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Full Version: Chapter 14 "Regular" Discussion Thread For First Time Readers (and Others)
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First time FMA manga readers, please post your thoughts and discussions on chapter 14 here. smile.gif

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Transcripts for chapter 14: (Courtesy of myself)

CHAPTER 14: An Only Child’s Feelings

Page 1/Title page:
Chapter 14: An Only Child’s Feelings

Page 2:
Winry: “Owwww~~~~~”
Winry: “My butt hurts from sitting down so long.”
Winry: “How can those two ride on these things all the time?”

Page 3:
Winry: “There sure are a lot of people in Central...”
Winry: “Ed told me that there’d be someone waiting for me at the station who I’d recognize right away, but who...?”
Winry: “Oh.” “It’s him..”
Winry: “Major Armstrong!”
Armstrong: “Oh, Miss Rockbell!”
Armstrong: “Thank you again for all your help in Resembool.”
Winry: “Oh, it was nothing. Thank you for taking care of the idiot Elric brothers.”

Page 4:
Winry: “I can’t believe Ed hauled me all the way out here and didn’t come to pick me up!”
Armstrong: “That couldn’t be helped, Miss. In his present condition he can’t go anywhere.”
Winry: “That’s just it. What do you mean by ‘can’t go anywhere’? he wouldn’t tell me why.”
Armstrong: “How shall I put it ...? He’s been taken in.”
Winry: “Taken in?!”
Winry: “So he finally crossed the line and was sent to juvenile hall...” I knew it...
Armstrong: “He wasn’t taken in there.”
Winry: “Huh...?” “The hospital?

Page 5:
Hughes (in telephone): “Let me tell you something!”
Hughes: “My daughter’s gonna be three years old!” Deh heh
Mustang: “Lieutenant Colonel Hughes...”
Mustang: “I’m at work right now.”
Hughes (in telephone): “What a coincidence--- I am, too!”

Page 6:
Hughes: “Yeah, every day I just think to myself how lucky I am to have such a cute daughter!” Blah blah
Mustang (in telephone): “Okay, okay. I get it! So stop calling me every time you want to brag about your daughter! And quit using the military’s private line!”
Hughes: “I’m not just proud of my daughter! I’m proud of my wife, too!” The nerve!
Mustang (in telephone): “I wonder if there’s a way to incinerate someone over the phone... Care to help me find out, Hughes?”
Hughes (in telephone): “Whoa, I’m shaking in my boots, Mr. Flame Alchemist. Speaking of alchemists, what’s going on with Scar?”
M.P: Is it him?
Havoc: He’s so messed up that it’s hard to tell...
Mustang: “He’s still at large. The explosion was so large, numerous bodies have turned up. It’s possible that his might be among those that were found. Wouldn’t that be a relief.”
Mustang: “There haven’t been any reports of sightings in the East area since the incident, so the majority opinion that he’s dead.”
Hughes (in telephone): “So will the Elric brothers’ guards be dismissed?”
Mustang: “They’re in Central. I’ll leave it to whoever’s in charge there to decide.”

Page 7:
Hughes: “Yeah, about that...” “The guys from command who were responsible for managing the State Alchemists have been killed off. They’re a little short-staffed in that department right now.”
Mustang: “Hm...”
Hughes: “Sounds like Colonel Mustang’s invitation to Central might come sooner than expected.”
Mustang: “Central, huh?” “That might not be so bad.”
Hughes: “But watch out.” “You’ll make a lot of enemies if you join military command at your age.”
Mustang: “I’m prepared for anything.”

Page 8:
Hughes: “Make sure you have as many people around you as possible that understand and support you.”
Hughes (in telephone): “So hurry up and get a wife!”
Mustang: “Will you shut up?!
Hawkeye: “Colonel, please be gentler when hanging up t e phone.”
Female officer: “Lieutenant Colonel Hughes... Was that another personal phone call to brag about your family?”
Hughes: “What? Are you jealous, too?”

