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Full Version: Tales Of The Abyss
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Or have I typed in the wrong keywords in the search engine? Cause no results came up--well yes but it was fullmetal related things. Just how is Fullmetal Alchemist related to Tales of the Abyss, someone tell me?

But anyways, so who else has seen the anime and/or played the game (Due to the popularity [or is it just FL] of the Tales series I suspect most of you only knew the game) Tales of the Abyss?

I haven't finished either but I'm actually quite stuck at Choral Castle in the game. Well not stuck, more like lost.
I love that game! And the anime, too, because it follows the game so closely. It's my second favorite in the Tales Series, just after Symphonia. An awesome story, with lovable characters. ^-^
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