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Imma go ahead and get this started...

First thoughts on the new E3 2010 Golden Sun Dark Dawn (GSDD) trailer.
Post away, my friends.

Here's a link if you need it:
TheRuffian, I was wondering if you could maybe post what the game is about, like some basic info on what it was about, that way its a bit more understandable. A lot may not know what this game is about. tongue.gif Thanks!

1. Visual boy Advance . Here's a link to a GBA emulator. If you find the rom, and the time, I highly suggest playing the game for yourself.

2. Well, Golden Sun is a game for Gameboy Advance. It's about four teens gifted with psynergy (magic) that are on a journey to prevent restoration of the Golden Sun, a force that will give the power of psynergy to everyone and everything if released. Which apparently, could be very very bad. The four teenagers must prevent the power hungry antagonists from lighting four lighthouses to prevent the Golden Sun from rising.
Sound interesting! I don't have a gameboy advance though tongue.gif Thanks for posting more info by the way smile.gif
It's good to finally get some more info on GS:DD at last! After E3 last year, I was so excited by the news of this sequel, but it sort of died down somewhat when we didn't get any more news. But now, I'm ecstatic once again! I can't wait to see how the release of Alchemy has changed the world of Weyard!
QUOTE (Pyroclasm @ Jun 18 2010, 06:36 AM) *
It's good to finally get some more info on GS:DD at last! After E3 last year, I was so excited by the news of this sequel, but it sort of died down somewhat when we didn't get any more news. But now, I'm ecstatic once again! I can't wait to see how the release of Alchemy has changed the world of Weyard!

I know! It was so hard to keep my mouth shut about it when E3 was getting close.
I'm can't wait to see how the DS has changed the world of Weyard. Should be interesting biggrin.gif
From what I've seen of the videos and screenshots, GS:DD looks simply epic. happy.gif I sure do hope all of the old characters will make appearances.
QUOTE (Pyroclasm @ Jun 20 2010, 07:04 AM) *
From what I've seen of the videos and screenshots, GS:DD looks simply epic. happy.gif I sure do hope all of the old characters will make appearances.

I'm sure they will, but I'm not too pumped about it.
I loved Isaac in the first game because he didn't talk, but in the second game, you could listen to him and most the time the thought going through my head was "SHUT. UP." lol
So depending on what their script is, I'll either love em or hate em tongue.gif
Check out the E3 floor demo. Looks pretty awesomesauce.

The fighting visuals look SUH-WEEEET!!
Hmm, yes, I've seen those demos before. I like watching this one:

At the end it shows off the starting village, and one of the NPCs confirms that Isaac is Matthew's father. (Not that we couldn't guess that already. biggrin.gif)

It's also interesting to note that it seems the djinn all differ in appearance now...
Nice catch! That's shtuff I haven't seen before happy.gif
Yea, I think Matthew being Isaac's son was a given tongue.gif but I noticed that the faces aren't there anymore. You know when you would talk to someone their face would be shown? It seems like that's no more. Or perhaps it's only with important characters.

Some of the djinn look pretty cool. But others look pretty lame.

I'm proud of how good the game looks. It's very well polished and the 3D animations don't look bad, contrary to most DS games, in my opion.
No, the faces were only ever shown for important characters. Random NPCs never had them.

As for Djinn, I think that Steel looks like a Deku Scrub from the Legend of Zelda games. laugh.gif

Graphically the game looks awesome. happy.gif And the music sounds as good as ever! Ooh! I'm so excited!
Oh right! The only non-important characters they showed faces of were the inn-keepers and shop owners heh

HAHA I know exactly what you mean! I still think it looks ugly though tongue.gif
and, I'm pretty sure they didn't change that much with the music >.> lol
Yes, it seems they have Motoi Sakuruba doing the music once again. At least, I hope so. One of the things I loved most about the first two Golden Sun games was the music. And the story. I can't wait to see how the story continues, and I hope we get lots of cameos. happy.gif I'd like to see the previous heroes, of course, but I also hope that minor characters from the other games will make appearances. I'll be surprised if we don't see Eoleo at some point...

According to kotaku, Golden Sun isn't gonna be around this year for Santa Claus to put in all the giddy, mislead fans' stockings.

Nintendo unleashed (which is a way cooler word than released) the exact release dates for several of their big name games, including Metroid, Kirby, Final Fantasy, and Donkey Kong Country. Do you feel an empty spot somewhere deep inside? No, it isn't the yearning of a spouse, it's the missing due date of Golden Sun! Not to crush your dreams, but Golden Sun: Dark Dawn could possibly be maybe pushed back to possibly 2011...maybe.

