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Broken Chouchou
For basic information about E3, please see Chiyo's Post.

Only watched about 30 mins of Nintendo's press conference before I had to go to dinner. Zelda didn't really impress me noteworthily. Not feeling the hype =/ I think part of that may be because we we're directly thrown into the gameplay demo, without a proper introduction/trailer for the game. It lacked the epicness of other Zelda announcements/demonstrations. The graphical style and gameplay does look nice, though. The graphics looks like that of TP but softer, with a more colourful touch. Looks a bit celshaded, really. Too bad about the technical problems that ocurred during the demonstration - interference as Miyamoto declared. He said that development will be finished by the end of the year (if I remember correctly), and that we'll get to play it next year. No dates, though. Oh yeah, and it's called The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Edit: Oh kewl, I made a thread.
-Broken Chouchou: I agree. I didn't quite feel the hype either :/ And I also think it was because there wasn't any proper trailer to show how the game is like. Just the name, and some gameplay (which didn't go all too well, shame). If there had been an epic trailer showing some of the storyline, worlds and different enemies and fighting, I'd have got much more excited.

(and seems like the rest of the audience was thinking that too, clapping wasn't all that loud and I couldn't hear any cheering either.. I was really surprised of that, since this WAS the first time we actually SEE something of the new Zelda besides that one concept art picture that's been up for years. )

But heck, I'm sure it will turn out great. It's kinda shame that release date got pushed back on to the next year, but.. it will be worth the wait.

-3DS looked kinda cool. But still not too hyped of that one, either. I love my Lite too much D:
Broken Chouchou
QUOTE (Trakonda @ Jun 15 2010, 07:52 PM) *
If there had been an epic trailer showing some of the storyline, worlds and different enemies and fighting, I'd have got much more excited.

EXACTLY my thoughts. But I'm sure you're right about that it will still be a good game. The gameplay does look like fun (though nothing new really), if the controls will work properly that is XD Hopefully we'll get to see material revealing more of the story, places and new features etc. Nintendo did say that this game would handle the dungeons differently from previous games.

My main problem is that it didn't feel like anything new. And that it might feel a bit outdated. Not sure. Although the graphics do look nice, they don't seem that technically improved from TP.
Since people have brought this up in various places on the board, I thought it appropriate to open a thread about this annual Gaming Event. The E3.

Courtesy of Wikipedia

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, commonly known as E3, is an annual trade show for the computer and video games industry presented by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). It is used by many video game developers to show off their upcoming games and game-related hardware.

E3 is widely considered to be the ultimate expo in the video game industry.[1] Former attendees compare the feeling of attending E3 to a kid in a candy store,[2] and many video game critics, including Gamespot, G4, IGN, and Game Informer Magazine routinely document the annual event and sometimes even provide a series of E3 awards.

E3 was invitation-only in 2007 and 2008, reducing the number of attendees from 60,000 at E3 2006. A separate conference called the Entertainment for All Expo was created to accommodate the public demand for a major, annual video game event; however, it has not been able to replicate E3's success.

E3 was previously held in the third week of May of each year at the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) in Los Angeles. In 2007, the convention was exceptionally held from July 11 to July 13 in Santa Monica, California. In 2009, the convention started June 1 and ended June 4 in Los Angeles. The ESA stated that the event reached a record attendance of 70,000 people in 2005. In 2009, the attendance reached 41,000, an increase of 820% on the previous year's E3's attendance.

Please discuss this years Expo and future games here. For information on this years Expo, please visit the official site.
Zelda was a big disappointment for me.
Sure, the game looks a little nicer. err...shall I say, brighter
but the controls seemed so cumbersome.

However, I am excited to see how it turns out biggrin.gif
Forsaken Love
I'm VERY surprised at the art style they decided on for zelda, i thought it would be a graphically improved twilight princess style, atm i still prefer twilight princess art and I thinkt that concept picture they released ages ago for this new game is a little misleading! but this one looks fun too! Looks like a twilight princess character style with wind waker colourwork xD
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