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The Mad Bomber
Someone made a request for a new rp, I had a few ideas and this is what I came with this time around. As always in my rps humanity has once again managed to f*!@ up, big time. No surprise there really... oh and this is a futuristic rp, there are no laser weapons, but cyborgs and advanced droids exist, also some of mankind have developed Psychic abilities yet these are prone to have mental disabilities or diseases to counterweight.


The year is 3066 AD, Earth has become decimated by pollution, warfare and catastrophies. Mankind has retreated into so called `Safe Zones`, largest of which are Japan, United Kingdom, Greenland and Australia. Elsewhere humanity is confined to their largest cities, which are heavily fortified and protected by various barriers, such as New York, St.Petersburg and Bejing, to name a few. Humanity numbers in one billion and as always life isn`t easy for commoners, but despite various disasters that humanity has faced, the race seems to be recovering. A new wave of colonization out to the barren wilderness has began with colonists finding new settlements and revitalizing the enviorment with new, profficient technology.

This was mostly thanks to a corporation named Paragon Enterprises, which revolutionized energy production and other areas of industry with a new power source named Sygnite. It seemed like the magic-bullet for all the problems and granted Paragon basicly the power to regulate it`s use thus making them effectively new rules of mankind. This however has not made them tyrants or power-mongerers in the public eye, but like every faction that gains power even Paragon Enterprises has it`s own dirty secrets.

One of these is a group only known as Null, commanded by the CEO of the corporation. Null is a band of mercenaries, soldiers, cast-offs and criminals or simply talented people, that have been brought together to deal with issues that the corporation does not wish to see reach the light of day. Some people are brought into Null with force, others are offered amnesty for their crimes and some of them are simply hired.


1. NO ONE-LINERS (no one liners!!! NEVER!!!)
2. Blood, death, violence and swearing allowed, but let`s keep it within reasonable limits as always.
3. Romance is fine, just nothing too sexual.
4. Be serious, people; tough a comedic relief once in a while is appriciated...
5. No god-moding.
6. No controlling other RPers characters.
7. No killing another character without permission from that character's respectful RPer.
8. To improve the depth of the characters, make sure to think of a backstory that fits the setting, how the chaos and death has shook your characters life etc. Would be great if someone even made suggestions to me about my character having met your character in the past or somehow having been involved in their life.
9. Have fun! laugh.gif


1. The main idea is that our characters are a part of NULL, a team of gifted people (a very relative term) doing the dirty cover-ops of Paragon, but if you want to have a character outside the team etc then contact me and we`ll discuss it.
2. Your character can be basicly anything! Mutant, cyborg, dentis... Or well... as long as they prove useful to the team in some manner, they don`t even have to be a combat expert nor have any knowledge in that area. Psychics are usually unstable, one way or another, but they can toss people around and set them aflame with just a thought, nice...
3. Everyone has a past, you can either reveal some of it straight off the bat or bring it along as the rp progresses, but some basic facts are always nice.
4. Members of NULL can also simply be Paragon employees, if you want, these people usually hold a bit more authority.

NULL Roster:


Age: 72
Race: Android (A robot, that looks like a human)
Gender: Male
Personality: Calm, Observant, Suspicious.
Strong points: Knowledgeable, calm, deceptive
Weak points: Suicidal, reckless, uncompromising. Weak against electro-magnetic weapons.
Occupation: Formerly a servant, Currently a member of NULL.
Weapons: Hidden blades coupled with profficiency in close-combat and a hidden arm-grenade launcher.
Specialties/Abilities: Able to take a great deal of punishment, profficient robotics due to his past and skilled in hand-to-hand combat.
Appearance: Cyril appears to be completely human save for his arms, which are completely robotic, this leads many to think he is a cyborg. He appears as an ordinary human, 20 years of age, with blonde hair down to his ears. His eyes are dark green and his skin is slightly pale.
Clothing: Cyril wears dark brown cargo pants, a pair of combat boots, a black, sleevess shirt. Yet most the time these are not visible due to a tan, hooded cloak that he wears around himself.


Cyril began his existance as a Virtual Intellegence and was planted into a humanoid body, he served as an assistant to a prominent professor in the field of nanomachines, in Moscow. However eventually Cyril began to develop on it`s own due to the fact that the professor had planted a new-prototype of nano-machines within his servant. Eventually Cyril developed into a fully fledged AI and abandoned it`s creator. Cyril wandered aimlessly in the outside world for years until he was badly damaged in a battle outside Bejing. At this point the once servant android had modified itself into a weapon of war, most likely utilizing everything it had learned from it`s creator. Apparently Cyril had seen a lot of fighting as it had changed it`s own arms from human arms to what seemed to be scavanged robot arms from a military droid.

Cyril was scavanged from the battlefield by Paragon Enterprises, who planned on using the android as research sample on AI`s, but they accidentally managed to restore the AI back to life. Tough Cyril`s memory was fragmented, he could recall an unexplained hatred for humans and was locked away by Paragon as they did not want the droid having a chance to escape. The only reason they did not destroy Cyril was because the CEO intervined and forbade it. After a few months of captivity the CEO approached Cyril and offered a spot in NULL in return for his freedom. At first the AI distrusted the man and his offer, but after a weeks consideration time Cyril agreed to work for NULL as it was better than rusting away in the dark.

Currently Cyril has been in NULL for over a year, but hardly enjoys any trust or comradeship with other member, who regard him as a machine.

Theme song: Disturbed - Liberate

NULL - Sector 5 - Chain Of Command

CEO Of Paragon Enterprises

The Boss, The Man, The one person, who could sent us all whirling into hell in a hand-basket, if he wanted to.


Commander Of NULL`s Sector 5 - Colonel Radde

The former leader of the Vienna Security Force, a man who prides himself on punctuality and skill in his line of work. Expects his sub-ordinates to follow his orders to the letter, a man stuck in his ways, but ultimately a reliable leader, who understands the need for subterfuge and need for secrecy.


Shock Trooper - Cyril

An android, that we scavanged off a battlefield near Bejing. It would be pointless to say we know little about IT, other than it seems to despise us yet it has proven itself an valuable asset to NULL as the CEO predicted. Deadly in close-combat and completely oblivious to any harm, that befalls itself, for example it sacrificed it`s own arm in order to kill a rampaging mutant on a mission in Siberia. Either it is suicidal or very decicated to whatever it decides to undertake.

Scout/Infiltrator - Alma

A cyborg coupled with extraordinary memory, or to put it bluntly, she remembers everything. This fact leads it to being no wonder that she has been brought into NULL and placed in the position of scout, her small frame, ability to react quickly and skills in combat only contribute to this. A fresh recruit, hopefully she won`t freak out when things get rough, she is human after all.

Profiler/Fire Support - Kari Axeloake

As always, nothing is really what is seems in NULL, Kari is not exception. Despite the fact that she has been with us for three years and is essentially human, she is a bit isolated and aloof. This however does not seem to affect her working efficiency with profiling and acting as a gunfighter on missions. To add those two skills she apparently can see souls of humans.... err... I prefer not to get involved in such non-sense. Yet I suppose that NULL must take in specialists on whatever fields it can, needless to say our missions aren`t exactly basking in the light of day and Kari is one of those people, who belong in a place like that.

Scout - Matthew Cruor

The youngest member of our sector and at the fragile age of 16, he is without a doubt a certifiable prick, even the android has more consideration towards others than this guy. I don`t even have to get started on the kids various conditions or scars, emotional and physical. This one is volatile, the only question is how to direct that trotten nature of his. The commander though it a good idea to apoint him as a scout alongside our other fresh recruit, Alma, who seems to have more of a grip on the handle and has seen a few missions thus far.

Gunfighter/Information Expert - Charlotte Dwyer

Another confrontational character, Charlie as she is known, has an abbrassive manner to go around messing with people`s heads and seems to enjoy the havoc, that the missions bring along with them. After two years it doesn`t seem too much of a problem, she falls in line under the commander like any other, but then there is her shady past. Tough luckily her friend keeps her in check, from time to time. She also has a knack for gathering information, which is mainly why we recruited her, but then again she can handle herself on the battlefield. We though it best to assign her, along with her friend Uri, to the attack team alongside Cyril.

Shock Trooper - Vyacheslav Stefan Alekseev

The calmer of friend of Charlotte, Uri as he goes by, a mystery to say the least. He past is sketchy, even by our standards, which is saying something. In anycase we have confirmed, that he has had a part in some illegal activities and our records have some bits on his past, that do not seem relevant at the moment. He is an expert gunman and fighter, unlike most of the team he is rather ordinary, but due to his profficient work on the field, no one is questioning his talents. The only problem with this one seems to be that no one, save for Charlotte, who loves to spread false rumours about him, seems to know what`s going on inside his head.