However, GSDD is on the list for Gamescom in Germany, so cross your fingers people! And by people, I mean you Pyroclasm because you seem to be more active on this thread than me!

And yet, there is still more news! Although Golden Sun may not rise to dry our tears this year, there is a new video that came about around two weeks back. Check it out.

EDIT: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn will be released November 29th in North America, announced on the morning of August 30th.
Ah, yes, I was psyched when the release date was announced! But it probably won't reach Australia until next year, so I'll probably have to import a copy.

But the news that has excited me most, is the implication that there will be eight playable characters once again! My hopes for a playable Proxian character aren't completely dashed yet! I can dream a little longer!

(Crown is such a cutie!)
Gah! 8 players??!?! Where did you see that?

Hah! I suppose he is. Although, I'm not supposed to say things like that because I'm a guy. He's cute like a baby is cute tongue.gif
I feel like they just eliminated the need for another Kraden. Just put the adept and the brains all in one!

This picture here; there's another person underneath Crown. Also note that there's only enough space for nine Djinn per person, and it has been stated that there will be over 70 Djinn in the game; probably the same 72 from the previous game. 9 times 8 = 72. It's not stated officially, but I think it's safe to say there will be eight characters once again.

Yes, that's how I meant he's cute. laugh.gif He's cute in the same way that Ivan is cute. But I wouldn't count a Kraden-like figure out of the game yet, since the article that introduced Crown stated that he was travelling with a teacher, an Alchemy scholar. It may even be Kraden himself! ohmy.gif

Oh, and have you seen this video from PAX?
It's nothing new really, but it shows off a few different types of Psynergy that weren't used in the previous videos, and it shows that instead of defending when the enemy a character was going to attack gets killed, the character moves to attack the next one in line. And also, Matthew learns Growth naturally instead of needing a fire Djinni set to him, it seems.
Ah, yes. I suppose that would make sense tongue.gif
Although I highly doubt that Kraden's in the game. Unless he's been hanging out in Lemuria...

Hey, that's a pretty cool video. But it's kind of disappointing that they didn't have anything new for PAX.
Even though the whole moving to attack the next enemy in line is cool, it also takes away from the strategy. I guess it's just a little less challenging. And yea, I saw the Growth thing too. That makes a hell of a lot more sense than equipping a fire djinni to obtain it.

What's up with the glowing red djinni in the picture. Perhaps a way to show that they're set or something?

By the way, do you get all your Golden Sun news from Golden Sun Realm?
Well, he COULD still be alive. I mean, assuming he was about 60, he'd be 90 now... (Though he might've been older than that.) Maybe he's been living in Imil off of Hermes Water? That seems to fill old people with vigour. And it would explain why Crown, who looks like Mia's kid in my opinion, would be travelling with him if he were alive. But it's probably not Kraden anyway...

Yeah, I always thought that it would make more sense for Growth to just be a plain earth-aligned move, instead of needing to switch around classes for it, I'm glad they changed it.

I think that the glowing Djinn may be how they differ from set, standby and recovery, yeah. Not sure which of the three the glowing Djinn means though...

The GSR is but one of my sources. You can be guaranteed, if it's a major GS site, I lurk there.
QUOTE (Pyroclasm @ Sep 13 2010, 12:29 AM) *
That seems to fill old people with vigour.

That made me laugh extremely hard, I have no idea why. Perhaps because it was funny >.>
I mean, we can speculate all we want. But it won't mean anything until the game comes up.
But lets do it anyway!!

I honestly don't think that Crown will be Mia's kid. I'm also hoping that the only kids there are are Mathew and Tyrell, because I just think it'd be lame if they were all kids from the original.

The GSR is but one of my sources. You can be guaranteed, if it's a major GS site, I lurk there.

That be creepy lol

Oh and by the way...
Have you seen this yet?
Yeah, I saw it. smile.gif This "Harmony" character looks cool. It would be awesome if Harmony turned out to be some sort of warrior chick, IMO.

Speculation is good. It's what has kept the GS fandom alive over the years! Well, that and fanfiction. XD I’m with you in not wanting all the main characters to be descendants of the previous heroes. But I was hoping that the three girls married into the group, and the two remaining guys found other wives. That way, there would be five characters descended from all the previous heroes and three unrelated characters. But with each new reveal, I get more and more worried that they’re all going to be separate descendants of the first heroes. Matt is Isaac's, Tyrell is Garet's, Karis could be Ivan's, Crown could be Mia's, and "Harmony" could be Piers'. I really hope I'm wrong about that.

