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Hi, I'm a newbie. I'm searching for a specific tattoo from the anime series, and have had little success in finding it. I'll try to describe it: It covers the entire back of the character I saw it on, the character (I believe) was standing in a doorway, this doorway was (once again, I believe) in a town that seemed to be in a war, and the design was both alchemic and tribal in nature. Please help me find this tattoo as it will be relevant to much of my art work. Much effort has gone into finding this; however, due to lack of internet savvy I'm stumped!!!!

As stated, I have little technical savvy. In order to accomodate another post I had to reply to myself... LOL. I have, thanks to the valuable resources contained within this sight, determined that the tattoo I am searching for to is in the neighborhood of episodes 13 through 17. This is a guestimate as I'll need to watch the episodes in order to acquire any affirmation of my suspicions. Let me know if anybody figures something out please.
Hi existentialanimal, welcome to our board! ^^

The board staff will eventually find the corrcet place for the posts here, but meantime, let's keep the thread, as is, here for now so that your question may get good exposures to all members. smile.gif

So... are you talking about FMA-1 (the first FMA anime sereis) or FMA:Brotherhgood (FMA anime series based on FMA manga sotyline)?? unsure.gif

QUOTE (existentialanimal @ Jun 17 2010, 10:53 AM) *
In order to accomodate another post I had to reply to myself... LOL.

Aha... on our board, consecutive posting by the same poster on the same thread is usually merged automatically by the forum software, or if needed by Mod later. ^^ To add more content to your original post, you can just click on +EDIT at the right bottom corner of your original post, and edit in your new content. smile.gif
Could they possibly be talking about Scar's Bro? I know in the first one, he was standing naked in the door frame after he transmuted Lust and he was covered in those tribal-like tattoos... *shrugs*

Here are some of the tattoos that Scar has, I dunno if these are what you're looking for, but these are the only ones I'm aware of in the anime/manga that look like tribals:

Scar Array 1

Riza's array

Hope that helps a little?

was it this one?
Riza's back

Does anyone knows what exactly is written on scar tatoos?

I know it is Terra + Aer, Ignis + Aqva. But what there might be those additional writings?

Scar Tattoo 1
Scar Tattoo 2
Scar Tattoo 3
Scar Tattoo 4
Scar Tattoo 5
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