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A Pierrot's Aria
•.`.•Newcomer's Guide to the Forum•.`.•

Hello, Newcomers! This will hopefully be a very useful guide to finding your way around our forums! Haven't introduced yourself yet? Then head on over to the Welcome Thread and drop us a hello! Even if you didn't know the thread existed and you joined a month or so ago, feel free to go and make your presence known and introduce yourself! Everyone is very happy to see you here!

In some sections you will be referred to a seperate guide with fantastic information that you can't go without.
I have also seperated this guide into sections for your viewing pleasure. tongue.gif I hope it will make navigating to relevant sections easy for you...

Are you sitting comfortably? Then let's begin!


1. The Powers that be
Meet our friendly staff!

2. Getting to know your fellow members
Adding a friend

3. Threads, Topics, Signatures, Avatars, Subscriptions
Thread Opening Assistance
Signature and Avatar Guidelines
Setting up email notifications and subscriptions

4. Technical Jargon
How To Quote
Spoiler Tags
Adding Attachments to a post
How to send a Personal Message (PM)

Technical Jargon Part 2
How to embed an image into your post

Technical Jargon Part 3
Creating a Poll in a Thread
Voting in a Poll
A Guide to Making an Effective Poll

5. Forum Etiquette
Forum 'no-nos'
-Double Posting
-Creating Duplicate Threads
-Answering Year Old Questions
-Character v. Character Threads

6. Know Thyself
Your Forum Dashboard
Guided tour of your Profile Page
'Rank'/ Post Count

7. Gallery
Gallery Q&A

8. Hey, I didn't know that!
Profile Comments
Forum Skins
Who's Online? Why are some members 'anonymous'?

Hey, I didn't know that! Part. 2
Forum News and Announcements
Regarding Open Talk and Spam Central
Using the Search Function
What is 'flood control'?
Linking specific posts

9. Upcoming and Ongoing Forum Activities
Re-reading the FMA manga
Fanart Contests
Operation "FMA Info Shrine"
Penny Thread

10. Other useful things you can do with knowing
Username Changes
Inquiring about technical difficulties
Deleting your account
Suggestions for our forum?
Forum Mod Station
Gallery Mod Station

11. Thread Directories
FMA Character Discussions Thread Directory
FMA Manga Thread Directory
What are 'Safe Harbour' Threads?

12. FAQ by Tombow
1.What are these things under my name?
2. Posting pictures on your post.
3. About my account.
4. How to make Direct Hotlink in the post, Pt. 2, Pt.3.
A Pierrot's Aria
<Double posting with justice; For the readability of information. Consulted board staff>

1. The Powers that Be

Meet our friendly staff! These are our admins and mods who are currently on full-time duty and available for member assistance.

Tombow This is our Administrator. He will get back to you if you have any problems, but try to avoid PMing him, instead post your questions on relevent threads.
Except, if you run into any problem or concern with any of the board staff members, Tombow is the person to send PM with such problem or concern, and if so desired the identity of the sender of such PM will be kept strict confidential to all the board staff. smile.gif

SEE Other useful things you could do with knowing.

Michiyo This is our Moderator. If you have any questions or need any advice concerning the forums, feel free to contact her!

A Pierrot's Aria I'm also a Moderator. You can also contact me if you need any help or advice concerning the board!

Razzy is a Gallery Moderator , feel free to contact her for help regarding the gallery. She is also leads the RP Forum. She can offer her help and advice to all you RPers out there! If you need her help, feel free to PM her!

jacksparrow589 Is also a Gallery Moderator- feel free to contact her if you have any questions regarding the gallery!

In order to help members with better assistance and more accurate information, the Mods may share whole or part of PM messages from members with questions about the board/Gallery/forum with other board staff in the PM communications with other mods, or by posting it in the admin discussion forum. (Except, if you have any concerns on any of our board staff, please send PM to Tombow, and if so requested the identity of the sender of such PM will be kept strictly confidential to the board staff, not just the staff member in question, but from all of our board staff. smile.gif ~ Tombow)

All of the staff are very lovely, helpful people, so please don't be afraid to approach any of them if you need any help!

