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Full Version: Most Tragic Death
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That's all I can think of at the moment.

I guess in my opinion, it'd be Hughes, cause he was a very important character in the series. Not only did he help Ed and Al every time, but he also had a loving family.

Nina would be a very close second, though.
it was a tough call between Nina and Hughes, but I voted for Hughes just because of how he died. He tried so hard to get to the bottom of the whole thing in the military and he didn't make it in the end. Nina was second though, the poor thing.
I agree that Hughes's death was sad because he was so involved in the lives of the Elric brothers, but Nina's death was, by far, the most tragic. After all, she was completely innocent, probably the most innocent person in the entire series. I mean, it was bad enough that her father turned her into a chimera, but then scar had to go blow her up. That was just wrong!

Edit: I just remembered a death you forgot to add: Marta's. I'd probably place her 2nd as most ragic because hers completely unexpectd. I wasn't ready for her to die because I was getting to like her.
Oh, I voted already... actually maybe Nina's was the most tragic after all. iIwas so shocked how an innocent girl's father could do something like that to her and then to be blasted off, by Scar... That was the time when I started to realise the nature of FMA.... so many people dying tragically *cries*.
Oh, but I voted for Huges(Lieutenent Colonel, promoted to Brigadier General by the way), because I kind of didn't expect him to die... he shouldn't have! And the last thing he sees is the image of his beloved wife killing him... *cries a bit more*. The funeral was so sad too... Elysa... with her questions and Roy saying that it was raining...
How could such a great character die?!! Chracters like that don't die!
There are probably too many tragic deaths to list... yeah.. Martel/Marta... but I did expect that though...
Lujon... how can he be forgotten? Yeah.... he's not an important character but well...
Selim(was that his name?)... An innocent kid, who got killed becuase of his kindness! So sad.... *goes somewhere to cry*.
Hughes... the part that REALLY got my heart breaking was when Ed saw the vestige of him waving them off from the train station... He was a good man.... ;_;
Who's Selim? I saw the whole series like 5 times but I don't remember that person.
Omakase Shimasu
QUOTE(telepika @ Nov 17 2004, 12:24 PM)
Who's Selim? I saw the whole series like 5 times but I don't remember that person.

That's Bradley's son. happy.gif
Spoiler: (Click here to Display)

I'll have to think about this poll some more. I can't decide yet...
OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;_________; Greed-sama dies!?!!?! *wails to high heaven* NoOoOoOOoOoOoOoOoOoooooooooooooooooooo! I haven't finished the series, so forgive my ignorance...;_; sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif !!!!!

Yeah, Nina was sad... sad.gif

But I vote for Hughes because his death was SO uncalled for!!! *flips finger @ Arakawa-sensei*
RoyxRiza BigFan
only can vote from the anime?..i thought barry's depature from the manga was sad >__<
oh yes... it seems to be more anime based... for example Lust and Greed faced diffreent kinds of deaths in those versions... As for Barry... I want him back! (manga). But his death wasn't tragic enough in my opinion... he kind of just... died... such a great character deserved more!
Bling_bling_Angel:You dared check this topic although you haven't seen all of the series yet....? You're brave. Hmm.. have to be careful, I don't want to spoil anything, but in most topics it's pretty obvious what I mean(and I still spoil). I kind of assume that almost everyone has seen the series already. Sorry in advance!
the death of Major Hughes of course, that was very very sad.
Hughes' death was the most tragic, without a doubt (for reasons already stated by many). Second would be Nina, and I think after that would be Lust (I don't know why).
Queen of the dammed
Arrrg... I'm tied between Lust, Nina, Martel and Hughes..... TToTT... ALL OF THEM WRE SO SAD!!!!!!!!TTTTTTOTTTTTTTT
Can't I say that Ed's "death" was the most tragic? Because technically isn't he did in the Alchemy world?

And here's another question: when you die, don't you go to the world beyond the gate (aka london). So where is Hughes and everyone else then?

