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Full Version: Who Is Better? Can't Be Pride!:for Those Against It, Why Is Pride More Dangerous Than The Other Sins?
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Night Watcher Alchemist
In my opinion, Envy is better, but people have different thoughts. Who is better than Pride, and why? If it's nobody, you better have a long explanation!
Hi Night Watcher Alchemist, this is an interesting way of looking at it, but since the topic is very close to The 7 Sins discussions, I'm closing this thread.

Otherwise, we may end up with the endless variation of threads like, "Who is better than Envy" "Who is better than Lust" "Who is better than Greed"... and then "Which one is easiest to overcome, than Pride" "Which one is easiest to overcome, than ....." and so on so forth. ^^

Hence, anyone with in-depth discussions on Seven sins such as which one is more dangerous, more sinful, better, etc. etc., please use The 7 Sins discussions thread. smile.gif
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