Also, since you're a Newcomer, you have most likely already come across myself and Lasklewr. Both of us are likely to jump out of the virtual bushes to welcome you to our lovely board.

If you have any questions you would like to ask any one of us, please don't hesitate- we don't bite!
A Pierrot's Aria
<Double posting with justice; For the readability of information. Consulted board staff>

2. Getting to know your fellow members

Joining a forum with lots of members can be daunting and you may feel that you will never get to meet and speak to our lovely members. Don't fear- simply click on a member's username to view their profile. Here you can view their interests and find out a little more about them. You never know, you may have a lot in common! You can also leave profile comments.

HOWEVER if you are going into a full blown conversation with someone, please start using PMs as the profile comments system was not designed for on-going chat in mind.

SEE Technical Jargon - How to send a PM (Personal Message.)

Adding a friend

Click on the little downwards arrow located near the username and you should then see a list:

(This list can also be seen if you were to click onto the user's profile.) Simply click ADD AS FRIEND and they will be added to your friends list and appear in your list of friends on your profile page.

Don't be worried if you leave a comment or add a friend, and it/they haven't been added straight away; some people choose to approve the message or the friend add before it shows up on your/their profile page. You will get a pop-up message informing you if a comment or friend add is pending approval.

SEE Know Thyself- Guided tour of your Profile Page.
A Pierrot's Aria
<Double posting with justice; For the readability of information. Consulted board staff>

3. Threads, Topics, Signatures, Avatars, Subscriptions

Opening a Thread

Before opening a thread, it is always important to use the SEARCH function.

This is in order to check whether or not a similar thread has already been created, so you can avoid creating a duplicate thread.

SEE: Hey! I didn't know that! Part 2 - USING THE SEARCH FUNCTION

Within the thread, always give a clear indication as to what it is you want to discuss. You MUST read Little Washu's Guide on Opening Threads.

Signatures and Avatars

Signatures must be 500 pix wide and 300 pix high and this is for the whole sig that's including ALL PICS & ADDITIONAL TYPED-IN TEXT LINES.
Chiyo has created Signature and Avatar Guidelines. This is a MUST READ.

Also, please be aware that there is still a light spoiler ban on our board. You must not post images in your signature and avatar pertaining to the end of the FMA Manga or FMA brotherhood. If you're not sure what is and isn't counted as a spoilerific image, please contact our lovely mod Chiyo, who will be happy to assist you.

Email Notifications and Subscriptions

You are able to subscribe to particular forums and topics; tracking a forum or topic will notify when new posts have been made.
Upon entering the thread you want to subscribe to, look to the right hand side where you will come across 'OPTIONS'. Click on this and a rop down menu will appear. Simply select TRACK THIS TOPIC if you wish to get notified of new posts or SUBSCRIBE TO THIS FORUM to be notified of any threads that have been made in your chosen forum.

Upon selecting an option, you will then be asked to choose when and how you will be notified.

Similarly, you can edit via EMAIL SETTINGS in MY CONTROLS whether or not you want to recieve email notifications if you are to receive a new Personal Message or Profile Comment.
A Pierrot's Aria
<Double posting with justice; For the readability of information. Consulted board staff>

4. Technical Jargon

Things you will come across when you 'add reply'.

How to Quote

If you want to quote another member, simply click the "QUOTE" button located at the bottom of this member's post. If the text you are quoting is a huge paragrgraph DO NOT quote all of it, just the portion you're responding to. Similarly, DO NOT create a quote pyramid; this is when you are quoting several other quotes.

To do this manually, simply type:
[quote]I am quoting![/quote]

This will look like:

I am quoting!