Or did I miss some important fact in the series completely?
Omakase Shimasu
Who's to say we won't see them back in the Movie? biggrin.gif

I'd vote for Lujon, but seeing he's not voteable... Hmmm... Scar's last moments were beautiful. (Not when he magically kicked Kimblee up the roof and down the roof without the use of his arms... -__- When he talked about his brother and stuff!)

Nina's death was more a blessing than anything else, wouldn't you say? blink.gif The fact that her father transmuted her into a chimera... dunno how to finish this sentence. tongue.gif





>.< Ah freck nog an toe. I'll vote later...
I'm thinking it would be too late to add Martha/Martel, but who's Lujon?
Omakase Shimasu
Lujon was a minor character from one of the filler episodes. The Lust-centric ep, where she meets this guy she helped in the past to get rid of a disease. He needs her help once again since the virus re-appeared. ph34r.gif Most gruesome episode in my opinion.
RoyxRiza BigFan
i wonder how all the chars that now in the sky can stand hughes "see my daughter photos all day" *W*
Omakase Shimasu
Maybe God got tired of him and decided to send him to Hell to "entertain" the Devil's guests there. tongue.gif

Sorry if I offended anyone~
RoyxRiza BigFan
isn't arakawa the God over there? >W<
Arakawa... the creator of FMA... well she's definitely the god of FMA anyway...
Poor people in Hell...*mental image*. No, but seriously. A guy like Hughes belongs in heaven. biggrin.gif
Nina, that brought major depression. ;_; Hughes too but Nina was an innocent, Hughes was in the military and stuck his nose where he shouldnt have. Nina was totaly innocent.
Sapphire Alchemist Naur
QUOTE(Omakase Shimasu @ Nov 18 2004, 07:15 AM)
I'd vote for Lujon, but seeing he's not voteable...

I was wondering if someone would bring that one up. However my vote has to go to Hughes or Nina. The writers for the series just did too good a job of making us fall in love with those characters. Ultimately though my final vote goes to Hughes *salutes* . His death was more unexpected and I had too much respect for him.
wait a sec, isnt dante dead???, i mean she was suposed to be eaten , but in the end, there were just hole in the she dead after all??
wow.. so many people voted for Hughes.. I guess because he is a fav character..
Koneko #2
His death was so sad. sad.gif He left his family behind. I saw it when searching for translated manga.
Vx Tao Ren xV
I'm tied between Nina and Hughes.. I voted for Hughes though, because I cried during the funeral scene T_T
well, Nina is the easiest to symphatize, but Hughes was rather sad due to the funeral session etc.

My most tragic death was
Spoiler: (Click here to Display)
Omakase Shimasu
QUOTE(Cloud28 @ Nov 19 2004, 06:04 PM)
wait a sec, isnt dante dead???, i mean she was suposed to be eaten , but in the end, there were just hole in the she dead after all??

Nobody knows, you'll just have to wait for the movie to wrap things up. biggrin.gif I don't think she's dead though... >__> Of course BONES will have killed her off now just to prove me wrong. tongue.gif

Um... I voted for Sloth... Only Hughes and Soth's deaths made me cry, but I eventually decided for Sloth, because of what she was... and the way she was manipulated. And her memories... Ugh, I can't explain right now. >.<
How could I have missed this interesting chatter here!!! OMG!!

1. Selim died?? Really!!! Did I just miss that!! I don't think he died. I just think he got wounded. If he really did die then Bones would have added this dramatic scene with blood spewing out of the kid and his eyes clouding. You know bones. They wouldn't miss this opportunity to dramatize his death, make the fuhrer seem more unhuman, give a reason for Mustang to get angry and avenge the kid's death... No if he died, you would know for sure.

2. And Kase, Nina's death was a blessing! That's a little too harsh Kase. sad.gif I understand that life as a half-human chimera may not be all that exciting, but... If she lived, Ed or someone could have fixed her. This may not be likely but at least there's a chance. Life is always better than death.

