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Full Version: Member Comment Thread For Entires In Arakawa Appreciation Fanart Contest, General Fanart Category
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Entries in General "Arakawa Appreciation Month" Fan Art Contest category:
(Click to view each entered fanart in our July 2010 Arakawa Appreciation Fanart Contest section of Gallery!)

* Cries of Ishval (by DSender)
* Lust and Gluttony (by Mysteria)
* One is Hiromu, All is Arakawa (by Winry Chan)
* Saved By Bliss [EdxWinry] (by Winry Chi)
* Fanart Fullmetal Love (by The Stubborn Alchemist )
* Alphonse Elric (by Forsaken Love)

* fmafanart2.jpg (by mellulah)

Voting thread for General fanart category (Voting result has not been certified yet)

As promised, this thread is for member comments for entires in Arakawa Appreciation fanart contest, General fanart category.

You can tell us your fav entires, why you like certain entries, etc., and if you'd like, you can post and tells us which ones you have voted also, but please try to stay away from giving your technical critiquing of entries unless the artist will post and specifically ask for such reviews. smile.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
I loved all of the entries for this category!

DSender's "Cries of Ishval" is amazing, and I loved the style in which it was drawn and the facial expressions look fantastic.

Mysteria's "Lust and Gluttony" is very adorable and the caption at the top certainly did make me chuckle!

Winry Chan, your "One is Hiromu, All is Arakawa" is a very awesome idea...right down to the gate having the cross/snake design on it!

Winry-Chi, "Saved By Bliss [EdxWinry]" is a very amazing and extremely beautiful piece- it made my ol' fangirl heart melt....EdxWin <3!

The Stubborn Alchemist, same as above- every EdxWin needs to see a really lovely piece like "Fanart Fullmetal Love"! I love how you've incorporated all of the best EdxWin moments!

Forsaken Love, "Alphonse Elric" is superb- I really love the colouring, especially the scratchy highlights on Al's armour and I also love how you achieved the transparency on Human!Al.

Mellulah, it's great to see an anime-1 centred piece and I really love the idea, too! It's cool how you included Fancy-alchemical-design!Al. (Weird name, I know!) And I love how Ed and Envy are crossing spear/gun.

Sorry for going on a bit...I just wanted to say a little something of why I like all of them! happy.gif
I really like " Cries of Ishval", for its meaning, and "One is Hiromu, All is Arakawa", for the genius idea behind it! XD
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