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Okay, I was messing around on YouTube 'cause I was bored, and I stumbled across these gems.

(Listed in order of epicness:)

Ready, Steady, Go

Tobira No Mukou
Kensenai Tsumi
I Will

I instantly fell in love with these renditions of the OP/ED themes and nearly went crazy trying to figure out where they came from. I did some more digging, and apparently, there's an official FMA album with these instrumentals of all the old TV theme songs.

Did anyone else know about these? 'Cause I had NO idea they existed and it makes me mad because THESE ARE SO FREAKIN' AMAZING. I've never been really impressed with the OPs and EDs for the first series (except for "Rewrite", which we can all agree is awesome). But these tracks have put a whole new spin on them and now I've finally found a way to love them. Wow.

Brotherhood may pwn FMA plot-wise, but it can never hold a candle to any of its gorgeous, moving, heartfelt orchestral music IMO...whether it's this, or the OST itself.
A Pierrot's Aria
Aaaaah, yeah, I saw this album on CDJapan...I just thought it was Karaoke Instrumentals, but hey, they sound pretty good. biggrin.gif

Some do kinda sound like BGMs from games like Final Fantasy and other such games. Haha! (Not that it's a bad thing. tongue.gif)

As for the OSTs, I like them both- there are tracks that I love and those that I don't from both series. laugh.gif Both have at least one track that can bring me to tears, though. xD

I don't suppose there's any sheet music for this, huh? sad.gif especially Tobira no Mukou he
All the tracks on this CD are great! I never really liked the first opening but I really enjoy this intrumental version. It has a nice jazzy feel with the cello parts. I actually own this CD. The comic shop near where I live had this CD in thier clearance bin so I picked it up and fell in love with the whole thing. So it was a real lucky find! smile.gif
Misty- Nala
It sounds good. My favourites are Rewrite ( the one opening I never liked that much) and Motherland ( the one ending I never liked that much). Very well played but I never really caught the melody in Tobira No mukou E. The worst one, in my opinion, was Melissa, my favourite opening from the first series. The strings version wasn't able to portray the power and rapidness of the original version.

But this is a nice addition to a collection.
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