3. About people dying then coming to 1920s our world... I was also wondering about that. I think you do come "here" because that would be "beyond the gate" and the humonculus come from beyond the gate so that must be where the dead people go. I don't think Ed will run into Hughes though (He might go to another place in the world besides Eng.). Even though it's sad that these people die, it will ruin the drama of their death if they come back. It will be like how Genkai came back after she died. I know its mean but if they die they should stay dead. Also, having this happy reunion beyond the gate with Ed and the people who died... That's so not FMA-like. The most we can hope for is Ed running into someone who died, telling them about his plans to return to his world, then that dead person deciding he/she should stay beyond the gate.

Anyway, (Do I chat too much?) I voted for Hughes because his death was the only one that made me cry. My next choice would be Nina's since her death was so... very... traumatizing... I mean what does her death say? That even little kids are not safe from the evils of the world? Well that is true, but I don't want it to be true.

Arakawa-sama's the god of FMA. Hehehe. That's funny. And that's why it rains cows in FMA!!! tongue.gif
Maybe it's just me, but I hated most of those characters.... **shrugs** But, I found Lust's to be the most tragic, yet the most fulfilling.

She finally found herself, and her character as a whole was complete. However, her death was tragic because she left behind no one and nothing. No one left cared for her, and she faded away into nothing; her memory brought no tears, except Gluttony's... and then, he basically died... and... yeah.. spoilers... anyway.

I would say Envy's, but Envy didn't die >.>
Here are what I think were the most tragic parts:

1. When Nina was turned into a chimera and kept calling Ed "O ni chan." That was just too much for my heart to bear.

2. Hughes death didn't really hit me until Elysia kept asking her mom questions. My eyes started getting watery when that happened.

3. The way Marta died just completely tore me apart. Like, I could feel all the fear she felt, and I can only imagine how Al felt when Bradley killed Marta. I just can't get over it.

4. I honestly thought Lust was going to survive because I felt that she most deserved to become human...but...that's now how things turned out.
hughes..... his death cause more pain for more characters than any other. nina's was sad but in the end it only affected tucker, ed and al....

hughes left behind a family, and roy.....let's just say this if you can make roy mustang cry its gotta be sad.....

though the deaths of winry's parents kinda messed me, that whole scene was just that kinda entirely wrong type of sad.....the situation was just not right at all.....there's just no other way to put it....

argh now i have to go play with puppy or something..... unsure.gif
Omakase Shimasu
QUOTE(telepika @ Nov 21 2004, 04:56 AM)
2. And Kase, Nina's death was a blessing! That's a little too harsh Kase. sad.gif I understand that life as a half-human chimera may not be all that exciting, but... If she lived, Ed or someone could have fixed her. This may not be likely but at least there's a chance. Life is always better than death.

Sorry, honestly didn't mean to offend. Just stated what I thought about her death. I truly think her death was a blessing, Scar intended for it to be in any case. Like Scar said, she was suffering to be in that form and there would have been no cure until they had created the Philospher Stone. And who knew how long that might have taken.

The fact that her father transmuted her into a chimera struck me more as something tragic.
"Forgive me. I still have a wife and kid waiting at home."

I don't think I need to explain myself...
RaistlinMage, 1,2, &4 put the nail to the head....

After seeing some music video, I think Ed&Al's mom death was tragic indeed: her @#$% husband left her (& flirted on his return), and she had to leave her two young lads when she died
...but duh, without her death we won't get the whole emotional, angsty rollercoaster ride known as HAGANE NO RENKINJUTSUSHI and just like in RxR thread, Lt. Hawkeye, if not Izumi should become the mother figure for Ed & Al.. *shot*
Omakase Shimasu
Bleh, I refuse to think of that as flirting. Ross was just making a big deal out of it because she's a woman. tongue.gif

Trisha's death is very tragic, but I think most people overlook her death because it happened at the beginning and you get reminded about it every few episodes or so. ^^; And you've got Hughes and Nina to "contend with", of course. (Geez, now this whole poll sounds cheap. Sorry, didn't mean to)

This poll's unfair, if I could've I would've voted for all of them. And then some. tongue.gif Lujon~
QUOTE(Kasumi @ Nov 21 2004, 08:02 AM)
"Forgive me. I still have a wife and kid waiting at home."

