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Full Version: Hiromu Arakawa Illustration Collection: a.k.a FMA artbook 3!!
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Take a look at the artbook scans (plus, some scans that haven't been posted on this thread) in the FMA Art-Book III section in our gallery!

Cover of artbook

Also, if you pre-order through Animate.JP site, you can get a special slip-cover with the drawing done by Arakawa-sensei just for that and that goes over the case for this book.
<Warning! Series Final Spoiler>
Pics of front and back of box cover you get if you pre-order through Animate

ETA: March 24, 2011
More details on the book, thanks to hilary!

For translations on details, go to Tombow's post here. smile.gif

ETA: Jan. 30, 2011, adding new info, (Product info from animate online shop, as reported by Kirara's post below ^^)
It will come out on April 22, 2011, and it will be 1,699 Japanese yen (plus shipping)
Full-color, 146 pages, A4 size
With over 100 pieces of Arakawa's original illustration artworks for the series, including works done exclusively for this illustration collection, and pieces never been included in tankoubon/magazine publishings before, plus some comments by Arakawa, including some tidbits of stories from the FMA production that were never told to the public before...


Found this scan on Baidu, which has a one-line advertisement about the artbook 3!!

On the Right side page of the posted scan, at the bottom, it simply says:
Hiromu Arakawa Illustration Collection: Fullmetal Alchemist 3 ...Coming in March 2011!!

No other info on this illustration collection book yet. smile.gif

(For info and discussion on the upcoming new FMA guidebook, "FMA Chronicle", please go to "FMA Chronicle" thread. smile.gif )
On the Right side page of the posted scan, at the bottom, it simply says:
Hiromu Arakawa Illustration Collection: Fullmetal Alchemist 3 ...Coming in March 2011!!

No other info on this illustration collection book yet. smile.gif
Anyone heard anything else about this? I have been stalking Amazon JP but still nothing is up for pre-order. Seems a bit slow for something coming out in March.
oh!!! I'm looking forward for this one!
A preorder is sort of up for this item. But it is at Animate that doesn't ship internationally unless you are using a proxy service.

Anyways it is now coming out on April 22nd not March. If you can use a proxy service apparently Animate will have an exclusive box illustrated by Arakawa to hold all 3 artbooks. Otherwise I am sure it will be up for preorder on places like which is easier to order from for us international customers (although expensive). Yes Asia (the cheapest option) will probably eventually get it in soon too. smile.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
@Kirara Thank you for the info! If I'm able I'm definitely going to get a copy of this book. happy.gif The later release date might explain why it isn't up for pre-order on most websites.

@Tombow Wow! That sounds great! wub.gif Thank you for translating the extra info!
Thank you so much, Kirara!! biggrin.gif

(reading the info on animate online shop link from Kirara's post above ^^)
So, it's coming out on April 22, 2011
It will be 1,699 Japanese yen (plus shipping)
Full-color, 146 pages, A4 size
With over 100 pieces of Arakawa's original illustration artworks for the series, including works done exclusively for this illustration collection, and pieces never been included in tankoubon/magazine publishings before, plus some comments by Arakawa, including some tidbits of stories from the production (of FMA series ? or of this artbook?) that were never told to public before... (or something like that, it says... ^^)

Can't wait to see this one!!

I'm really looking forward to this artbook, especially the new artworks and Arakawa's comments. biggrin.gif
I also hope someone will scan it after it's out. ^^


ETA: Mar. 18.
The 3rd artbook is now available for pre-order at

I hope the cover image will be out soon, maybe at the end of the month or the beginning of April. ^^
A Pierrot's Aria
Awesome! Thank you for the news, Michiyo-! I just hope that it goes up for preorder on a different site rather than some time soon. I definitely would like to get this. smile.gif
Thanks for the news, michiyo!
I hope I'll be able to order it from, even if I might have to wait until June to have the money ^^:
The cover is out! This is the pics of front and back of box you can get when you order through Animate.