Page 9:
Hughes: “My daughter’s gonna be three years old. Wanna see some photos? Wanna see?”
Female officer: “No, I do not!”
Female officer: “Please don’t use the military’s private line for your personal conversation... It’s embarrassing just listening to it.” Lieutenant Colonel Hughes 13420...
Hughes: Oblivious.
Female officer: “If the higher-ups were to listen in your calls, they’d cut your salary!”
Hughes: “It’ll take more than a salary cut to dampen my love. Ha ha ha ha!”
Hughes: “Oh...”
Hughes: “I forgot to tell Roy about Ed being hospitalized.” “Oh well.”

Page 10:
Winry: “Oh my god!”

Page 11:
Winry: “No one told me you were hurt this badly!”
Ed: “Well, originally I was only hurt about half as bad as I am now but...”
Winry: “Ed!”
Armstrong: “What?! He was severely injured when he snuck into Laboratory 5?!
Armstrong: “Oh, Edward Elric! I was so worried about you!”
Ed: “Aaaagh!
Ed: “...That’s what happened.”

Page 12:
Winry: “Sheesh... Don’t scare me like that.”
Ed: “What are you telling me for? Tell it to him!!”
Ed: “Dammit. Thanks to him, I’m stuck in the hospital even longer.”
Armstrong: “It’s your fault for not training yourself hard enough.”
Winry: “You can’t expect him to be a match for you, major!”
Winry: “But...”
Winry: “Even without the wounds inflicted by the major, your injuries are still severe.”
Ed: “This is nothing. Wounds like these heal quick.”

Page 13[b]:
Ed: “? What?”
Winry: “You were hurt because your auto-mail failed you.”
Winry: “It’s all [b]my
fault for not being thorough enough when I built it.”
Ed: Huh? Eh? Eh? Eh?
Ed: “Is that what she was worried about? I didn’t know she could be so cute” “It... It’s not your fault, Winry!”

Page 14:
Ed: “First of all, the reason it broke was because I was too rough on it! Your work was flawless as usual!”
Winry: He doesn’t know about the missing bolt?
Ed: “Plus, when my arm broke, it kept me from getting even more beat up! So don’t worry about it! All right?!!”
Winry: And everything turned out fine?
Winry: “You’re right! It’s not my fault! Okay then, let’s talk about my fee for coming out here to make repairs!”
Ed: “She’s not cute at all!!”
Armstrong: “Hrm! Don’t get so excited, Edward Elric, you must take it easy and nurse yourself back to health.”
Denny: “Like you should talk...”
Armstrong: “And to do that you need plenty of nutritious food and rest.”
Ed: “I know!”

Page 15:
Winry: “You didn’t drink your milk.”
Ed & Winry: “...”
Ed: “I hate milk.”
Winry: Aaggh! “That’s why you’re always gonna be the size of a pea!!”
Ed: “Shut up!! I’m not gonna drink some opaque white liquid that was secreted by a COW!!!”
Armstrong: “You’re just being stubborn, Edward Elric!!”

Page 16:
Armstrong: “In order to regain your lost stamina, you need nutrients!!”
Ed: “Fine then I’ll just get my nutrients from some other source than milk!!”
Winry: “That’s why you never get any taller!!”
Ed: “What did you say?!” “Milk is not a nutritionally complete food source!!”
Winry: “Whatever!!”
Ed: “.........!!”
Winry: “........!!”
Winry: “?”
Ed: “Al?”

Page 17:
Winry: “Now that I think about it, when you left our shop you said, ‘once I get my old body back, I’m not gonna need Granny or Winry anymore!’”
Winry: “But you still have the auto-mail. No luck with the Stone, huh?”
Ed: “Shut up! There’s a lot of stuff that’s getting in our way!”
Ed: “It looks like I’m going to be stuck with this auto-mail for a while.”
Ed: “Al’s gonna have to stay the way he is, too...”

