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Full Version: Bunch Of (unforcused) Posts, Questions, & Threads On FmMAChapters & Volume Books
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~ How Many Volumes Does Fma Have? ~

Hi everyone.
Please answer to my question as quick as possible.
How many volumes does FMA have or how many chapters does FMA have?
There's actually 9 volumes, 41 chapters. It's a monthly series, still ongoing.
Queen of the dammed
Which is good news for us!!!!!! XDDD
biggrin.gif Oh yes it is!
RoyxRiza BigFan
wonder how many books in total...hope not like conan coutinuing @___@
Too bad the anime ends so soon, Only has 50-something espiodes. FMA is a very good anime, I'm just mad it ends soon..
QUOTE(RoyxRiza BigFan @ Nov 18 2004, 03:22 PM)
wonder how many books in total...hope not like conan coutinuing @___@

About 20 I think...
Chapter 41 ended the 10th Volume, but the Volume 9 tankoubon is coming out in Japan on November 22nd.

At it's said Arakawa wants to continue for 3-4 more it'll probably be just over 20 volumes.
Ahh.. so it will be a long way to go.. >.<
Like InuYasha, that has way to many.
*buys manga - happy*
*realises volumes 1-15 are in stock - in Australia*
*series is still going in Japan at time.....*
I can sooooo no afford that -.-.
Hopefuly FMA wont get excessive. Full Moon wo Sagashite was good (7 volumes) shoujo but it stayed interesting, CCS also shoujo (12 volumes) couldnt have gone more not too repedative by the end.
I want lots of FMA but there are a lot of good series that went crap from over use (naruto and love hina for example). Lets hope she keeps it fresh ^^.
I doubt it'll be dragged out too badly.
I remember everyone praising hagaren's anime length when it first came out, personally I still think the anime had too many fillers.

As far as the manga is concerned, it expands into all five (?) countries in the hagaren universe, so I think it won't get monotnous too soon. Besides, i'm stealing them from my friend so it's not costing me a cent.

On a sidenote, hagaren feels like gantz to me, it's constantly fresh and have yet to hit on old plot lines, unlike naruto and bleach (which has spent the past 2 volume on ban kai and pure fighting sleep.gif)
ooh... i dont like manga that keeps on going and going. You feel like you have to read every single one, which is almost physically impossible. So, you feel so agravated... biggrin.gif FMA's just awesome... are there english volumes available in the US?? *confused*
No there's no english volumes yet...
poo... sad.gif
QUOTE(jb @ Nov 18 2004, 02:58 PM)
Chapter 41 ended the 10th Volume, but the Volume 9 tankoubon is coming out in Japan on November 22nd.

At it's said Arakawa wants to continue for 3-4 more it'll probably be just over 20 volumes.

Volume 9's cover...

Clickety Click
Ohh!!! I think I'll buy that one. And the 10th volume, too. Anybody knows when it'll come out?
I hope, that FMA manga will be translated and available in Poland soon.

azn_star, I must admit it, CUTE avatar!!!
According to my Dec Anime Insider issue, it's offical that there will be at least 20 manga volumes... OMG... Kenshin had 28 volumes... Will FMA be longer than Kenshin?! O_O
Artemis Winter
O_O 20? Oh dear, if FMA stretches longer than Kenshin... *sweatdrop* I love FMA and Kenshin both because they're not too short but they're manageablely long (read: enough material for fanoning X3) and they still retain plots and action, but if FMA turns into one of those mangas-that-won't-die I may just have to cry. I love Hagaren to utter pieces, but once it gets so long (i.e., past 30) that plots get recycled, I'm just...*gonk*. ^^

*waves RuroKen flag and FMA flag*

I didn't think the FMA anime was short. 51 is nice and palatable. However, it had way too many odd filler things...had it gone on with the manga, it'd not be over yet and it'd be a lot shorter with less filler and a much faster-moving plot ^^

No English volumes out yet ^^
Now, now, it's not the length of a series, but its content. If Arakawa manages to keep the plot as interesting as it is now, then tie up all the lose ends with an amazing ending and a conclusion we can all be happy with, then why should anyone care if it's 30+ volumes? Arakawa said it herself in the interview, that she starts off a series by coming up with a begining and an ending, and everything else is basically getting from point A to point B. So even if she does introduce a ton of new characters and expand the setting to the entire FMA world, I'm sure the series would be no worse if the ended it at 15 volumes.