Source: amber1003's DeviantArt journal page <--- this info was not quite correct. ^^
Oh yeah I saw this picture too!!!
Awesome drawing!!XDDDD
I'm going to buy it soon~~~
I like the cover, it looks very nice. Thanks for posting it!

Now I can't wait to see the other new artworks. smile.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
Thank you for bringing the image to us, Kasumisty! It looks freaking awesome! I just preordered a copy! happy.gif

these are the new picture in gangan of this month took by my friend

A Pierrot's Aria
That's a really awesome image! biggrin.gif Thank you for sharing, hilary! I really can't wait to see the other images in the book!

|/@Tombow Thank you for the translation! happy.gif
Thank you so much, hiraly!! And, thank you for the cover pic also! happy.gif

Images as posted by hiraly above:

here it says:
Hiromu Arakawa Illustration Collection 3 will come out in Japan on Friday, April 22, 2011, and the size is A4, 144 pages, and it will be 1700 Yen (tax included)
On the right side, it says the book contains over 100 pieces of Arakawa-sensei's illustrations, all in full color!! The ones shown in mono-color in volume books would be shown in color also, and the book contains drawings that haven't been published before!

On the left side, at the top, it says that every illustration is accompanied by Arakawa-sensei's comment, and she reveals some behind-the-scene production secret, her thoughts on the scene, etc.

Below that they show three examples of drawings from the book with Arakawa-sensei's comments:

From the top, example 1: Arakawa cow says (paraphrasing) "When drawing stuff like this I feel my body is getting old. While ago I did check-up, and I was told that my internal organs are about the age of 42, but my mental age is about 14... what was up with that."
(Note: I can't clearly read kanji here, so this is my best-guess translation... don't bet your lunch on it, please. ^^)

Second (middle) illustration: Arakawa-cow says "By around this time, while I was drawing this I was thinking (WARNING! Series Final Spoiler ahead! --->) 'wait just a while Al, I'm going to get your body back soon!'"

Third illustration example with Arakawa-sensei's comment: Kanji are too blurred and not legible here, but it says something like "Even after the fight against the Colonel, I drew Envy ....something something... but ... something something that bothers Arakawa-sensei and ... needed many re-writing/drawing." I can see Arakawa-cow is "struggling" at the desk. XD
(If anyone can post clearer pic of this then I can translate it. ^^)

Below the sample drawings, it says that Animate is taking pre-order now, and if your pre-order on Animate it comes with the Animate limited edition case for this book, with special illustration done by Arakawa-sensei just for this case.

Below that is an ad for Fullmetal Chronicle that's coming out on Friday July 1, 2011 with more details info on the "FMA Chronicle" and I posted the translation of this part on my post here on FMA Guidebook 3: Fullmetal Alchemist Chronicle thread. smile.gif

This book is going to be sooo good! biggrin.gif
Wow, that new drawing looks awesome!

Thank you, hilary, for sharing the pics and Tombow, for the translations! ^^ I wish I could get this artbook!
This is probably a longshot since the artbook's so new, but is there any word of the artbook being published in North America sometime? They're *far* more affordable than the Japanese ones, and they've already published the other two and the anime one, so... *hopeful* D:
There's a different cover image of the artbook on (Same pic that was in the Gangan mag hilary posted before)

It looks awesome! biggrin.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
Awesome! I envy Arakawa's painting skills!

Thank you for sharing, Michiyo-!

Hiromu Arakawa's FMA artbooks are by far my favorite in my collection. (of artbooks) I love how her drawings are all colored traditionally. I'm right into art, so seeing the use of arylic paints (and copic markers now and then <3) make me really happy. xD; I love how 'rough' they look, and how you can tell what the original paintings feel like just by looking at them.

