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k well I named this shop graphic shop of minty I make graphics like banners and avatars n animated pixels n stuff and one banner I made was actually featured on
and you can see some of my work on this link:
scroll all the way to the bottom too. There's more there.

^thats something that wasn't on that page. the circles in all of the corners are actually transparent "holes" in the avatar.
k so request if you want anything! ^^
it doesnt have to be an avatar!
Can you make me an Ed avatar that says, "I'm not short, I'm FUNSIZED!"
extras: Make it in a pink or blue backround and can ed be in a chibi form please??

here you go.

choose which one you want :3
make sure 2 give me credit!
lol, lucky star.
I'm using it as my avi!! ^^
I like the bright one best!
I guess I can give this a go... smile.gif

Can you make an avi with Scar on it, and have it say The Hand of God..... ?

Done! ^^

sheheh it looks like blood >w<
but if you don't like the blood =O

here's a clean version:

but if you think the clean version is too plain this 1 has a splash of color..

These are good!
...I don't have anything to request, I just thought I'd compliment tongue.gif
Thanks xMinty! It looks great! I really like the third one, because it looks like he's getting ready to use his alkestry as its called tongue.gif Thanks very much! I'm gonna use the third one and after the end of the month with the Arawaka Fan Art thread closed, I shall give due credit in my sig, I can't now since my sig would be too big.... laugh.gif

PS: Have you thought of putting the ones you make, sigs or avi's into the gallery section as well? There are some members that don't come onto the forum much, they mostly look for the gallery, you'd probably get some nice responses about your work! smile.gif Just a thought!
aw no credit =/
I'll try that gallery thing tho ^^
Its in my sig now smile.gif
yaythanks ^^ <3

nd thanks ruffian!
No problem biggrin.gif

But actually! I was wondering if you could make me a Trigun avitar using this picture that says "Everything's OK! Trust me!"

Unless, that is, you only do FmA things. In which case you can disregard this message >.>
no no! I do everything!! ^^

here it is

Ah, this is vondervull!!
biggrin.gif thank you hehe
you're welcome! I'm glad you used it! ^^
are there any more requests?
I don't only do avatars I can do oter graphics too! ^^
basically any kind at all; emoticons pixels, banners/signatures, deviantart icons, etc.
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