I don't think I need to explain myself...

sad.gif OMFG... Amen... amen!!! *finds it wierd to say "amen" after swearing...* ph34r.gif
I would like to point out that in most cases, the deaths are equally tragic as they are. But we feel some are more tragic than others because we get more attached to some characters more than others.

Seeing so many people voted for Hughes and Nina, I decided to go for the minority and chose Scar. He did sacrifice a whole lot before he died.
I thought Martyl's death was more tragic than any of those, but I voted for Lust just because of how sad it made Gluttony. ;_;
Queen of the dammed
But Huge's, Nina's, Lust's and Martel's deaths are ALLL SAD!!!!!!!!!!! TTTTTOTTTTT
Riza Babe
i wanted to vote for hughes death but ninas death was the sadest because ed cared for her
I didn't want Greed to die, but I voted Hughes.
Spoiler: (Click here to Display)

errm... no one voted for trisha? i thought that she would at least get one vote...

Note from Quistis: Added the spoiler tag and merged your double-posts. Please do not double post and if you are saying something that might spoil the plot for someone, please place it in a spoiler tag. smile.gif
Queen of the dammed
I still can't decide.... sad.gif
i voted most people... it totally got me when
Spoiler: (Click here to Display)

but nina does come in a close second for me...tho i'm not sure if her death or the events directly preceeding it were more tragic, you know? ~_~

i'm also kind fo surprised that no one voted for ed and al's mom... the only explanation i could come up with for that was that everyone else died by someone's hand, and trisha's death was more... well...natural isn't the word, but you know what i mean. she wasn't *killed*, she died of a disease... a horrible one, so it seemed, but it wasn't something brought about by someone else's cruel intentions... so, as sad as it was, a death from a disease does seem less tragic in comparison to those who were murdered in cold blood like hughes and lust (even tho she kind of wanted it) and martel...

tho in reaction to those around her, trisha's death did seem to be right up there with hughes in pain left behind, na? T_T *squeezes ed and al*

and what about the rockbells, huh? doesn't anybody think THAT was tragic? i mean, jeez, for ed and al to lose their mother to the plague (or whatever it was) was tragic enough, but what about poor winry, whose parents were good people saving lives and were therefore slain horribly because of it? moreso than trisha not getting any votes, i was appalled to see that nobody thought to bring up winry's folks! O_O

but i do agree with what quistis said earlier about
Spoiler: (Click here to Display)
QUOTE(hagane_no_tokage @ Dec 12 2004, 03:39 AM)
i voted most people...  it totally got me when
Spoiler: (Click here to Display)
roy cried...  that's just...  ohhh, i hate to see a  bishounen cry...  especially one with pride like roy's, you know?  T_T

Spoiler: (Click here to Display)
the part when riza thought roy died...  when he came back and scolded her, i was like, 'omigod!!!  thank god!!!' even tho i knew he couldn't have really died that time...  but still...  don't scare us like that taisa!!!  *shakes finger*  and the part at the end, too, when he was coming out of the house and got attacked by robo-kimblee and riza shows up to roy's fallen body and calls out his name...  *sniff* totally had me all m isty there, too...  she's so awesome.  and he's so...awesome...!  aaaaugh!  *glomps everyone*

Exactly! To both spoilers!
Spoiler: (Click here to Display)
oohhhhh, i woulda been *so* mad if that had happened... if he really had, i woulda like...i dunno...invaded a small country with my army of mutant gerbils or something. i can take the anime having a bad ending, but if they had gone that route, i would have had to have done something drastic. ohmy.gif bad enough they killed off
Spoiler: (Click here to Display)
the most tragic death i find the death of the small girl, nina i think...

but there's nothing more tragic than the death of Kooan from Black Moon.. i cried a lot... T^T
tokage: I really don't know what I would have done... Probably been really depressed for a week. Instead I ended up being very, very happy. biggrin.gif A little too happy probably.
Spoiler: (Click here to Display)

Hm... I wonder if that really is a "spoiler" the topic is one big one anyway.. oh well.. tongue.gif
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