I wish more modern artists painted sometimes instead of just coloring digitally. D:

Can't wait to add this artbook to my collection <3
Great ! I was waiting for this so badly !!
It will gather work from 13rd to the end I guess ?
Ohman, I would love to buy one of Arakawa's artbooks someday. Alas, I am but a poor high school student. ;___;
*makes grabby hands*

Chizakura, I agree. So much. biggrin.gif I don't have anything against digital art, digital art can look great. It just seems that it's kind of taken over, and so it's just great to see Arakawa drawing and painting with traditional media.
And personally, I think I like the look of traditional art a bit better. c:
Oh wow, that looks wonderful. Thanks, Michiyo-. ~
Wow, thank you everyone for the interesting thread!
I was wondering myself about buying the Artbook. It was hard to decide, because it's not that cheap... But, the most important thing is that I don't have another choice but to order the Artbook on, and I have never done online shopping. Well, can't be helped xD I'd rather buy the Artbook than not buy it)
And Tombow, thanks for translation happy.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
^I preordered my copy of this artbook from CDJapan. Their website is in English and there's no need to faff around to try and make an account and everything. Perhaps those who don't want to order from can try there instead? happy.gif (And I can assure you that CDJapan is safe because that's where I bought stuff like the FMA:B OSTs and the manga calendar --I understand that the prospect of shopping online can leave people who have never done it before a little weary. smile.gif )
Thank you so much, Pierrot, your post was of great help! smile.gif
It was really troublesome to create an account on with my knowledge of Japanese language)
I would also like to vouch for CDJapan. =) It's very safe, I've ordered many CDs from there. Also Yesasia is another option. If you spend enough money there you get free shipping. With all of my orders of CDs and manga from there that's another site that I can assure you is safe. <3 The downside of Yesasia though is that shipping is VERY slow.

That said, I'm tempted to wait for just a bit to see if VIZ licenses the artbook. xD; But I might not be able to wait... We'll see. xD

Anyone getting hold of this new artbook yet?
It came out on April 22 in Japan. ^^
A Pierrot's Aria
All going well, I should get my copy tomorrow. (This is when it should arrive-- but this is Parcel Force I'm dealing with!) If it does arrive tomorrow, and no one else has posted scans by then, I'll try to get it scanned

ETA: Sorry guys, it didn't arrive today --I'll be getting it on 26th! laugh.gif
I found some pics on Baidu:
Warning! Series Final spoilers! Very nice pic of Ed & Al. ^^

And, this blog entry has some info about Arakawa's comments in the artbook.
Also, Arakawa seems to have made a comment on the future of Roy and Riza. Can someone translate it please? smile.gif

ETA: v Thanks for the translations, Tombow! biggrin.gif So that comment implies that Roy and Riza can still be an item, they just can't get married. That’s great! ^^
Thank you, Michiyo-!! happy.gif

Here is the part of the linked blog as posted by Michiyo- above, talking about the Arakawa-sensei's comment on her Roy & Riza drawing:

(Warning!! Possible major Spoiler ahead!!)



<And, my quick translation of this blog entry>

(Warning!! Possible major Spoiler ahead!!)
Comment by Arakawa-sensei on her drawing of Roy and Riza for Anime DVD/BD vol 2. Special first-print bonus gift box:

> Arakawa: After the conclusion of the series, we got many questions from fans that were asking "aren't the Colonel and the Lieutenant going to get married?"

> Arakawa (cont.): [I couldn't get them married because..] because of the Military regulations, if they get married they can no longer stay as the superior officer and [his] aid....

So... that's like her (Arakawa-sensei's) round-about way of admitting Roy and Riza are an "item"? wub.gif

And for anyone being curious... more entries from the above posted blog, blogger's comment (Warning! Series Final spoilers! --->) on this pic







<And, my quick translations of this blog entry (paraphrased)>
This drawing was done especially after the series conclusion. This was one of the candidates to be used as the image for the clock that was the bonus gift for the Shounen GanGan with the last chapter of FMA. It looks like several years after they have got back their bodies.

In the drawing, Ed and Al are sitting on the chairs in symmetric fashion. Both of them are well-dressed and looking gentlemanly and looking quite handsome.

Around them, we see a test tube, ink bottle, paper, mugs, and also a plate and chopsticks that are placed randomly, looking as if they have been eating in the room while taking notes on their research.