O-O I'm IN!! (I just need time to think about my hopefully-NOT-recycled characters -.-U)
Same here!!! >>U writing the whole bio is always a pain...BUT I WILL GET IT DONE!!!!
I'd like to join. biggrin.gif

Name: Alma
Gender: Female
Race: Cyborg
Age: 17
Personality: Seems to always have a blank expression when she is alone. But when she converses with others, she is alert and focused. She is mature, reasonable, and strong-willed. However, she can be very stubborn, and easily distrustful of others. Sometimes she seems a bit “weird” when she is alone; she seems to mumble things to herself or move and stare at her fingers, as though counting things. But she usually drops these odd habits when around other people.
Appearance: She looks like a normal human, except for her eyes, which have rings in the irises. Shoulder-length dark brown hair, blue-grey eyes, pale skin.
Body: Very thin, almost appearing fragile. 5’5” tall.
Clothes: Black long-sleeved shirt, black shorts, grey sneakers, grey jacket.
Skills: Alma has a super-human memory, as well as other abilities. Because of her eyes and the part of her brain that is robotic (making her a cyborg), she can remember everything she sees/hears/whatever in precise detail. Her eyes are also synchronized with her robotic brain parts, and allow her eyes to send visual messages to her brain faster than average humans, allowing her brain to interpret information quicker, and allowing her to react to situations very fast; this comes in handy during combat, even if she only has a split-second advantage over her opponent. She is also a master at cracking codes and figuring out lock combinations, etc..
Weapons: She always carries a knife, gun, or some sort of simple weapon for protection. But she could easily kill someone.
Info: When she was eleven years old, Alma was involved in an accident (an act of violence, which was not uncommon in this world) which left her with a head injury, and eventually brain damage. This eventually caused her to suffer from severe memory loss. It got increasingly worse over the years to the point where she wouldn’t recognize her family members, or she would end up somewhere familiar and not know how to get back home.

When she was seventeen, her family had saved enough money to get her surgery to cure her memory loss. This involved implanting robotic parts in her brain (the part of the brain responsible for memory; I’m too tired to look it up right now.), as well as replacing her eyes with robotic ones, to help her eyes send information to her brain more quickly.

However, her brain had an abnormal reaction to the surgery, and the new implanted parts started functioning at a level that was higher than normal. Now she remembers everything (as well as the other things mentioned earlier).

She was hired into NULL only a month after her recovery from surgery, and she has been there for only two weeks. She decided she’d like to join, since for the past six years of her life have left her no time to think about her life goals anyway.

She is still getting used to her “skills”. Though she is not overwhelmed with remembering everything she witnesses, she hates having her brain filled with useless information. Though she feels it’s better than forgetting everything. Still, she finds this skill annoying, as well as the occasional migraines that she gets from it (a normal side effect of the surgery). She has also found that, since the surgery, her mind has become acute to patterns, making it simple for her to crack the toughest codes, as well as figuring out lock combinations.

She does not know many other people in NULL, sine she’s new. But what she has seen and overheard has allowed her to know a bit of information about other members.
Family: Father, older brother.
Theme Song: "Short Circuit" - Daft Punk
The Mad Bomber
We`ll be getting started once the two profiles are posted, hope that doesn`t take too long...
Kari Axeloake
Age: 21
Race: Technically human
Personality:Bi-polar,could be quiet could be a loud mouth,a good profiler,seems to hate people despite that
Strong points: Physically strong,good balance when fighting (other times...not so much),could at least act sympathetic to get info.
Weak points: Easily angered,doesn't trust her 'team mates',has no respect for authority. A loose cannon.
Specialties/Abilities: An excellent marksman,is an itako,and can see HUMAN (and maybe some other creatures depending XD) souls
Appearance: Kari is about 4"9,without her combat boots,or 1.45 meters. Has shoulder length,MESSY XD,spiky black hair,normally has matching onyx black eyes but when looking
at souls they change to bright neon blue.While looks only about 12,also a very useful weapon depending on how it's used she's almost twice said age.
Clothing: Black leggings,combat boots,black t-shirt,white hoodie/sweat shirt,pair of white headphones around her neck connected to an 'ancient' mp3 player

The head phones and coat as shown,and the collar too XD

History: Kari was born in the 'normal' way these days. In a 'hospital' so run down that they don't even have proper water. Her mother was,to put it nicely a call girl.
And since the baby would get in the way of her business,and only cost money,Kari was put up for adoption. Not abnormal at all. After going through 5 sets of parents,at the lovely age of 10,
from how violent and generally obnoxious the child was she finally ended up on the streets. One day however,somebody just took her off the corner she stayed at and brought her to live with him
to be a not so legal-guardian but a guardian at least. This man was Zanguine Axeloake; an assassin,hit-man,killer for hire ect. He taught her how to use her rather surprising strength properly and better yet,
how to use a gun. It was rough,but she enjoyed it and the lessons he taught her.
One day,taking a walk through the backyard she found a spirit of Zanguine's dog and brought it with her inside using a long chain of beads,a necklace of sorts,she'd always had to keep it there.
Needless to say,Zanguine was surprised. He didn't know much of the super naturals and mutants that walked around,but he knew enough to say that she was an itako. A spirit guide,one who could send spirits and souls off
and to call them back when needed.When he asked,she told him that she could just see it. And that she could see something like it in him,her eyes changed color frequently after and there was less complaints about ghosts from civilians. However,good times don't last long in the world anymore.
Zanguine ended up getting a hit himself and Kari was well...not too thrilled. The NULL found her in an abandoned apartment building cleaning
her gun,the one Zanguine had gotten specially for her,with dozens of bodies strewn about the building and the head of the 'CEO' of said MOB (a branch of the mafia! XD not the Paragon) at her feet. She was recruited that day.

She's been with Null for about 3 years,2 of which had been dedicating to profiling work and studying human,and anything else these days,behavior and some computer skills.

Theme song: ...Don't get me started. is done! Sorry it took so long guys ^^U hope it's not horrible >>U

The Mad Bomber
No problem save for one thing... in your history you wrote: "with dozens of bodies strewn about the building and the head of the 'CEO' at her feet. She was recruited that day."

So am I understanding this correctly... she killed the CEO of Paragon? If so that would efficiently torpedo my characters past...

That One Dude
^ I don't mean to sound cynical or anything, but why would a company hire the person that just killed their CEO? .__.

If it's no problem with you guys, I'd like to join up in this RP and I'll actually try not to abruptly disappear this time, since I've got a -way- more relaxed lifestyle now. tongue.gif

Full Name: Matthew Cruor
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Race: Human
Height: 5'9" (he always claims he's 5'10")
Weight: 123.4 lbs
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Blond
Personality: Cocky/arrogant, tends to look down on anyone unless he understands he should think otherwise (which is rare), has a potty mouth.
Special Abilities: Has some experience in espionage, business knowledge (mostly how to hide that he's been selling/buying items he shouldn't), can survive a month without food or sleep (but not at the same time), has an extensive knowledge of firearms and knives, can run at a top speed of 18 miles per hour (iirc, the average human can run at around 13 miles per hour, while the fastet record was 22 miles per hour), has selective empathy (depending on how emotional the person is, current thoughts/feelings can be transmitted over to him via touch or close proximity).
Strengths: Is incredibly resilient and loyal (though loyalty varies depending on how much he respects the person).
Weaknesses: Suffers from anorexia (refuses to eat), anosmia (inability to perceive odors), shows some symptoms of antisocial personality disorder (a form of psychosis) and mild depression.
Clothing: Varies, though he can most commonly be seen wearing a striped black and white turtleneck (casual) or an odd, customized sort of long coat (formal; see below).
Weapons: Tends to carry shotgun/handguns, has a preference for small, throw-able knives.
Miscallenous: Has a tendency to wear goth make-up by smearing black around his eyes and on his lips, sometimes with a white base, sometimes without it. Has a scar on his neck from a time he attempted suicide. His teeth are slightly stained yellow due to his illness and he is missing a couple of molars. He also has little body hair and bruises easily.
Photo: I'll put it up a little later; my scanner isn't working well at the moment.
History: Matt's birth was rather un-fascinating; he was born in a hospital, to two teenage parents that got drunk and though it would be fun to hump their brains out if the world ended overnight.
At the age of eight, Matt was abandoned by said parents in a park(? if not, some other public place). He was taken in by a homeless man and lived with him for several months until he was found by the authorities and taken home again. Since then, his usually neglectful parents have regarded him with animosity for 'coming back' and are constantly verbally abusive towards him (and yet, they plan to have a second child; one 'better' than Matt).
In an attempt to stay out of the house (and away from them) more often, he started selling illegal/stolen goods out on the street and has been running a sort of 'business' since then.
He is friends with a doctor that works illegally on the streets (but, surprisingly, uses proper tools and keeps a clean office).
(I figure) He was recently brought to Null's ranks by sheer force, due to the fact that he's managed to keep his business secret for several years, they must have figured he was good with cover-ups and secret dealings.
Theme Song?: You're Gonna Go Far, Kid - The Offspring
*relooks* aw crap. - -U this is what I get for not having enough soda...Sorry everybody! ^^U Fixing it right now.
I'm alive!!! (And I hope all the profiles and facts are ok -.-U I really suck at making profiles and backgrounds so let me know if something is wrong)

