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Full Version: World Domination
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World domination is a real possibility not just a thing in cheesy movies.
watch this video about new world order and say what you think.
it seems like pretty solid proof!!!
it was on the NEWS!!!

and here's more about the north american union:
Those videos are crack pot theories by people trying to justify why they're failures.
"It's not my fault I can't get a job, the evil NWO is keeping me down."

Conspiracies like this are just people who have problems and don't want to admit the problems are just the random luck of the universe. They need it to make some kind of sense so they invent these organisations they can blame.

Let me put this to you; If there is a secret world order out there why haven't they had that video taken down? Why haven't they hacked this forum and deleted the thread and carted you off for brainwashing?


That was about a proposed idea for a Euro currency type deal for the Northern USA that has never gained any real leverage.
You do know both these videos are from 2007, right?
I agree with Popo, this is just scaremongering for the easily influenced masses. The media might tell you dragons exists and many people would believe it, no matter how dumb such a claim is.

Since there is no real debate to be spoken of, and as pointed out these videos are old, I'm going to close this topic.
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