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Full Version: FMA Manga Re-read It From The Beginning, Session 6, Chapter 11, (for Week Of August 15, 2010) Full Spoiler Warning!
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Welcome, everyone, to the week-6 of "FMA manga Re-read it from beginning!" sessions!! happy.gif

Please post your discussions for "Re-reading FMA": Session for chapter 11 here

For general information about the Re-reading Project, (and link index to all Re-reading discussion threads) please read Tombow's post in the Fma Manga Re-read It From The Beginning Project! thread.

For the reading reference for this session, please send a PM to A Pierrot's Aria and ask for "Reading Reference Assistance for week 6."
(For more detailed explanation on this, please read Tombow's post here.)

Huge "thank you" goes to sidekick.kep37 for "reference assistance" for this session, and Broken Chouchou for the transcripts, and also thank you, A Pierrot's Aria for all your help!! ^^

This thread is geared for those who have read the whole FMA manga, including the final chapter (chapter 108) and may potentially contain spoilers from any of chapters 1- 108. Those who do not wish to see such spoilers, please do not go any further!

For those participants who are reading FMA manga FIRST TIME, hope to see your posts on our "regular" (i.e. non-re-reading) chapter 11 discussion thread here. smile.gif

This thread is declared as "Spoiler Party" thread for all of FMA manga chapters up to chapter 107. You can mention any contents in FMA manga chapters 1- 107 without the use of spoiler tags on this thread. In addition, participants can mention the content of chapter 108 on this thread. Until we lift such Spoiler tag condition for chapter 108 content, we ask you that if you post any content from chapter 108 (or even posting any HINT for chapter 108 content) on this thread, in addition to using SPOILER tags, please give warning SPECIFICALLY stating that the the content under the spoiler cover is some spoiler content from FMA manga's final chapter. smile.gif

Some notable information for this chapter will be listed on the post below, and also, for the English transcripts for chapter 11 from Viz' volume 3 FMA manga (courtesy of Broken Chouchou) please scroll down on this page.

Thank you, and now please proceed to the actual discussions that start on page 2 of this thread. ^^
Notable chapter information for chapter 11

(This list is still being filled and not complete yet. Please help us filling the list by posting the missing entries to the categories. ^^ )

In short (Super short Synopsis):


Cliffhanger (if any): None

Corresponding FMA:Brotherhood anime episode(s): Episodes 7-8

Chapter page length (using the "reference material" as the reference): 41 (39 plus double title page)

Color page included when printed as a chapter in GanGan mag (if any): 3

Characters in this chapter: (In order of the first appearance in the chapter)
Edward Elric
Alphonse Elric
Maria Ross
Denny Brosh
Roy Mustang
Riza Hawkeye
Jean Havoc
Alex Louis Armstrong
Slicer (Number 48)
Barry the Chopper (Number 66)

This is the first time appearance in the series for this character: (In order of the first appearance in the chapter)
Slicer (Number 48)
Barry the Chopper (Number 66)

Locations in this chapter:
Central City
East City
Laboratory No. 5

Cameo appearance (if any):

Possible story inconsistency (if any):

New theories, philosophies, dogma, etc. introduced in this chapter (if any):

Memorable quote/dialogue/caption from this chapter (if any):

Fight scenes: (In order of the first appearance in the chapter):
Alphonse Elric vs. Barry the Chopper
Edward Elric vs. Slicer

Character died in this chapter (if any): 0

Ed's Chibi (Who are you calling shrimp!) moment (if any): 0

"Al mistaken as Fullmetal" moment (if any): 0

"Inside Al's armor is empty" moment (if any): 0

Al carries something inside his armor moment (if any): 0

Al saves kitty moment (if any): 0

Ed refuses to drink milk moment (if any):0

Ed or Alex rips his shirt, coat, etc. moment: 0

Winry's wrench is mighty! moment (if any): 0

Gluttony eats someone moment (if any): 0

"Trade-mark Alchemy" shown (aside from Ed's Alchemy):

"Kitty Count" in this chapter, as reported by our official Kitty counter, Winry Chi (if any):

Chimera appearance (if any): 0

Philosopher's Stone, fake Stone, inferior Stone appearance (if any): 0

Alchemies/Alchemy circles used/introduced/shown in this chapter (whole or part) (if any):
To be added
reserved for chapter information
reserved for chapter information
reserved for chapter information
reserved for chapter information
reserved for chapter information
reserved for chapter information
reserved for chapter information
reserved for chapter information
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reserved for chapter information
reserved for chapter information
The actual discussions start below. smile.gif