Name: Charlotte Dwyer aka. Charlie
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 21
Appearance/Clothing/Accessories: EDIT: **She always wears black gloves**

Weapons: 2 Enhaced Sig Sauer 9mmm - Belt with: throwing knifes, poisons and serums in it.
Special Abilities: Psychometry (Extrasensory Perception - The ability to gain information from an object of unknown history by making physical contact with that object)
Despite everything, Charlotte's powers have shown to be chaotic, hard to direct to a specific point and overwhelming for the bearer, which has made her rely on her thieving, conning, interrogating skills to maintaing her current job.
Even when usually presenting a mellow disposition, Charlie enjoys fighting and mentally torturing/teasing people and cannot stand jobs where there is little conflict. All this, plus her easily-excited character and her no-existing regard for order and rules usually leads to great distruction and chaos. (However she usually listens to Uri, who sadly is unlikely to discipline her, and who feels it is better to let her do want she wants)
Charlie, even when often acts carefree and open, is also very devious and underhanded (not to mention her cynic view of life) which makes it hard to understand on which side is she and which are her goals.
But despite her untroubled nature, certain quirks, eccentricities and manners in her character show the troubled girl she's always struggling to hide, which when this fails, usually just leads to restlessness, poor judgement, hastiness from her part, breakdowns (These breakdowns usually taking her back unconsciously to her older self: this former self being paranoid, extremely distrustful, prone to lying and stealing without a reason. It's still hasnt been stated whether this is the effect of the drugs in her nervous sistem or the impact of the visions which made the former cause worst)
Charlie is -as she likes to call herself- an "information" expert who has been working with NULL for 2 years.
Not much is known from her past or origin (despite her obvious irish background) but her criminal and medical records are enough for people to build a wild and -somethimes even right- conclusion: she spent half her teenage years going from one juvenile correction facility to another -and when she wasnt there she was usually found either in the hospital, or in the street-
But to say Charlie was the product of a broken home is to presume a home existed in the first place. Nobody knows about her parents or siblings and the only close relationships that are know are those of the irish mafia to which she got close at the age of 17, which shortly followed her downfall into becoming a heroin junkie.
At this period in her life many theories have been made. Some people say the effects of the drug managed to intensify both the visions and the control she had over them, while others say the effects of the drug managed to nullify her senses. Both these theories have never been proved since after a deadly overdose of cheap drug Charlie had "no other option" but to obly herself to leave the heroin.
After a year of self-rehabilitation with constant failures, she got in contact with NULL and Uri (theories of their relationships are still made as some people say Uri was responsible of her rehabilitation while others claim a big debt between them)


Name: Vyacheslav Stefan Alekseev (aka. Uri)
Race: Human
Age: 26
Abilities: So far Uri hasnt presented any case of "special abilities", but this factor is well balanced with being exceptionally skilled with firearms and in hand to hand combat, particularly street fighting.
Personality: Always wearing a faint smirk in his lips, he seems to be calm and collected. Hardly reacts to any teasing or taunting; however, the smile is simply a front as Uri is described as a cold and ruthless person.
Weapons: Assault Riffle (SIG SG 550) - Handgun (Punisher) - Derringer (Double) - Throwing Knifes - Magnum (L. Hawk)
**Pretty Much All He Carries In The Guitar Case**
Uri (so as to save time with the pronunciation and nicknames such as "The-Vodka-Drinking-Alien") as his partner Charlotte Dwyer calls him, is a bigger mistery than the former.
All that is known of him either comes from excentric stories Charlotte makes up or rumors in the streets. This rumors usually tell of how after leading a sucesfull career in the police, one unexpected day his career went spiriling down when he became the main suspect of the murder of 3 of his co-workers, an event which Uri never bothered himself in explaining. With no evidence to prove him guilty Uri skipped jail but lost his job. After a few years of what could only be defined as "rotting in the streets" Uri started getting into what -after years of working against it- he knew best: the underworld. Soon the fame of his "clean" jobs spread around, which not only oblied him to run away from his country but also got him in contact with NULL and Charlotte.
The Mad Bomber
(We are starting, I added that our team is known as NULL`s Sector 5 as NULL is a global shadow organization since clearly there are more than one matter that NULL has to address at a time.)

Shadows Of The Paragon

Vladivostok, 5:00 AM

Someone thought it was a great idea to idea to steal sygnite for a Paragon Enterprises power plant and then attempt to smuggle it out of the city, naive. The convoy carrying the precious rescource had managed to pass customs and guards, that had awaited them on the edge of the city and they could sigh in relief. From there on out it seemed like they were free and rich as the devil himself, small bits of sygnite could be sold for millions in any city as long as you didn`t get caught. In the city there was law enforcement, but out in the wilds no one enforced the law, save for a few local colonist authorities.

Yet assuming that someone tipped off the guards and customs about what was going on under their noses, but also instructed them to let the smugglers go, right after attaching a tracking device on their armored trucks. Normally such precautions were necessary in the wilds as the area around Vladivostok was less than hospitable, Siberia was a toxic wasteland and there was no telling what mutated creatures lurked in the shadows.

Then again these smugglers were about to be targeted by a completely different kind of animal, a predator.


Some miles away, out of sight and right at the edge of the road, awaited a figure in a tan cloak. Occasionally he grabbed his state of the art binoculars and peered in the direction of Vladivostok, to make certain that the convoy was heading their way. He momentarily glared in the direction of each of his `comrades` each in positions surrounding the road, each of them skilled in their own right, but each vastly different from one another in personalities.

Cyril could have cared less about their personalities, they were humans, a pestilent race of troublemakers, whose only accomplishment seemed to be staying alive for this long. The android could only ponder whether it was skill or blind luck, which had spared the human race from the clutches of a dying world. The foolish notion that some god watched over the humans did not even reach his trail of thought and he would have dismissed such thoughts as irrelevant.

"The target has left the city" A voice confirmed on the radio, one of their scouts, who had taken up forward positions.

"Stay frosty people."

Replied a stern voice on the radio, Colonel Radden was hardly in the mood for slip up`s when this kind of mission was involved. This was not a robbery, it wasn`t a hijacking, but a brutal bloodbath. Why? To prove a point, to set an example for all who decide to steal from Paragon Enterprises. Word of the destruction would spread, but the one`s who commited it would never be known as they had a strict policy of not letting anyone out of this alive. During the briefing Cyril had not even flinched when he had heard their objectives, but merely nodded that it was the most prudent course of action concerning sucha crime.

These people thought they could walk away with the most precious rescource in the whole world and not get even noticed? Some human beings were so naive, that it befuddled the android, as it was quite clear to him that Paragon would never let the thieves get away with such a crime. Maybe they expected, that once caught, they would receive justice and actually have some kind of rights? They were in no man`s land, only a fool would expect to receive justice out in the wilds.

Cyril looked at two of his comrades, who were hiding closest to him. These two had been criminals in their past lives, it was no wonder that Charlie had quickly found out what was going on and Uri would no doubt prove useful in the coming slaughter. In the year, that Cyril had operated with the two, he had formed solid evaluations of these two. Clearly they were profficient in their craft and deserved to be recognized as valuable assets, but it was only their personalities, which brought about their many flaws.

Charlie relentlessly played mind-games with other, which Cyril simply brushed aside, and her unstable personality leaves much to be hoped for. Uri on the other hand managed to keep his calm, thus seemed to be the respetable of the two and also seemed to have some degree of control over Charlie, for which Cyril respected him. Yet Uri was impossible to read and that smile on his face seemed to be some kind of safeguard for what lied beneath the surface.

