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A Pierrot's Aria
^Nah, I use headphones.

< Just made an appointment to meet the landlord next week and my friends don't have their phones on. I hope they check their emails soon so they know when and where we're meeting. DX

v Sunny where you are today?
^ It's trying. It's not succeeding, though. Clouds are too thick.

< Is going to make peanut butter chocolate chip cookies in a bit.

v Is going to bake something today?
A Pierrot's Aria
^ No...I'd love to, though! ohmy.gif

< Is listening to music at the moment.

v Always/sometimes listens to music while on their computer?
Lucky Lucy
^ Yeah, I always listen to music when I'm on my computer! (And when I'm not laugh.gif)

< I've just realized that I like French (even though I used to hate it!)

v Did you ever come to like something that you hated before?
A Pierrot's Aria
^Not that I can think of...

< Cannot sleep for the life in me *3:12am*

v Could do with some sleep?
^ Not at the moment.

< Currently waiting for the live streaming of panel talk/discussion kind of thingy with FMA Sacred Star of Milos production cast (director, etc.) from Japan to start. (Still has 45 min. to go... right now it's running the movie trailers.)

v Waiting for something?
^ Yup. Waiting for my boyfriend to come over.

< Is watching a dog twitch in his sleep. (It's adorable!)

v Has ever watched an animal run in its sleep?
^ Yes, my cat does that sometimes. ^^

< Eating leftover Pizza for lunch while re-reading Silver Spoon chapter 10, a.k.a. "Pizza chapter" laugh.gif

v Has ever been influenced by manga or anime in some way?
^ yes, it got me into wanting to get into Animation and one day create my own anime (not going so well though)

< is posting on here while GF is using the bathroom

v has a huge Fear of Spiders
^Not too big. I usually end up killing the spiders for those who do have a huge fear of them.
<Been feeling nostalgic lately and wanting to watch reruns of DBZ and Sailor Moon.
V Does this happen to you?
Lucky Lucy
^Yeah, like all the time!

<Been thinking all night about how I should apologize to someone important.

v Finds it easy to speak their mind?
^Not really, Depends on the topic.
<About to go to sleep but doesn't want to
vDoo you draw or have any artistic talent (digital, written or Traditional)
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