The statue that looks like Julius Caesar must be Ed's. IMO it's reflecting his taste. The place maybe their new house in Resembool, or maybe their new study/office.

Ed is wearing gloves, but we can see the flesh colored skin around his Right wrist.
Ed is holding a pocket watch, but it looks different from the State Alchemist's watch. It has no design on the outside, and the outside looks rather plain.

Also, looking forward to your report, A Pierrot's Aria! biggrin.gif
Mine is coming sometime next week but I'm impatient & had to look up this thread

Thanks for the translations and the picture previews. Can't wait to get mine. smile.gif

I ended up ordering mine through Animate to get the exclusive box that comes with it but gosh it was expensive (exchange rate is especially bad right now). It was totally worth it though. I've been waiting years for this art book.

edit: And I really like the information about Roy & Riza. It makes sense why they can't officially marry. But of course that doesn't mean they are not an item.
A Pierrot's Aria
I've got mine and have started scanning it in. happy.gif (They won't be the best scans in the world --but you'll get to see what's in it, right? xD;) There really isn't a whole lot of new stuff, the image with Roy and Riza IS in it! I looked through it 3 times and must have skimmed over it...It has a lot of the calendar images and volume covers. There's about two pages of a "cow-shed" diary type thing at the end of the book.

I'll update this post with an album when I've finished. I may have to take a break in between to pick up another package, though. I was expecting another one besides this, and while this got past customs free of charge...I just got a notice to say the other didn't!! xDxD So I'll be going to pick that up and pay for it soon. (Just letting people know in case they notice a stop in updates LOL)

ETA: Done...Although, I didn't scan the pictures that spanned across two pages --except one, which was the one of Ed and Al mentioned above -- this is because they're really awkwardly placed in the book and therefore they were difficult to scan (without totally wrecking my book...which I don't really want to do....) >< I'm really sorry about that. Luckily, the one of Ed and Al was near the end, so the spine of the book was flatter. I'm really sorry about this, but I assure you that there was nothing new on these pages --they were images such as the covers for volume 23 and 13 etc and some other colour pages that have popped up now and then. I will go back at some point and try to get a decent scan of them, though.

Also, sorry for the mix up at first...I seriously didn't see the picture of Roy and Riza until I came to scanning it, so I thought it wasn't in the book to begin with! laugh.gif So I apologise if I almost gave members/guests who are Royai fans a scare! xD

The following images DON'T contain end of series spoilers. [Artbook 3 Album 1]

Warning! The following images DO contain end of series spoilers. [Artbook 3 Album 2]

And finally, these are the two pages at the end featuring our beloved Arakawa-cow. happy.gif

Sorry these aren't super duper HQ scans, though...But I think they'll do for now, right? happy.gif;; If there's an image with unreadable Japanese text, just let me know and I'll try to make a clearer scan.

Now to rest my aching shoulders and wrist. laugh.gif
Thanks for scanning the whole book, A Pierrot’s Aria, you’re awesome! biggrin.gif
All images are great, I wish I could get this artbook too!

And know we have an official source that Arakawa’s comment about Roy and Riza is true!! I’m so happy now! wub.gif
GREAT THANKS TO A Pierrot’s Aria!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm sooo happy to see the pictures!!!!
Thanks a lot!!!!

Can I share a part of scan to baidu? : ) thanks!~
A Pierrot's Aria
No worries you guys! happy.gif

And sure thing, hilary. smile.gif

Hope everyone is enjoying the images --they're really brilliant! A pleasure to look at! happy.gif
Thanks a bunch, A Pierrot's Aria!! ^^

This has trully made my day XD

Edit: Arakawa talks about her kid!!! ^^ That is sooo cute!! lol
a pierrot's aria!! thank you!! i´m so happy
I wish to have the artbook in my hands!
A thousand hugs to A Pierrot's Aria! Thank you!! happy.gif

