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Full Version: The Admiration Thread
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Well, hopefully the title explains what this thread is about.
This is where you can admire or post a little message to other forumers, or anyone, I guess. But if you want to admire your friend Bob, then obviously no one else on here is going to know who you're talking about.

For example:

-insertnamehere- is pretty awesome. biggrin.gif

It's can just be as simple as that. smile.gif

There's a thread like this on another forum that I go on, where I got the idea, but it is much smaller than this forum, so I'm not really sure how this is going to turn out.
Also, mods, if there's anything wrong with this thread, then please tell me.
ETA: Moved the thread to Spam Central forum. smile.gif


Please carry on and add your compliment/admiration posts. biggrin.gif
So I just found the "Edwin 100 themes" that Tobu Ishi wrote. She may not have posted here since 2008, but wow... she's really an amazing writer. I'm loving reading 100 themes. :3
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