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Full Version: Gay Adoption: Good Or Bad, And Tell Us Why?
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In Georgia right now we have people running for govenor, and so far I have had two people with a campain ad saying they should vote for them because "we can't trust (whatshername) to make the correct choices when it comes to gay rights and gay adoption". It turns out that they meant that this other politician supports gay adoption and that is a terrible thing. I am confused. Someone explain to me the problem here.
Okay, maybe I can shed some light on it via a similar situation in Argentina.

As I understand it, Argentina just passed a law allowing homosexual couples to be legally married, as well as a whole bunch of other rights, among them, adoption. One of the major campaigns against it (at least from the Church) was that every child should have a family, where "family" is defined as one mother and one father. The idea behind this argument is that gay couples would deprive a child of one parent or the other. I'm sure there's also arguments that those children are more likely to be homosexual or have other "problems", but the "deprivation" issue was the main one I heard about. (Also, I believe I heard some statistic about the divorce rate among homosexual couples being higher than that of heterosexual couples. I can't confirm or deny it--I'm just throwing it out there.)

As for me, as long as a child has positive role models, it doesn't matter what gender the role model is are or how they are related. My mom's cousin and her female partner are excellent role models to the partner's grandchildren, and even if they were just children that they happened to know but had no relation to, I'm sure it would be the same way. Sexuality doesn't reflect how good or bad of a role model you will be to a child, and role models don't exist solely within a family.

So, there's your information and my opinion. I hope this helps! (Also, if I've gotten any of the facts wrong, someone please correct me!)
^ Okay. I may be starting to understand why people would see that way. This is a conversation I had with a really devout Bapist Christian named Aly on facebook.

Me: Why is gay adoption bad?
Aly: Lots of reasons!
Me: Name one.
Aly: Well, for one thing, the kids are more likely to decide to be gay if they don't think it's a big deal!
Me: So?
Aly: So, the kids would probably be gay.
Me: Can you prove that?
Aly: Studies have said that statistically kids from gay couples are more likely to raise gay kids.
Me: Can you give me a link?
Aly: I don't remember where I saw it, I just know that there was one!
Me: Okay, so kids will be gay. So?
Aly: That's bad. GAY=SINNING which is BAD, people! Argh!
Me: So?
Aly: What? <_<
Me: So what IF they're sinners?
Aly: Then they'll go to hell? :o
Me: So I guess we shouldn't let Atheist, Jewish, Buddist, Muslim, Agnostic, Shaminist or Mormons or any religion other than Christian adopt kids either? Apparently they're all going to the same place.
Aly: ... >:(
Me: -sigh-
-You're message could not be sent because Aly has logged off-

^Copy and paste, man. This is not hyperbole.
Some devout people tend to have staunch opinions that they can't really back up with logic and facts especially when it comes to anything that can be linked to sexuality.
That's just how things are.
You know, I think that if two people, regardless of what sex they are get married, that's perfectly fine. If they love each other and they want to be together, good for them, let them do it. If they want children, WHO CARES, let them have kids.

I went to school with a girl who had two mothers. She's now married to a MAN and has three kids. Just because the Christian religion states somewhere in Leviticus, (don't quote me on that its been a while), "a man shall not lay with another man" doesn't mean they are right. They also believe that if you kill yourself you automatically go to hell. But that's another issue.

If two men or two women want to adopt a child then they should do so, they're obviously allowed to waltz into a sperm bank and do invetro so what's the difference?

I guarantee you that the add for the governor in Georgia is a Republican party member right? I'm a republican and I don't agree with many things they press issues with, this being one. With all the election crap going on right now, they are going to slam what ever they can, both sides will. In Illinois right now we have Pat Quinn and some other guy making ads about Abortion and how one "doesn't support it in the event or rape or incest."

There are celebrity couples, that wanted to adopt children or have children, Elton John wanted to adopt a baby boy from another country but they wouldn't let him I believe because they thought it wouldn't be a stable home for the child with two men raising him. He had the means to take care of the child, financially, stability... so what's the problem? Melissa Etherige and her soon to be divorced spouse had a child invetro, their child's fine, they may be going their separate ways but so what? Rosie O'donnell (not that she is the greatest example but still) SHE and her spouse have adopted FIVE kids and they ALL have turned out just fine.

I could write a book on this but my opinion states this, if you have the means to support and raise a child, regardless of the sex of your partner and yourself, you should be allowed to do it. smile.gif

Night Watcher Alchemist
Gay marriage and gay adoption, I truly find no problem with either. As long as the gay couple can raise the child properly, as long as they can truly be a family, I have no problem with it!
It's all ok as long as they are sane. No matter the sexual preferences, statistics show that sane, educated, caring and civilized people can raise children better than others. It's imperative for gay couples (either male or female) to adopt since they can't properly reproduce so as long as they're fit to be parents why stop them?
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