We'll fill out the chapter info later. Meantime, if you can help out and list entries for these chapter info for the listed categories (such as characters in this chapter, etc.) please go ahead and post!! (Except, transcripts for chapter 11, which we already have, courtesy of Broken Chouchou. ^^) Or, if you can think of some other interesting categories, please post and share! biggrin.gif

Or, if you have any questions for any part of chapter 11, now is the chance to post and ask us!! ^^

Or, please post your thoughts and opinions on this chapter, now that you're reading it second time! ^^

And now this thread is open to discussions and comments for re-reading of FMA manga chapter 11!! biggrin.gif
Jealous Rogo
Chapter 11 is the chapter where the idea that the military isn't exactly spotless is really highlighted. Yes we sort of got a hint at it when Ishbal was discussed, but that was a lot more morally ambiguous (for now at least) whereas here we're discussing something straight up reprehensible. What's interesting to note is that the instant they learn what Philosopher's Stones are made of, Ed and Al become suspicious of the military. They tell Brosh and Ross not to repeat what they've heard and have no qualms bringing up the idea the military is suspicious. This is probably because of who their teacher is more than anything, as well as the fact that Ed's never been the most loyal person when it comes the military.

However the same cannot be said for Armstrong, who is the most vocal when it comes to pointing out that the military may not be guilty. This seems weird when you learn how Armstrong deserted back in Ishbal. I think the reason Armstrong doesn't want to believe the military could be doing something so wrong, is because Armstrong believes himself to be the one in the wrong back in Ishabl. He believes that he was just a coward, an idea that was reinforced by his peers and most definitely be his sister, Olivier. Again note that Armstrong sees that Elric's as children more than anything, and takes matters into his hands in a very parental like fashion.

We also get the sentence that sparks Alphonse's angst-a-thon next volume, but aside from leading to that, Ed's entire speech here really hammers in how guilty he feels about everything. He says that god has no mercy for sinners like him and Al, but I really think he's talking more about himself than his brother. As Pinako mentioned before, this roadblock has made Ed a bit more retrospective, and made him think more than he likes to. This would explain why he would bring up his issues with Al now rather than before. He's being more reflective here, which is a good thing and we'll see Ed doing this more in the future. For now, however, thanks to Armstrong we get a line that sets off an entire bout of character development for Al in future chapters.

Something has always bothered me in this chapter. After we see Mustang and his men are searching for Scar and Gluttony confirms our suspicion that he's probably still alive (something that wont be confirmed for at least another chapter or so), Lust says she's heading back to Central to inform Father. Inform him of what? I sincerely doubt Father gives a hoot about Scar, as much of a threat to Alchemists as he is. This seems more like the sort of thing that should be reported to someone like Wrath or Pride, not Father directly. I think that she's actually going to pass on the information that Gluttony probably overheard in the previous chapter, which gets events rolling for Mustang to be moved on to Central. That being said she may well just be telling Father about Scar or the fact that Al is a potential sacrifice but the former seems too minor for him to care about and the latter I'm sure she would've mentioned when she was last in central.

Ed and Al's break in to Lab 5 is pretty fun action wise but brings up so plot points. For example, why did they keep the lab standing and even guarded if they no longer needed it? Well later on Envy mentions that Marcoh's staff were working for them still until very recently. I think that not long before Ed and Al's break in they were turned into a stone. In fact the fact they're in central of all places means that them finding this out could very well be the reason Marcoh's staff were eliminated in the first place, what with Pride being omnipresent here.

Actually I forgot to mention it but Pride also explains why Lust stopped following Ed, because she didn't need to keep an eye on him. It makes sense that she would hand over this duty to Pride, who can travel throughout Central without being noticed and is definitely her superior in battle. I'll look again but there's no visual clues that Pride is around, but it would explain how Lust and Envy know certain things are happening at certain points. Either way, I think it's safe to say Lab 5 was still being used, and even if it wasn't, it's likely that they were putting off tearing the place down until it was totally necessary, as it was needed for the Promised Day.

Oh and we meet Barry, whose just fun but not deep at the moment, and Slicer. Now I always questioned why these two were around at all. It just seems so odd that the Homunculus would use these two when later on we see they're very fond of Chimera. I suppose the fact they don't sleep (which puts a big question mark over one part of this chapter) makes them better guards but it's pretty odd. Needless to say these two are recent additions as well, as Marcoh expressed surprise that Ed could transmute a soul. Something he wouldn't do if he'd been around for these two being put to use.

Lastly the chapter ends with Slicer showing a bit of his character, and how we at first think he's an honest warrior type of character. Of course this is total bull as we'll see in the next chapter but I do like that Arakawa somewhat plays with our expectations. This is a nice chapter to set us up for probably the biggest tease of the entire friggin series, in chapter 12.
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