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The Elric brothers are off to central city to become dogs of the military, so that they can find out how to create the philosopher stone to get their bodies back.

1. Be literal
2. Be in character when playing a canon
3. No god-modding (being all powerful, controlling other characters etc.)
4. "First come first served" for canon characters.
5. Don't ask "can I join?" or "Is this RP still accepting players?" etc. Just join.
6. When entering the RP with an OC, please make sure to provide us with the information on the following fields:
Extra Info:
(additional information, e.g. history, family, dislikes)



Alphonse Elric
Edward Elric
Roy Mustang

Rai (doesn't have a last name)
Lunar Crescent

BTW, I play Alphonse Elric.
This is my O.C. character. I play my own character.

Name: Rai
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Job/Status: Wondering alchemist
Looks/Appearance: hair:Long Brunette, eyes: Dark Blue, skin:Light brown, build:Skinny, Wears:Long White dress, little hat
Personality: Happy go lucky but has random mood swings and will kill you if you annoy her enough
Extra Info: No family, just wanders looking around and trying to help people

((@EdokunEdo -Canon means an established character in the original FMA storyline. Your char is what is called an Original Character, or "OC."))

ROLE PLAYER: LunarCrescent45
NAME: Lunar Crescent
AGE: 14
GENDER: Female
PERSONALITY: Can be Stuben or can be Happy in a Click of a finger (Mood swings lol icon_whee.gif )
HISTORY: Trained by Teacher Done Human Transmutation on older bro with dad (he sacrificed himself) lost dad and and leg Scar blew up arm
SPECIAL: Right Arm-Left Leg(just above Knee)-Automail Over Left Eye-Crescent shape Scar Half isvalian-Red eyes, White Skin-Blood is a philosopher stone Lived In Xing and trained in the way of An Xing warrior Know Ed, Al And Winry(made my Automail) Has No family left(most died in Isvsalian War)
EXTRA: Alchemy-State Alchemist-Avalanche Alchemist

here is what Lunar looks like
((Attention to all new RP'ers, if your charcter is OC, please make sure to provide us with all the required fields of info. Thank you.))
ok sorry im new to these things and dont know what the hell im doing
i just edited my post, is that what info i had to fill in?

((@EdokunEdo - No problem! Thank you for filling in the info. :) ~ Board Staff))
I've never role-played before, but this sounds like fun and I'd love to try playing Edward Elric! (Even though I'm a girl...but I know his character pretty well, lol.) biggrin.gif

Question: How long does the game go on for? And what happens when a person drops out? (Not that I'm planning to drop out anytime soon, but you never know when life will get in the way and I don't want to cause any train wrecks. Just trying to think ahead, here...)
Ooh, this sounds fun. biggrin.gif I've roleplayed before, but not on this board.
And nuuuuu, I wanted to be Al. ;^;
Could I be Roy Mustang? :3?
Okay! Both accepted of course.

Usually when people get busy they take longer to reply. In that case all we can do is wait.

Nonetheless, if someone is aware that they are holding up the RP with 1 post every 3 weeks and they're ready to give up their canon or step out of the RP momentarily that's always an option.
Just wondering, when is this RP starting? :3
I guess we have enough people now to start.

Alphonse sat next to his brother in the train to Central City.
He wasn't exactly at ease though, ever since they stepped inside he felt as if others were watching him. He was looking down at his metal body for a while until he felt that someone was watching him. Looking up he saw a little girl hanging on the back of her seat, her big eyes staring at him curiously. Seeing the smile on her face caused Alphonse to blush and wave at her. It comforted him a lot to receive a reaction like that from someone, for he thought his appearance to be highly intimidating to others. His brief moment of comfort soon ended though, for the mother sitting next to the girl pulled her back to her seat, warning her that it's rude to stare at strangers.

