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Full Version: Futurama Season 6 (or Any Season Of Futurama ^^) Spoilar Warning!
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Broken Chouchou
The new episodes of Futurama are finally here! This is the thread for discussions on everything about season 6 (and since there's no other thread for it, general Futurama discussion can go here too, I suppose); impressions, opinions, reviews, etc.

The new episodes airs at Thursdays 10 PM on Comedy Central in the US. The first run will last 12 episodes, and the second one will contain the remaining 14 out of the 26 produced.

Further information can be found on Wikipedia:


The first two episodes weren't really on par with my expectations. While the first one was certainly no masterpiece, it was okay, however I didn't really like the second episode. I thought they both felt a bit rushed, and I felt as though you were thrown directly back into the show, and everything was supposed to be back to normal. They started off with a pair of cracky "joke" episodes, while I believe I would have preferred a more story based introduction to the season. Granted, I didn't watch the second two movies, so that probably has part in why I felt this way. The first episode does tie in to the last movie, so those who have seen it might not feel like I do.

Anyway, with the first two episodes being pretty mediocre, I really liked the third one biggrin.gif It was a big improvement. The jokes were funnier, the set-up for the story was more enjoyable (there was satire!), and the direction seemed better, too. Things actually did feel like back to normal. My hopes are raised a bit!
A Pierrot's Aria
I watched the last movie, so I felt good knowing that they carried on from there. smile.gif I did like the first two episodes, although I do agree, they did seem to go a little fast. I did find myself laughing a lot at them both, and while it has classic Futurama humour, I do find them to have more laughs. biggrin.gif

And I must find the third episode! I totally forgot!
Broken Chouchou
If you liked the first two, you're gonna love this one! XD
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