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Full Version: New FMA Gaiden, "Another Journey's End" Content Discussion Thread
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Please post spoiler pictures, scans, summaries, translation of the upcoming Gaiden here.

Warning! This thread contains spoilers for the entire series and the end of the story.

ETA: Raw scanned by hilary:

Links to translation and scanlation shared by AA battery here:
(The links are Friend-locked, you need to join the community to view them.)

Link to the same translation on Mangahelpers, posted by Forsaken Love here:

HQ Scanlation at Mangastream:

Thank you all for sharing the scans, translation, scanlation and links! ^^

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These rules are still keeping in mind that the final episode has not been shown by Funimation yet. Since some fans only see the Funimation version we do not want to spoil anything for them.

here are the scan from me : )
(All are finished scanned)

hope you all like it!!!

A Pierrot's Aria
Thanks for the scans, hilary! happy.gif

It all looks really heart-warming, can't wait to see a scanlation! biggrin.gif (Not actually sure if this should be spoiler tagged, but just in case- possible 108 spoilers) I think it's really sweet at the end with the little family of birds inside the helmet- that made me smile!
Thanks for the scans, hilary! It looks like a very cute story, I can't wait for the translation. ^^
(But I still wanted a story about Roy.)
Thank you, hilary!

Huh, it's basically about Melting Al's armor and remaking it for various tools

I was hoping it would be a lot longer and...deeper o.o

I'm dissapointed, really.
A Pierrot's Aria
I don't think gaidens have ever been very long in the past, really- so it's not a surprise. (108 spoilers) I do believe there appears to be a good level of depth to it, though (judging only from what they seem to be doing, mind) as something that Al has been trapped in for years is being made into something that can ultimately help someone else. Like, it could be tools to make automail or something...

That's the way I see it anyway. happy.gif

Plus, we probably best wait until we know exactly what's being said first, before we give our final verdict, as it might add a little more. (But maybe it won't, who knows.) tongue.gif

Don't worry everyone, the world's not going to end because it's not about Roy. laugh.gif
Hmm... oh well. The end sure is cute...
But that's all...
Ah! Thank you for the scans, hilary!

I laughed out loud to seeDen running off with Al's helmet and I "Aww"ed when I saw the little family of birds inside it at the end.

I can't wait for the translation!
I didn't think it was too short. It's only a gaiden after all, not a proper chapter.

I had been hoping to see something of the other characters, but I still thought it looked very nice. The bit at the end with the baby birds inside the helmet was very cute. biggrin.gif

Can't wait to read the translation!
What a sweet little story! I won't say what I was hoping to see in this gaiden. I'll just enjoy it for what it is.

I love the panel where Pinako is mowing down the grass with the scythe. She looks like she could take down anyone who gives her trouble. biggrin.gif
Winry Rockbell~
Aww, this was so sweet. I loved it! Our favorite trio is back again! The ending was ADORABLE, with those little birds inside his helmet. I like how they made Al's armor into useful things, it's unique and very cute. Great job, Hiromu!
Thank you very much hilary!

D'aww. Short and sweet, but as expected of Arakawa it's very poignant. Loved the last panel. happy.gif
Although the gaiden's not about who I was hoping it'd be about, that ending was pretty cute! (spoilers for chapter 108) Although once they melted the armor down, before I read the rest, I wondered if Winry would somehow use it as spare parts for Ed's leg. (Though, it's probably got the wrong stuff in it.) Using it as tools also works, though, since Al's such a kind, helpful person.

Thanks for the scans, hilary!
Yes, this was nothing too exciting, but very cute nonetheless, with a dose of the intensity Arakawa is so good at. happy.gif

Come to think of it, we haven't seen the trio reunited in a normal scene in a long time! Even in chapter 108, there was really only the scene when Ed and Al arrive home (hardly a "normal" scene). We see Ed and Al on the roof later on, but Winry is only spoken about in that scene. We don't really see them interacting in day-to-day life. The last time we got that was Briggs and even longer if you think about the three of them together in Resembool. And poor Pinako only got an appearance in a photo at the end of 108 (and really that was only her hair!), so it was nice to see her a get a couple lines and a comedic moment to boot; seeing her with scythe really made me laugh! Looking forward to the translation. I assume Ed is freaked out because she swings the blade too close to him? Lol! He only just got his arm back, let's not slice it off again, huh? wink.gif