Or if you are quoting from an off site source or person and wish to cite the news within a quote with a name included, simply type:

[quote name="The Powers That Be"]Today Pierrot has been handed the task of creating this for your lives![/quote]

This will look like:

QUOTE (The Powers That Be)
Today Pierrot has been handed the task of creating this for your lives!

Using spoiler tags

We obviously don't want to go spoiling the story for everyone as there can be newer members who have recently started watching the anime or reading the manga. We therefore use spoiler tags to hide potential spoilers from members who have not caught up on crucial points within the plot.
To do this, simply:

[spoiler] Boo! I'm a spoiler, here to spoil you! [/spoiler]

This will then look like:
Boo! I'm a spoiler, here to spoil you!

Simply select and drag to see what is underneath!

Also, I feel it appropriate to mention is there is still a light spoiler ban regrading the end of the FullMetal Alchemist Manga. You must not post spoilers outside of the FullMetal Alchemist forums. If you do include spoilers in the designated threads, USE SPOILER TAGS and mention before them (Chapter 108/end of series spoilers ahead!). This will save people who do not know the ending from unwittingly getting spoiled.

Adding Attachments to your post

It took me an age to figure out how to do this, so I'm sure there'll be people out there, like me, who will appreciate this!

When you click, 'add reply' you will see this box on the right hand corner:

Click on CHOOSE, then select an image you wish to attach from your computer. After this, click UPLOAD. Once this has uploaded, it will appear on the left hand side, here:

Click and select it, it will then appear in your post.

How to Send a Personal Message (PM)

If you would like to send a PM, it's simple! You may think this is something that everyone knows, but I know that when I first stumbled on the World Wide Web, I wasn't very forum savvy; heck, didn't even know that PMs existed.

Simply click on the little downwards arrow located near the username and you should then see a list:

(This list can also be seen if you were to click onto the user's profile.)
Simply click on SEND MESSAGE and this will take you to your messenger, where you will be able to type your message. After typing, simply click SEND!
A Pierrot's Aria
<Double posting with justice; For the readability of information. Consulted board staff>

4. Technical Jargon Part. 2

How to embed an image into your post

If you want to embed an image into your post, rather than add as an attachment, do the following:

The first step is to upload an image from your computer to an online image hosting site, such as Imageshack or Tinypic. When you have done this, retrieve the link or direct link to the image.

When adding a reply, click on the icon circled in the image below, entitled 'INSERT IMAGE.' Then a box will appear: here is where you will paste the direct link to your image.

This will then appear as, for example:


(Typing the above manually will also achieve the same result.)

and it should appear like this when you submit or preview the post:

For further information about your account and how to hotlink in your posts, see FAQ.

For a great explanation on other things you will come across while adding a reply to a thread, visit Popogeejo's fantastic guidelines to 'add reply' for beginners and veterans alike. This goes through the different functions you will find- such as what you can insert within a post and information regarding fonts, and previewing your post.
A Pierrot's Aria
<Double posting with justice; For the readability of information. Consulted board staff>

4.Technical Jargon Part. 3

Creating a Poll in a Thread

I've noticed that sometimes, people have trouble when creating polls, so I'm hoping this will be helpful to anyone who is thinking of creating a poll. As you can see, when you create a topic, it comes up with this:

Simply click on "CLICK HERE TO MANAGE THIS TOPIC'S POLL" and fill in all of the options accordingly:
Give your poll a title, and describe the content of the poll, and then click "ADD POLL CHOICE" in order to start adding your choices to the poll.

You will also notice an option to make it multiple choice: "MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTION?", check or uncheck this box according to whether or not you want it to be single or multiple choice.

For example:

You can also add multiple poll questions, by again clicking "ADD POLL QUESTION". This will allow you to ask more than one question within the poll, each with their independent answers.

For example:

Voting in a Poll

In order to vote in a poll, you simply check the box of the answer you want to vote for and click VOTE. If it's multiple choice you can pick more than one option.

