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Full Version: FMA:B Theme Song Remixes, etc.
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A friend sent me a remix of "Again" which she stumbled across on YouTube and I promptly discovered that there were in fact five FMA:B songs spread across three albums of anime theme song remixes called the "Exit Trance" series.

"Again" Remix

"Ray of Light" Remix

"Shunkan Sentimental" Remix

"Hologram" Remix

"Golden Time Lover" Remix

I downloaded both of these albums in full and there are also some other decent remixes of songs from Bleach, Soul Eater, Blood+, etc., if anyone is interested.

I also recently discovered that the album version of Miho Fukuhara's "Let it Out" is slightly different than the single version. The album version uses all acoustic guitar and no electric guitar. I can't seem to find it on YouTube, but I have the album and could try to send it to anyone who wanted it. Or I could try uploading it to YouTube myself, I guess!

This all got me thinking, since we are already planning an FMA Info Shrine, might I suggest adding a category devoted strictly to music, both the music heard within the actual series and any and all "Official" remakes or remixes?

That is, I have gradually discovered different variations on songs scattered throughout these forums and other sources, but nowhere have I seen a straightforward encyclopedia of all FMA songs (from BOTH animes). Wouldn't it be nice if we had a thorough list in one place; a list of all songs, where they came from, and where they can be found now?

For example, there are remixes/remakes of "To the Other Side of the Door" sung by both Romi Park and Yellow Generation and a remix of Nana Kitade's "Kesenai Tsumi" which she calls the "I Scream" version. I've seen the former discussed in the music section of the FMA1 forum, but not the Nana remix. Did you all know about it? ;D There's also an instrumental version of it called the Raw "Breath" version.

I've also heard that there is a Thai version of "Motherland." Anyone know anything about it? I've heard the Cantonese version of "Melissa," but can't find a good mp3. Help?

Sorry if that's getting off-topic! But can you see what I mean? I kind of want to make a list like this that anyone could point to for info on finding both well-known and obscure FMA songs, but don't know where to post it. There's no music section in the FMA Info Shrine (yet) and if I were to post a full list in the Brotherhood forums, the FMA1 songs would be out of place. And vice versa. I also feel like anything I post in the FMA1 forums won't be seen since few folks visit that section nowadays. But I'd like to see all FMA songs together, then organized and explained.

What think ye? happy.gif
Nice remixes!! Thank you! biggrin.gif
I found another one! This is from the 10th Exit Trance album. smile.gif I'll edit it into my first post too!

"Golden Time Lover"

On a related note, I have posted my brief Master List to all FMA1 music in the FMA1 Music Forum. It's basically for anyone looking for quick info and/or a link on everything that exists.

I may make a list like this for Brotherhood as well at some point. Unless someone else does it first. wink.gif
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