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Here's a new RP! I really, really suck at making these, but I'm gonna try my best. But the more people join, the less it will suck. laugh.gif


Mad House

Our story takes place in the late 19th century, in the small fictional town of Zlovet, where the infamous psychiatric institution, "The Mad House", is located.

The Mad House houses the mentally ill and the criminally insane. Like other psychiatric institutions of its time, it treats its patients like prisoners. The rooms are dirty and dark. The workers are cruel, and often perform lobotomies and other inhumane treatments to their most "difficult" patients. The patients are fed only once or twice a day.

Your characters are brought into The Mad House by accident or some mistake. Your characters want to escape; there are rumors that the office in the top floor holds the key to their escape. But it’s not an easy task; nurses and guards are everywhere, doors leading outside are locked, the windows are barred, there are some violent patients, and the corridors are so badly-lit and labyrinthine that they would disorient anyone. There is something about this place that could drive anyone mad. To make matters worse, the mysterious owner, "The Overseer" has some "special plans" for your characters. They soon learn that escaping with their lives is easier than escaping with their minds intact...

Characters will fall into these basic categories:

New Arrivals “"patients" who got there by mistake
Veterans – patients who have been there for a while
Nurses – workers. They watch over the patients
Guards – workers. They physically restrain tough patients and (obviously) guard the doors and whatnot.

General Rules:
1) Violence and swearing is allowed but don't go overboard and keep it PG-13.
2) Romance is allowed, but again, can't be over PG-13.
3) Be nice to other members! If you're mean, I'll kick you out. >:C
4) No one-liners.
5) No god-modding.
6) Don't be random.
7) No modern technology/weapons; keep in mind the time period.
8) Have fun~ happy.gif

Character Rules:
1) Have as many characters as you want.
2) You may have a Veteran character (or characters). BUT you must have at least 1 New Arrival character too.
3) No Mary Sues/Gary Stus.
4) You can control nurses and guards- you can assume they're enemies and not important characters (unless they're someone else's character, in which case you can NOT control them).
5) Send me a PM if you want to play as a Nurse or a Guard. (:


When you post your characters, specify the category that they fall under, and explain how they were put in The Mad House.


My characters:

The Overseer
(owns The Mad House)
Name: No one knows his name; everyone simply refers to him as "The Overseer"
Gender: Male
Age: he appears to be in his late 20s
Appearance: long black hair pulled back in a French braid, grey eyes, sharp nose, ghostly pale skin
Body: thin and spider-like
Clothing: black dress pants and shoes, white dress shirt, black vest, red neck tie, white gloves, occasionally wears a black roquelaure
Personality: confident, short-tempered, apathetic, unnerving
Background: It is only known that he leads The Mad House. He has an office on the top floor. He appears every so often on the main floors, just walking around leisurely. He, strangely enough, interacts with both the workers and the patients, though ignores the patients' suffering.
Family: Not important.

Category: New Arrival
Name: Damien
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Appearance: chin-length slicked back black hair, blue eyes, pale skin
Body: thin and tall
Clothing: black dress pants, black shoes, white dress shirt, blue-grey vest, black neck tie
Personality: strong-willed though dependent upon others, a bit smug, intelligent
Background: Damien was brought up in a rich family. He lived in a mansion in a city near Zlovet. He lived a comfortable, luxurious life, until he was kidnapped off the street by some unknown criminal, who demanded a hefty ransom from Damien’s parents. However, Damien managed to escape one night and fled to the first building he found. Unfortunately for him, that building was The Mad House. Now, in the dark, he stumbles to the front doors, unaware of what is inside.
Family: mother, father, older brother, two younger sisters.

