Welcome, Operation FMA Info Shrine volunteer researchers!

I d you haven't officially signed up your name as a volunteer researcher for the "Operation FMA Info Shrine" project, please do so by posting your name on Introducing "operation FMA Info Shrine!" Project! thread, and also, if you haven't done so, please read the first page of Operation: FMA Info Shrine thread. smile.gif

Please post your "sub-project" info for FMA anime-1, CoS Movie, OVA, including music info for those, by opening a new thread for your info project in this sub-forum.

If you have any questions for the "Operation FMA Info Shrine," please post that on Operation: FMA Info Shrine thread so that possibly other project volunteers may also benefit from such Q & A.

If you have questions SPECIFICALLY related to postings in this sub-forum, then please post your question on this thread, then wait for the reply by the project staff.

Thank you!! smile.gif