Recently, the board is seeing the increased number of spambots that create advertisement threads & posts.

Many of them are stopped before they get to the forums, but some of them can still get through and make those pesky spambot advertisement threads or posts.

If you see one of those in our forums, please LEAVE IT AS IS, and get out of that post or thread and then stay our of that post or thread.

Please DO NOT CLICK on any of the links on these posts or in their signatures. Please be aware that some of them could possibly infect your computer with viruses or some other nasty programs that may affect your computer when clicked on those links. ohmy.gif

Also, although we highly appreciate your help in the matter, please know that at this point it is not necessary to additionally alert us when you see those spam advertisement thread or post in our forums. (But, we highly appreciate your thoughts ^^)
Our board staff are already on alert and patrolling and cleaning the forums as much as possible, and these spambot posts and threads will be cleaned out as soon as our staff would get on our board, but meantime, we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Please leave them "as is" and do not click on any of the links, and wait for the next board staff to come on board and clean up such spambot thread or post. Thank you. smile.gif