Of the other members Cyril had made evaluations as well, but the incoming trucks seemed to be a far more eminent cause of concern. Radden barked on the radio to all of the team members.

"Now, attack!"

Before the first truck knew any better, Cyril arose from his hiding place with his right arm held in front. The arm had seemingly split in two from the palm and revealing a barrel, which now stood poised to unleash hell on the smugglers. For a second the smugglers stared, dumb-founded at the arm, right before Cyril launched a grenade at the truck and stopped it in it`s tracks. The truck fell to it`s side, creating a partial blockade on the road. Immidiately as the attack began, the convoy tried to disperse. They were in rocky terrain, which offered very little hope for an offroad escape. The way forward was blocked so the trucks in the middle engaged their enemies in a firefight as the last one began backing away.
At first there was no response as Uri calmly took cover behind a tree, lit a cigarette and then got his riffle ready. In less than a second the whistle of bullets was enough to drown the roar of the wind as the smugglers started falling down, while those who managed to "run away" soon met with Charlotte.
"Rookies" She sneered as she loaded her gun and aimed her shots toward the other trucks, at first it seemed useless with the blinded structure of the cars, but then her objective became clear when the tires got punctured and the last truck's attempt to escape became futile.
Uri then gave her a sharp whistle, Charlotte nooded and took cover behind some rocks. Uri activated some sort of remote control and a dozen of mines along the road suddenly became was pure logic to know what happened with all the smugglers running around.
That One Dude
Matt irritably chewed on a cigarette, pulling the shotgun with a sawed-off end (for a wider range) out from the strap he had on his back. He walked up to one of the vans and blew the windshield clean off with a couple of shots, revealing the men inside and wounding or killing some of them in the process.

Sure, the boy didn't seem very menacing, even when wielding the shotgun, for tremors shook through his frail body every time he took a shot, but when he pulled his knives and successfully managed to throw them into many a man's face, it wasn't much of a surprise to see why the kid was hired in the first place.

"Stupid f**king c*nts, thinking you can get away with this sort of sh*t, makes me sick to my f**king stomach." He spat. Sure, he was being a hypocrite in the respect that he also dealt with stolen goods, but his anger at being torn away from his business had to be directed at somebody. And since he'd be promptly assassinated if he tried to stab the CEO's face like he wanted to, the targets were unlucky enough to be his replacement.

As one tried to sneak up on him to try to keep his buddies from being slaughtered by what hardly looked like a healthy boy, he twirled on his feet and stabbed the wannabe ninja right in the eye. "Oh, you thought I didn't see you, did ya, you @ssh*le? Well, that's too f**king bad!!" He stomped on the corpse once it fell to the ground, but overexerted himself far too easily and retreated. He figured the rest of the team could take care of the remaining smugglers, anyway, and he'd done his part successfully.

((Well... I did say the kid had quite the potty mouth...))
Kari yawned lightly,drowning out all the noise with the music in her ears,and pulled out her own hand gun from it's holster when a few select IDIOTS,in her opinion anyway,managed to be lucky and get away from all the bullets and bombs going off to go in her direction. Great.

She hopped down from,what was left of a tree with all the nuclear radiation around,her perch and shot three bullets towards the truck making them stop and attempt taunting her with '7you missed me!'s. She simply pulled a lollipop out of her mouth and said flatly as the bullets ricocheted off a few other ones but flew straight through their back and chest and into the tree's behind her

"Wasn't aimin for ya."

She looked around,just seeing dead bodies everywhere,and yelled towards the android up above at the hill wondering just how much longer they had to be over here before their next 'job'.

"How many were there supposed ta be!?"
This was only the fifth mission Alma was involved in since joining NULL. She was surprised that she wasn't shaking from fear. On the contrary, she was surprisingly calm about the whole thing as she stared ahead intently at the fallen truck ahead of her team.

As for her team, she was too new to this organization to get to know them. She had never spoken to them before; she kept to herself most of the time. But she knew some things: she knew their names, and other odd information that she had picked up in the past two weeks. She knew that one was an android, and the others were criminals in some way or another.

Alma felt like she didn't belong here sometimes; after all, she had had a fairly normal life, (at least that's what she could conclude from the brief flashes of memories that she could remember before her accident) only trying (without much success) to protect herself against the chaos that controlled the world around her.

Then again, she didn't care very much if she was less experienced than her team. She was confident in herself.

Alma immediately got to whipping a pistol out of her jacket, and shooting with nearly perfect aim at whatever enemies she could see. Her countless thoughts raced faster than the bullets, so it was easy for her to aim and make split decisions.
The Mad Bomber
Cyril did not pay attention to the work of his comrades as he charged forward, at the smugglers exiting the trucks. He promptly punched the first opponent in the throat, effectively crushing hopes of any further breathing. He continued the move by grabbing the man by the clothes and tossing him at a nearby rock, which resulted in a sickening crunch as the man`s spine cracked. Spinning around Cyril kicked a smuggler, that had attempted to attack him from behind, in the face and sent the man sprawling to the ground. The man stared back at Cyril in horror as Cyril realized, that he had just been stabbed in the back and reached for the knife.

There was a crackling on the radio as something was being patched through, Cyril stared at the smuggler before throwing the knife into the man`s chest. Cyril turned to face the truck transporting the sygnite and swung the door open, but received a spree of pellet from a shotgun ammo. The pellets sunk into his face and chest, leaving dark marks, but nothing more. Cyril, not having flinched an inch jumped into the truck and swung his hand. A blade flashed and the smugglers head rolled onto the floor. The sygnite container was there, a black large crate with state of the art security measures, evidently no one had managed to open it, yet.

Cyril dialed in the code and the lid clicked open, he took a peek inside and witnessed a score of rods of sugnite all piled tightly next to one another. Sygnite akin to uranium had radiation, thus it was not healthy for any human to be exposed to raw sygnite for too long. Cyril was a machine, thus he could have basked in it`s light tough his appearance would suffer some damage from a long time radiation. The android closed the crate and secured it sitting down, waiting for the last gunshots to be quelled.

Soon enough as the body count swelled, the gunfire began to slowly die out and soon enough the only sound on the road was, that of a few severely wounded smugglers. The radio crackled again, this time the message came through.

"Make sure they are all dead, secure the sygnite and ready it for transportation. Check the smugglers corpses and trucks for anything out of place. The choppers are on their way, Radden out."

The commander relayed his orders as air was suddenly filled with the sound of humming, soon enough three, sleek figures appeared into view. Flying low, the dark choppers began to lower themselves onto flat ground. Everything was working like clock-work, as the commander had expected, they attack, secure and leave within a few minutes and the rest of the world would be none the wiser.

Effortlessly Cyril carried the sygnite container to the choppers, tough it seemed to be a ridicolously small amount, that sygnite could have powered a large city for years. As the method of creating the matter was a secret of Paragon, it was even more valuable and far more dangerous than most imagined.

Cyril however never bothered with anything that did not directly concern himself personally. He climbed onto the chopper and sat down in the back with a bland expression on his face as he stared forward, not even attempting to tend to his own `wounds`.
((I assume our characters are following?))

Alma continued shooting until she could see no movement from the enemy. She breathed a sigh of relief that she luckily had not been injured, with the amount of bullets that were flying. There were too many bullets to count. But Alma had counted. Whatever her eyes had seen, no matter how brief a glance, she could tell what weapon was flying where, and how many there were. It was worthless information now, but it had been incredibly useful just a moment ago.

She sighed again, this time in frustration. Whenever she had to process this kind of information, her body retaliated. It was like when she stared out of her window in the hospital and looked outside at the wall of a building long enough (approximately four seconds) and was able to determine the exact amount of bricks on it. 'Damnit. I'm going to get a huge headache from this. I can already feel it.'

She looked around quickly to check if her team was alright. Specifically, she was looking for Matt, who Alma had immediately taken some responsibility for keeping an eye on, not only because they were both scouts, but also because it seemed like his attitude would easily get him into trouble. As usual, everyone seemed just fine.

Now slightly distressed from a growing headache only made worse by the noise of the chopper, Alma followed Cyril (who had already gotten the sygnite) and climbed into the chopper. She knew they had to leave quickly after getting their job done quickly; that was how NULL operated. She had no idea what the sygnite was for, nor did she care. She was just glad to sit down.

She sat a good distance away from the android, just as she would distance herself from anyone. She glanced at the bullet-riddled android. Name: Cyril, made in the year 2994, so that made it 72. That was all Alma knew. People weren't exactly talkative at NULL, so there really wasn't much information to go by.