However, if there is more than one question in a poll (like the example above), you MUST vote in both categories in order for it to be a valid vote. If you don't do this, it will come up with an error that reads:

The error returned was:
You did not choose a poll choice to vote against. Please go back and ensure you click on one of the radio buttons next to the choice you wish to vote for

Also, clicking NULL VOTE will mean that you forfeit your vote, so obviously try to avoid that if you want to vote!

Also, read the Guide to Making an Effective Poll
A Pierrot's Aria
<Double posting with justice; For the readability of information. Consulted board staff>

5. Forum Etiquette

Okay, so we all may feel we want to drop the old F-Bomb now and again, but we appreciate these types of words not being used. This forum caters to people of varying ages and it is therefore necessary to keep it clean. Please try and refrain from swearing.

Also, although we realise not everyone on this forum has English as a first language, please try your best to type in comprehendable English, with the use of correct spelling and grammar; do not use chat-speak.


We may not all agree with each other from time to time, but there is strictly no bashing or flaming of other members. You do not need to resort to that if you should have a disagreement.
I also think it's fair to say that you should not express your opinion as though it is fact- we all have very different views on things. Have a clean, sensible discussion using reasons and/or evidence as to why you think the way you do; basically, we don't like to see people saying "This is right, you're wrong just because", or something ridiculous like that.

Forum No-nos

If you see a troll posting on a topic anywhere on the board, DO NOT respond to it. Not even if you want to tell this person how stupid he/she is for what they are doing, that's exactly what they want you to do, therefore you are feeding it.
If in the event someone does respond to a troll and you know that it's wrong, do not post on that thread to tell them. Instead, contact them via PM and kindly inform them that they must not feed the troll.

Please refer to the 'Dos' and 'Don'ts' when you see a Troll for more information.

Unfortunately for some, the board is quite strict about advertising other forums/boards/RP (or game) sites. In our forums, it's is forbidden to post a thread for the purpose of advertisement or recruitment for other websites.

DO NOT double post! If you should do this and is picked up by a mod, it will be merged with your original post. I think the only time when double posting is excusable is if it is admin/mod-approved or if you are reviving a particular thread for a good reason.

Something that sets us apart from other forums is that we're not chat-orientated. This means we don't want members to create duplicate threads of topics that already exist. If you want to post about a particular topic SEARCH to see if such a thread has been made first. Remember- One thread = One topic!

SEE: Hey! I didn't know that! Part 2 - USING THE SEARCH FUNCTION

Here, we don't mind when members revive threads that are a few years old, because it can actually result in stimulating new discussion. However, when there are threads with discussion with years between them, make sure to go to the very last page of discussion so you can get what is most recently being talked about; avoid answering questions that are years old and that have possibly been already been answered long ago.

To reach the oldest post, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the button circled in the image below:

The board no longer allows 'Character v. Character'/ 'A v. B' threads or polls. There are a few reasons why: The list of combinations are obviously endless and we don't want to get inundated by an endless list of threads like "Edward Elric v. Naruto" and so on. Another problem is that not everyone will know the characters involved in the 'battle'. For example, everyone will know "A" is Edward Elric since this is an FMA board, but not it may be that not everyone will know who "B" is. Overall, we don't allow "A or B" type threads any more unless we judge that the thread holds exceptional quality or potential, or the two characters involved are clear representatives of whatever the field or common feature is.
A Pierrot's Aria
<Double posting with justice; For the readability of information. Consulted board staff>

6. Know Thyself

Your Forum Dashboard

At the top right hand corner of the screen you'll see:

My Controls
Clicking on this will take you to your control panel. Here you will have a menu: Messenger, Invision Gallery, Subscriptions, Personal Profile, Options.

a)Your messenger allows you to view your inbox, delete and send PMs, access and add to your block list.
b ) Invision gallery allows you to view your albums, favourites and image subscriptions

SEE Gallery

c) Subscriptions This feature allows you to view the topics you are subscribed to

SEE Threads, Topics, Signatures, Avatars, Subscriptions

d) Personal profile Here you can edit your profile information, and edit your signature and avatar
e) Options Change email address, change password, board settings etc Email settings can be changed here.

