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Full Version: Member Comment Thread For Entires In Arakawa Appreciation Fanart Contest, "thank-you Arakawa" Category
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Entries in Special "Thank you, Hiromu Arakawa!" Category:
(Click to view each entered fanart in our July 2010 Arakawa Appreciation Fanart Contest section of Gallery!)

* Thank You, Arakawa! (by S.F. Thunder)
* Thank You, Hiromu Arakawa (by penguintruth)
* Thank you, Arakawa (by Qashqai)
* Thank you, Hiromu Arakawa! (by Michiyo-)
* Thank You, Arakawa Hiromu (by Winry Chan)
* Thank You Arakawa-Sensei! Edward Elric FMA Drawing.jpg (by InuNaruPokeAlchemist)
* Thank You, Arakawa! (by methuselah.alchemist)
* Thankyouarakawa contestcolor3.png (by paca)
* Thanks From The Little People (by Winry Chan)
* Thank you Arakawa (by hand-made-city)
* Thank you Arakawa for the Light In The Dark! (by The Stubborn Alchemist)
* "Thank you Arakawa Sensei, by Gregory House" (by Gregory House)
* Thank you, Arakawa-Sensei! (by A Pierrot's Aria)
* Thank you, Arakawa-Sensei! (by JackDawkins)
* Thank You, Hiromu Arakawa![Don't Forget FMA!]" (by Winry Chi)
* Thankyou Arakawa! (by Forsaken Love)
* Thank you, Arakawa! (by Thunderkitten)
* thank you Hiromu Arakawa! (by starfruit89)
* Thank you for everything, Arakawa! (by MsLinn)
* Doomo Arigatoo Gozaimasu Arakawa-Sama (by ShadowStormAlchemist)
* Thank you, Arakawa! (by Trakonda)
* Thank You Arakawa (by mellulah)

* Big thank you hug (by Darklion)
* Thank You, Arakawa! (by phoenixmiko)
* Thank You Very Much, FMA! (by phoenixmiko)
* Family Photo (by Raichi)
* 'Celebrating Arakawa Month!' (by FullmetalFlame29)
* Thank-you Arakawa!.jpg (by Broken Chouchou)
* Thanks Arakawa! (by Dragneel)
* Special Thank You Arakawa sensei contest entry 2 (by InuNaruPokeAlchemist)
* Thanks for Fullmetal Alchemist, Arakawa-sensei! (by Sariachan)
* ed.jpg (by Rainshine)
* THank you hiromu arakawa (by Steff)
* Thank you Arakawa-sensei!!!! (by Asagi)
* Thank You Arakawa-sensei! (by ilikeoctopus)
* Thank you, Arakawa! (by FullmetalFlame29)
* Thank you, Arakawa! (by ~Puppet Alphonse~)
* Thank you Hiromu Arakawa (by Steff)
* Thank you hiromu arakawa (by Steff)
* Thank-You Arakawa (by Riza_Mustang)

(Special note on Riza_Mustang's Gallery page: This fanart was uploaded by our contest staff, Chiyo, due to the technical difficulty. But please disregard that and regard this as Riza_Mustang's entry. ^^)

Voting thread for "Thank you Arakawa" category (Voting result has not been certified yet)

As promised, this thread is for member comments for entires in Arakawa Appreciation fanart contest, "Thank you Arakawa" category.

You can tell us your fav entires, why you like certain entries, etc., and if you'd like, you can post and tells us which ones you have voted also, but please try to stay away from giving your technical critiquing of entries unless the artist will post and specifically ask for such reviews. smile.gif
I liked many entries in this category, for example "THANK YOU HIROMU ARAKAWA" by DSender (for the original idea and crafting skills), "Thank You, Hiromu Arakawa" by penguintruth (really cute pixel art, and lots of characters too!) and "Thanks Arakawa!" by Dragneel (I like the "bold" feeling of the pic ^^ ).

And FullmetalFlame29's comic "Celebrating Arakawa Month!" is really funny, too!
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