Wanting to get his mind off things he spoke up to his brother who was staring out the window "Ne, Ed.. What do you think Central City will be like?"
Mustang sat at his desk, staring listlessly at the stack of papers in front of him. He'd managed to put off doing them for a whole day now, and even Hawkeye was starting to lose her patience. So far he had cleaned the windows, bought milk, fed Black Hayate, sewed up a hole in his coat, went for a walk, and straightened the stack of papers into a nice neat pile, among a variety of other things he'd come up with to keep himself from having to do the papers, still sitting ominously on his now dusted and organized desk. Sighing, he reluctantly picked up one of the papers, glancing it over a few times. A train schedule. Awesome. His eyes skimmed over it, barely even reading the fine printed words. Suddenly, he sat up straighter in his seat, calling Hawkeye over to his desk as he got out of his chair and wrapped his coat around his shoulders, awkwardly trying to force his arms through the armholes.
"What is it now, sir?" she said, her eyes darting to the pile of papers on his desk, still untouched. "Did you come up with another way to put off doing your work?"
"No." huffed Roy, buttoning up his coat and jamming his hands into his pockets, pulling out a crumpled piece of paper from one, looking it over, and then tossing it into the trash. "This is a real reason, actually. The Elric brothers are on a train heading to Central as we speak. "
"And we... need to meet them at the train station?"
"No. Well yes, I suppose that would be nice. But, there's another passenger onboard that might catch your attention." He proudly lifted up the train schedule to the woman's face, his gloved finger pointing to a neatly printed name.

edit: oops. didn't mean to hit "add post." Uhhhh, here's a special preview of this RP post. >> now ignore this until I finish it.
((oookay, first post. XD I hope I'm getting the story/setting/whatever right. Just tell me if there's anything i need to change?))
Rai looked around the train nervously, all the people either had their head down in a central times magazine or were sleeping on the long journey to central. She pulled her knees up to her chest and sighed, she hadnt rode the train by herself before and usually went with her friend. She fiddled with the ends of her dress, sticking her fingers into the holes in the end from countless chases with things, good and bad. "Should i really go fo the state alchemy exam?" she wondered as she stopped fiddling with the ends of the dress and started to retie the ropes which tied her dress to the ankles. "If i go and get in i can gain limitless alchemy information, but also ill be called a dog of the military and maybe sent to war". This thought troubled her more than anything as she had set out to help people. "Could i really do it? could i really kill someone?" she shook the thought out of her head and tried to think of something else. She tried to relax her nerves by thinking of alchemy equations to which she pulled out a notebook and started to write.

(okay, 1st roleplay post ever, hope this is actually a proper one, its a little weird writing a story:))
Lunar Crescent was aslo on the train to become a State Alchemist. she was worried that everyone was staring at her becuse she really stood out with her long Aqua hair and Mini Skirt (i couldnt help myself). She looked round seeing Rai, Ed Al(of cause she dosent know them), But She had heard of the story about the two Brothers, One with a right and left leg made out of automail like herself, and one in a suit of armor, she heard it from Pinako and Winry. "*sigh* trains are so boring" she whispered
Shane Freeman kept to him self as people stared at his black with red high light hair, he stared softly through da window from one of the seats in da back of the train. He then tighten one of the bolts one his automail on his left arm, he sighed "if only i hadn't done human transformation....maybe they would still be with me.." he whisperd to him self. (sorry if im not good at this)
((Nah kaname thats a good start biggrin.gif and since Edo's not here ill go again))

Rai looked up and down the train, notepad still in hand. "I dont wanna go to central alone..." She whispered to herself as she tried to comfort herself. She got off her seat and walked into the next carriage which was a bit more empty than hers. She looked up and down the carriage until she spotted Lunar. "Lunar!" she called out as she ran up to her and gave her a hug. "I missed you" she said as she sat down next to her. Rai looked around again now on her seat, she saw a young man with red and black hair sitting, staring out of the window. She also saw a suit of armour sitting in one of the chairs. "Hmmm, thats strange i havent seen that before..." she trailed off as she flicked back through her notebook and read intently, she pulled out a Alchemy book to cross reference things from her notes. "Yo Lunar, do you think he..."
A brief yawn fell over me, i took out my notes and started to study.i wrote down a few things then put it away i then took a book out and read, to free me from boredom.

"Oh Rai how are you, its been really long hasn't it, Im thinking of joining the state Military, Hm What are You looking at, oh i have one too*pulls out different Alchemy Book a reads it* Lunar just noticed that the book has the snake and the cross on it, "hey look at this symbol"
Rai looked at what lunar was pointing at. "Yeah thats interesting" She said as she stood up. She walked passed Lunar to Alphonse. "Hello, would you happen to be Alphonse?" Asked Rai as she put her notebook away. She turned to see Ed and waved.
"oh i didnt notics you they, the fact that his so short and that hi laying down, but still how did i miss you Al, i heard about you from Winry ^^, shes a bit scary though" Lunar said as she walled over they
As i lay down my book i noticed lunar and Rai talking to the Alphonses, i heard many stories about them but never have i thought i have done the same thing they had done, i looked at my arm and legs. "im more robot than human" i whispered to my self.
Rai stepped to the side as she felt the gaze of the person behind her. "Hey there" she said as she turned around and walked toward the man on the train. She looked down at his automail. "See you've had hard times too" she said as she picked it up and examined it, hmmm you have a good engineer she said as she handed him some oil. She walked back over to Lunar and poked her.
*Scruffs up Rais Hair* you don't have ta be so nice you know, i mean your a scary girl so, *looks at her dads pocket watch(it was in her pocket)* anyway what have ya been up ta Rai, i mean alot of years have past since we last met
Rai smoothed out her hair "Y'know being scary and all" She finally got her hair fine when she poked Lunar again. "Um Mr Alphonse? Are you heading to Central with Mr Edward?" Rai asked as she pointed at Ed.