View New Posts
Does what it says on the tin: this allows you to see a list of topics which have added posts since your last visit.

My Assistant
Displays board statistics and information, and recent PMs.

My Friends
Displays lists of friends you have added.

0 New Messages
Takes you to your messenger. If it says 1 or more personal messages, you have a message (or more).

A Guided Tour of your Profile Page

If you click on your (or another member's) username, you will come to your (or their) profile page. This allows you to see an About Me section situated in the middle of the page: If you want to edit your own 'About Me' section, simply click 'Edit your About Me page' located at the bottom right of the box.

As you look to the left, you'll see your Profile section, inclusive of your:

Personal Photo Can be edited via My Controls, this is not your avatar, but a photo that appears on your profile page.

Rating You get a star rating: other members can rate you out of 5 stars. You can do this to other members by visiting their profile and selecting the number of stars you think they deserve

Personal Statement Enter your personal statement via My Controls. Enter a quote or something about yourself!

Personal Info This contains your username, post rank, age, gender, location and date of birth. The last three are able to be modified via the drop down menus on your profile.

Interests Let everyone know what you're interested in; do this using My Controls.

Other Information Shows your gender and favourite anime/manga.

Statistics Contains the date you joined, profile views, where on the board you were last seen, local time and post count.

Contact Information Your contact email adresses and screen names. Can be edited using the drop down menus on your profile.

Now if you look to your right, you will find a list of the Last Visitors who have visited your page, Comments, that other members can leave on your profile, and Friends, members who you have added to your friend's list.


You may notice that you have 'citizen' under your username. This is a rank gained according to the number of posts you have made

Citizen (post count = 0 - 99) ●
Apprentice (100 - 249) ●●
Alchemist (250 - 399) ●●●
State Alchemist (Major) (400 - 799) ●●●●
State Alchemist (Lt. Colonel) (800 - 1499) ●●●●●
State Alchemist (Colonel) (1500 - 2499) ●●●●●●
Brigadier General (2500 - 3999) ●●●●●●
Major General (4000 - ) ●●●●●●

Don't post for the sake of raising your post count- it's quality not quantity! We respect members here whether they're a Civilian or Brigadier General! You may also notice that some members have customised ranks, this will indicate that they are a type of mod or admin.
A Pierrot's Aria
<Double posting with justice; For the readability of information. Consulted board staff>

7. Gallery

Uploading images to the gallery

As you can see, in the gallery section there are lots of albums dedicated to certain characters and types of pictures. For example, if you have an image of Edward you would like to share, enter the gallery named 'Edward Elric' and click NEW IMAGE. Simple upload the image and add any additional information, such as copyright details, and then click POST IMAGE.

Be aware that the image will not appear straight away. Don't panic! This is normal; your image is simply pending approval by one of the Gallery Moderators, and it should appear in good time.

Creating your own Album

You can also create your own gallery to post perhaps your art and even non-FMA related images etc. To do this, pop into the gallery section and head on to the 'Member's Gallery' and click NEW ALBUM. This will lead you to a screen where you name your album and insert a description. You will also see an option you can check or uncheck asking if you want your album to be public. After you have taken care of these things, you can click CREATE ALBUM.

Visit the Q&A on how and what you will find when you submit images into the gallery

Goes through:
-Image Description

A Pierrot's Aria
<Double posting with justice; For the readability of information. Consulted board staff>

8. Hey, I didn't know that!

There are some other points that are worth bringing up that may come in use to some of you...