Plus, the longer a series lasts, the more fun it is to obsess over. ^^; Unless it's being made up as the artist goes along. Then that's just boring. *cough*Inuyasha*cough*

I think they may have jumped the gun by making an anime so early in the manga's story. If they waited a while and had more to base it off, maybe we wouldn't have ended up with such an odd twist at the end. Then again, if they made it longer, it probably wouldn't have been as good. Nobody likes fillers.
Artemis Winter
I agree completely. I didn't mean to imply that length was everything- I just actually had Inuyasha in mind. I loved it an the onset, but now that it's hit past 35 and it's just meandering about being made up as Takahashi-san goes...then... ^^; But I agree that it's the material, it's the quality, and if quantity follows that quality, then it's a plus.

If we go from volume 9 to volume 35 in FMA, then I'm perfectly fine as long as the plot makes its way around without ending up in a tangle of pointless randomity. And as for your explanation of the anime- you're just saying everything I tried to say and failed to today perfectly. ^^ Thanks for the clarification.
yeah, rumiko takahashi,... kinda screwed up towards the end...sleep.gif;
Hiya, Anyone know how to open .rar files? Also..does anyone know if volume 9 + are scanlated somewhere? 0_o
Artemis Winter
Volume nine is scanlated on, albeit you can't really download it yet. I prefer waiting for either Toriyama's or Evil Genius's scans, but you can go take a look. As for .rar, they're archive files, meaning you have to have a program similar to WinZip to open them. UnRar for Windows is a common one, but the trial program only allows files to be un-rar-ed five times. So, use those five times wisely! ^^
WinRAR is best used to open .rar files. Go to to get the program.

Inuyasha has hit past 40 volumes... Just when we thought the end was near, Rumiko-sensei pulled more fillers on us...

Arakawa-sensei is a mangaka who knows what she's doing. From what we've seen so far, she isn't the type to drag things out if it isn't neccessary.
Even if the FMA manga DOES end up being 25+ books, I don't think it'll be that bad because she only has about 4 chapters per book.

Most mangas have about 6-7 chapters in one volume, so that should be a good sign... X3
Manga containing 6-7 chapters are short chapters. They're only 15-24 pages long. However, Arakawa's chapters are 40-45 pages long. This is all due to to the fact that FMA is released monthly and short-chaptered manga are released weekly. So really, there's no difference...
Maybe it makes no difference, but I prefer with longer chapters... Don't know why.
laugh.gif We read it monthly, so longer chapters are better for us. With FMA, if it was released weekly, we'd be left at a cliffhangers EVERY WEEK! Besides, longer chapters = better reading enjoyment. biggrin.gif

Of course, it makes makes no difference if we're reading volumes, and not on a monthly or weekly basis.
Artemis Winter
Those of us who are slow readers may disagree, but I think the longer it is, the better, as long as plot and substance are kept intact. ^O^
I agree happy.gif My only problem is the money it takes... But hey, for FMA I would pay anything!

Okay, maybe not anything, but it's my favorite series, so...
Artemis Winter
We know what you mean. ^^
Fortunatly because I have a big problem at explaining things ^^'''
Artemis Winter
Eh, it's okay because as fellow obsessor-people, we all share the same feelings, I guess. XD
We have to, or else, how would we survive? We would be so lost...
Artemis Winter
Obsessobsessobsess. XD *hugs manga scanlations* I'm watching fansubs as we speak. ^^
Amen to that, guys. ^^;
I'm going to go and read scanlations, too... Or maybe printed mangas.

Artemis Winter
My imouto and I are off as well...ta!
hmmm i guess this is my first post, ummm i could only find the manga here and so far i think everybody's ahead of me it so unfair not being allowed to use money on manga by my parents, meh soon ill drive to the mall myself but ummm could someone help a brothe out and show him where ta find chapter's after 33? happy.gif;;;

pretty please?? ill be your best friend?
Artemis Winter
My friend, please do two things for me:

1). Go back and read the last couple of pages. It talks about where you can find volume 9 and everything else.
2). Capitalise your sentences, among other things.

