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Hey guys, I've just recently started to watch this anime and I gotta say it's pretty good so far. So I really want to watch it in the right order. I noticed that there are a couple of OVAs for this series and I want to know when I should watch them? Do I watch them between certain episodes or do I watch them after I finish the whole anime? Thanks in advance.
You can watch them before or after you complete the series, as they are just extra stories and add essentially nothing to the plot.

However if you've seen OVA2, one of the scenes in episode 39 make more sense. And OVA3 is sort of referenced in episode 35.
As Vlyse said, they aren't essential to watch. the 2nd OVA does go more in depth with a scene in episode 2. And OVA3 is a flashback to before Ed or Al were born. So it doesn't have to do with them hardly at all.
The first OVA doesn't relate to the plot, and I don't think I could put it on a timeline even if I tried.
for the second OVA, does it relate to episode 39 or episode 2? both of guys mentioned two different episodes
Okay, OVA1 takes place before the story starts when Ed and Al are on their journey. Sometime between them being 12-14 I guess.

OVA2 takes place before the story starts also. And probably before OVA1. Sometime early in Ed and Al's journey because Ed mentions "As soon as we decide to leave for good we have to go back right away."

OVA3 takes place long before OVA1 or OVA2 and before Ed and Al even mattered much at all (possibly not even born yet)

You can watch them at anytime you want. But OVA2 does make a scene in episode 39 a little more signifigant (I don't know why deet-tastic said episode 2 confused.gif)
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