Profile Comments

I've noticed this with some newcomers, so if you do this you won't be the first and you certainly won't be the last! smile.gif

When people leave you a profile comment welcoming you to our board or simply saying hello, some new members make the mistake of replying to that comment on their own profile page. However, in order to properly reply, you must visit the profile page of the member who left you a message and reply on their page. This will ensure that they are notified of your reply, as this would not be the case if you were to reply on your own profile page. However, as I've mentioned before, if you're striking up a long conversation or discussion, please use PMs instead.

Forum Themes/Skins

You may notice, through choice or default that you are using this theme:

Original FMA Theme:



It is beneficial to use the 'Modern' theme, as this is the most up-to-date theme; using the original theme is not compatible with the gallery in that it does not let you submit images into it. So if you find that you are using the 'Original FMA Theme' and come across problems while trying to submit to the gallery, please change it to the Modern theme.

At the bottom left of the page, you will notice the SKIN SELECTOR:

Here you select which theme you want to use. (Modern theme recommended.)

Who's Online? Why are some members 'Anonymous'?

At the bottom of the page you'll notice a list of members who were online in the last 15 minutes. You will also notice that some members may be 'appearing' anonymously. This means that your activity is kept private and your username will not appear with those members who are not appearing anonymously. Guests are those who are not logged in but are viewing and browsing the forum.

How can I be anonymous?

When you meet this screen when logging in:

Simply check the box next to "Log in as invisible", and type in your username and password and login as normal. You will then be logged in anonymously and will not appear on the active users list.
A Pierrot's Aria
<Double posting with justice; For the readability of information. Consulted board staff>

8. Hey, I didn't know that! Part. 2

You will notice at the top of the forums:

That is the most recent forum news- check periodically so you know what's going on. Also, keep your eye out for new announcements, as there is sure to be information that all members need to know.

Regarding Open Talk and Spam Central

Open Talk is a forum in which members generally share information about each other. Avoid chatting on the threads however, because it can easily overwhelm and take over the thread and it is unfair to have participating members being overrun by two people who are chatting away.

If you're thinking of making a thread, think as to whether or not it could easily get chatty. If this is the case, consider making your topic in Spam Central. This is where all of the forum games go.

Using the Search Function

To use the search function, you simply type a keyword into the search bar at the top right, like so:

After clicking GO it will bring up a list of relevant threads.

By clicking MORE SEARCH OPTIONS you can refine your search by selecting a particular forum to look in. For example, if your keyword was "Edward" you'd want to search in one of the FMA-related forums.

NB: The character search requirement has now been lowered to 3, so you can search for words such as "dog" or "cat" without getting an error.

What is 'flood control'?

After you have already posted in one thread, you might find a thread immediately afterwards that you want to post in, but when you do it comes up with this error:

"Flood posting control" is to prevent spamming with useless posts (like "Naruto iz da best lulz" and the like) that are usually left behind by trolls. If there was no flood-control lots of posts such as this could be made within a minute and the poor mods will be left to clean up after their idiocy!

There is also "PM flood control" to prevent hundreds of spam PMs being sent out, usually by computer programs, to all members.

Similarly, there is flood control for the Search Function; searching takes up the board's operational resources. Therefore, flood control is necessary to maintain the board's usual speed and effectiveness of all of its functions.

Just be patient- you will be able to post, search or send a PM again after one minute.

Linking specific posts

This feature can be very useful; In fact, I've displayed my mad post linking skills all the way through this guide! If you want to post a link to a specific post, look to the top right of that post and you'll see "Post #(Number)" In this post's case, it's "Post #12". Click on the number and it will come up with the following:

That box will come up, and you simply have to copy the URL by clicking CTRL+C and then clicking OK. You have now retrieved the URL of that post. So for example, if I were to link you to the contents page, it will redirect you to that post.
A Pierrot's Aria
<Double posting with justice; For the readability of information. Consulted board staff>

9. Upcoming and Ongoing Forum Activities

The board often hosts really fun activities! I recommend you check out-

Re-read the FMA Manga
It's great fun to get involved in this fun re-reading project! Read, re-live and discuss your favourite manga all over again here; talk about what you didn't notice before, or talk about what you love about each chapter. Don't worry, there are separate threads for those of you who have or haven't read the ending of the FMA Manga, so those who have can relate what they have read to the ending, while those who haven't can discuss with the assurance that they won't be spoiled.