Beautiful artwork as well! I do love seeing older Ed and Winry and Human!Al. I also love how content Ed seems throughout this gaiden. It's so strange to see him so consistently serene. But he deserves it!.
They should have kept the section of steal with the blood seal :/ I would have kept it. It's what kept Alphonse alive
Other than that I loved it, and although it was short it was still great to see.
I thought the ending image was cute :3
QUOTE (deet-tastic @ Sep 9 2010, 03:53 PM) *
They should have kept the section of steal with the blood seal :/ I would have kept it. It's what kept Alphonse alive

I'm still fuzzy on the state of alchemy in general at the end of 108. I think people can still use it, including Ed and Al, but they just can't do clappy transmutation. I personally wouldn't want the reminder (betcha Ed still has his pocket watch, and there's the space where their house used to be), nor would I want to be tempted or give others the temptation to use it. I mean, personal growth is kind of a gigantic part of FMA. At least, that was my first thought. We'll probably know when it's translated.
It was very cute! ^-^ Love the last panel!
That's a pretty cute little story.

Didn't need any translation. After reading 108 chapters of FMA, I know exactly what those characters would say in these pages.
QUOTE (jacksparrow589 @ Sep 9 2010, 08:04 PM) *
QUOTE (deet-tastic @ Sep 9 2010, 03:53 PM) *
They should have kept the section of steal with the blood seal :/ I would have kept it. It's what kept Alphonse alive

I'm still fuzzy on the state of alchemy in general at the end of 108. I think people can still use it, including Ed and Al, but they just can't do clappy transmutation. I personally wouldn't want the reminder (betcha Ed still has his pocket watch, and there's the space where their house used to be), nor would I want to be tempted or give others the temptation to use it. I mean, personal growth is kind of a gigantic part of FMA. At least, that was my first thought. We'll probably know when it's translated.

The only one that lost his transmutation ability was Ed. Everyone else still can do.
Ed was the only one to destroy his gate, so he is the only that lost the ability to "use God's power"

And Al's seal was broken sad.gif
AA battery
If you guys head over to the fm_alchemist lj community, you can find translations and scanlations. Not by me. XD I was about to do it but saw that it has already been done, so I'm not gonna bother. XD

They are friend-locked so you'd need to join the community to view them.

Anomia Grey
'Grow up quick, and take flight'... D'AAAAAAAWWWWWW that was lovely. AABattery, thank you for the scans and translation!

and also -


*breathes* Sorry, I'm just really sick and tired of the wrench-hit. Its physical humour doesn't translate too well from comic to writing, but that doesn't stop it from being overused in fanfics. And yes, I know, being annoyed at this makes me the uber-dork. rolleyes.gif

*does saying what didn't happen in a story even count as a spoiler?
Thank you for the link to the scanlation, AA battery!

That story was very sweet, and Al wanting to melt his old armor down to be made into parts for automail so it could "live on" and bring benefit to others, just seemed so fitting!
Thanks for setting me straight, AYB! Clearly, I didn't quite put together the whole "Ed's Gate dissolving = no more alchemy for Ed" bit. Still, I claim that if others can use alchemy, the temptation is there for the idea of the blood seal (not the seal itself, mind you!) to be used. Not that anyone has said that it wasn't, but judging by the "oh how cute!" comments, it doesn't seem like this is really touched upon. I haven't seen read translations, though, so that last bit is still conjecture.
Forsaken Love here is a link for a translation, if like me you don't use livejournel
Have I ever mentioned how much I love Al? He is absolutely adorable, and so consistant!! It's so like him to want to melt down his old body, so it can continue on to help others live and persevere, like it did for him.

And I loved the last page as well. Oh, God, I love this manga, even every little gaiden.
AA battery

The page for next issue of GanGan is up. There is no mention of anything about FMA on it at all (even in the small prints), so I think it's safe to say that there won't be any more FMA gaidens in the upcoming issues... sad.gif
Here's the Gangan cover image without text:

Got it from a screensaver that you can download from the Gangan website here.
Thanks for the wall paper Michiyo. It is now on my laptop. Unfortunately every time I look at it it makes me want to cry.