If enough people join, we'll get this thing started. biggrin.gif
Category: New Arrival
Name: Orson L.
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Appearance: Bearded with sharp eyes, an astute nose topped with a scarred and burnt body. Smells of oak trees.
Body: Bulky and Athletic
Clothing: A dark blue winter coat with an equal color pallet for a fedora. A 'jazz vest' underneath that, colored gold with swirling eye-like patterns. His pants are also dark blue, and he wears cleats at all times.
Background: Orson lived quietly in a fishing village in the northern portion of the united states called 'Innsmouth'. He maintained his steady job as a clock repairman and maker, making decent income and getting by on Innsmouth's delicious stock of fish. Now, in this quirky town of his, they really really really REALLY didn't like it when you ate fish in the actual town's boarders, instead selling the fish they cought out of Innsmouth, in a last attempt to make income. When he began to fish on his own to subsist on the fish, several concerned townsfolk decided to break into Orson's house, kill his St. Bernard, break his paintings, and worst of all, steal his fish. Orson thought the only logical way to deal with this situation, was to calmly grab an axe and violently murder over 20 inhabitants of the town before escaping elsewhere, to find fish somewhere else. His search, has led him to the Mad House's gates, having been stalking a rich kid that recent escaped from a bunch of criminals for the last few hours. All in all, he is a very reasonable and level-headed individual, unless you take away his fish, in which case he will hunt you down and insure that you die in the most unpleasant and excruciating ways imaginable.
Family: He had a dog. But he's dead now. D:
The Mad Bomber
^ laugh.gif WTF?, an insane fisherman with an axe? Man, even my creepy catatonic, quiet killer pales in comparison.

New Arrival:

Name: Abel
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Appearance: Dirty, blonde hair, that seem to spread out into every direction and reach down to his cheeks. Pale skin, scarred body.
Body: Tall and Thin.
Clothing: Loose, white pants and shirt. Otherwise his body is covered in bandages, around his neck, arms and feet where his skin has been scarred.
Personality: Unpredictable, peaceful, stubborn, logical.


Abel came from a normal middle-class family, who always took care of him because of his catatonic(stupor) state albeit it caused them financial problems. Abel managed to acquire small-part time jobs from time to time when to aid his family and seemed to be leading fairly normal life up until he was 19 years of age. At that time mysterious murders began to emerge in the city he was living in and no one seemed to have one clue as to the identity or trail of the murderer.

One night however as the police emerged to a crime scene they witnessed Abel standing in the midst of three victims, covered in blood. He simply stood there, staring into space before suddenly turning himself in without a word. It seemed that the catatonic boy had proven himself more than anyone had dared to bargain for and for his crimes he was sentenced to the madhouse. Abel seems to be constantly in a catatonic stupor, but underneath there is more than he is surely showing.

Family: Father, mother, sister and brother.
^ - -U believe it or not...he's like that normally...

I shall come in too! ^^

Newish arrival (been there a month maybe?)

Name: Kari,or at least that's what she calls herself.
Age: God knows.
Appearance: This but with blue/black eyes...and stretchy pants on underneath her dress which is generally very tattered XDDD ...and she has cat ears and a tail >>
Body type: Short (if you call her this well...not good things will happen *shifty eyes) and thin but is there genuine muscle under that sweet demeanor?
Personality: Doesn't talk,apparently knows her ABC's and has very good vocabulary since she writes what she wants if she even tries to communicate,shy,doesn't appear to 'play' with the few other children in there either.

Backround: As far as the Mad House knows,something must of possessed her. How could this little seemingly 10 year old girl shoot and kill 15 mob bosses? But the fact remains true since they caught her in the alley coloring on a piece of paper with the said gun next to her and her covered in blood. They have no idea if she even has any parents or if she has a place to live since she refuses to speak. In other words,a very big pain in the butt for the Mad House. And then there's the question does she actually have REAL cat ears and a cat tail?

Family: So far,nobody knows but her.
Thanks for joining, guys! Nice characters. biggrin.gif Damn, why is my character the only one who hasn't murdered people or been accused of murder? Lol.
Oh gosh, crazy fisherman murderer. This will be fun.

I'm still waiting for Little Washu to join; she said she had some interest in this. I think we have enough people, so once Washu joins, I'll start us off. (:
Little Washu
EDIT ^ Lol XD Here I am!

As promised, I'll join =w=

Category: Nurse
Name: Rumia
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Appearance: (will draw a ref later) Shoulder length layered blond hair, wears a ribbon in the back. Moderate height, 5'3". Wears... nurse... clothes... stuff, blue eyes, pale skin, ect.
Body: Thin, and curvy but not supermodel curvy.
Clothing: Nurse clothes :1
Personality: Doesn't accept the treatment of the patients, and would like to help them, but there isn't much she can do. She tries to act like a motherly figure to those who need it when she can.
Background: Transferred here by 'mistake' from a high ranking hospital in the city, the head nurse there was afraid of Rumia stealing her position, so she had her moved to 'the mad house'. She doesn't complain, but would like her old job back~

Aaaaand that's it for now :1 Daaaamn I haven't rp'ed in a while lol
Alright! Let's do this.