Thank you, and welcome to the forums. ^^
Ah, so many posts.. but anyway, I also don't have a problem with the manga being long so long as it stays interesting all the time and uptill now FMA has certainly manged to keep that standard. biggrin.gif I also hope that how many volumes there may be that it will soon get licensed(I'm so sorry about being like this tongue.gif )
because I just can't stand reading something I love so much on the computer. Don't get me wrong, I love the scanlations, but I want to read it as a book, and I will definitely look forward to spending my money on it(um.. so unlike me). I also wish that the scanlations will keep coming even when it's licensed, but I suppose it's hoping too much?
Hm... if there are twenty coming up and it gets licensed soon then there will be enough time to catch up? Argh... hate doing the math,...
I'm so jealous of you people who understand Japanese and can get the original one as soon as it comes... *cries*
Artemis Winter
Oh, I can read a bit of Japanese because kanji is basically Chinese, but hiragana and katakana throw me, so I'm in the scanlations boat with everyone. I'd also love to see the English ones, but my friend's printing out the scanlations and getting them bound for her own personal set so she doesn't kill her eyes on the computer. Man, she's lucky to get them bound, because her uncle runs a small stationery and publishing supplies company... ^^
If FMA gets licensed anytime before the last 4 or 5 volumes are released (as each volume is released every 4-5months) there's a chance that it can catch up. It really depends on the company that licenses it though.
Really. If it's Tokyopop, then it might catch up, but if it's someone like Viz, I think they'll be doing everything within their power to NOT have it catch up. Just so we all suffer. -.- In any case, we wouldn't be getting the chapters as soon as they come out. Even Tokyopop waits until the full toukuban is released before translating and printing it.

On the note of scanslations, right now, I don't care if I kill my eyes reading from the computer as long as I get to read it. If Yebosh and Evil Genius both stop their scanslations, I'll probably either go insane or force myself to get addicted to something else.

But I also have a friend who gets the manga raws as soon as they come out, so maybe if I beg, she could translate for me. ^^; Damn, I wish I knew Japanese.
I don't kill my eyes on the computer either while reading scanlations(this kind of kills me though tongue.gif) I just prefer reading the book, holding it in my hand(owning it tongue.gif ), and flipping through the pages at a quicker pace.
Oh, Artemis your friend is so lucky!
I didn't know that Viz would be so evil... tongue.gif but if Tokyopop only publishes manga that's already completed... Oh I don't know. I don't mind waiting for too long, but I can get kind of impatient tongue.gif
I hope they dont stop scanlating ;_;, I'm in Australia and have spent the last couple of months hunting down the first fruits basket manga. I found a place with them finaly but they had sold out of the first book *cries* and its not even that obscure a series.
It's fine for you Americans but nothing gets released here. If they stop scanlating I'm totaly cut off, and I cant watch the anime either because its not on here and I have a 56k modem with limited time.
Artemis Winter
Yes, my friend is lucky. She's also a very smug person. *fumes*

There are a few licenced mangas and animes floating around that don't get released in the US, though, that I'm interested in (coughPeacemakerKurogane;_;cough) and since they're licenced, the fansubs and scanlations have all disappeared, and since they're not widely released... *gonk*

I'm sorry, Senefen! If you lived in New Zealand I could send you fansubs the next time my friend went to visit his uncle down there... *sigh* Seriously, though, I do sympathise.
Oh, poor you, Senefen! I understand how you feel...Me, I have to pay 25 $can for mangas on amazon, or wait before it's translated in french. We don't have much manga stores here (in fact, the nearest one is at 2 hours in car), so it's hard to find... And I won't even talk about anime dvd's!
So sorry for hoping to get it quickly in English. I'm just such a selfish person *cries* I still want it to be licensed soon and that the scanlation would continue though..
But Senfen, don't you get the American mangas in Australia?
I live in Finland and we get most of the mangas...and it is quite a small country after all..I'm really happy about that though, because nothing, almost nothing is translated into Finnish!(not that it bothers me that much... tongue.gif ) And I have a feeling that those who live otutside the big cities aren't that lucky... now speaking of anime.. well, I don't speak about that though, but I feel much better watching on the computer anyway(they're soooo expensive)
You can't get a better connection?
Artemis: Your friend lets you read the scanlations, right?
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