'Not too friendly, is he?' Alma thought, as merely an observation. Not many people were friendly in NULL, or anywhere in the world. Alma lost her memories a while back, and only knew the interractions she had with her family, who were, fortunately, kind people. But outside of that, she forgot most of her interractions with strangers, so for the last month she was forced to slowly remember this simple fact: The world is cruel.

Alma sat and stared at nothing in particular out the open door.
The Mad Bomber
Once the clean-up was complete, the NULL personel boarded the choppers, that took off and disappeared from the scene within a few seconds. These choppers were, naturally, invisible in the radar so they could not be detected by any nearby military installations and even if they were seen no one would ask any questions, such was the power that paragon wielded. Countries, those that still remained, and cities had armies or security forces, but Paragon had sygnite.

The new power source was more than enough to guarentee, that one would jeopardize paragon`s future, but then again no age is without it`s revolutionaries tough they usually met a swift end at the hands of NULL. In Cyril`s opinion mankind had enough problems with the world in the state as it was, but the foolishness spawned by idealists continued to spin out of control. Mankind never seemed to learn.

The three choppers headed west towards northern china, to a fairly esolated region. The place was ideal for a NULL base as it provided seclusion from the rest of the world yet it was in reach of sector five`s main area`s of operation, namely Japan and Bejing. As the choppers drew closer to the base, what seemed to be some kind of hatch, opened in the ground and provided a landing pad for the helicopters. Once the choppers had slowly descended and touched the ground, the landing pads themselves began descending to an underground hangar. Inside the hangar was a fairly quiet hangar, which housed various weapons and equipment utilized by NULL.

As soon as the descent stopped, NULL personel began unloading the choppers of their equipment and the sygnite. Cyril allowed the mechanics and the lot to do their work, he was a killer not a workhorse and he was had other concerns such as fixing the damage to his face. Cyril disappeared out of the hangar without even glancing at the others and headed for the armoury, the place where he spent most of his time and quite literally utilized as his quarters. Only the mechanics and tech-personel visited the space besides him, tough they had a tendency to avoid running into the android or even being in his presence. Tough such fears were absolutely ridicolous, Cyril could only presume that humans were and would always suffer from endless xenophobia.


Throughout the minds of every other member of the mission a psychic message was spoken and it was one they would heed, if they knew what was good for them. It was quite obvious, that the commander had remained in the base on this mission as he had not used his psychic powers and had resorted to radio`s for communication, the battle he had view through a spy satellite feed, which worked almost as well as being on the scene.

Team, debriefing now... and leave Cyril alone, I don`t want to argue with him. I already have a headache as it is and it`s quite obvious I can`t get through to him anyway with this message.

Radden had been a colonel in the Vienna security force before being relieved of his duties after his involvement in a rather scandalous affair, which involved a high body count and experimental weapons. Despite, or exactly because of, his shady background he had been brought in as the commander to this sector of NULL. Apparently there was more on his mind than the fact that the mission was a success.
Charlie jumped out of the chopper just to stretch her arms lazzily, somehow being careful enough not to touch anything -regardless of the fact she was wearing her gloves- "Well that was fun" She mumbled as she turn around toward Uri who was too bussy fiddling with a cigarrete in his mouth "Annoying if you ask me..." He was saying when the order slipped into their heads. "Aww for f*!@'s sake....can we skip that?" The girl grumbled.
The Mad Bomber
There was no answer as, if their commander was contemplating on his answer and choosing his next `words` carefully. The next message did not have the same calm athmosphere as the first one, it was charged with a bit of sarcasm and sharp, stingng anger that rattled their brains a bit.

Oh we could do that my dear, we most certainly could. That is if you are keen on not receiving your next paycheck not to mention your next meals for the next month or I can arrange solitary confinment for you, you know so that you can talk to the walls to entertain yourself. You do not talk back, I say and you jump. Those were the rules every agreed to when they first signed onboard, now haul your asses into the de/briefing room instantly!

The psychic wave of anger swept over each team member, causing each to feel a bit of pain inside their skulls, causing some of the nearby NULL personel to suspect that something or somebody had managed to spoil the commanders mood.
"Jeez! Someone ate too much bitchy-flakes this morning..." She whispered as she cringed softly, both with the sharp pain in her head and the mention of not receiving her paycheck. Uri looked at her, and for a second they exchanged a glance of annoyance, defiance and finally resignation, which ended shortly when he hung his guitar case over his shoulder and started walking. "Let's get this over quickly" He said, Charlie stood there for a second, almost as if waiting for some support, but when the others just stared back she turn around and followed Uri stubbornly "Great team work" She mumbled as she chuckled sarcastically.
That One Dude
Irritably, Matt stuck a finger in his own ear, as if that would help dull the pain. "One member of this idiotic team sasses the boss and I have to pay for it?" He growled softly, shooting a glare at Charlie; he knew it wouldn't do any good, but he just wished he could... stab her, cut her mouth open and sew it right back up again, gouge out her eyes with a spoon and--

He took a deep breath, trying to get the ever-growing imagery of gore out of his mind. Approaching Alma, he grinned, looking every bit slimy as he made himself out to be.

"So, uh, are your legs tired?"

It was gonna be a horrible come-on, but it was really more of a distraction to him than anything else. He didn't feel like doing what he was told immediately, and the sharp pain in his head had hardly subsided. It didn't help that with the pain came a feeling of dizziness and the harsh reality that he hadn't eaten in two days. He brushed it aside, though.

"'Cause you've been runnin' through my mind all day. <3"

Hook. Line. Slap in the face?
Alma, though she hardly ever lost her calm demeanor, audibly muttered 'Sh*t' when she felt the unwelcome shot of pain. She already had a terrible headache, and she did not appreciate Radden making it worse. In that moment of frustration, she felt as if she could throttle him, if only he was within arm's reach and if Alma had that kind of strength.

But soon she calmed down, and her headache dulled back down to an excruciating pain. Though she had a high tolerance for pain, so she could still function almost normally even with a persistent headache.

She turned to Matt, at first with an annoyed and perplexed look. But soon a strange crooked smile appeared on her face and she burst into laughter. This was an abnormal thing for her to do; normally she would ignore such things. But she couldn't help herself; she found Matt's comment strangely hilarious.

Matt, nor anyone else, had never really spoken to her much since joining NULL, and she was surprised that she found this amusing at all. Though being almost completely deprived of human interraction (but still somehow wishing to talk to someone) seemed to skew Alma's sense of how to react properly.

Alma calmed herself with some difficulty, and started walking toward the debriefing room, while talking to Matt,

"That's the worst line I've ever heard," she said, still amused, though she was trying to tell herself (though it was in vain) to ignore Matt after the immature comment he made. "I've heard of millions of other ones, and that has got to be the worst."
That One Dude
"It got you to laugh, at least." He smiled, shrugging his shoulders, and walked after her. Since he knew it was such a terrible come-on, he was just glad she hadn't read too much into it and started beating him like crazy; his brittle bones couldn't withstand abuse. He was quite confident, though; he was expecting unbridled aggression, or perhaps even to be ignored (which would've been the most logical thing to expect), and instead, he got her to laugh. It lifted his foul mood immediately, and he didn't quite feel like stabbing someone anymore. "So it was worth it." He decided he'd try to speak to her more often; she was, at the very least, not a prude.
Alma was still in high spirits, so she replied almost absent-mindedly with a smile, "I guess it was."

She looked around. The debriefing room's around here somewhere, isn't it? She usually knew where it was, but her headache- which was getting increasingly worse- was making it extremely hard to focus. At the moment, she couldn't think straight, much less figure out which way was which in this place.

She turned to Matt. "Hey, you know where the debriefing room is?"
That One Dude
"A couple of doors down from here... I think." He said absently. Of course, he was hardly looking forward to the debriefing, but it's not like he had much of a choice. Yet, being forced to do something just seemed to spur him into wanting to do the exact opposite.

When he came across the door, he held it open for the others to go through. It would've come across as gentlemanly, but he really just wanted to delay going into the room as soon as humanely possible.
The Mad Bomber
What awaited inside the de/briefing room was a huge screen on, which all kind of data concerning the mission was being presented, rows of chairs for members to sit in and a commander, who seemed little more than pleased. Barely into his fourties, Colonel Radden was a man not to be triffled with, he had short black hair and a scarred face. The colonel wore a dark green army uniform, his whole outlook seemed quite strict, but he had a certain kind of laxness about him as tough he knew that the tough guy bull.... didn`t work here. He had been involved in various conflicts throughout his career and had more than enough to experience command troops in world war four, if that ever occurred.