Damien could barely see a thing. It was cloudly night, and the windows in the building ahead of him were dark. To him, that building was salvation. He had just escaped from two days of hell, trapped in the dark cellar of his kidnapper. He was lucky to escape, though he found it frustrating that it was nighttime; he had escaped from darkness just to be thrown into it once again.

He stumbled, weak with hunger, to the door of the massive building, slamming his fists against it. When no one answered, he yelled the only thing his weary mind could think of, which was "Help! Open up!" He started to panic, as paranoid thoughts of his kidnapper possibly pursuing him creeped in on his mind, and he started hitting the door harder, until his fists hurt.
Smacking lips and heavy breathing suddenly surrounded Damien. It seemed as though a slow heartbeat could be heard as well, piercing through the trees and bush that populated the area. In and out did the breathing go, as essential and continuous in the forest as the birds chirping or the grasshoppers making calls to mate. Except it was different. As opposed to the calls for companionship in the wild, this one sounded like a predator finally tracking a target, and in the last moments of it's life, letting it know that it was doomed by alerting it to it's presence at the moment it could do nothing about it.

"You know, there was a restaurant about...a mile back. It's where I got this corned beef sandwich. I love corned beef. And mustard. I think they forgot the mustard. Aw. Now it's not really a corned beef sandwich. Because real corned beef sandwiches have mustard on them. You want it? You don't look like a mustard kind of guy."

So spoke a man draped over with dark winter clothes and with an equally colored beard. He soon came into view, eating a mass of meat between two slices of rye bread, and then offering it out to the lad that sat by the gates. If one looked close, they could see an axe that was covered with blood, that had long since dried. At that particular moment in time, he didn't seem like he was going to throw it up and split the kid's head into two pieces, that wouldn't be a logical thing to do after offering a man a corned beef sandwich. And on a personal note, it would be just plain rude.
Damien jumped. His heart seemed to beat a thousand times per second. When he turned to the stranger, he could see that it wasn't his kidnapper, though Damien was still scared out of his wits, mainly because of the man's stature and the axe he held.

He backed against the door, saying nothing and breathing heavily.

After a long silence, he accepted the sandwich from the man with a shaky hand; Damien would never do this under normal circumstances, but he was afraid he would starve to death otherwise. He just wished the doors would swing open soon; he didn't want to get killed out here.
Little Washu
((Do nurses have permission to open doors and stuff ;w;? Idk what I can and can't do OTL))

Walking down the halls, Rumia heard pounding on the door as she carted fresh linens to a farther cell. "Hm... I wonder what..." Dismissing the thought from from her mind, she continued down the hall.
(Well somebody has to do it...XD)

Kari looked out her barred window absentmindedly. There was people outside the big doors I wonder what they want, she thought while letting her ears come up from out of her hair to listen. One of them seemed like a bad person,she probably SHOULD tell the guards...But they weren't very nice either. They never believed her. Well the nice nurse lady was passing... She tapped on her cell door to get her attention and held up a piece of paper saying

Somebody at the doors.
((Yeah you can open doors and stuff Washu. (: You can do pretty much whatever; your character will have a lot of freedom.))
Little Washu

Rumia looked over to Kari's cell. "The door... so it wasn't my imagination. Okay, I'll go see who it is~" She left the cart where it was, hurrying over to the door to pull it open. The thought of bringing another person into this place displeased her, but if they so desperately wanted to get in... "Can I help you?" She asked the 2 men outside.
"C'mon. I know your not one of those mutes. I met a mute once. I know a mute when I see a mute, and a mute you are not. Wanna introduce yourself? Or are you busy eating the sandwich? I'd understand the sandwich one. I love sandwiches. Especially corned beef." So spoke the dark figure, as he walked a bit closer to Damien, in a woobling way. "You know, I've been following you for the past few miles, and you've talked to yourself on occasion. But then again, you never did talk about corned beef sandwiches. That makes me think that the sandwich isn't want is making you not talk to me. Yum, I love corned beef sandwiches. 'Sspecally with mustard. Which you didn't talk about either, come to think about it. May you'd prefer tuna? I love tuna." And then a voice came from inside the building...
"You got any tuna?"
This guy made Damien nervous, and stared warily at him, still not speaking.

