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Full Version: Who is your Favourite State Alchemist?
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Lightning Flame Alchemist
i like the Flame Alchemist best :3
A Pierrot's Aria
The Fullmetal Alchemist is my favourite. wink.gif

Edit: I voted on the poll! happy.gif
I like Ed...I also like Roy and Marcoh as well.
Armstrong is cool but I don't like him best.
Kimblee is interesting and a really well done character, but I don't know if I'd say favorite since I don't like him as a person.

( but what about the Silver Alchemist and FMAB's Freezing Alchemist?)
Roy hands down
Although I like Ed and Kimblee too
Gotta love Kimblee! Red Lotus/Crimson Alchemist FTW biggrin.gif
Roy for sure, but I gotta admit Basque Grand (in FMAB) and Kimblee have their epic moments!
Roy Mustang wink.gif

Though I do love Edward too lol
S.F. Thunder
I love me some Flame and Fullmetal, but Kimbley is still my favourite character. |D He is a terrible, horrible, disgusting man, but...I dunno. I have a special place in my heart for villains who are so well crafted, so undeniably evil, and all of that without need for extensive backstory or an angsty reason. Crimson! <3
Lightning Flame Alchemist
@tombow thanks a bunch :3

<You're very welcome! ^^ ~ T.>
Totally Roy. (I was one of those kids who took chemistry because fire is awesome. tongue.gif )
Of course, Roy Mustang biggrin.gif
But Kimblee and Ed are also cool!
Edward, by a long shot!
Envy's Lady
Kimblee. He's so sexy.

Ed is my 2nd choice.
I am going to have to go with Fullmetal. Roy Mustang is a close second, flames at the snap of his fingers, that is pretty bad arse.
It's so hard to choose between Ed, Roy, and Kimblee. Automail, fire, or epic insanity?

But I think I'm going to have to go with Ed. He's rockin' that automail arm, no doubt. tongue.gif
I voted Fullmetal! But Mustang and Kimblee are cool too...
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