And I loved the gaiden. Yes it was short but it was very sweet and fitting. I am happy we found out what happened to Al's armor and I loved what Al decided to do with it
I loved this so much! It was so simple but so deep, I wonder if they'll make it in to an OVA like the others.
I took the image that Michiyo put here and I made a few adjustements.
I don't know if anyone wants it, as this image is very beatiful ^^
my, my, my... what a sweet Gaiden we have biggrin.gif hmm... so there's no more FMA for the next Gangan issue, huh? TTATT''
thanks Michiyo- for the wallpaper!! it's really sweet biggrin.gif

hmm... for the Gaiden, I like it.. but I prefer for Al to keep the blood seal thing. ; A ; but it still great as always. Now the movie is my last hope for Royai~ ._.
QUOTE (AYB @ Sep 14 2010, 12:55 AM) *
I took the image that Michiyo put here and I made a few adjustements.
I don't know if anyone wants it, as this image is very beatiful ^^

The adjustments are so wonderful. My heart actually melted at that! biggrin.gif
Thanks for the wallpaper and translations! Ah, this is such a heartwarming story! It's kinda disappointing that we didn't get any info on Roy and Riza after 108, but I liked this alot. And hey, Arakawa might decide to make another Gaiden, right?
Riza Ayano
It's really a nice story biggrin.gif..but,at the same time feel disappointed too..I want Roy and Riza story..maybe,must wait for the movie..hope the movie have royai..happy.gif
Maybe it's just the lack of FMA recently, but I loved this gaiden ridiculously much. I also overanalyze it like whoa. I thought there was a tad little cutecutehappyhappy-post-Promised Day-epilogue in the last chapter, but this makes up for it quadruply! And THERE'S SO MUCH AL. *happy tears* (I totally called him having a crutch (I have picture evidence lol), if you can call something so obvious.)
I'm spasmistically happy to see Al coloured exactly like Ed. It's just a pet-peeve of mine.
And my stomache hops around in joy when I see Ed with two arms! <3 He looks so much younger! (Logic, where did it go?)
Al working out! girl_sigh.gif
Does this mean Al and Ed are living with Win and Pinako? They could be just visiting, but the package came to the Rockbells. It looked like they did live there after the 2 year time skip, they were fixing the roof and all. I wounder when/if Winry will go back to Garfield or if she think's she's learned enough and take over Pinako's buisness?

And, yes to whoever said it, Ed looks so happy! He even whistled!
^ I almost forgot about Rush Valley! I wonder if Winry DID return, or if she's staying in Resembool completely now that the brothers are back?? I'm sure that once she had chidlren, she'd stay in Resembool and work there, but I'm curious what happened in-between there.
Haven't had the chance to read this until now, been busy like hell, not to mention my dread of not liking this gaiden (since I didn't like the epilogue that much), but it turned out really sweet, I loved it! I actually wondered (spoilers for 108) what happened to the armor after the last chapter, did they dump it or what? It was nice to see it being used to "give life" to others as well, and, like everyone said, very fitting of Al. Sure hope some of it will be used on a new leg for Ed, that'd be sweet (and I bet he would take more care of it that way, lol). It also passes a beautiful message of not clinging too much to the past, like souvenirs and photographs, until they're left in dust, since that's some I do a LOT. But I agree about the blood seal, they should have kept it, plus it wouldn't look so much like they were beating Al up in the forge scene.

Only thing I missed, like in the last chapter, was some reaction to Hohenheim's death. I'm still left imagining the brothers come back, then Pinako gives them the news, and they're like "oh, really? cool, what's for dinner?" There really should have been more to it, even if just a brief scene in front of the tombstone, and I was so sure Arakawa-sensei would put it in this gaiden. oh, well.

Overall, a very enjoyable little story (glad I didn't expect much), hope to see more with other characters.

