have missed someone?
^ Yeah, my family.

< Had to lick a rock in Geology today to see if it was salty or not.

v Has had to do crazy things in class?
That One Dude
^ Thrown an egg inside a tub of hair gel from a second story balcony for Biology.

< Feeling like my stomach wants to flip and eat itself out. :'D blessitfortrying. /sarcasm

v Watches Cartoon Network?
^ not for many years now

< has got to get herself in gear!

v is having a good day?
A Pierrot's Aria
^My day has barely started. laugh.gif *Still sitting in bed*

< Has a lecture at 12.

v Has somewhere to go?
^not really, maybe, ok at PE

<know at PE

vLikes PE
A Pierrot's Aria
^If by PE you mean Physical Education, then no, I hate it. xD

<Up early and a little hungry.

v Is hungry?
^ definitely hungry XD

<Is reading some blog posts in randomc

V Has something to do?
A Pierrot's Aria
^No. smile.gif

< I don't feel very well...

v feels a little under the weather?
^ Yeah. My ear thing still hasn't completely cleared up. (I hope you feel better!)

< Is horrible at Sudoku, but perseveres, anyway.

v Is bad at something, but tries it, anyway?
^ Writing. I tries not because I want to, but because I have to. xp ( ^ hope you get well soon, too!)

< Still feeling under the weather from a cold I caught when we had no electricity in freezing weather. <.<

v Fed up with cold weather? (ETA: v Thank you! Hope you get well soon, too!)
A Pierrot's Aria
^Thankfully it's starting to warm up a little here in the UK. But I have been getting fed up of the cold! (^^Hope you both feel better soon!)

<Is sat home alone wishing there was someone in to talk to. sad.gif I don't like being alone when I don't feel well. (Wimpy, I know...><)

v Is chatting with someone while here?
^ No, my IM's are no longer working. sad.gif

<Gonna have to get a new hard disc for my computer. This is so not fun.

V Has plans for the weekend?
A Pierrot's Aria
^Plenty of rest. laugh.gif

<Is watching the Scotland v Wales Rugby match.

v Watching some form of sport?
^ Nope.

< Made pancakes and cookies this morning.

v Has made food recently? (Just opening a package or warming up something frozen doesn't count!)
^ Yes! Pizza

< drinking rum and pepsi

v old enough to drink?
A Pierrot's Aria
^Yeah, but I don't. happy.gif

<Can't sleep...!

v Is tired?
^ very wacko.gif

< watching tv

v has a favorite tv show?
^ Not really... I like too many to choose just one!

< Is growing her hair out.

v What's the longest your hair's ever been? (Chin-length, shoulders, down your back, etc.)
^ I've had my hair down to the small of my back

< watching the Red Wings vs Bruins hockey game

v has a favorite sports team?
^ No. I don't really pay attention to sports. ^^;

< Is going out with friends tonight.

v Is going out sometime soon?
^ I'll be going out to work tomorrow if that counts tongue.gif

< Ate Rigatoni and sauce for dinner with home made garlic bread... yummo

v likes Family Guy?
That One Dude
^ Nah. |: I used to, but then it started getting too ridiculous/insensitive with the racial/religious/sexual orientation-related jokes.

< Talking with my pal over the phone.

v Cracks up every time this image pops up?
^ not at all

< I love Family Guy, even regarding the ^^comment that's what makes the show great, they rip on EVERYONE, *shrugs*

v has to work today?
A Pierrot's Aria
^No. smile.gif

<Can't wait until my dad gets home!

v Looking forward to someone returning home?
^ Yeah. My big brother's coming home from Afghanistan in May (quite possibly later, but my family hopes it'll be May.) biggrin.gif

< Not doing anything for Valentine's Day because I'm sick. D:

v Stressed out about something?
A Pierrot's Aria
^Yeah...being ill at a totally inconvenient time. >< (Hope you feel better soon, too!)

< Is really sleepy!

v A sunny day where you are?
^ Sun? What is this "sun" you speak of? We don't have that here. dry.gif

< Is wearing a necklace for the third day in a row. (Different necklaces, but I've started wearing jewelry other than my earrings again!)

v Is wearing jewelry?
^ yes my wedding ring

< is a tad bit irritated dry.gif

v feels irritated?
^ Feeling like someone's taken sandpaper to your throat is irritating, yes. (I hope whatever's irritating you goes away/stops!)

< js's hair is being uncooperative. Stupid rain.

v Has a hard time getting their hair to do what they want it to do?
^ Yes. My hair is so annoying. D:

< has a stomach ache...

v Has a weak stomach?
^depending on what's in front of me decides that factor....

< is watching Tosh.O.... love that show

v has a favorite actor?
A Pierrot's Aria
^Not really. D:

<Is being deafened by the smoke alarm. (Because of dad's cooking --It happens when I cook, too. dry.gif)

v Bad at cooking?
^ Nope, I heart cooking XD and I'm pretty good at it.

> Is reading the Legend of WereBat by Ceruleansan in DA.

v Loves FMA-yaoi pairing?
A Pierrot's Aria
^No. >< I'm not really a fan of yaoi in general, really...

< Can taste again! And what better way to start the day than to eat chocolate after a while of not being able to taste. tongue.gif

v Likes chocolate?
^of course, the indulging taste of chocolates sometimes snuffed out my problems

>Is practicing how to pronounce 'noblesse oblige'

v Had an interest to know more about different languages?
A Pierrot's Aria
^Definitely! biggrin.gif

<Really struggling with my Logic assignment! ><

v Got homework?
^ Yeah, I gotta read and annotate Heart of Darkness for English class. >.<

< Just had to let my dog out because she wanted to chase a squirrel. .-.

v Has a pet?
^ I wish. (Does it count that my neighbor's cat thinks we own him?)

< Is getting ready for lunch.

v Favorite meal of the day?
A Pierrot's Aria
^Dinner! smile.gif

<Just had a really nice pizza!

vHas just eaten something really tasty?
^ Nope. Eating in a few hours.

< Can finally hear for the first time in a week.

v Has had a relatively good day?
^ I haven't really done anything, just chillin'. XD But I'm going to hang out with my friends later, so it'll probably turn out to be a good day~

< Is gonna play Just Dance 2 with my friends tonight! biggrin.gif I'm totally jealous that my friend has a Wii~

v Owns a Wii?
A Pierrot's Aria
^I certainly do! smile.gif

<Has a cat sitting on my lap right now, with my laptop balancing on my knees. Not very comfortable, but I don't have the heart to move her!

vSitting comfortably?
^ As comfortable as one can be in a dorm-provided chair. ^^;

< Hands are dry from it being so cold and dry.

v Gets dry skin easily?
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