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Full Version: FMA RP - The beginning of a Journey
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Rai stopped walking. "Uh.... I think we could possibly, slightly maybe... be super massively lost" Rai said as she climbed a tree to see whee they were. She slowly climbed up. She put her foot on a brach when it slipped and she fell. She landed on the back. "Never climbed a tree before, Very awkward" She said before pulling herself up. She brushed herself off and climbed back again. She reached the top when she called to Shane. "Look! Some random person left up a map and a compass" She said as she saw the note attached to it. She jumped down and read the note to Shane. "To my good friends, Take these and continue the two person adventure" she said. As she read aloud she heard a wall crack and crumble.

(Lets Break that fourth wall more and jump in the story! We'll wreak havoc)
(i say lets do it, this will be fun X3)

"hmmmm this sounds like fun I say we keep going forward" I hear the sound of the wall crack and crumble too and look around. I look for the source of the sound, "was it just me or did u hear that too Rai" as i said that a gust of wind pushes me forward a little, plus giving me shivers. "wow that was weird."
"I heard that wall crumbling too" Rai said before being tackled by a girl who jumped out of the shadows. "Who are you?" Rai asked casually on the floor. "Van, An author" The girl replied as she helped Rai up. Van wore Black trackpants and a yellow tshirt with a monster on it. She looked almost like Rai. "I came from that fourth wall" She said as she gave Rai a hug. "Whos author are you?" Rai asked puzzled, looking at Shane. Van just pointed at Rai. "Sweet! You make me be awesome!" Rai yelled happily as she began to dance with Van. Van turned back towards the fourth wall. "You coming? Or are you going to sit in the rubble?" Van called out to the wall.

(Breaking the fourth wall never seemed more fun biggrin.gif)
(hehehehehe i have to agree with u happy.gif )

A boy with sliver hair and neon green eyes, he wore faded grey shirt with tribal marks on it, and black jeans, but looked just like me. "You always have me in a hurry you know that Van" he said that in a normal calm voice, I stared at him and he stared right back. Finally asked "whats your name", he smiled little "my name is Dante, an author, before u ask, yes I'm your author."
Rai whispered something to Van and they both laughed. "Staring contest!" Van called out. Rai watched as Shane stared at Dante. Van got out a piece of paper and showed it to Rai. "Whats this?" she asked. "Fourth wall paper" Van replied. She began to write. "And.. then... Rai... Teleported...onto ... Van's..Shoulders" she said aloud as she wrote. suddenly Rai was on Van's Shoulders. "Woo!" Rai shouted as she landed on the shoulders. Van began to run over to Shane with Rai on her shoulders. "Shane! Look! Epicness right on my shoulders" She said, pointing to her shoulders. "Dante! Did you bring the fireworks? We got hell to raise in the town" Van said with a mischievous grin. Rai caught on to Rai's idea and began to grin also.
Dante held up two bags of fireworks, "I have all the ones you told me to bring Van plus extra." I laugh "hehehehe were gonna have a blast today, I hope we don't give anyone a heart attack."
Van laughed. "We give them a heart attack, we just write on the paper they gor better" She said as she handed Rai a bag of fireworks. "You know how these work" Van told her as she turned and faced town. "Now Dante, Shane, Shall we set off to wreak havoc and break more walls?" Van asked before walking off to the city.
We both grin in reply, "lets go have fun" Dante yells out loud. "but first" I said "aren't we lost, how do we find the town in the first place when were stuck her?", I thought about some way to get back to town.
Van pulled out her book and drew a map. "We are here, and town is here" She said pointing at two places on the map. "Which means towns that way!" Rai said as she ran toward the direction of town. Van followed. "Run you slow peoples! Im too lazy to draw a teleporter" Van said jokingly as she followed after Rai
We both smile and ran right behind Rai, and Van. Dante started drawing something, then a tribal mark appeared on my automail, "this will make your automail more lighter" he draws another for Rai.
Jimmy Urine
Name: Xioimara Dwyre
Gender: Female
Job: None. She's prefers to travel but will find small jobs for the military or around whatever town she winds up in, if needed.
Looks/Appearance: (Still my character HellKitten is just my username for another forum. >.>)
Personality: Xioimara is free-spirited, and quite a kick in the arse. She prefers to take the path less traveled. She is very clever and has great deductive reasoning. Xioimara is quiet but protective, at times.
Extra Info: Xioimara has a very slighlty related story to the Elric brothers. She lost her family when she was young, or rather ran off. She lived in an abusive household and decided it would be best to leave. She discovered alchemy around the age of ten.

Xioimara is known to do little missions for the military but mostly runs on her own unless they find a way to get in touch with her or find her. She is hard to track and follow. Xioimara is known to attack headstrong if someone gets in her way. She has the scars to prove it.

Xioimara created an alchemy that shifts and controls her own DNA. She is able to turn into a wolf, with luck.
Wolf Form-

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