@AnomiaGrey - LOL, I'm sick of that joke, too, it's so repetitive.
That's all

EDIT: oh, my, ended up double-posting while editing. and I don't know how to remove my first one. T_T that's embarassing... so I'm doing what the rules guide told me to... <No problem! It's taken care of ^^ ~ Tombow>
@Anakishi Yeah, I also hope that some part of Al's armour will be used for new plates on Ed's leg! :3

I was mentally doing "hell yeah!!" to Ed's (and Al's) reaction in the part where they forged the armour. Al WAS that armour for four years (right? ^^')! It would have been weird of Ed didn't feel any protective instincts against it being pounded and melted.
The HQ scanlation of the Gaiden is up at Mangastream: happy.gif
Hoshino Hikari
Thank you very much for the scan and the cover.
This gaiden is very nice! Soothing. Well, I wasn't expecting a gaiden about Al's armor, but it's quite beautiful. As you said in other words, Al is admirable. The Elric brothers ran away from their past and that is why they burnt the house where they were born. It's nice to see that, this time, they don't do it for the same reasons. They do it to help other people. "Alchemy is the science of understanding, decomposing and recomposing matter"... This end fits perfectly the story, doesn't it? His armor is destroyed in order to be changed in automails. It is exactly as the laws of alchemy. But I'm still a bit doubtflul, because the brothers erase the traces of their past once again. I know they are not running away, and that it's not the same thing, however... Anyway, I hope it is totally different. Thanks to Den, there still exists parts of Al's armor! The end of the gaiden, with little birds, is nice. I would like Ed to have an automail with his brother's armor, but I'm sure he would explode it as usual.

I agree with Anakishi about the message of not clinging to the past. In fact, I think it is just a facet of their personality... They seem to be used not to keep too many things belonging to the past.
Misty- Nala
Read the Gaiden on Mangastream ( and half of it was advertisements). It was a sweet story. I won't say it was needed, it didn't really bring anything new to FMA world, just deepened our image of Alphonse. Peaceful life, so hard to adjust to it after all the exciting and dangerous adventures.
It's a sweet story. ^^

.....Although, I'm with some others that it might have been nice to have kept Al's blood-seal... maybe because I have been so attached to having Armor Al as part of FMA story... though Al may have liked to put that part of his life behind and move-on, as displayed in his decision to use the parts as material for new automail.
In a way, this story is like, saying good-bye to my inner image of Fullmetal Alchemist manga, the story of the boy-wonder Alchemist with the Automail arm and his brother in armor suits. First, Fullmetal Alchemist was gone, and now "armor Al" is gone, forever as well. It's sort of like, a punctuation from Arakawa to let us know that FMA as we know is "gone," without the doubt, and this story is providing me with the occasion to say good-bye to my "left over" inner image of Al in armor suits. ^^

But... I'm glad Den took the helmet and now it's housing a new family!! ^^


<Program Note>

Moved posts regarding discussions on Arakawa's (lack of) more Gaiden and artbook-3 to Gaiden And Guidebook Scanlations thread, for now. In the future when/if we make "FMA manga publications info and discussion" thread we may move the posts there again. smile.gif
I read the first few pages a while ago but didn't get to finish it. Glad I finally read all the way through! I originally thought they would keep Alphonse's armor head but the fact that it became a nest really shows the nature of the story. smile.gif

[I'm still barely clinging to hope that there might be a gaiden with Mustang and Hawkeye, though. *cough*]
Holy crap! I didn't even know about this gaiden until I heard about it on the fullmetal podcast. And looking at the ad's, I wouldn't mind getting my hands on that suitcase. But I highly doubt Viz's graphic novels match the size of the Japanese tankoubans. The Hong Kong Chinese editions were made to look exactly like the Japanese sets. And as I recall, they were slightly smaller than the Viz sets.
It was a cute story, in my opinion, but it wasn't what I was hoping for. Nothing happened, which make sense because if it did it would turn into a story and since the story is done... Ah, I just can't get over the fact that it's DONE no matter how done it is. Part of me really hates to see Ed all not-Fullmetal-Alchemist-y, but then I realize that it makes sense and was a good way to end 108. It was such a teaser though! I get all excited about it and then it was a humble, closing story and I still miss the adventure and I have more questions then answers.

Glad I read it though and I did thoroughly enjoy it despite that.
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