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What do you Anime Series do you think are underrated, or disliked for stupid reasons?


- Paranoia Agent - This one is to deep for people to understand, really.

- Brotherhood - I don't get why people like the first Anime more, it was FULL of Plotholes. I think Brotherhood is much better, but the first series is good as it's own thing.

This next one isn't even an Anime, but...

- Avatar: The Last Airbender - Yes, the first season was cheesy, had bad jokes, but the story id great. Once you get into Book 2 and 3, everything is great. The Animation is wonderful, it's nice to go through the other Nations, TOPH IS GOD, And the characters really get mature.
Forsaken Love
I think Pandora Hearts is pretty underated, the first 4 eps are a bit slow, but when it gets going, omg its amazing, its my 2nd/3rd favourite manga/anime atm
i think one which might not have been heard of is Haibane Renmei, this is about haibane and is actually quite interesting
Little Washu
Earth Girl Arjuna (Chikyuu Shoujo Arjuna) ['Nuff said.] - Great series with such a surreal concept, beautiful, fluent animation, and one of the best stories out there

Kodocha (Kodomo No Omocha) - Like a frikkin' classic. I mean, more people should know about this that aren't 20+...

Android Kikaider - Like Cyborg 009. Just awesome. And yet no love :/

Ichigo Mashimaro - If you like Slice of Life... this takes the cake. The loli-loved strawberry shortcake.

And then there are others like Ninja Nonsense and Pani Poni Dash, but I wont get into that now...
How is Avatar remotely underrated? It's hugely popular... Same goes for One Piece.
Disliked for silly reasons, sure, but not underrated and every piece of media every has some people who dislike it for silly reasons so complaining about that is pointless.
You're right, they're not underrated, I was referring to the fact that they're disliked for silly reasons, like you said. Mistake on my part.
Good point from Popogeejo. And, for that matter, myslef, I'm not quite sure how to "qualify" any series to be "underrated." It seems that most of that is more or less depending on individual opinions. If there are any sort of definitive quantitative/qualitative measures that we can use to determine whether any given series is underarted, then I would love to hear/learn those. ^^

Short of that, I guess, any series that was deemed marketable enough in a large foreign audience pool such as U.S., and put on a main-stream animation media such as Cartoon Network/Adult Swim, or Nickelodion, etc., then IMO that series has been successful enough and hence maybe we can disqualify that one as "underrated"? In that sense, I agree with Popogeejo's and Maromi's self-assessment that all of the anime series listed on her first post: One Piece, Paranoia Agent, FMA:Brotherhood, & Avatar: The Last Airbender are probably considered to be successful enough of anime series to not qualify as "underrated," though granted that each series probably has detractors who may have some strong negative opinions on the series.

On the other hand, I'm not sure how far we can extrapolate this line of "measurement." For example, is any series considered successful enough to disqualify to be "underrated" if the series is officially subbed/dubbed and put on some official licensed distribution channels, say, HULU, or how about Crunchyroll, or AnimeNewsNetwork? Possibly... though I'm not quite sure.

Nonetheless, I would like to keep this topic open for a while longer, and see if we can get some more opinions from anime gurus/experts out there (in addition to Little Washu's opinion/assessments above.) smile.gif
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