((Can we get someone to step in as Ed and can the old people come on bac heere to advance the plot?))
I put the oil away "she is nice, even to a stranger like me...maybe i'll try to make it up to her after i past the state test" i thought to my self. I stood and streatch, then sat back down "its gona be tough being the military dog" i said to myself,"maybe the training i put myself through will pay off" after runing my right hand through my hair i lean back and relaxed.

(i don't think im good to be ed)
(Gah, I totally forgot about this. Bad, Dearheart, BAD.) *repeatedly bangs head against nonexistant wall* SO sorry, everyone!! >.<


The familiar rhythm of wheels against train-track lulled Edward once again into a comfortable doze. Images and sounds that were half-dream and half-memory danced around the edges of his mind...

The rolling hills and endless sky of Resembool. The tiny whirs, clicks and creaks of new automail limbs. Winry's caring, teasing laugh as she guided him by the hand and helped him relearn how to walk. Roy Mustang's dark eyes boring into his, daring him to succeed. Al's hulking armored body, bending down to gently scratch Den behind the ears.

Al's voice, calling to him: "Brother?"

Again, more desperately: "Brother!"

And again, with cries that cut into his very soul: "Brother, please! Help me! Fix me! Don't leave me like this!"


Edward jolted awake, heart hammering in his chest, and saw Al sitting across from him - metal figure tensed, empty eyeholes glowing bright and anxious at him, silently asking if he was alright. Ed managed a shaky half-smile and gave his not-so-little brother a reassuring nod. Nightmares were not something new to him.

"Just a stupid dream. Nothing big; don't worry." He briefly closed his eyes again and sighed, taking comfort in the firm, solid seat beneath him...and suddenly a shrill whistle pierced the silence and he could feel the train screeching to a halt. He turned to look out the window, and renewed hope leaped within him.

"We're here!" Grinning, he jumped to his feet. "C'mon, Al. That exam won't pass itself!"
As i seen the train start to stop i stood and picked my stuff up and looked out the window' "well time to pass that exam" i said to myself as i wait for the train to stop. I gave a breif glance around to see what other's were doing.
Lunar Did the Same, Rai ya coming ^^, she said followed out after ed (Lunars about the same size and age as Ed, also do you wont me to do Al for now since the real roleplayer isnt reasponding)
*sigh* Lunar walked to Central (um we have a prob, we dont have a Roy roleplayer, what should we do, i mean we probley gonna need Roy Soon)
(hang on! we cant leave the train Bald was on the train!)
Rai walked out of the train with the rest, she looked around central "Long time eh lunar" she said with a smile, she turned to face Ed and Al and Shane. "where are you guys going? Me and Lunar are afte state alchemist exams" She said as she linked arms with Lunar.
(Yeah, but with already left so now what)

I thinks its this way, i went here when i was little so my Dad could become a State Alchemist, He Was known As The Crescent Alchemist (i came up with that on the spot so dont complain)
Nature Path Alchemist
(sorry if i'm being intrusive, i'd just like to be part of an RP and messed up in melting pot)
Name: Reuel Reid
Job: Runs an unsuccessful alchemic pottery company in central, wants to swap career to be a state alchemist but has been too pressed money-wise
Looks/Appearance: reasonably tall, dark brown hair, wears somewhat ragged clothing and almost never wears shoes.
Personality: very friendly, maybe a bit too friendly, but is very righteous and protective. Very talkative, prone to rant.
Extra Info: lost his parents at an early age, lives alone and has to monitor the company almost constantly to make sure he gets customers, but is inspired to try out after several years. specializes in stone or other organic materials with his alchemy.