Page 18:
Ed: “Al’s been acting kind of strange lately.”
Winry: “Strange?”
Ed: “Yeah. He doesn’t talk much. It’s like he’s lost in his own thoughts.”
Denny: “Oh! Maybe he’s in shock from when I punched him?!!
Ed: “Please. As if he’d be in shock over such a little thing. He’s not that wimpy.”
Winry: “...I wonder what’s bothering him.” Hmm

Page 19:
Ed: “So you can’t figure it out either, huh, Winry?”
Winry: “You’re always with him and you don’t even know what’s wrong. How would I know?”
Denny:”You know what I think? I think he’s lovesick!”
Ed: “Don’t compare him with you, you love-obsessed freak.
Winry: “Okay! The repairs are complete!”
Denny: “Love-obsessed”...
Ed: “Hm? Thanks.”
Ed: “Yes! It’s good as new! Right on!”
Winry: “Now you have to let the rest of your body heal.”
Ed: “Yeah, yeah.”

Page 20:
Hughes: “Hey, Ed!I heard you snuck a girl into your room!
Maria: Pft.
Ed: “She’s just my auto-mail mechanic!
Hughes: “So, you hooked up with your mechanic, huh?” Not too shabby, sprout!!
Ed: “...!” If I say one thing... ...he says something else!!
Hughes: “Your wounds will open if you don’t watch it.”

Page 21:
Ed: Sigh... “Winry, this guy’s Lt. Colonel Hughes.”
Winry: “Hi, I’m Winry Rockbell.”
Hughes: “Maes Hughes. Nice to meet you.”
Ed: “Isn’t there some work you should be doing?”
Hughes: “Heh heh he. I have the afternoon off!”
Ed: “Hm... I thought you said that the investigation has been so busy lately that you can’t get time off?”
Hughes: “Don’t worry!!”
Hughes: “I made Sheska work overtime!”
Ed: “You’re an evil, evil man.”
Hughes: “It’s true that I wanted to see how you were doing on my time off, but there’s one other reason I dropped by.” “I just got some news on the Scar incident.”

Page 22:
Hughes: “Your bodyguards are going to be dismissed soon.”
Ed: “Really?”
Ed: “All right! I can finally get these annoying chaperones off my back!”
Denny: “Hey! That’s harsh.”
Maria: “What do you think would’ve happened to you if we hadn’t been around?”
Winry: “Huh?”
Winry: “Bodyguards...? What kind of danger have you been in?!
Ed: “Uh!! N-nothing, really! Don’t worry about it!”
Ed: “It’s no big deal!”
Winry: “Figures.”
Winry: “You and your brother never tell me anything, no matter how nicely I ask.”

Page 23:
Winry: “Well, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.” “I have to find a place to stay for the night.”
Ed: “You can stay at the military hotel for cheap if you tell them that I sent you.”
Winry: “Military hotel, huh? Sounds a little too strict for my tastes.”
Hughes: “Hey! Why don’t you stay at my place!?
Winry: “But I just met you and it wouldn’t be right for me to inconvenience you...”
Hughes: “Don’t worry about it! My family would be happy to have you!”
Hughes: “Great. Now that we’ve got that figured out, let’s go!”
Winry: “Huh? Um...”
Hughes: “Wa ha ha ha!”
Winry: Wait a sec!
Ed: He’s acting like a kidnapper again.

Page 24:
Winry: “Um...”
Winry: “Mr. Hughes...?”
Hughes: “Yes?”
Winry: “Why are you buying all this stuff?”
Hughes: “So glad you asked!!”
Hughes: “It’s my daughter’s birthday. She just turned three!”

Page 25:
Elicia: “Welcome home, Papa!”
Gracia: “Oh my. What a cute guest we have.”
Hughes: “Elicia, I missed you so much!!”
Elicia: Noooo, Papa! Your beard tickles!
Hughes: “Remember the Elric brothers I told you about?”
Gracia: “Uh huh.”
Hughes: “This is Winry, an old friend of theirs from childhood. She was looking for a place to sleep for the night so I brought her here.”
Hughes: “This is my wife Gracia and my daughter Elicia.”
Winry: “Thank you for letting me stay.”
Gracia: “It’s our pleasure, dear. Make yourself at home.”
Winry: “How old are you, Elicia?”
Elicia: “Tw...”

Page 26:
Elicia: “Three!”
Winry & Hughes: “Aw~~ How cute!
Winry: “But it’s really all right for me to be here during your daughter’s birthday?”
Hughes: “The more the merrier, right?”
Hughes: “Welcome to the family!”

Page 27:
Everyone: “Elicia!” “Happy birthday!”

