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Full Version: Adventure Time
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Adventure Time is a semi-new show on Cartoon Network, created by Pendleton Ward. It revolves around the adventures of Finn the human boy and Jake the magical dog.

I think this is a great show. If Superjail! and The Misadventures of Flapjack had a baby, this would be it. Totally random, with funny characters and interesting story lines. They've also introduced the adjective "math" as a replacement for "awesome", which is totally math.

Pilot episode:

Who else has seen this show, and what's your opinion? biggrin.gif
Mathematical show is mathematical.
Little Washu
It's so algebraic 8D Like totally.
Lumping algebraic.
That One Dude
Definitely a mathematical show. The artwork is so cute and I laugh so much watching it, it's like being a little kid all over again. Princesses with bubblegum DNA, rainbow unicorn creatures that speak in gratuitous Korean, duke with nuts for heads, giant slugs...~

The imagination is a beautiful thing, and this show is boss for capturing that.
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