He was going to answer, when the door opened and Damien heard the voice of a woman. He quickly turned his head around, and could barely see a figure standing in the doorway. In relief, he almost ran up to her.

"Yes, help me! I've been held captive in a kidnapper's cellar for 2 days. I need some place to stay. Would I be imposing if I asked to stay here until I can get home?" he shouted desperately.


From the top window of The Mad House, The Overseer peered down at the men in front of the doors. He grinned.

"What do we have here...?"
Little Washu
"Oh my" Rumia was near overtaken by the man's desperate plea. "I'm not sure this is a place you would want to stay, exactly..." Rumia strayed from a yes or no answer, eyes shifting. "If you really must, you can come in, and I'll try to have a word with my boss." She smiled kindly and hesitantly opened the door, regretting it as soon as she did.
The Mad Bomber
A young man clad in white appeared next to Rumia, his eyes devoid of emotion and frankly.... anything. He stared into space, his sight did not make contact with anyone nor anything that was before him, at first glance one might have assumed that he was blind, but that was hardly the case. For a brief moment, a light ignited his eyes, they sharpened and locked on Damien. His mouth moved, but the words were a faint whisper that only those near him could distinguish.

"... Should... not... ask.. him.. for.. help..."

He uttered and in that instant his gray eyes became dull, blank. Abel spun around as he seemed to register the noise of footsteps approaching, no doubt the guards wished to direct him away from the entrance. Out of his own accord, Abel disappeared into the hallways,
Damien stared back at the place where the man, who had disappeared as soon as he had appeared, had stood. He wondered who that was, but didn't ask. This place was unnerving to Damien, but no more unnerving than being exposed to the night outside.

Suddenly, a man appeared, like a ghost, behind the boy and the man with the axe. He shut the door, moved toward Rumia like a snake and with an unnerving smile, asked "A word with me? About what?" Though his amused grin showed that he seemed to already know.

Damien jumped back. The man seemed to appear out of nowhere.
Kari picked up her small chair, the rooms had a bed,toilet,desk,chair,and wardrobe generally unless specifics were needed, and set it to the door to look up from between the bars. There was going to be lots of new people here...She wondered if they even knew what they were getting into. This place was not a nice place.

She saw one of the people that had come a few days before walking down the hall,which was odd since he had no guards flanking him to take him somewhere,and she tapped on her door scribbling on her paper a simple question when he looked at her with very blank but knowing eyes.

Where are you going?
Little Washu
"A-ah, sir... this young man needed a place to stay, and I wondered if it would be entirely unreasonable for him to..." Rumia trailed off, he seemed to get what she meant anyway. Her eyes darted from Damien to her boss.
"How come everyone is ignoring me? It's a bit rude, I think. I mean, I gave a fugitive and sandwich, and he pretends to be a mute. Then he speaks to a nurse. The same nurse I asked if they had tuna (which I love) and again, ignored. Now, he enters shelter that is of questionable permission to enter. Well, for me at least. And now I don't have corned beef. Or mustard." So sighed the man with the axe, never imporing any emotion when he spoke. At first, one could mistake this as extreme lack of first.

The man with the axe looked up for a moment, scanning the horizon, searching for somewhere else to go, maybe to find corned beef and mustard, so he could make a proper sandwich. When he did this, he caught sight of the overseer, and looked wide eyed (as per his normal expression) at it. "Oh, hi there." He waved to the man at the top of the building, knowing full well he could see him. "I don't like imposing shadowy figures that hide out on large towers. I should ask him to knock that off." and with that, the tranquil giant grabbed his axe and tore through the lock of the gates, looking for another enterence in which to get inside the house, in order to give the man on the hill a stern talking to.
Little Washu
Rumia looked at the man with the ax. "You can come in too... if you lose your weapon..." She looked anxious.
Little Washu
"Okay... then... Sir, you can remain out here. If you choose to lose your weapon, I'll let you in." Rumia quickly closed the door. That man was dangerous. He wouldn't be getting into this place on her watch, not with that ax anyway. He probably has things to do anyway. It made her happy the mad house was currently out of tuna.
The Overseer laughed for a while, then stopped to say, "Of course he can stay... show him to a room. And... inform the guards that there is an axe-weilding murderer on the premises. Have them bring him inside, whether he wants to or not." He ended the last part with a scowl.

