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Full Version: A Very Merry and Festive Fullmetal Fan Art Contest!
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If you missed the chance to participate in our A Very Merry and Festive Fullmetal fanart contest by making your entry, here is another chance to participate in the contest, this time, by letting us know your favorite entries!

This voting poll will decide the Finalists for each of the contest category. The panel of judges consisting of fanart experts among the board administrative staff will then decide the winners among the Finalists in each contest category.


* You can vote only one time on each poll, and you MUST VOTE on BOTH "Intermediate" and "Advanced" categories, else the vote will not go through. Once you check your favorites and hitting Vote! at the bottom of the poll window:

1. You can not cast your vote for that category again.
2. You can not change your vote.


Voting eligibility:

All validated members of our board, including the ones whose submissions are listed on the poll, as well as those who become validated member during the poll period are eligible to vote.

On voting manipulation:

No VOTE ORGANIZING please, on our board or outside of our board. For this poll, we'd like to find out each member's "uninfluenced" vote (as much as possible) and we ask for your cooperation.


After you vote:

Please DO NOT POST and tell who you voted, or your opinions on certain fanarts, etc, UNTIL after the voting will be officially closed.
We understand many so-called "popularity" vote threads allow you to post such right after you vote, but NOT ON THIS THREAD, please. (Such posts will be taken off from the threads by the board staff)
We do not want some members posting their opinions and thereby not-yet-voted members getting consciously/unconsciously influenced by those. Instead, we want each member to decide on his/her own opinions who his/her favorite entries are.


Poll closing date:

Voting will be open as soon as this thread becomes officially open, and then the poll will be open for at least TWO WEEKS. Please take your time to check out all the entries, but please aim to finish your voting by FRIDAY, January 29, 2011, 11:59 PM (on your time zone.)
Voting thread will close for all voting on FRIDAY, January 29, 2011, at midnight Central Standard Time in the USA.


Final judging:

Each judge will have the access to the information on the number of votes each finalist has received in the member poll, and the each judge is free to take that into the consideration. However, judging panel will make own criteria for the decision, and their decision will be final, and the final results will be announced shortly after their decision.


Additional notes on prizes:

For winners if you choose to accept the FMA prize, the winner is then directed to contact ScarMySoul and specify the mailing address for the prize. Please note that this address is used for the sole purpose of mailing of the prize to the winner.

Once the polls are closed, the announcement of WHAT THE PRIZES ARE will be announced. smile.gif

@ JaronLoach sorry for the typo... :/

@ Pierrot and the others that helped: Thanks for helping the others that had questions!

<@A Pierrot's Aria & Thunderkitten - Thank you, both for your help! ^^ @JaronLoch - It's taken care of. Please check my next PM. ^^
Since this was "happily" taken care of now, I took out the posts relating to this Q&A so that the thread will be less confusing. ^^ ~ Tombow>

Today is the LAST DAY to cast your vote!! Check out all the awesome entries, and cast your vote NOW!! biggrin.gif
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