Radden sat on the sidelines, waiting for everyone to find their seats before coughing out loud to catch everyone`s attention, which was quite hard, considering the short attention span of some the members, Matt namely.

"Tough the mission was a success, all the crooks wiped out and the sygnite recovered without a hitch...." Radden began on a somewhat congratulatory note, but his grin told another story. "But it appears somebody has been an incident while you were on this mission."

The screen flashed white before the presenting a map of Europe, the view closed in on eastern europe, to what was formerly part of Russia, near the Caspian Sea. The picture stopped at a valley, which had some fields and concentration of buildings in the center. It seemed as tough it was a normal colony with some reinforced concrete buildings in the middle, tough military practice they were not uncommon in colonies, which were usually surrounded by all kinds of dangers. Radden lit a cigarette and blew out a smoke cloud, his face was tense tough he did not be willing to part with the reason for his anxiety.

"This is Paragon Research Facility, Novigrad. Basicly a faux colony, should anyone happens across it perchance and any records are strictly confidential, they do not exist as far as the rest of the world is concerned.... Problem is they`ve completely dropped out of our charts as well, no communication or movement in the colony for three days. Needless to say someone has to check it out, which is being covered by nearby mercenaries being employed by Paragon. Normally they wouldn`t resort to using these guys to check something like this, but apparently they were called upon and entered the valley outskirts just as we finished our work with that convoy...."

Radden paused and gazed at the members, but did not say a word as he looked over each of their faces, simply sneered silently at particular faces. He however seemed to be glad, that none of them were posing any questions in the middle of it, Cyril would have seen to that already had he been present.

"We come in, if this situation is trouble, they are sending us. We aren`t going to rely on the mercs because they are led by a son-of-a-b*tch, whose reputation is not admirable to say the least. We are on hold at the moment, all leaves are cancelled and we are indound with a five-minute warning."

Radden concluded, but did not leave the room, he simply sat at the sidelines whilst glaring at the members. His eyes stopped on Alma, who was the frailest of the group and had not seen a lot of action. Putting her in the front as a scout might have been a mistake tough there was no sign of it yet, but Radden knew of her affliction brought about by her `amazing-memory`. Radden had read the profiles scribbled by the analysts, this mission was either going to make into a soldier or break her, if not be the end of the newcomer. It wasn`t uncommon, it was always the new guy, who died and the NULL personnel were already betting on how long she would last.

Her beginning had been easy enough, but it was about to get a lot worse.

Rookie Radden telepathically called out to Alma, he waited until they made eye contact before continuing his message. Go tell Cyril about the mission, you`ll find him in the armory, besides I some of you ought to go there to replenish on your equipment.

The colonel leaned back in his chair without saying another word, assuming that there were no questions, the situation seemed clear enough. He gave orders, they followed and acted as they were required to, including taking care of themselves and making sure they were combat ready.


Meanwhile Cyril in deep concentration as he plucked the pellets out of his face, he slowly pulled out the last pellet from his forehead with the pincers and stopped to stare at it momentarely as the nanomachines in him closed the small wounds on his skin. He dropped the pellet aside as he sat on a table besides a number of shelves, piled up with weapons of all kinds. The room around him was spacious and there were a few tables in the middle for various repair functions, Cyril usually utilized one of these as his bed as he had no need for the comfort of a soft surface.

Throughout the year he had occupied the armoury, he had made an awkward acquintance with some of the armoury executives, who usually considered him a part of the armoury more than an intruder in their workspace. Cyril had been asked why he chose to isolate himself in such a space, he had not answered, but he found the place far more pleasing than sleeping around the humans. Truth be told he still could not understand how such a feeble race had managed to become masters of the planet and even more so, create him, but he recognized that they had a penchant for destruction and building.

They never managed to preserve anything tough, maybe because their fickle and short life spans ended so soon. Cyril was locked in deep thought as he clicked on various small joints in his left shoulder, next he twisted the arm around 180 degrees and simply detached it as it was supposed to come off. Actually originally it wasn`t, but over time he had made various adaptations to himself and his original arm, which had appeared human, were long gone. They had been lost in battles of, which Cyril had crystal clear memories and that had thought him just how unhospitable humans could be.

Cyril placed the arm aside and activated some functions of the table, which brought out elongated robotic-arms from the sides of the table. Controlling the arms, Cyril began tinkering with the arm as he saw fit. He trusted these machines and weapons more than the people around him, at least they were plain and open about their intentions, not to mention did not fail to carry out what they were meant to do.
Alma stared back at Radden for a moment after he was done with his message. Then she nodded as she stood up and walked out of the room.

Her headache was steadily going away. 'Finally,' she thought, more in frustration than in relief. The headaches were usually horrible, but brief. And she hadn't taken her medication in a few days, mainly because she had simply run out and, since she was new, she hadn't received a paycheck yet since joining NULL.

She was quick at finding Cyril, who seemed to be undergoing some repairs. Though she was hesitant to speak up; she found the android's aloof demeanor slightly intimidating.

"Hey," she said, trying to get his attention as she stood next to him. "We have another mission. There's been a suspicious lack of activity and communication between us and Novigrad, so we're waiting for orders to check out the situation. After the mercenaries get in there, that is."
The Mad Bomber
Cyril did not even flinch or acknowledge her presence in the room as she told her message, but after a few seconds he turned his head to face her. His expression was blank and devoid of emotion, but he seemed to be measuring up the new recruit and inspecting her from head to toe. Finally his eyes stopped and he stared right at her.

"Ill be ready when the time comes."

He answered bluntly, but it seemed as though there was more that he wanted to say than those few cold words. Truth be told, even with all the logic and information packed inside his head, Cyril was unable to figure out why she of all people had been brought into NULL.

"You, Alma, don`t seem to belong here." He said as he turned his attention towards the arm on the table, he was picking it apart piece by piece and seemed to be intent on reassembling it after maintenance or adding something to it.

"Your record does not indicate any former combat experience, no military training, no criminal record. In addition your family is poor, who managed to scrap up the necessary funds for your implant.... You can remember a ridicolous amounts of things yet your brain has trouble processing all the information or storing it efficiently for that matter. Ideal for a scout, but not so when you are human."

Cyril listed her various faults and the one strong point, which seemed to pique his interest, but seemed somehow distant as he spoke as tough he was merely a spectator in some tragedy.
While the debriefing was on the go, neither did Charlie or Uri seem to react much to the news of the oncoming mission. Uri just sat there, apparently focused and listening, but the bored expression, underneath it all, was obvious. On the other side Charlie just looked plainly impatient and bored as she shifted in her seat.
When the meeting was over, the girl happily got up and walked to the exit while Uri -as always- gave himself some time to light a cigarette before following her "So...I guess it's...sorta like going back right?" She asked abstenmindedly as she checked all her guns to see what ammo she needed, Uri sneered softly "No at all"
Alma stared at the arm Cyril was disassembling, as though studying it. Although she wanted to disagree with him, she couldn't.

"Yeah. I've been thinking that too. When I look around at everyone else, I wonder what I'm doing here. But I've made it this far. I know most people here don't have much confidence in me," She said the last sentence with a bit of regret, but added in better spirits, "Either way, I'm going to do whatever I can. I'm stronger than I look."

She continued watching Cyril work on the arm, memorizing the pieces; with whatever she had seen, she would already be able figure out how to take it apart, reassemble it, fix it, whatever. How useful was that information? Not very useful. But she had far less useful things memorized, like the nutrition facts of a bottle of cola or the periodic table of the elements.

"Though you're wrong about one thing; I don't have trouble processing anything. I just get headaches; it's a reaction that will eventually stop. I only got this implant a little over a month ago, y'know." She paused, thinking. "If someone gets a stomachache after eating a lot, it doesn't mean the food won't digest. It's like that."
The Mad Bomber
Cyril stopped his work and turned to look at her with a frown on his face, she did not comprehend her standing at all nor what she would be facing in the future. People, who came to NULL usually had very short life expectansies, tough that depended on the person. Looking at her, Cyril could see that she would not make it, looking at her Cyril saw a liability that he had no time to look after or do it`s work for it. He was not complementing her, he was insulting her.

"That was not my point, the mere fact that you have trouble adapting to such an implant is a problem, in essence that implant is the only good thing about you. You are a human with no special abilities save one and it causes you trouble to begin with, you`ve had a couple easy missions and when all hell breaks loose, you`ll most likely end up dead. Essentially you are a liability and by all logic you should not be here to begin with.