Damien started to doubt whether he wanted to stay or not. He had no idea what this place was. Was it a prison or a hospital of some sort?

"Excuse me," Damien spoke up timidly, more to Rumia than to the ghostly pale man, who was now staring out of a window near the door. "What is this place?"
"Thats a bit rude." He said, completely monotone. "Also, please don't climb up onto the highest part of the tower looking down at us like a vulture spying gazelle carcass. I hate vultures. But I love tuna. Do you have any?" He called from the doorway, peaking his head in, looking to see what the chatter was about inside.
The Mad Bomber
Where are you going?

Abel`s wandering feet miracolously halted, but he did not turn to face the one asking the question or more specificly the note. He stared blankly into the hallway with a blank expression on his face, he seemed to ponder the question for a moment as, if he himself was not quite sure of the answer.

"Somewhere, nowhere, wherever. I suppose it makes no difference once your in here..."

He said whilst tilting his head a bit and turning towards Kari.
Interesting. People usually just gave a r@ndom place and ran off. She nodded slowly and scribbled once more on her sheet of paper,having a whole note book full,and held it up for him to read once more

How did you get out of your cage?

She wanted to know how to get out too,she wouldn't try escaping the building...yet anyway perhaps in the future,so she can take a walk to stretch her legs. Pacing around your cell was not a very interesting way to spend your time.
The Mad Bomber
The girl turned away and scribbled something on a whole notebook, dispersing with the note. Yet again she seemed to be curious, Abel figured that he might as well answer.

How did you get out of your cage?

Abel`s eyes sharpened for a second becoming like steel as he read the text, but fell into grayish scud after comprehending the message. A faint, albeit somewhat bold, smile spread on his face as he pressed his left hand against his stomach. After a moment of gaggling, Abel sticked his tongue out with a metal key resting on it. He quickly got rid of the key by swallowing it from whence it came.

"They are not that smart."

Abel explained with a blank yet somewhat gleeful expression on his face.
Kari blinked but surprisingly giggled a little.

It wasn't gross to her,it was logical and very out of the box to do. Something she probably wasn't able to do but...she did have claws.

She held up one finger in the international motion of 'one minute' and stuck her pen behind her cat ear and started leaning over the door with her arm sticking out inbetween the bars and started to pick the lock with her claws. To her,this person seemed the most fun you could get in this place.
Little Washu
((Kay guys, Razzy is leaving for the night, and she'll maybe be back around midnight. Just passin' on the message~))

Rumia turned to Damien "Wait here, I have to finish my rounds." She smiled, grabbed her cart, and walked in the direction of Kari's cell. "Kari, I've a new blanket for you~"
The Mad Bomber
A blank expression,devoid of emotion, on his face Abel stared past Kari as she used her claws to lockpick the door to her `cage`. Abel registred something with his ears, recognizing the pounding of the guards feet and soon enough two large men rampaged into view. He raised his hand up as, if to say goodbye, but unfortunately it was pointing at a wall and not at Kari.

Abel sprung into a sudden sprint and made his escape from the scene with an oblivious expression on his face as, if the events that took place seconds ago had all, but washed from his mind.
Kari looked at him as he ran off,and shyly waved back having a feeling he could tell even with his back turned,and just stood outside her door with the nice nurse-lady giving her a rather startled look with blankets in her hands. This was not the time to go out for a walk. She would have to try later...and work faster with picking locks.

She pulled her pen out and scribbled on her paper showing it to the nurse while giving her the 'puppy eyes' that made everybody treat her like a child and well...not scold her or fight with her or anything.

Am I in trouble?
Little Washu
"Never that." Rumia smiled and patted Kari on the head. "If you wanna go for a walk next time, we could try a method less damaging to your nails." She held up a key. "But tonight may not be a good time, what with all the commotion. Let's wait until tomorrow night." She gently nudged Kari back into her cell. "I washed these myself, so you can be sure they're well done~" Most of the other nurses considered throwing them into a bucket of water, clean or otherwise, and letting it dry 'washing'. "I'll be back in a bit to bring you dinner. Any requests?"
Lamb with a cookie for a dessert would be preferable please. Thank you very much for the blankets.