Page 28:
Elicia: “Papa, Papa!”
Elicia: “The mouse you gave me isn’t moving!”
Hughes: “Huh? I wonder if it’s defective?”
Winry: “Can I see that for a second, Elicia?”
Winry: “You, the gears are out of alignment.”
Winry: “That should do it.”
Winry: “There.”
Elicia: “Wow!!”

Page 29:
Elicia: “Whoa! Cool!!”
Hughes: “Hm... Not too shabby.”
Elicia: Wow! “You’re a toy doctor!!
Winry: “Ah ha ha! Not really, but you’re close.”
Hughes: “You’re his mechanic, right?”
Winry: “Yeah, we were both born in Resembool and our houses were close to each other.”
Winry: “We’ve always been together since we were little so he’s like a brother to me.”
Hughes: Wa ha ha! “Knowing Ed, he must have caused you a lot of trouble, huh?”
Winry: “Not really trouble, but he does make me worry a lot.” “He’ll come back every once in a while and his arm will be completely trashed.”

Page 30:
Winry: “I came out here today to fix his arm- I didn’ expect to find him hospitalized with severe injuries.” “And Al seems to have a lot on his mind, too.!
Winry: “It was just two weeks ago... ...that I made that brand-new auto-mail for Ed, and when I saw it today it was in really bad shape.” “Not only that but his whole body was covered with wounds. It makes me wonder what kind of lives they lead.”
Winry: “But they never tell me anything about it.” “They didn’t even tell me when they decided to leave town to get their original bodies back.”
Winry: “Maybe if we were a real family...” “They might have told me about their journey and about what caused his wounds.”

Page 31:
Hughes: “It’s not that they didn’t want to tell you so much as they didn’t think there was a need to tell you.”
Hughes: “They must have assumed you would understand without them having to explain everything, Winry.”
Winry: “...There are some things that I need to be told in order for me to understand.”
Hughes: “That’s just the way it is.” “Men express themselves through their actions more than their words.”
Hughes: “They would rather shoulder their pain themselves... ...than cause their loved ones to worry.” “That’s why they won’t say anything about it.”

Page 32:
Hughes: “When they decide to tell you their troubles...” “that’s when they’ll need you to be there for them. Isn’t that enough?”
Boy 1: “Elicia!”
Boy 1: “Let’s play!”
Boy 2: “Nuh-uh! Elicia’s gonna play with me.”
Boy 3: “No, with me!”
Winry: “Ah ha ha! Your daughter’s really popular.”
Hughes: “Watch it, you little punks. Don’t even think about putting your hands on my daughter!”
Winry: “There’s such a thing as being TOO protective, Mr. Hughes!!”

Page 33:
Winry: “Thank you for everything.”
Gracia: “Are you sure you don’t want to stay? You’re welcome to stay as long as you like, you know.”
Winry: “Thanks, really, but you’ve done enough already. I’ll find my own lodgings for the night...”
Gracia: “Elicia!”
Gracia: “She’s really taken to you...”
Hughes: “You two almost look like sisters.” Wa ha ha ha!

Page 34:
Winry: “Uh...?
Elicia: “See ya later. Hurry back home, ‘kay?”
Gracia: “I guess you found your lodgings for tonight.”
Winry: “Heh heh.” “It’s almost like I have a sister now. You make me so happy!”

Page 35:
Ed: “Ugh...”
Ed: “You’re here again, you bastard?!”
Ed: “Aw, man! What’s the big deal about milk anyway?” “I’m not drinking it and that’s final!”
Ed: “Do me a favor, Al, and drink it for me. Oh... but I guess you can’t since you have that body...”
Al: “... Big brother, you still have most of your real body – you need to take care of it. Just drink it.”

Page 36:
Ed: “I won’t drink what I don’t like.” “And besides, I’m not gonna die just because I don’t drink milk!”
Ed: “I know it doesn’t seem like it, but I am growing.”
Winry: Morning!
Ed: “But everyone keeps calling me small!”
Ed: “You know, Al...”
Ed: “You’re lucky you have a big body.”

Page 37:
Al: “I never asked for this damn body!!

Page 38:

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