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Full Version: Original-Art/Illustration book for FMA:B!! (Collection of original illustrations for FMA:B by Arakawa, etc.)
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Didn't know where to put it... Scrolled the first pages of topics but didn't find a topic about artbooks so I put it there...
Here it comes !

FMA Artbook 3 is coming out on November 22, 2010! biggrin.gif

I've found only this as info so here's a translation :
FMA's third artbook will be released about the same time as the 27st volume, about november the 22nd. It will cost 2800 yens (almost twice most expensive than first and second, so we must think the number of pages will be twice more of).
Thank you! As I suspected, there will be a lot artworks to put in.
Oh, YES. *___* I was waiting for it for so long ;_______; I'm so happy ;_; Surely it will be full of pieces of art, since is a long time she doesn't do an artbook. T_T <3 *happy nacchan is happy*
I think I found the artbook on
FMA artbook 3 pre-order on

It comes out on the same day as Vol. 27 (Nov. 22), so I think we can say that it's official now. happy.gif
^ Thanks tons, Michiyo-!! (Have I told you recently how awesome you are! happy.gif)

And, thank you so much, CutEowyn for bringing in this awesome news! hug.gif

Making this into a new thread in FMA manga forum. smile.gif
That is actually my birthday! AWESOME! biggrin.gif I can't wait!
I'd been hoping for a third artbook! This is great biggrin.gif
I'm so excited to see this has been confirmed!!! I was hoping there'd be a third one! Sadly, I'll have to wait for it to come to America, though...I just can't do without Arakawa's comments! I need the finished piece...
I need to have money for this + volume 27 *_________* <33
YESSSS!!! I've always wanted another manga art book to add to my collection happy.gif

Arakawa is such a lovely artist
Yay! laugh.gif Its nice to to know that there will be another Fullmetal Artbook that I can add to my collection! Maybe I'll spring for a japanese version when its ready to order. It probably be a long while before this makes it here in as an english version (assuming this would be picked up in the later future...)
I was reading the title and the description, and I suddendly had a doubt. Why it talks about "animation"? ;_; I want a manga artbook, not an anime one.T_T Someone could read the description and confirm that I'm wrong?;_;
I also saw that has added more info about the artbook. Now it says TV animation illustrations, so it looks like we won't get another manga artbook. sad.gif
The description says something about storyboards and it also mentions Bones.
I've been waiting for this artbook for a long time!!!
100% I am going to buy this artbook and manga 27 on22nd November !!!
Hope this artbook will sell in hong kong at that time~/w\
QUOTE (Nacchan @ Oct 18 2010, 08:25 AM) *
I was reading the title and the description, and I suddendly had a doubt. Why it talks about "animation"? ;_; I want a manga artbook, not an anime one.T_T Someone could read the description and confirm that I'm wrong?;_;

@Nacchan - Thank you for the new info! ohmy.gif I went to check, and yes the newly added description for the book at (the book is now also listed at Japan's Square Enix site,,, etc. with brief descriptions) now says:

TVアニメーション 「鋼の錬金術師 FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST」 原画集 [大型本], スクウェア・エニックス (編集)
Meaning, it's a collection of original illustrations for TV animation 鋼の錬金術師 FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST (i.e FMA:Brotherhood) and the book is B5 size (according to the book description at Square and edited by Square Enix.

I assume "original illustrations" in the book description means/includes 設定 (settei) done by Arakawa-sensei for the animation designers, like this: (this one, just as an example of what "settei" looks like, was for Rose for the FMA-1, and it includes Arakawa-sensei's little notes saying "different hair colors" etc.) from which they decided animation designs for FMA:Brotherhood anime.
(the book description at site for this book clearly says it's a Settei collection ^^)

The book description at Square also says it also includes comments from Mr. Irie (director of FMA anime), an article by Ms. Nakagawa (FMA:B animation designer, I think ^^) explaining how animators take original "Settei" illustrations and turn them into original anime designs, as well as original FMA: Brotherhood anime color illustrations, etc.

So... this one is probably not a manga artbook, but the collection of original art/illustrations for FMA:Brotherhood anime that contains original Settei drawings/illustrations done by Arakawa-sensei/Ushigoya studio for FMA:B anime. smile.gif

- A little disappointment that it's not FMA manga art book, but I love reading/viewing Arakawa-sensei's original illustrations, so I'm still looking forward to reading/viewing this book. ^^ (And, still hoping that we'll see another FMA manga artbook in the future.) smile.gif

Edited the thread title accordingly. ^^
A Pierrot's Aria
I'm not really bothered that it's not a manga artbook, I still definitely want to get this. biggrin.gif I think an anime one would be quite nice to see.
So bad, I wanted a manga artbook. Maybe the manga one will be released one day (so beautiful volume 14 cover snirfl...).
Anyway I'll get one eye on that illustration book. Arakawa's art is always nice.
An anime artbook? Well, I would've liked a manga one... But this is good too.

I've found the cover!!!! tongue.gif

Thank you, hilary!! biggrin.gif

Wow, Red, Gold, & Black! Very dramatic color scheme! ^^
Oh, wow. That looks great! Thanks, hilary!
Kale Mustang
Looks quite nice. I'll probably order it through Kinokuniya as it should arrive the same day as when they get vol. 27 (which is usually the same release day here as it is in Japan).
thanks for the info!! oooow. gonna buy this!!!
the artworks won't be the same as the postcard book's right?
Another great thing to have ;D
I think I'll be buying this biggrin.gif I love animation art!
I was SO waiting for this! I'm so happy that it's finally official. (Some time I feared there wouldn't be one...)
It's as good as bought.
Although I wish for a manga artbook a tiny tad more.. :<
However, I'm positive that there will be one. I believe there's much work involved in an artbook, and considering it'll contain artwork from about 5 years...
<Program Note>

QUOTE (hilary @ Nov 10 2010, 07:44 AM) *

Thank you so much for the news, hilary!!! happy.gif

Since this is a different book/magazine, I moved this post to a new thread: New Special Edition Magazine for FMA & Arakawa, commemorating the conclusion of FMA manga! (...for now I made it as a new thread, but will probably merge to other thread later, possibly to "FMA publications" thread, or "FMA news around the web" thread. ^^)

Please post reply to this news on the new thread. ^^
I love the sketchy artwork they had in the CD booklets so am hoping this book has that sort of thing inside as well as on the cover. Looks wonderful.

I've bought the original artbook of FA few hours ago!!!!!!!!!!!

I've uploaded some pictures of it : )

Hope you all enjoy it!!!!!XDD
QUOTE (hilary @ Nov 19 2010, 10:14 AM) *
... I've bought the original artbook of FA few hours ago!!!!!!!!!!!

I've uploaded some pictures of it : )

Hope you all enjoy it!!!!!XDD

Thank you so much, hilary!!! happy.gif

The drawings look great!! ^^
And, Mr. Irie and Ms. Nakagawa in that pic look like kids quite young. XDD

Re-posting the scans: ---> see A Pierrot's Aria's post next page for scans. smile.gif

Thanks for sharing the pics, hilary! ^^

The drawings are great, I like the storyboard ones, where they show how the scenes were made.
Thank hilary for thr pics
they are very good
Thanks so much for the pictures, hilary! They're awesome!
Oh wow! So much pencil art in this!! I can't wait to get a hold of this one, it looks really great! =) I love pencil work. <33333
A Pierrot's Aria
Here are the images of the Brotherhood Original art/illustration book, courtesy of hilary, re-uploaded. happy.gif

A Pierrot's Aria
<Double posting with justice... approved by board.>

A Pierrot's Aria
<Double posting with justice... approved by board.>

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