It seems some people are having trouble getting validated (it's caused by many various reasons), or recovering password (because currently the board is having some email problem sad.gif)
If you are one of them, please try this way...

Are you having problem getting validated?
If so, please try direct-twitter me at FM-A Board on Twitter and tell me your situation, and I'll look into it and see if I can help.


Also, the board is currently having some email problem. sad.gif Hence, while we're fixing this problem.....

If you have lost your password:
Please try making a temporary account, Tempxxxx.
( xxxx is your account name for our board, just add "Temp" to the beginning part of your board name. ^^)
Then, I'll validate your temp account so that we can communicate by PM, and I can assist you with your password change.
Once the problem is solved we'll close your temp acct. smile.gif