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Full Version: Who is your favourite human sacrifice?
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Lightning Flame Alchemist
Too be honest, i like them all >< i can't choose :|

This is my first poll ><
A Pierrot's Aria
I love them all, too! So hard to choose, but I voted for Ed because he's my favourite character (most of the time, anyway! It sometimes switches to Al or Roy! tongue.gif) If I really had my way though, I would have voted for Ed, Al, Roy and Hohenheim. laugh.gif The four of them are my favourite guys in the series.

And welcome to the forum, too, Lightning Flame Alchemist, it's good to see you participating. And I absolutely adore your avatar! happy.gif
How can you possibly choose, lol?! They're ALL amazing. Ed definitely got my love in this time period--he became one of my favorites. Al was as amazingly cute as ever, his sacrificing was so touching and brilliant. And Roy, well, Roy has been one of my personal favorites for a long time, so he automatically is awesome. The way he handled his part of the sacrifice was amazing. Hohenheim and Izumi were badass as usual, I especially loved the "at least I can give my sons something cool to see" (somewhere along those lines) and the "hubby! -knocks over Roy as passing him by to reach Sig-". laugh.gif

So really, all were my favorites. biggrin.gif
Totally Roy =)

I love them all though.
I had to pick Ed, because he's my favorite fictional character. tongue.gif But as for the way the human sacrifices thing went down, Roy, because when he went blind I almost cried and there were some AWESOME Royai moments that also almost made me cry.

But really... I love 'em all. xD
I picked Roy, just because of what he had to go through right before they made him into a sacrifice...

I mean, he was forced to open the gate, when he specifically knew from Ed and Al that it was a bad idea! When he lost his eye-sight I really cried...

But I guess on that idea, all the human sacrifices had to go through hell in order to be able to be the human sacrifices! They are truly an amazing group of people that I respect and admire immensely... happy.gif
It's a hard choice, but right now Roy. Roy and Ed always keep switching over my liking for them xD
Lightning Flame Alchemist
yeh, ed and roy are the best ^____^
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