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Full Version: Time To Kick @ss!
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That One Dude
Holy crap! After a four-month(?) hiatus, I'm back!

A brief explanation to those of you who have never heard of the movie/comic book series:

Dave Lizewski is a bored comic book nerd that grows increasingly obsessed with super-heroes and distressed with crime. On a whim, he orders himself a wetsuit on eBay and goes out to fight crime: of course, this is a kid with no crime fighting experience, let alone athletic ability, so not only does he get stabbed, he gets run over by a car after attempting to flee when wounded. Once rehabilitated, he finds that due to the many operations done on him, his bones (mostly his skull) are re-enforced by metal plates and that his pain threshold has increased due to, as he puts it, 'f**ked up nerve endings.' So, as soon as he's on his feet again, he dons the wetsuit, calls himself Kick-@ss and becomes an overnight celebrity on YouTube when a civilian records him barely rescuing a man from three gang-members.

He also unwittingly creates a fad, and more costumed heroes start showing up.

For more information, I'm sure there's a Wiki on it. Now, onto the role-play!

Basically, it takes part in the same universe as Kick-@ss, which would be the real world, only the titular hero might be mentioned from time to time (though as far as both the movie and the comic are concerned, he is 'retired').

If anyone knows the comic/movie and feels secure enough to use a character from the series, you're more than welcome to (even if they have to come out of 'retirement', relax, it's all in good fun).

If you don't know about the comic or movie at all, but find the concept of shoving a semi-useless fanboy/fangirl in a superhero outfit interesting, don't panic; you don't really need to know anything about the series for the role-play.

No limit on how many characters one can use, and you can make them come and go as you please if that's what you'd like most. Heroes and villains alike are accepted.

Also, since this role-play takes place in the real world, please make any special abilities or physical attributes that your character has plausible.

Role-play rules are simple; no god-modding, no double/triple/quadruple-posting, let everybody have their turn, be civil, no Mary Sues, bla bla bla, you should all know the general rules of the board by now. If you haven't, it's the topic at the very top of the page.

The general role-play rating will be R for swearing (if your character has a potty mouth, that is), and maybe some extreme/over-the-top violence (which is a sort of trademark of Kick-@ss's). Romance can be involved if desired as long as it isn't 'and then he put his thingy in her thingy' type of stuff.

Participating Users and Their Characters:
~ Nathaniel - Yuri/Scarface, Marcus/Ampersand

~ All across the U.S.A, because of one crazy kid, people everywhere have been donning capes and running around dressed as superheroes. But, since no hero is without villain, there have been supervillain sightings as well; particularly in the small, scenic town of Chalk (yeah, fictional town; if you don't like it, it can be like, Springfield or something) located somewhere in the Midwest. Gang violence has also steadily increased in the past few months, to the point where some people are not safe in their own homes. It is a superhero's job to fix this.

My characters:

Full Name: Yuri Elios
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height/Weight: 6'0" (182.88 cm)/182.6 pounds
Blood Type: O positive
Physique: Slim/built
Skin Tone: Light
Hair color: Light/platinum blond
Eye color: Silver
Distinctive Features: Scar from above right eyebrow that goes through the eye and down to the mid-cheek - his right eye is deformed as a result. Has a baritone/bass (very deep) voice not usually found in his age group (think somewhere between Depeche Mode/Darth Vader deep).
SuperHero Alias: Scarface
Weapons: Two Gladius blades and a hand-gun; when these weapons aren't in his hands, he prefers to use either his fists or whatever blunt object he can get his hands on.
(Pardon the sketchiness of my drawings; I'm not exactly doing them with the intention of being a works of art, just a so-so image of what the guy looks like)
Scarface; (unavailable; will be up shortly)
Personal History: Second born son to his mother, fourth born to his father, Yuri comes from an increasingly large, dysfunctional family. As a result, he's bitter, crude, and a bit of a misogynist. After having his friend Marcus convince him how cool it would be to run around wearing spandex (which took several weeks) fighting crime, he's finally started moonlighting as a superhero, mostly during weekends; he wouldn't want to fail in school, as his grades are weak enough as it is.
Special Abilities/Training: Was on the swim team for three years; still swims regularly.
Weaknesses: Has lost sight in right eye; has no depth perception.
Relationship Status: Single
Partner/s in Crime/Crime Fighting?: Marcus/Ampersand