Anyway, here’s my current stance:
Matthew = Isaac/Jenna
Tyrell = Garet/?
Karis = Unrelated Anemos girl
Crown = Mia/Ivan
Harmony = One of those kids from Lemuria who said they’d be a grown up in 20 to 30 years time
Mars Adept = Unrelated Proxian (Want this SO much!)
Felix/Sheba = One awesome Jupiter Adept warrior
Susa/Kushinada = Venus Adept, Takeru

That's what I'm hoping for at the moment. It will probably change a million times before the game comes out though...

By the way, have you heard of any of this yet? They're supposed to be spoilers for the game, but it's probable that they're fake. Still interesting enough to speculate over though. I'll put spoiler tags on them to be safe:
-Alex is back, he seems to be pulling all the strings but as you progress through the game the heroes start to realize he may not be THAT bad after all.
-Djinn play a MAJOR role in the story, it seems they were somehow different before the sealing of alchemy and they were the most affected by the seal, by far.
-The Wise One may have been once some sort of humanoid.
-Combat is completely unchanged save for 3D graphics
-Every hero from the previous games makes a cameo, save for Piers.
-Sailing is back and you can visit the remnants of the other continents, but focus is in Angara and Gondowan.
-The heroes will act as some sort of ambassadors between veteran adept villages and the ones who oppose any use of alchemy.
-It's not that Alex is either good/bad, he still wants power and that's his driving force.
-Crown has funny moments and is obsessed with Kraden's research
-Old continents are mainly for sidequests except for atteka (ANEMOS!)
-The north has expanded a lot, Prox is now the thriving village of the north.

Oh, and the official site has updated!
It shows profiles for the first four characters, and the silhouette of a fifth. Doesn't look like Harmony, since Harmony didn't have a ponytail.
I believe the whole prox thing, and the djinni thing.
I'm skeptical about sailing.
I don't think Alex will have a major role. Although, I'm doubting myself as I write this.
The continents have changed, so I don't think that treking back for sidequests will be there.

They updated the site again again!
More info and some videos. Pretty cool shtuff.
I do believe that Alex will have a major role in the story, but I din't think he'll be like, "the final boss". I really can't even see a fight with him at any point. Alex prefers to let others do the fighting for him. I have no ideas about who the villains will be in the game. If it's another Proxian pair, I think I'll scream. (And if there isn't a Proxain hero, I think I'll scream...)

Yeah, I've seen it. The videos are cool. I keep wondering why Matthew is always the one showing off the Fireball psynergy though. Surely Tyrell would know it, right? What, do they have something against the poor kid? sad.gif

I've also seen the pictures that show off the new map screens. Reminds me of the DS Zelda games...

EDIT: Eoleo is the new Mars Adept! ohmy.gif I don't know if I think it's awesome, or if I'm disappointed... I REALLY wanted a Proxian...

The story accelerates with two encounters! Meeting a new companion and the mysterious organization!

Our 2nd Mars Adept in team is... *drumroll*
Eoleo! The son of Briggs and Chaucha!
He's the prince of the pirate kingdom Champa, and leader of the pirates. He's free, wild, and filled with a sense of justice.
He leads the Champa pirates after his father, and joins Matthew & Co. in their journey.
Screenshot 1 shows the 4 character in front roll are Matthew, Karis, Crown, and Eoleo.
Screenshot 2 is Eoleo saying, "are you trying to make me indebted to you?"

The enemy side...
Military nation conducting secret maneuvers - Tsaparang.
A mysterious country that excels in science and military power. For some reason, its commander contacts Matthew & Co.
They appear in many places, and seem to be making use of Matthew & Co.
Screenshot 1 is Spade saying, "I shouldn't belittle you. Now I have to finish you here."
Screenshot 2 is Heart saying, "what a group of troublesome children..."

Commanders of Tsaparang:
Spade: A warlike swordsman with "sword" as his name that stands in front of Matthew & Co.
Heart: A commander of Tsaparang. She gets close to important person of other countries using her bewitching beauty as her weapon.

BTW, Tsaparang is the capital of the ancient Guge kingdom in Tibet.
I honestly did not see that one coming. I guess it's just the way it is.
I'm not liking how it seems that there is this bad town of Tsaparang, just like how there was this "bad" town in the first one.
I'm also not liking that the bad guys are different colors...AGAIN (what is up with those horns??)