Human confidence is but the beginning of their downfall."

Cyril said with a hostile tone before turning back to his work, continuing to adjust the arm and add a few parts in it for future missions.

Alma was irritated by Cyril's reply, made worse by her fear of what was ahead of her (which she would never admit, since she seemed to be in denial of it). She returned Cyril's harsh tone, "Well, I am here. But I don't see how I'm a liability; why would anyone care if I died? I'm one scout. You have Matt."

She was no longer interested in staring at the arm, so she stormed off to the other side of the room to grab ammo, all the while still talking.

"Either way, I'm staying here. I'm not going to ask for help, or protection, or anything from you guys. And I haven't done that yet, have I? No. So do what you do best: mind your own business." Her voice started to get shaky toward the end, from a combination of anger and a little bit of panic.
The Mad Bomber
"Stubborness is also one reason why people such as yourselves end up dead..."

Cyril pointed out as he began to re-assemble the arm into a whole, he seemed calm and collected as he worked the pieces together as well as continued his debate with Alma. Humans were blind in that manner, they closed off all the unpleasant things that came their way, if they possibly could. This one might get herself and her partner killed, but she remained obstinate that there was nothing she could do about it. Ignorance was bliss, but once someone grabbed them by the head and forced them to look at the ugly truth, they started to get all riled up, each in their own way. Truly, humans were so weak yet managed to cause so much trouble and create all kinds of things.

Cyril pondered whether there were only a select few in the human race, who always carried their race to the next century.

"Yet even, if you say that no one would care about your death, I think we both are fully aware that is simply not true." Cyril said with a blank expression shadowing his face, which made it look unnatural as no human could remain so emotionless unless."Also as you are paired with Matt, who has shown some underlying potential at such a young age, your lives are quite bound whether you like it or not. If there is something, that the two of you are unable to tackle because of your imconpetence then I sincerely doubt poor little, foul mouthed, Matt will survive such an ordeal alone either."

Cyril continued the line of thought, even throwing in a tease about her family, knowing that it was usually a soft-spot for humans. Attack the basic unit of human society, the family and humans got all messed up, one way or another.
Alma did not know what to say, though she calmed down and walked back to stand near Cyril. She was annoyed, but not as much as before.

Once again, she had to agree. She shrugged, and said, almost amused, Well, I can be more stubborn than the average person.

And Ill stay here if I can be of help to Matt- or anyone, for that matter. But if Im honestly a burden or a threat to our team- and I dont mean you just telling me I dont belong here- Ill leave. Okay?

Then she waved her hand casually, as if to shoo away the constant negativity that she was tired of getting from Cyril. She said with a smile, I can handle this. Don't try to tell me otherwise.
That One Dude
As soon as Matt entered the armory to get himself some ammo, he could tell that whatever Alma and Cyril had been talking about, it had been rather tense. You can practically smell the hostility here. He decided not to butt into anything, though, simply grabbing whatever he needed and getting out of there as quickly as possible, whistling a merry tune as he searched for the proper equipment.

'Don't mind me, anyone, I'm just an innocent bystander.' He thought to himself with a twinge of dark humor. 'Oh no! Seems I got shot. Darn.'

He strapped an extra gun on his back and walked out of the room, hoping that whatever the android had said didn't affect Alma too much. But, it wasn't like he could do anything about it, either... dropping the same corny line wouldn't be likely to make her laugh again.
Charlie rubbed her arm softly as she tried to sooth the burning itch in it, bitting her lip to distract herself from the urge of literally wanting to tear her skin apart. "We're late...and standing outside the girls bathroom isnt really my idea of fun" Uri's voice said outside the door. Charlie pulled her sleeve down and quickly wiped the cold sweat in her forehead "I'm coming" She said as she tried to simulate her usual relaxed expression. But when she walked outside the bathroom she just found Uri's frowning face "Everything ok?" He asked "You dont ask a girl that when she walks out of the's rude" She said pouting theatrically as she calmly walked down the hallway and into the armory, just to stop awkwardly when she saw Alma and Cyril. "Ignore us" She whispered innocently before she walked toward the ammo shelfs, shortly followed by Uri who once again just gave them a greeting nod.
Alma was tired of arguing. She knew that Cyril would not listen to her anyway. So she turned to walk away and saw Matt, Charlie, and Uri. She hadn't realized that the other members had already left the debriefing room. She frowned, hoping they hadn't heard her outburst earlier. But soon her expression lightened.

"Hi there," she called out cheerfully, quickly trying to catch Matt. She was genuinely glad that she could talk to someone who wouldn't talk down to her. She knew Matt would surely hold a more friendly conversation than the one she had just walked away from.
The Mad Bomber
Cyril finished working on the arm, he swiftly swung it around and slid it back into place. As the arm clicked back and he regained control of it, he swung it about as, if to test it. Seemingly satisfied with the condition Cyril smirked, a little, but only for a split second before his face returned to it`s normal emotionless state. Throughout the base there was a loud and resounding announcement, the voice of Radden rang through the corridors and on the background a humming sound could be heard.

All right people, looks like we got speedy reply after all, pack up and load onto the choppers.

Cyril quickly grabbed what little gear he used and headed for the helipad. He a number of personnel carrying equipment from the armoury to the choppers. At the choppers he simply got onboard and sat down, glancing briefly at Radden, who was sitting in the front of the chopper. Apparently the colonel had seen fit to accompany them on this mission and that meant one thing, there was need of more than his leadership and tactical abilities.

Charlie quickly loaded her 2 guns, grabbed some extra ammo and a few emergency grenades, before she turn around ready to leave. "Yes?" She asked warily as she saw Uri looking at her "I'm just gonna ask once again....everything ok?" He asked dryly. She didnt even have to think about it; the lie came as naturally as the truth "Well once again: yes" She said. Uri just nooded in what seemed an indifferent manner, closed his guitar case -now full of loaded guns- and walked out of the armory and toward the chopper, followed by Charlie.
That One Dude
"Howdy, pardner." Sporting an accent that had probably died out years ago, he hoisted a couple of handguns at the holster on his belt and started walking to the helipad. "I reckon we gonna go shoot us up some yellow-bellied, chicken-livered churls now, ain't we?" He paused. "Whatever the hell that means." He murmured, letting his voice drift back to normal. He smiled a little at her. "You alright?" He wasn't one to show much concern, but he worried about Alma. She wasn't part of the slimy underbelly that most of the others, including himself, were from. For some reason, he found himself wanting to keep her away from that. "I mean, you're prepared, right? Got all you need?"

As he boarded the chopper, he held out his hand to help her inside.
Alma couldn't help but laugh a little at Matt's faux-accent. It was a weird accent that she had never heard before, but she thought his impression was funny nonetheless.

"Oh, thanks," she said when he offered his hand. When she got into the chopper, she sighed, but said with a touch of amusement, "Yeah, I'm alright. Mr. Android over there just isn't very nice."

She stared up for a moment, as though there was something interesting on the ceiling. Then she turned back to Matt and said, "He says I'm going to die." She stated this as though she was not disturbed. If anything, she seemed a bit thoughtful about it. She was considering asking Matt for his opinion on the matter, but she was afraid he would agree with Cyril.

Then her expression lightened up. "So I told him he can shove it." She smiled and shrugged.
The Mad Bomber
Radden glanced over his shoulder at his two scouts with a suspicious look on his face as he heard a part of Alma`s explenation, he then procceeded to grin at Cyril, who simply disregarded the commanders reaction with abject hostility.

"Statistically speaking, he`s absolutely right, you`re f*!@ed."

Radden said over his shoulder to Alma, but did not seem to be all too thrilled pointing out the facts. He lit his cigarette and straightened his legs against the pilot`s seat, who had yet to arrive. Radden seemed to relax and glanced over his shoulder again with the cigarette entrenched between his teeth.

"But then again there was this guy once, a former priest, who said that one death is a tragedy; one million is a statistic. Well, goes to show how f*!@ed up that guy was and how he managed to become a mass murderer. In closing, whatever Cyril says, he bases on statistics and calculations, arriving at the most likely conclusion.

Sure he, freaks you out, but in the end he`s not exactly born as a much nor brought up in our society. In addition, at the end of the day he`s the only one, who can take a bullet and be guarenteed to live afterward. The only thing he, or I, can ask of you is that you do your job and stay alive so that we do not need to see another rookies head splattered all over the walls..."