Yes, I will come back and translate that "Arakawa baby" comic as soon as possible. ^^
Thanks for the scans A Pierrot's Aria

Would anyone be able to translate some of Arakawa's more interesting comments about any of the pictures? I don't actually know what the more interesting comments are since I can't read any of them. I would leave that up to the translator. smile.gif

edit: They did leave out some artwork I was disappointed about such as

* The B&W exclusive Animate Pictures
* The Art Arakawa did for the film (such as that picture of them all in school)
* A picture Arakawa did of literally every character

But all in all it is an excellent art book with a lot of great images included.
@Kirara - As soon as I get the chance I will check all the posted pics with the comments, and try to translate some of them. happy.gif (I've been maddeningly busy today.)
...Or, if anyone would like to take some shots at translating Arakawa-sesnsei's comments, please go ahead and do! ^^
Thanks Tombow I appreciate it wub.gif

^ You're very welcome! ^^ By far, the hardest job must have been scanning all these pages, and compare to all the work A Pierrot's Aria has kindly done scanning them, this is much easier ^^ (Except, with my slow computer it takes forever to check all the pics XD)

Update: Checked about the half of the scanned pics so far. So far nothing that reveals any important additional info about the character, or Arakawa-sensei's thoughts on FMA, etc (...except that Roy & Riza pic, of course. xp)

Oh wait...except one on Ed (Warning! Series Final Spoiler! --->) on this one
She says she thinks Ed is purposely getting struck by Winry's wrench... (note: i.e With Ed's athletic ability he can probably easily dodge Winry's wrench, yet Arakawa thinks he is intentionally NOT dodging getting struck by it. smile.gif)

...I will come back and continue checking later. ^^ After checking all, I can probably go ahead and translate them anyway, although most of them really don't have much substance....
Imageshack gives me errors,what's the problem sad.gif

@FirstMoon - I just checked, and the links are working fine for me (aside from taking a long time to load the pages, but that's because of my slow computer. xp)
What kind of "error" are you getting? unsure.gif Could you be little more specific? Any error message you see? If so, what does it say? Please let us know. smile.gif ~ Tombow
A Pierrot's Aria
@Tombow Ahaha...Ed must really enjoy getting whacked...the masochist! tongue.gif Heheh, and yeah, I think I have repetitive scanning-strain disorder in my shoulders and wrist. laugh.gif

@FirstMoon It's still working fine for me...

In general, is there anything I can do --such as resizing images or uploading them somewhere else -- to make viewing them easier/faster for people? happy.gif
Kaori Ayanami
Could you please, please, please rescan at a higher resolution the Ed and Roy-Riza captions? I'd be very grateful for that!

You mean just the captions? And which Ed caption do you mean? happy.gif Again...sorry these aren't HQ...I just wanted to let people have the chance to see what's in the book... ><
- A Pierrot's Aria

Yes, just the captions. As for Eds', I mean the one in this scan:
Don't be sorry! You made us happy!

So far all the comments are very legible for me, as long as I make sure to click on the pic after being loaded to enlarge to the larger size. I think having standard font for the comment is helping. ^^

Although, I kind of miss having Arakawa-sensei's hand-written comments with the Arakawa-cow. I was hoping that would be the case for this artbook also. Having standard font makes it feels a bit sterilized. sad.gif

OT: About the comment on Ed... I think it's more of Ed yielding to chivalry and letting Winry win (and I think that's what Atrakawa-sensei is saying with that comment ^^) sort of similar to Geed not fighting women... but then I'd have loved having Greed fighting Olivier.... but that's another discussion for some other thread. XP
A Pierrot's Aria
^Yeah, I thought they looked clear as well, when you click on the image to zoom it up...Although, I did notice that my scanner absolutely massacred the comment on the image with Ed and the squirrels, so I'll update that one with a better scan. laugh.gif

@Kaori Ayanami But I'll still do those caption scans for you ASAP, if you'd still like. happy.gif

OT: @Tombow Aaaaaw that's really sweet. wub.gif And thank you for translating that caption! hug.gif
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