Kari scribbled on a new sheet of paper and held it up for her to read,with her tail,as she started to make her bed properly. She couldn't remember why she always did it,when it was such a tedious chore,but she did. Somebody clearly wanted her to have good manners before she came into this biiiiiiiiig bird cage for weird and bad people.
The Mad Bomber
By the time the two guards ran past Abel`s cell, the escapee had already made his way back into his cell and stood in front of the wall with a chalk in hand. Before him on the wall were series of four lines drawn vertically and one over them to signify the days he had spent in the facility, no one knew the exact meaning of the habbit, but Abel seemed to like keeping track of time.


He muttered under his breath as he drew yet another line of the wall, quietly he gazed back at the cell door as the guards shouted, but to no avail. Abel sighed with a blank expression on his face before sitting down on his bed, his eyes became a haze and they lost focus once again as he stared beyond the wall.
Little Washu
Rumia wrote down Kari's order and continued on to Abel's cell. "Sir, I have new bedding for you... and also, I'm here to take an order for dinner... if you'd like one." Rumia wasn't the best cook, but she did what she could to make the patients as comfortable as she could. "if there's anything I can do..."
Kari sat on her bed while chewing on her thumb a bit. What to do for some sort of communication with the interesting person without having to escape from her cell every night and risk getting caught by the mean guards.

What did she have in her room as supplies for one thing? ...Paper and a pen. Great. Very helpful.

Next question...where exactly WAS his room? She could hear Rumia very clearly without even using her enhanced hearing so it had to be relatively close.

She grabbed her chair and went over to her window once more. She turned her head to the left,that was the general direction Rumia went,and concentrated on trying to look into the closest window. Good night vision was helpful was a pretty off angle.
The Mad Bomber
Abel did not register the nurse nor her words at all, but seemed to be aware of her presence and hear her words. He stared emotionlessly forward for a few seconds before, muttering two words.

"Salmon, please."

Abel left it at that, he pushed himself up and walked in front of the wall, stopping to stare at it or through it.
Kari ripped a piece of paper out of her note book and scribbled a quick note (asking what his name was) and started folding the paper. She still couldn't remember as to how she knew how to make a paper airplane,let alone why she even wanted too,but she did so she didn't bother questioning it.

She stuck her arm out of the window and struggled for a minute before managing to chuck it towards the other should be aerodynamic enough to not fall down...
Little Washu
Rumia took the orders and others down to the kitchen, stopping by Kari's on her way. "Would you like to speak to Mr. Abel?" She asked gently. "When I bring the dinners back up, I'll see what I can do."

Carrying a cart full of food, not 5 star prepared, but definitely edible back up to the cells. She handed Kari her plate, and smiled. "When I give Mr. Abel his, I'll see if he'd like to talk to you." She walked down the hall, to Abel's room. "Salmon is hard to prepare, so I hope this is to your liking." She placed a plate on the table. "By the way..." She began.
The Mad Bomber
Abel kept staring ahead, still motionless and not acknowledging the presence of others around him. His lips seemed to be moving, but no words came out as, if he was chanting something without a voice. Rumia`s words fell onto deaf ears, but when she left her words unfinished it took a while before the cloudy eyes stared straight through her.

"Miss Rumia is baiting me with something"

Abel muttered out loud with an emotionless face and tone.

Kari was eating her lamb,making herself save her cookie for last even though it looked too good to wait for,while attempting to eat as cleanly as possible when you have to use your fingers. She finished quickly,she was hungrier for usual for some odd reason,and got up to get her hair brush and attempt brushing her long silver hair. She never could get the back....

She managed to get most of it brushed with her small comb and started trying to scratch behind her ear. Too itchy in this place. She took her shoe off and started trying the way her body told her...only to get stuck. Great.
Little Washu
Rumia stared at Abel. He was a strange man indeed. "Baiting? I don't know about that. But the young girl down the hall from you... she'd like to have a word or two with you, in the way that she does. Think about it." With that she left and returned to Kari's cell, where she attempted to help untangle her foot from her hair and brush the rest of it.
"If you have salmon, I'll take that. I love salmon. Almost as much as I love corned beef and mustard." so said a familiar and monotone voice from behind the nurse. He smirked slightly, showing emotion for once: amusement. Though his voice betrayed none of that, and he still kept in his hand the bloody axe. One question still remained unanswered though: how did a large man such as himself weilding a bloody axe and cover with odd blue clothing manage to slip by the guards? A question for the ages. "I'm sorry, that was rude of me. I'll take the salmon, please"
Kari looked up from her long bangs being brushed out and she squeaked loudly and made to hide under the bed. She had watched enough scary plays to know that a large man with a blood-stained axe was generally not a good sign.

