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i had a pretty good idea for a new anime and in all seriousness i could manage to get it on air and actually get paid for it, and id appreciate it if people would tell me if youd watch it or at least tell me if you like the idea. anyway..
so basically what i had in mind was an assasination/horror/tenn genre for this. a 16 year old boy[the name doesnt really matter at this point since it will have to be turned into japenese anyway] who's rich parents are killed by hired assasin's. trying to survive by trying to fight one of them, he manages to kill one. but being cornered the leader offers him an assasination spot for his life after noticing his skills. he has no chioce but to agree. he trains as an assasion[sorry for spelling people] for 2 years and particpates in many killings such as killing the president. but when the organization asks him to kill a family which may be a witness to a murder it turns out in that family is the girl he liked in high school. un able to kill her, he snaps and turns on the organization. they kill the girls family and the 2 are on the run from them. and somehwere in there everyone he gets close too family dies. so when he gets close to a 11 year old buy, his family is killed and he joins them.

and it would be modern day setting and take place in america and at least go to other countries of his fleeing.
tell me what you guys think;) biggrin.gif
Little Washu
I think a more appropriate area for this would be the fanworks section, found here.

It takes more than just having a plot to making an anime. While this is also far fetched, you're better off attempting this as a novel or (less likely to happen) manga, and then seeing where it goes from there. Although, because you aren't Japanese (at least I'm assuming you aren't) an American company is far more likely to pick it up and animate it.

IMO, the story could use some work, and less cliches.

[Tombow, Chiyo, I think this is where you guys do your thing ;3]
Doing my thing, thanks Washu

Have also edited your title a little kmann so people know what this topic is about. Please also feel free to introduce yourself over at our Newcomers Section.
This sounds way too Ninja Assassin to me... tongue.gif

Welcome to the board! biggrin.gif
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