I didn't realize this before, but they don't have boxes around the portrait of the person talking. It looks like it's just their name and their head coming out of the name lol

*Please note: there are different camera angles...amazing!

Also, I want Spade's eyebrows biggrin.gif

Honestly? I didn't see it coming either.... I mean, I expected Eoleo to be in the game, but I NEVER thought he'd be in the party. I mean, he'd be like, what, 31-32 or something? All the previous heroes were teenagers. I wonder if we can expect Takeru as our Venus Adept then... I would hope that Susa and Kushinada had a girl instead though. We haven't had a female Venus Adept yet... We need one.

Tsaparang is a country, not a town. So it's very different from the first games already. Prox was just one town, and they weren't really bad. (Well, we don't really know about Tsaparang yet either.)

Spade is the one one who seems to be a different colour, Heart appears quite human, just with pink hair. (Karis has green hair after all, so wacky hair clour isn't exactly strange. Also, I think the horns might just be decorative, not actually coming out of her head. Then again, I could be wrong.) I think they both look awesome though! Spade is funky and Heart is totally hot. tongue.gif

Yeah, I noticed the lack of boxes around their faces. Which is odd, because I could've sworn I remember seeing a picture of Crown talking with a frame around his face... Could be that they changed it. Of maybe, I'm just an idiot.
So...I'm thinking that Tsaparang is the country making the machines that you power by using fireball or whatever they call it.
I just remember seeing in the videos a metal looking thing that went around in circles >.>

I really am quite interested about how these new bad guys are, well, bad guys. There's nothing really given about them yet. It's just assumed that they're EVIL o_O
You mean the steam powered chair lift thingies? Yeah, It wouldn't surprise me.

My own theory on Tsaparang is that it started as a colony of refugees from all over the world whose homes were destroyed by the upheaval the world went through when Alchemy was released, and they were then nurtured by some sort of external influence (ie: Alex, Anemos) to become a large and powerful nation. They're probably biased against Adepts and Psynergy, and developed science/technology as a method of opposing them. Or something. Those are my thoughts on it anyway.
Sorry, I've been off these forums for a while now tongue.gif

Anyway, do you have any idea who these new guys are, because I sure don't. Are they from the previous game in any way, shape, or form. If they are, I'll throw a hissy fit. I'm pretty disappointed that they brought Kraden back and I'm disappointed that they're probably bringing Alex back. If they could be the least bit original, that would make me quite happy.
I have no doubt that the game is gonna rock my socks, but I can't take too much of these old characters tongue.gif

Anyway, the Japanese version comes out in, what, five days? That means only one more month for us here in the US.
My mom asked me last week, "Do you have some game reserved or something?"
I, surprised, say, "O_O do you know about Golden Sun?"
"Your sister said you were waiting for some game, I'd be happy to get it for your birthday" (which was two weeks ago now).
"Yea ok! Thanks mom!.... >.> It comes out November 29th"
According to one of the reviews I've read for the the game:

Matthew’s friends are relatives of older Golden Sun characters, too. Tyrell is the son of Garet, while Karis is the daughter of Ivan. Other party members in Dark Dawn, too, have ties to previous characters.

^This gives me the impression that only Matthew, Karis, and Tyrell have any sort of relation to the previous heroes, but the other characters have ties to the previous heroes by OTHER means, like Rief being Kraden's student, and Eoleo being a part of the previous games and Briggs' son. Himi may related to Uzume, her being the only other Venus Adept to have the ability to see the future. Stella and Harumani though... I have no idea.

I'm kinda disappointed by the lack of Felix so far though, but maybe he's in Anemos with his wife friend, Sheba, and they don't want to spoil the Anemos sub-plot. Or, if we assume: Matthew = Isaac, Tyrell = Garet, Karis = Ivan, and Rief = Mia, maybe Camelot is planning another game after this one that revolves around the descendants of TLA characters...? I dunno. GODDAMN IT CAMELOT JUST TELL US ALREADY!

Yeah, I'm going to have to get around to ordering in a US copy of the game myself. There's STILL no release date for Australia, all it says is: "TBA 2011". T_T So I'll just order in a US copy, if I can.

EDIT: Also, I've revived my old account at GSR. XD But it's been a little bit annoying there, since there's been a major influx of new people, now that Dark Dawn is just days away...

EDIT AGAIN: And today, in a completely unsurprising move, it has been revealed that Jenna is Matthew's mother, and Rief is Mia's son.
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