She did however peek out from under the bed to get a better look at him. He was tall,and looked like the fish-man at the market from when she COULD go to the market. She hoped the nice nurse can get the albeit mean but helpful guards to take him away.
Little Washu
"Excuse me, sir, how did you manage to get in here?" Rumia asked politely, while reaching behind her casually to grab the tazer all of the nurses were required to carry, in case any patients went off at her. She'd never had to use it, the wing she worked in being the less violent, until now...

((Tazer...maybe I should have made that a knife...))
"The window. Also, I see you reaching for that tazer woman, and have to suggest how terrible an idea that was. It lead to something like this." The man seemed to be about to slice the nurse into little bloody pieces with his axe, to render and tear at her body like a turkey at thanksgiving, and then...and then the man walked away from the nurse, and slammed his axe into the prison cell of Kari...and then stole the lamb. "Thank you for your hospitality. Next time, stalk up on tuna. And maybe corned beef. Or mustard. I love corned beef and mustard." He didn't seem to make an attempt to leave, as he stood there, eating the lamb with his hands, apparently expecting the nurse to be curtious enough to let him finish his meal before chasing him down with a tazer.
((Hm... maybe the tazer could be changed to one of those needles with the sedatives in them?))

The Overseer motioned to Damien to follow him, and Damien obediently followed, though fearful. He led him up flights of stairs and through maze-like hallways. Occasionally Damien could hear people mumbling to themselves, or reaching their arms toward him between the bars of their prison-like doors. Finally, they reached a block of cells.

"You see, we'll give you shelter here. And food. Rumia is too generous to the patients," The Overseer said this last part with an agitated frown, but quickly returned to his upbeat demeanor. "You can stay here-" and with that, he swung open a cell door, the door next to Abel's.

Damien, uncertain of why he was still there, walked into the cell, and The Overseer closed it behind him, saying, "I have to keep you in here; God forbid the more violent patients break out of their cells at night. And I'm terribly sorry for the noise- some patients just don't shut up."

Then he added, while pointing to the cell next to Damien, which held Abel. "Watch this man," He said with a glare so sharp that it seemed to have a power over Damien, as though he was being threatened by this man. "He's a troublemaker. If he escapes, you tell me. Or a nurse or a guard, if I'm not around. And they'll tell me."

Damien slowly nodded. He was confident that he would be gone by tomorrow. Still, he did not like this place.

"Good." And with that, The Overseer left, seeming to melt into the shadows.


Abel was definitely an interesting patient. He greatly amused the Overseer, who simply laughed at his escapes.

But Abel surely frustrated him, seeing as how putting him in solitary confinement most likely wouldn't be a threat to the seemingly emotionless man, and The Overseer joked about how a labotomy wouldn't do anything to him, personality-wise.

But Abel was trouble, and The Overseer kept an eye on him, while watching the guards chase him around. Yes, he was surely a fun patient.

But now this little girl called Kari was trouble. She never spoke, which was easier for The Overseer to ignore her scribblings. But now she was breaking out of her room.

The Overseer acted blissfully ignorant, but he knew nearly everything that went on in the Mad House. Information came to him, like waves moving in the shadows throughout the building. If not that, then the countless nurses and guards, who watched the five-story building filled with patients, told him everything.

The Overseer passed by Kari's cell, noticing the axeman. With one motion, he snatched the axe out of his hands, stuck a needle with a sedative in it into the man's neck, and then called for the guards, five of which who acted quickly and promptly to bring the man to a cell nearby.

He turned to Rumia, who had been in Kari's cell. "What are you doing?" he demanded.
Little Washu
"Sir... delivering food. And defending from what would appear to be... someone who has broken in..." She let go of her single weapon, eyes shifting from the overseer to the man with the ax.
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