Full Name: Marcus Antonius Augustine-Aguiler
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height/Weight: 5'10" (177.80 cm)/198.2 pounds
Blood Type: AB negative
Physique: Built
Skin Tone: Dark
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Amber
Distinctive Features: His left arm is six inches longer than his right.
SuperHero Alias: Ampersand (&)
Weapons: Crossbow at long range; large hunting knife at close range.
Ampersand (unavailable; will be up shortly)
Personal History: A mix between Apache and Puertorican races, he finds himself drifting more to his Latino heritage, as most of his 'Apache' family treats their heritage with mild apathy. An only child, he's prone to being jealous of people with siblings and is highly affectionate and trusting. After putting the idea in his friend Yuri's head, he moonlights with him as a superhero every night; known for being a slacker and for occasionally smoking weed.
Special Abilities/Training: Archery, horse-riding, has an extensive knowledge of European History, was on the wrestling team in middle school.
Weaknesses: Has A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder), is prone to getting his cape caught in places.
Relationship Status: Single
Partner/s in Crime/Crime Fighting?: Yuri/Scarface
I just saw this movie the other day, and it's awesome. biggrin.gif So I'd like to join~
I'll just need some time to make a character bio.
That One Dude
I know, right? I still don't understand how in that universe Dave is apparently invisible to girls, though...

Thanks for joining, btw. ^^
No problem~ I love Kick-@ss. XD

Name: Liam
Supervillian Alias: Sycho Sting (sycho is pronounced like 'psycho')
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Personality: Liam has an extremely abrasive personality. He's introverted, stubborn, and selfish. Impatient and often rushes things. He doesn't care about anyone but himself, though it seems this is because he may just be childishly ignorant of the suffering of others. Still, he's not a very nice person. Acts confident most of the time. Though if you really get to know him and really break down his mind, you will find that he's just an immature, childish person.
Abilities: Can run fast. Good at sneaking around. Flexible.
Weapons: Wolverine-like retractable claws. Darts (poisonous and non-poisonous). Spikes, which he can throw with good aim at far distances. Those things on his shoulders and ankles can be removed and used as throwing knives or something.
Strengths: Good aim and hand-eye coordination (from playing too many video games, no doubt). Quick thinker.
Weaknesses: Can only run short distances. Can't jump high or far. Not good at hand-to-hand combat.
Background: Liam has lived a very normal life. He grew up in the suburbs with a loving family and neighbors so cheerful they'd make anyone want to gag. He fervently read comic books and played video games his entire life.
Once he moved to Chalk as a sophomore in high school, he was bullied like it was no one's business. However, he was too much of a wuss to do anything about it. As a senior in high school, Liam heard of Kick-@ss and was inspired to become a hero himself. So he dressed up, broke his addiction of World of Warcraft, purchased some questionable weapons from a shady source, and went to fighting crime.

However, once he actually killed off his bullies (after torturing them), he realized that he didn't really like helping others, and he also likes to take whatever he wants. So with a few costume and name adjustments, he became a villain.

He normally doesn't do more than rob stores or houses, though he will kill anyone who gets in his way. He has sadistic tendencies, so if he particularly doesn't like someone, they can expect a slow and painful death. He's very sneaky about his work, so usually the only people who witness his crimes are dead.
Family: mother, father
Other info: Favorite video games: World of Warcraft, Call of Duty.
Favorite comics: X-Men, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac.
Favorite anime series: Elfen Lied, Death Note.
Theme Song: 'Kill The Rock' - MSI
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