"Hey there, name's Reuel, be interested in a pot or too, specialized alchemic crafting!" The young man said aloud, "no better pots you'll find here, or anywhe- hey, were you just talking about state alchemist exams? I've been meaning to try that out for quite a while now, these pots are sure proof of it!" He beamed, showing off his creations. "Tell you what, I may not be the richest guy in town but I know my way around, how about I take you over there right now?" He seemed to be ignoring the bewildered groups reactions. "Yes? good, lets go!" Reuel cried with glee, more like a 12 year old mentally than what he appeared to be physically.
"um i never been in a city so i thought the state alchemist exams might be in central" i said with a confuse look on my face. I lift my bag over my shoulder and looked at Rai.
Rai looked at Shane "It'll be ok, im not good at these things either" She said as she tuned to face the newcomer. "Reuel was it? You can go for the exams if you really want but iv heard they are very difficult and to tell the truth i havent studied one bit" Rai mentioned as she scratched the back of her head. "So what type of work do you do Reuel?" Rai said as she leant in and inspected the pots, she took one off of Reuel and span it around. "This has a great deal of skill put into it" She said as she handed it back. "Well lead the way" Rai said as she followed Reuel and dragged Lunar by her ponytail.
*reading book* Rai what are you doing, its not nice to drag your friend you know, Stands up, hey Rueul, you make very nice pots *smiles*
Nature Path Alchemist
"only the best, my friend!" I replied (yes im changing to first person who really cares) "in the meantime, those exams are supposed to be run over at the military base or something, and apparently they have open trials once a year. Or was it month? Can't remember... Either way it's today they have open trials and we need to get over there now to beat the line, unless... oh never mind." I replied, eyeing a suspicious line of strange people from all over who had arrived on the train, now eagerly awaiting something, clambering into place now extending past my market stall.
"well that's a problem..."
I followed with my bag over my shoulder and looked around. "i wounder if many city are like this one" i thought to my self, "maybe i should get my automail upgraded".
Rai looked up and down the line "Anyone know whats going on?" She asked, still holding onto Lunar's ponytail, she turned to look at the others for any clue. "Im a bit stupid with these things" She said. A look of pain crossed her eyes as she clutched her chest.
Nature Path Alchemist
"hmm?" I looked over in a surprised manner, "something wrong, it can be a bit overwhelming first time here but- wait, CRAP OH MY GOD WE NEED A DOCTOR OVER HERE IS ANYONE A DOCTOR!!!!!................. ummm, help? there is a big problem over here, and it would be appreciated if we HAD. A. DOCTOR!" Over the bustle of the market, my yellls seemingly just broke through,but no response seemed to come. "sheesh, why do things like this always happen to me... ok what's wrong." the group stared at me. "what? seriously, so what if i know a bit of medicinal studies, I'm not an expert..." The group looked from me to Rai, then back. "oh, right, let's see what's wrong here, ummm... only know how to treat some things, don't really know how to tell what's wrong so... DOCTOR, WE NEED A DOCTOR!!!"
"maybe i can help, before i did my training i did medicinal studies so i might be usefull" i said puting my bag down. "tell me wats wrong and i'll see wat i can do"
Rai looked at Shane, and pointed at her chest, at the same time grabbing his hand and thrusting it onto her chest where her heart was. Shane leapt back. Rai nodded her head before speaking. "Um, i probably should tell everyone now" she said as she clapped her hands and drew them out to become corners of a rectangle over her chest. Everyones gaws dropped to the floor. "Yeah... I dont have a heart.... and i dont have blood in my veins..." she said still hiding a lot of pain. "Anyone have any sticks or anything easily transmutable?" she asked, hands still acting as a Xray. Lunar brought over some sticks that she found. Rai picked up the sticks in her hands, turning off the x ray transmutation and placed boh hands over the sticks, she drew both hands away from eachother to reveal a small figurine. Everyone peered in to see , it was a figurine with all of them in it. at the same time rai plucked a needle from her pocket and pricked her finger. Instead of blood seeping out, a yellow substance seeped out. "Its raw alchemic power" she said as she put the pin away. She moved her finger over the top of the figurine and as the drop of alchemy fell from her finger onto the figurine it exploded into a fully painted version. "Heh....." She nervously chuckled as everyone stared at her. "Why are you staring? I-Is it the heart thing!? Or the blood thing!? I swear its perfectly normal- I-I mean its not really perfectly normal but it is kinda" She said as she panicked at the attention being directed at her