See How the re-reading project works | Sessions Without ending spoilers | Sessions for those who have read and know the ending

If you have any questions regarding the re-reading project, don't hesitate to contact the lovely Michiyo- for any help you may need.

Fanart Contests are also regularly held by the awesome ScarMySoul so remember to check out the fanart forum to see if there are any new fanart contests to be held/are being held! Everyone is welcome!

Operation "FMA Info Shrine"
This is a project that involves gathering all of the information relating to FMA and placing it into this shrine; this is to ultimately improve the information found on this site for all fans, whether they're old or new! Anyone can volunteer to contribute information!

Volunteer and read more about the project here!

The Penny Thread
Although this isn't an event of any kind, this thread is one of our most active and popular. This is a place where members can simply share their thoughts on the day and get to know each other. Please read the first post of the thread for further information.
A Pierrot's Aria
<Double posting with justice; For the readability of information. Consulted board staff>

10. Other useful things you can do with knowing

Don't like your Username? Head on over to Dear Board, could you change my Display Name? .
Be warned- be ABSOLUTELY sure that you want to change it, because once it's changed you can't change it again for another 6 months.

Want to delete your account? Head on over to Dear Board, Could You Inactivate/delete This Account?

Technical Difficulties? General Site Tech Problem Report Thread.

Got suggestions for the forum? Suggestions For This Forum.

Oh no! The board is down...or you're out and about! Fear not! We have twitter! Keep up to date with what's going on! FMA Board Twitter.

See anyone spamming or any other problems the mods need to know on the forum? Report it in the Forum Mod Station. Similarly, if you see problems in the gallery section, report it in the Gallery Mod Station.

NB: Avoid hitting the REPORT button on the bottom of posts; it actually takes longer to get the mod's attention with this method. Having said all of this, our admins/mods are always very alert and very good at what they do, so they're more likely to have the problem sorted before anyone can worry about it!
A Pierrot's Aria
<Double posting with justice; For the readability of information. Consulted board staff>

11. Thread Directories

The following links will take you to handy lists of Threads in our FMA Manga and Character Discussion forums. This will save you from having to sift through lots of pages for a thread which you may want to look at!

FMA Character Discussions Thread Directory

FMA Manga Thread Directory

General Anime Dicussions Directory (As well as common anime terms)

In the FMA Character Discussion threads you may notice that there are what as known as "Club House" Threads or "Safe Harbour Threads".

'Safe Harbour' Threads

So what is a 'safe harbour' thread? This is a thread that is a little different from a regular thread. On normal discussion threads, for example, whether or not someone likes Olivier Mira Armstrong, they can convey each different opinion of her (whether or not they like or dislike her.)

However, on 'Safe Harbour' threads, only one side is discussed. For example, a thread involving people who like Olivier are free to discuss their favourite character without being interrupted by those who aren't a fan. This is usually indicated on the thread description, which may say something like "anti-Olivier fans kindly stay away." This is an example of such thread.
A Pierrot's Aria
12. FAQ by Tombow

This will cover things I have covered, as well as other useful information.

1.What are these things under my name?

2. Posting pictures on your post.

3. About my account.
-I forgot my password. What shall I do?
-Can I change my board display name?
-While I was registering, I accidentally ended up with multiple accounts, and since each member can have only one active account for the board, I need to close my excess account/I'm "moving on" and would like to have my account deleted.
What shall I do?

4. How to make Direct Hotlink in your post, Pt. 2, Pt. 3
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