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Full Version: Sterilise drug addicts for 200 or $300
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Some American Charity has been growing in presence in the UK called Project Prevention. Their general idea is to pay drugs addicts 200 or $300 to undergo sterilisation.
You could argue that it's all well and good, no one is being forced into anything but I don't think drugs addicts are really going to turn down any money offered to them even if it entails making a really bad choice. It's like offering a 5 year old candy in exchange for any money they earn in the future. They aren't capable of making that choice and more than likely don't grasp the consequences.

What do you guys think of this? Is it right to exploit addicts who are not of sound mind into life altering choices?
I've been lurking for a while now but I need to respond to this. Paying addicts to get sterilized? It's disgusting.

I'm not saying drug addicts should go out and have medically ill babies, but instead of giving them money to take away their childbearing ability why not invest that money into prevention services? Resources for pregnant addicts? Methadone clinics? Support groups? More detox beds?

Seriously, what is giving a drug addict $300 dollars to get sterilized going to achieve in the long run for the addict? Let's be real, without any sort of support or counseling they're probably going to use that money to feed their addiction, especially after being told that they are such degenerates that they now are getting PAID not to breed. How is that going to affect their sense of self worth? It's spurring a vicious cycle of worthlessness, hopelessness, and self medication. It's taking away one of the deterrences for having high risk sex and thus addicts may be more likely to engage in high risk sexual behavior, resulting in more STDs (and also feeding into low self esteem treated by addiction).

If this woman wants to reduce the amount of babies born to addicts she should focus her efforts on recovery and rehabilitation services. Give them hope that if they get their lives together and are proactive in maintaining their wellness they might be able to get to the point where they can be responsible and raise a family.

I understand that this woman is upset and I think her heart is in the right place but in my opinion she is going at it from ALL the wrong angles.
Let me play devils advocate here. The following is my NOT own personal opinion, but simply what could be used as a counter argument.

The sad truth is that some women have children to get money. This isn't confined just to addicts, but if they get money to look after the children who is to say they actually spend it on childcare? Even if they don't wish to do that, their addiction may overrule sense and logic and with cash in hand they will spend it on their next fix.

It is also a cheaper alternative to what Aribelle suggested. You may also provide these services but you have to rely on the addict to make the effort. Once sterilized, it's over and done with, one off payment and no chance of "no show". Yes this is putting it harshly, but remember this is just counter argument, not my opinion.

Another large aspect of addiction is prostitution, which can also lead to rape. Is it healthier for a woman for have 10 abortions, or be sterilized? Pregnancy takes it's toll on a woman's body from day one, and if she is weakened by her addiction she herself is at risk as well as the child. Therefore sterilization is for the benefit of the women herself as much as anything else.

My own personal feeling is much the same as the previous two. You can't dangle money in front of an addict and expect them to make a sound, logical, life-changing decision. Even if they have to speak to a counsellor a few times about it or attend meetings, as Aribelle said it is like resigning themselves to a life as an addict forever more.
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