Radden spoke with a somewhat sarcastic tone, but underneath it all he meant every word he said. It was true that Cyril proved, unsocial to say the least, but he was skilled and a valuable addition to the team. Whatever Cyril said would not affect nor concern the rest of the team as long as they focused on their jobs.
"Yep that's a classic warm welcome...death predictions based in calculations, plus the always-optimistics quotes of dictators" Charlie's voice said cheerfully as she jumped into the chopper with Uri. "But you know, somebody once also said...-we are all going to hell...we might as well enjoy the ride-" She announced theatrically to Alma, her voice being the closest to friendly you could get from her -of course, the mocking tone never leaving- "Halle-f*!@ing-lujah" Uri scoffed.
The Mad Bomber
Radden glanced at Uri and Charlie, more at the latter, with a venomous gaze. Radden didn`t think much of Charlie nor the fact how Uri seemed to endorse every obnoxious thing, that came out of her mouth. Yet then again he had not picked them for the team and their skills couldn`t be denied, they had been with them the longest thus far save for him and a few others.

"I wasn`t aware you knew anything about history Charlotte, not too many people might recognize these quotes these days. The world is more worried, and concentrated on, scraping every little piece of wealth and land they can. It`s a brave new world and we are about to meet some of the most bloodthirsty mercenaries it has ever seen, aside from us, of course."

Radden dialed something onto the choppers main frame, in the back a small screen flashed into life and presented a picture of a rugged group of soldiers. Their ages seemed to range from 16 to almost 50 years old, their commander didn`t seem picky in his line up and seemed to be willing to take anything with enough skills to tag along with his group.

"They are the mercenary band, who went to check out the situation, we might get some trouble from them should there be any major problems.... `The Harpers`, not that they go around playing the harp mind you, but when their commander decides to name the group after himself, there is not much you can do. Joachim Harper, cold-blooded SOB, who would do anything for profit and has his men most likely stripping the colony clean of anything he finds, tough he won`t be dumb enough to touch actual Paragon property."

Radden said with a cold tone, clearly despising the man he was talking about and it seemed as tough he actually knew the person in question. He grinned a bit as he seemed to be adding something to the screen.

"Yet I don`t want you to draw any attention to him, it`s this guy instead."

Another face flashed onto the screen, or a mask would have been more appropriate. The man wore a black, ragged combat outfit, coupled with a greenish cloak. His face was covered by a hood, but what little was seen of his face was hid underneath a bone white mask with redish, glowing eyes. In the picture he carried a large caliber, high powered sniper rifle with a pipod on his shoulder. He seemed to be staring back at the camera with murderous intent as, if he was about to come alive and fire at them.

"Codename: Vasily, male, estimated age ranging from twenty to fourty years of age, real name? Not a clue, not even Joachim knows who this guy really is. The reason he wasn`t on the picture earlier is because he only recently joined up with Harper and his men, intel says he actually ambushed these guys and then sent them on a wild goose chase after two days of harassing them. Eventually he met with them again at Moscow, having proved his abilities, Harper seemed to be more than willing to take him in tough it disgruntled some of his men.

Been around for a few years, attacked entire convoy`s alone and this can be credited to the fact that he has been able to deliver shots from two kilometers. Closer than that? Pinpoint accuracy from a kilometer. As far as I am concerned, once we go in there, we are on their territory and it`s all thanks to this guy.

If he`s somewhere out there, on high ground, we are basicly like sitting ducks, if we can`t find his whereabouts. We aren`t enemies, but I wouldn`t trust these mercenaries, nor leave anything to chance with them."

Radden said with a sour tone in his voice as he was clearly allowing himself to be cornered, but they didn`t have the luxury of time on their side as there was no telling what was going on in the base. The mercenaries had entered the bases outer-perimiter yet there was no word from the heart of the colony, which made it all the more worisome. He would have to split his rescources.

"Our job is to go in there, salvage anything useful and to eliminate any threat, survivors are a secondary objective. Charlie will be in charge of finding the main frame of the colony and recovering any research material, Cyril will act as back up. Matt and Alma will locate our friend, Vasily. Uri will investigate the base for anything useful and see if there any survivors still left. Questions?"

Radden inquired as the chopper began to slowly ascend into the sky, they would be at their destination relatively quickly tough they had a chance to take a breather now that they were in flight.
That One Dude
Matt chuckled dryly, both amused and irritated at the same time. Only his amusement showed. "Halle-f**king-lujah, indeed!" He said softly, glancing at Alma.

"You know, Alma, if it makes you feel better, I actually have less of a chance of survival here than you do." He murmured. "I'm underweight, my bones are brittle, I have an attitude that will get me shot someday..." he paused a moment, trying to think of a good way to put what he thought into words without sounding too corny. "So, let's use this metaphor; you're not a dancer, but you can dance. As long as you can dance when you need to, forget about what everyone else says." He glanced out the door a moment, then turned back to Alma and grinned widely.

"So, we'll find that Vasily motherf@*!er and no worries, hm?" He tried on the accent again. "Eh, pardner?" He held out his hand for her to shake.
"Alright," Alma let out a laugh and shook Matt's hand. She appreciated that he tried to make her feel better. She said, trying to be as psyched up as possible, "This'll be easy."

Then she turned to Radden and said as jokingly as possible (though she was honestly irritated), "I only have one question: Will you stop nay-saying and let me do my job as best as I can?"

Then she glanced at Cyril as she said, "Even Cyril should know that humans don't perform well when they succumb to negative thoughts, even if these thoughts are 'statistically correct'. It's mind over matter with humans. If you keep telling me I'll die, then of course I have less of a chance of surviving when all I'm thinking is 'I'm going to die because that android- who must be right because he's an android- said so'."
The Mad Bomber
Radden glanced back at her, he did not approve of her talking back at him, even joking around about the matter made things worse. Radden hissed at her with a vicious look in his eyes.

"You adress me as sir or I will have you do more than go after an expert sniper on his playground, understand?"

Cyril had sat there with his arms crossed and eyes closed, not reacting to Alma`s provocations, but after Radden had scolded her for talking back, Cyril opened his eyes. He looked blankly at her with, but as he did so, he seemed to despising her every for her very existance.

"And what you just said proves why you should not be here, if you are agitated by the facts that are presented to you then how can you ever hope to cope on the battlefield? You are immature, naive and you get agitated by simple social difficulties. Even taking that tone with me, won`t work. Do you know why? I see things for what they are, I do not sugar-coat them with pretty words and hope that the world won`t turn out to be as ugly as it truly is.

You have not even seen combat nor fought for your life, you simply killed and slaughtered enemies from an easy place. The world is coming and it`s about to b*tch-slap you across the face, so to speak. "

Cyril said with a inclination of anger on his normally emotionless face before glancing at Charlie and Uri, who actually knew something of the world and it`s cruelty.
"How could you say if I've never fought?" Alma retorted to Cyril, trying her best to sound calm. "Just because I'm not a criminal doesn't mean I haven't seen my fair share of fighting. You know what this world is like. Nearly every day when I take a step outside I've had to defend myself against thieves, rapists, murderers, all kinds of people.

"But would you care if I told you that I've killed or escaped from every one of them? Even while I had a bad memory, I somehow managed to do that. It became a normal occurrance in my life. I can fight, and I've always been able to fight, even if it's not from an 'easy place'."

She glared back at Cyril. "Please don't tell me I can't handle this. Although it's different from what I've been used to, I can handle it." She stopped herself from telling him to stop jumping to conclusions. Though she only joined a couple of weeks ago; he couldn't possibly know everything about her.
The Mad Bomber
"The world outside the cities is far more brutal, it is a simple fact, tough you may claim to have experience it may not mean anything in the outside world. Our foes are not simple-minded thugs or rapists, those are vermin, out here there are predators on the loose. "

Cyril said with a flat tone as the choppers blades hummed on the background, making his voice sound somehow emptier than it really was. They climbed high and swept over some hills, approaching the southern Urals from where they would head straight for their target.

"That having been said, you do not seem to understand me at all. I never said you did not have a fighting chance, but most likely Vasily will kill and then begin hunting us. Again, this is the most likely scenario. I do not judge you, I merely state the facts. You simply choose to be antagonized by my words, if there is anyone lowering your chances of survival, it is none other than you.

Truth be told this kind of behaviour is one of the reasons I have never been able comprehended you humans...."

Cyril said with a somewhat bored tone, he did not see a point in arguing with the stubborn little tramp and throwing her, along with Matt and Charlie, out of the chopper seemed like an appealing concept at the time.
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