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Full Version: Email Alert is working for everyone again. ^^
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Email Alert is working for everyone again, and for some of our members who had been having trouble getting email alerts from our board, this week you may get tons of email alerts from our board that had been piling up. We apologise in advance. ^^
So that's why I got like 300 emails this morning. So what was the problem?
^ @Lasklewr - Gah, sorry!! We'd been having trouble with emails on & off, and the system wasn't getting out the alert emails from the board to you and hence they'd been piling up in the system for a while. We apologise for the inconveniences this has caused. sad.gif
Yeah, I got like 250 a couple of month ago, and 35 today, but I never bothered asking why I didn't get my normally! No worries! ^^
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