Sorry if i god modded anyone at all im trying to encorporate everyone into my lines now
Nature Path Alchemist
"Oh, well don't we all have secrets, hmm? if you had such a problem, raw alchemy wouldn't be enough, large amounts of reactions going on nearby would deplete your power, and judging by the number of alchemists around right now you are going to need to try and stay away, at least until later when the alchemists leave, or you could use some expiremental auomail i heard about in the paper, something about an external heart pump. it's fairly light so patients recovering from heart diseases can walk around the hospital, but it might work as a solution in your case..." i continued to ramble about the technology, but nobody seemed to be listening past the artificial heart. "... so they ju- people stopped listening again, right?" *sigh*
Lunars hand was in her pocket, she was holdin something *pull out a Red stone* "*sigh* if you want you can use this, it my dads philoshper stone he got it from the military somehow, i don't need it, it just brings back bad memories" Lunar said as opened Rueul's hand and places it in the middle of his palm, then closes it shut, "dont be afraid (Lunar dosent know the seceret yet)
Nature Path Alchemist
"what would I want with this, I've learned earlier than most that were in the same position as me, and I now consider myself lucky. so many people seem to have attempted human transmutation, and I wanted too as well, it was because... oh never mind, I have reasons. the point is that I learned that there is no joy in having such great power as the philosopher's stone, and I have reasons to decline your offer," I stated, "if you want a Philosopher's stone given to someone else, give a proper reason or give it to someone else. It's the greed for this power that is the reason my parents are no longer here. I really don't want to talk about it. Come on Rai, let's get you awa from these other alchemists before you fall down again, I might not be able to carry you!" With that I received a firm whack to the head. "okay okay, just follow me and don't fall down, the hospital should be fine for this." The group followed me to the hospital building, and we walked in to find the reception fairly empty. I attempted to explain the case in a way that wouldn't give away any secrets, as the others moved on.
(sorry if i moved ahead too far, but this is a good setting for without the hustle and bustle, and maybe more detail and a chance to explain more about the lack of a heart EdokunEdo.)
"Oh...Ok"Lunar said as a tear rolled down her cheak "Huh,*wipes away tear *Follows you after putting stone back in her pocket*, "wow its not that busy here hey"
Rai followed Reuel to the hospital. She also moved over and hugged Lunar, half hug half "Carry me coz im tired". "Its ok you silly child" She said as she hugged Lunar. "Um, since we're all wrapped up in this well and good i think i need to explain what happens" She said. "Long story short i was in a alchemy accident and this is what happened" Rai said as she was dragged along. Rai noticed Lunar slumping and poked her in the back, a yellow light transfered from rais finger to Lunar's body. Lunar turned and smiled. "Thanks for the pick me up" she said
I followed holding my bag, "i guss i wasn't very usefull at all" i whisperd to myself. "i should get back to training wen i get a chance" i looked to the other's and still followed.
Lunar followed draging her feet, "Rai, wanna piggy back" Lunar said with a smile "im not tired and i know how much you like them"
Rai got off lunar before carrying her on her back, She walked over to shane with lunar on her back and handed Shane a vial of liquid. "Here, its a thanks for not crazily running away when i randomly grabbed your hand" She said as she showed it to him. Rai pulled the sleeve of fhsnes shirt up and tipped the liquid into the automail arm of his. "It'll work eventually, see its even working now" she said as she pointed to Shanes automail fingers, Sheane looked to see pink on the fingers. Rai grabbed his hnd again and put it against his face, Shane had shock run across his face, Rai nodded. "Its skin..." she said as she propped lunar up on her back. "Oh, guys if you want you can go ahead and take the alchemy exam, ill be cool on my own and ill figure out why i collapsed why you take it" Rai said. "I'll come towards the end to have my exam" She stated. Rai looked to everyone to see their jaws on the floor again. "Its the finger thing isnt it!? Its normal i swear it is!" she shouted, waving bouth her hands forwards abd backwards , keeping Lunar on her back with alchemy.
I stared at my fingers for a while "i-i i can did u make this" i muttered out still in shocked, for the first time in 8 years i felt normal. Now i really had to repay her for her kindness to someone she had barly met.
Nature Path Alchemist
"Restoring limbs from automail, losing your heart and being run by raw alchemic power, as you put it..." Suddenly serious I went right up to Rai, "I need to know exactly what happened, how did you lose your heart, I need every detail. This could change everything. also, have you ever used or seen Alkahestry, the alchemy of the east. something is seriously wrong here, and I need to know the details. I researched the stone before, but stopped after I learned about the price of human transmutation. I knew enough to make a few theories, I need to know all the details. Something is seriously wrong with you, beyond the obvious."
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